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assalamu alaikum

I have been thinking about Imam Jamil al-Amin. Why was he attacked on one of the two most sacred DAYS OF ISLAM, Eid al-Adha?

Let's for the sake of argument accept the police version. According to the police version, the pigs were looking for this man of God on the blessed Eid al-Adha. Let's suppose they had a legal warrant to serve on him. Is Eid a day on which a warrant should be served on a Muslim, not just a Muslim, but an Imam who dedicated his life to the worship of Allah and to the service of his people?

Now these CAIRS etc., I don't know them personally, shouldn't they have been saying to Medeleine Albright and Clinton, you don't disturb a Muslim on Eid. These guys with beards, women with headcovers, actually had iftar with Albright and Eid celebration with Clinton. Haven't they been teaching their good friends that you don't disturb a Muslim on Eid? How come they came out with a statement expressing sorrow for the policemen?

Now, I am one of those who know that the U.S. government/FBI/Police know enough about Islam to know that Eid al-Adha is one of the most sacred Days of Islam, some would say it is the MOST sacred. The FBI is very friendly with CAIR, according to CAIR's press releases, but FBI does not need CAIR to tell it that EID AL-ADHA is a holy day.

FBI has offices in Cairo (Hosni Mubarak is their boy). They know Islam from the source. They don't need the Eid and Iftar boys to tell them about Islam.

Same way with the police. How many masjids does Atlanta have? How many thousand Muslims? Are you telling me that Atlanta police does not know about Eid al-Adha? Are you telling me that Atlanta police would not know that Imam Jamil would be into worship and sacrifice that Day, that he would be celebrating with his family, that he would be greeting his community, that he would be sacrificing himself so that his people might be happy?
Atlanta police live in this world, where there are 7 million Muslims in Amerikkka. So they could not be ignorant.

So what do you think was happening here? Even if the police report was right, it was a desecration, it was an assault ON ISLAM? You don't need a Salman Rushdie to attack the Prophet's family (peace be on him). You can go and attack a righteous Imam on EID and then accuse him of murder.

Imam Jamil has been tormented by the police for years.

The CAIR people have tried to break the unity of the Muslims on Imam Jamil by whispering that the officer killed was also Black. Now this is the kind of whispering Satan uses to divide the people. It's an old story. Only those will be taken in who don't know that the MAN has been using this trick for a long time. Who does not know that in South Africa Apartheid was served by the toms who would kill their own people for money.

Now, we know Imam Jamil was against drugs and prostitution. We also know that wherever drugs flourish in one of our communities, there is one of two things happening:
1. The police are ignoring the drug pushers.
2. The police are working with the drug pushers.

These police must have hated the Imam for stopping the drugs, and they must have hated those who were with him.

With that kind of mix, all kinds of things can happen.

That's why I agree with the Jamaat. There should be an independent investigation of the police in Atlanta and the FBI file on the Imam should be opened up.
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