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1. CNN Tries to Answer New Trend: Issue: Occupied People have Right to hit Occupiers
2.Pakistani woman with Indian backing Urges women to uncover breasts and dance
3.Mark Steiner's WYPR Program Displays Ignorance of Omar ĎAbdel Rahman Case
4.Lynne Stewart Speaks out: June 29 Demonstration Against FBI Repression is Important

1. On June 20, CNN's Christiane Amanpour tried to answer New Trend on the issue of resistance to Israel. Ms. Amanpour is supposed to be a news reporter but this time she took on the role of political commentator. She claimed that INTERNATIONAL LAW does not permit attacks on civilians such as the Palestinians are carrying out against Israel. Ms. Amanpour took on this unusual role owing to New Trend's commentary that Palestinians have the right under international law to attack all Israelis.

How do we know that Amanpour was responding to New Trend? Because New Trend is the ONLY news commentator which has written that under international law Palestinians have the right to hit all occupiers in whatever way possible.

Ms. Amanpour was WRONG. She seems to be unaware of international law. Of course in a conflict between states, international law forbids attacks on civilians but she completely missed the point. New Trend was discussing the RIGHT of OCCUPIED PEOPLE who do not possess armies to hit ALL occupiers in whatever way possible. Any study of WORLD WAR II will confirm New Trend's finding. When the Germans occupied Poland, France and Russia, the Partisans and resistance fighters carried out a "no holds barred" struggle against the Germans. There was no concern for the safety of the families of SS troops which were killing Jews and Russians alike. The Partisans hit in whatever way possible, and mutilated the bodies of Germans killed.

It's indeed a first in world history, OWING TO ZIONIST CONTROL OF THE MEDIA, that resistance fighters are being blamed for hitting the Israeli occupiers in whatever way possible. The whole world should be proud of the Palestinian resistance that it is making the earth shake under the feet of the Jewish bloodsuckers of the earth who have planted themselves through naked military force in the holy soil of Palestine. Ms. Amanpour is fighting a losing battle, telling lies on behalf of the Jews. CNN should at least pretend to be objective and start referring to Jerusalem as OCCUPIED JERUSALEM.
2. On June 20, 2002 National Public Radio (NPR), the biggest lineup of Jews in the media (check it out; it's a fact), interviewed a woman named Shima Kirmani In Karachi, Pakistan. Ms. Kirmani made the following points:
a. She loves to dance and her "guru" (spiritual guide and teacher) is in India.
b. She is sad that owing to Indo-Pakistani standoff, she cannot visit her guru.
c. She is depressed that there is not much dancing going on in Karachi because people are afraid to hold dancing shows after the "fundamentalist" attack on the U.S. embassy.
d. "Fundamentalists" are opposed to dancing because they feel threatened by the female figure.
e. When a woman is dancing, she is expressing her personality and looks beautiful with her breasts and her beauty on display.
f. Under "fundamentalist" influence, when young girls find their breasts growing, they try to hide their breasts. They should learn to uncover their breasts and should be proud of them.
SHIMA KIRMANI did not show interest in the fate of Indian Muslim women in Ahmedabad who in recent months were raped by marauding Hindus. The rapists were protected by Indian police. Some of these Muslim women had their breasts cut off by the rapists and died a slow death. NPR too was only interested in the fate of the American consulate closed down by Islamic assailants and did not ask Kirmani about the fate of RAPED WOMEN in Ahmedabad.
3. On June 20, Baltimore's Mark Steiner of WYPR radio held a discussion in which the case of the blind Egyptian scholar Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman came up repeatedly. One of the panelists defended Ashcroft's new laws permitting FBI entry into mosques on the basis that Shaikh Abdel Rahman had plotted terrorism in the cover of mosques. As the panelists did not know even basic, court-document-type, facts about the Abdel Rahman case, we sent Mark Steiner this message which unfortunately did not register:

Ref: your program on June 20.

A couple of corrections for your panelist:

1. Shaikh Abdel Rahman was not tried for the WTC bombing. The WTC convictees were sentenced before his trial began on CONSPIRACY charges (ref: planning to blow up landmarks etc.)
2. The trial proceedings DO NOT SHOW the prosecutor claiming that he carried out his "plotting" inside mosques or that he used mosques as protection. He was convicted on the basis of a variety of messages collected by an Egyptian intelligence officer who was wearing a "wire" and had infiltrated the Shaikh's supporters. The tapes were recorded during travel and at various private homes.
3. The SHAIKH did not preach war against the U.S. He did condemn U.S. moves against Iraq and other Muslim countries (in his concluding statement in court) but he did NOT preach war against USA. His struggle was against Egypt's Mubarak.
On April 9, Egyptian dissident, U.S. citizen, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, was arrested for talking on the phone with opponents of the Egytian dictator Mubarak. Arrested with him was Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman's attorney, Lynne Stewart, in a low blow against civil liberties in America.
Attorney Lynne Stewart is currently facing decades of jail time for supposedly helping her client direct "terrorist" activities from his jail cell. In fact she is one of the targets in Bush's domestic war against civil liberties and civil rights. Stewart is specifically under attack for being an effective lawyer who helps defend her clients against government abuse.

Stewart made the following comments at one of a series of press conferences called by the A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Coalition this week announcing the June 29 March on the FBI's Washington headquarters to Defend Civil Liberties.


I Will be at the June 29 Demonstration in Washington.
I Hope Everyone Joins us to Stand up for Civil Rights!

I stand before you today because I want to urge everyone to be in Washington on June 29th. Because I truly believe that the only way to save the country is to put the people in the streets and protest what is going on.

I'm before you today not because I'm facing 40 years at the indictment of John Ashcroft, but because for 40 years I have fought and struggled to make my country do justice -- not just in the courts, where I work, but everywhere.

And I think that all the people who in the sixties marched on Washington for racial justice and to end an unjust war -- those people should be there on the 29th. Also, so should all the next generations, who have not had the privilege of being active, and participating with fellow Americans, if I can use that word.

What also needs to be protested is what has happened to the Muslim community and the communities of persons who are targeted by Ashcroft/Bush -- such as Jose Padilla, who is sitting in a jail somewhere while they wait for him to talk to them. So we are confirmed in our belief of torture at the hands of the persons who supposedly represent us.

It is for that reason that I say there is no time to be lost: We must be there on the 29th. We must raise our voices, demand an end to the abrogation of civil liberties, for all the reasons that Ramsey Clark just said, for all the reasons we know in our own hearts.

You know, Angela Davis said: if they come for me in the morning, they'll be back for you tonight. And that is the way we are living now in America. We must protest, we must raise the people, we must be of the people, raise them from the slumbering that allows them to believe that this Ashcroft/Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld axis -- this evil axis -- will somehow protect them. We know that it will not. The only thing that can protect us is to do justice in the world.

For that reason, I'll be there on June 29, and I hope that everyone within hearing distance of my voice will be there also.

Imam Jamil al-Amin, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman and hundreds of other political prisoners need your help. Can you give some time to write letters? Call : 410-435-5000

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