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From Imam Badi Ali, North Carolina:
There is a call for volunteers to go to Iraq to shield the Iraqi people from U.S. bombing. Volunteers are going from many countries. Volunteers from the U.S. should contact Badi Ali through New Trend.
TILL JANUARY 22 there have been no arrests
by Salim Faruque, our rep. in Vancouver

Riasat was murderd on jan.06 2003, at 10.30 pm in his driveway at his Surrey home.

He leaves behind a wife and 6 children. Riasat was 69 years old. He was well known and respected in the Pak/Indo community.
He was the founder of the first Pakistani center/MOSQUE in western Canada. HIS namaze janaza was held at the Richmond Mosque on jan. 10. About 3 thousand people took part in the final farewell; among them there were three cabinet ministers [federal].

RIASAT, was involved politically with every orgization He was well liked by all. The sikh community respected him a great deal. HE was a life long member of the B.C muslim assoc..

Riasat migrated to B C in 1959 following his father earlier in 1932 and his grand father in 1913. I knew him personally for about 30 years. He was a Giant of a man.. ....WE all will miss him. [Nobody has been arrested as yet.]
"No blood for Oil" is a misleading Slogan of the Peace Movement
Bush-Sharon target is Islam: Imperialism and its tool, Israel, is the Cause of War
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

One of the oft-repeated slogans of the peace movement is: "No blood for oil." It is a very attractive and effective slogan but is it based in reality?

Look at the facts: The U.S. already controls the world's oil:

The main oil producers are in America's pocket. These are:
1. Saudi Arabia
2. Kuwait
3. Nigeria
4. Qatar
5. United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

Qaddafi, one-time revolutionary, has confessed that Libya is cooperating with U.S. intelligence agencies.

Another "has been" revolutionary, IRAN, is selling oil all over the world, including to the U.S. Iran is anti-Taliban, anti-Saddam, anti-Osama bin Laden, in league with India (silent over Kashmir) and Russia (silent over Chechnia). Its pro-Palestinian rhetoric is nothing more than that: empty rhetoric.

Indonesia too is in the American-British pocket

There is so much oil available that pro-U.S. factions are recklessly on strike in Venezuela trying to topple left-wing President Chavez. The oil flow from Venezuela (a major U.S. supplier) is being affected but the U.S. is not calling off or criticizing the strikers and demonstrators against Chavez. The price of gasoline at the pump as gone up by 15 to 25 cents in the U.S. owing to events in Venezuela.

Readers might remember, Saddam Hussain ordered that the pumping of oil from Iraq be stopped for ONE WHOLE MONTH to oppose the atrocities of a U.S.-funded Israel against the Palestinian people. The countries listed above did not cooperate with Saddam; hence his move was ineffective and he had to resume pumping. [Iraq is permitted to sell oil in connection with the "food-for-oil" program.]

If the sanctions were lifted, Iraq would provide cheap oil to the whole world and an oil glut would result. The prices of oil would go down and the main losers would be America's allies (listed above). Thus it is to America's benefit NOT TO HAVE IRAQ pumping oil. Sanctions help America's economic policies.

The American Left has an ideological weakness. It refuses to recognize Islam as a revolutionary force. The Left cannot stomach the fact that since the collapse of the USSR, the only global opposition to America's global marketing thrust comes from Islam and Islam alone. Note:
1. The Islamic family system is still intact in spite of internal weaknesses and excesses and external pressures created through Euro-American enclaves in each Muslim country.
1a. The Taliban made a major contribution, with the help of the burqa, to save the family system even in war ravaged Afghanistan. Compare with post-war Germany and Saigon under friendly U.S. presence.
1b. In spite of Indian movies and "blue movies" from Europe and America, most families in the Muslim world are still within the framework of chastity and fidelity. Adultery and homosexuality are not major problems. [Transvestites, known as 'khusras' in Pakistan, are not harmed but have been successfully identified and separated from civil society.]
2. Alcohol, dating, AIDS are still not significant problems in the Muslim world.
2a. In AFRICA, where Muslim majorities begin, AIDS ends. An attempt to plug this fault line against AIDS was attempted in Nigeria in three steps:
i. Propaganda against Sharia
ii. Introduction of semi-nude women under the aegis of "beauty contest."
iii. Insults aimed at Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The NIGERIAN masses, without top leadership, AT THE GRASSROOTS LEVEL OF PUBLIC UPRISING, thwarted and totally defeated these attempts and gave hundreds of martyrs to stop this wave of cultural imperialism.
THE TARGET OF BUSH AND SHARON IS ISLAM. U.S. military forces are pouring into Muslim world much beyond those required to crush Iraq. The U.S. is fearful of the downfall of the system of puppets it has created. If the Saudis or Abdullah of Jordan or Mubarak of Egypt crash, the U.S. and Israel would need to re-do the whole structure imperialism had taken a century to build up.

Intense FEAR OF ISLAM wells up within the world of U.S. imperialism (with its spearhead, Israel). Bush and Sharon thought that the world was in their grasp. (Imagine the justice of this neo-imperialism, Jews and evangelist Christians working together, that a mass murderer like Sharon is the most frequent and most honored visitor to the White House.) Unfortunately for Bush-Sharon, the tiny, defenseless Taliban defied the U.S. and refused to hand over Osama bin Laden, thus energizing the Muslim world. Since then, gradually, the Muslim world is slowly waking up. The Taliban are returning.
The awakening is inevitable. Allah wills it in the Qur'an. From Morocco to the Philippines, from Chechnia to Sudan and Nigeria, there is a stirring, a sense of defiance as the oppressed masses imperceptibly realize their power.

The American fear is that even if ONE GOVERNMENT REMAINS INDEPENDENT (which is now Iraq), it will hook up with the aspirations of the Muslim masses. The Taliban had to be destroyed, not because they had weapons of mass destruction or even big guns, but because they dared say "no" to the U.S. The same is true of Iraq. Saddam remains defiant. (Compare with the whimpers of cooperation coming out of Iran and Libya.)

Every day Sharon commits crimes against humanity but as the long as the Islamic resistance continues, with the support of Christian Palestinians, not only Sharon but every Israeli can see that Israel's days are numbered. Hence the flailing and the killing. [Read the last days of France in Algeria. The French claimed that Algeria was a PROVINCE OF FRANCE which produced a major crop of wine every year. When the French generals realized that Algerian resistance could not be crushed, they went into a final frenzy of murder and raping.

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