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1. Richard Perle, Member of the Defense Policy Board, one of the top Jewish advisers of President Bush, said : [Paraphrased]
A profound cultural change is needed in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. Books which teach against Israel must be withdrawn, teachings about Jihad must be stopped, Palestinian children parading with wooden guns must be stopped. [Speaking at the American Enterprise, shown on C-Span, May 30, 2003]

2. The roots of racism: (Iblis, the Satan said): "I am better than he: Thou created me from fire, and him thou created from clay." [The Qur'an 38:76]
Greensboro, North Carolina
June 21, 2003
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Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman, representative of Imam Jamil al-Amin, has graciously agreed to address the delegates of Jamaat al-Muslimeen on the latest situation facing the Imam of America.

Harlem Support Rally
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Kill the Leaders, Make "Peace" with Puppets : The Bush-Sharon Mid-East Policy
Attempts to Kill Al-Rantisi, Saddam and Mullah Omar Part of Well-Thought out Policy
Same Frame of Mind as in the Murders of Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

The attempt to kill Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi has thrown into sharp silhouette the meaning of "peace" for the Bush-Sharon team. Ever since the Second Intifada began, Israel has been goading Arafat to go after the Islamic resistance. Poor Arafat was too weak to do it. Instead he tried to gain popularity by a seeming stance of opposition to Israel. He hoped that once he had gained enough support, he would do the stab in the back. He was too slow for Israel.

The Israelis then brought up Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen. Meanwhile Israel got the go ahead signal from Bush to enter Palestinian cities and terrorize the entire Palestinian population. The hope was that the economic condition would get so bad that the Palestinians would say ‘uncle.'

In the meantime, Bush moved against Saddam Hussain and occupied Iraq, thus removing the only source of practical support for Palestinian resistance outside the country. Israeli intelligence described the removal of Saddam as a strategic assurance of Israel's long term survival.

When President Bush felt that the Palestinians were truly alone and helpless, he came up with the "road map." The secular Palestinians would finally get a "state" but Abbas was clearly told: HAMAS AND ISLAMIC JIHAD MUST BE 'DISMANTLED' before any progress towards 'peace' could be made.

Abu Mazen pleaded for time. He started the game of cease fire with Hamas during which time money pouring in from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia would be used to prepare mercenary forces to kill the Islamists. Abu Mazen pleaded and begged and he was finally allowed to meet Sharon and Bush under the supervision of Egypt's Mubarak and Jordan's King Hussain, two killers known for their atrocities against the followers of Islam.

Again Sharon was impatient. He decided to get rid of one of the top Hamas leaders, Dr. Rantisi, by the simple expedient of a missile attack. Some say probably the attack was carried out at a signal from a collaborator who could have been working for Abu Mazen. How can Israel know where the Islamic leaders are, unless collaborators and hypocrites within the Muslim ranks provide the information? ["Northern Alliance" all over again.]


Following the attempted assassination of the Islamic leader, Bush issued a statement which had the following points:
1. The Israeli attack was "unhelpful."
2. He "regretted" the deaths of innocent people.
3. The attack would not help Israel's security.

There was no condemnation of the attack on the Hamas leader. The implication seemed to be: Sharon, why were you sloppy enough to miss your target.

The next day, a Palestinian martyr broke through the tightest Israeli security and blew up a bus in occupied Jerusalem. Immediately President Bush issued a BLANKET CONDEMNATION of Hamas, breaking away from a speech on local matters to show on which side he stood. Referring to Hamas by name, he called for a WORLDWIDE effort to shut off all help going to HAMAS from anywhere.

There is no running away from it.

1. Bush and Sharon are waging war on Islam. When they use the term "terrorism," they mean armed Islamic resistance. Hamas has NEVER FOUGHT AMERICA, but for Bush, Hamas is terrorist.

2. The Bush-Sharon methodology is to KILL THE LEADERS of ISLAMIC RESISTANCE. This policy has been very consistent.
i. One of the first attacks during the bombing of Afghanistan was on the home of Mullah Omar.

ii. During the First Gulf War, the U.S. tried to kill Saddam by bombing the Ameriyah shelter. An agent of the U.S. thought Saddam was taking shelter there. Hundreds of Iraqi civilians were killed but the U.S. was not taken to any international court for a crime against humanity.

iii. During the Second War on Iraq, the main target of Bush was Saddam. Repeated attempts were made to kill him by the use of some of the biggest bombs in the U.S. arsenal in a crowded city like Baghdad. Deaths of Iraqi civilians did not matter if in the process the Iraqi President could be assassinated.

iv. Israel has assassinated NUMEROUS Palestinian leaders in an ongoing attempt to kill all leaders who have the backbone to stand up. The latest was the attempted murder of Dr. Rantisi


1. We must be very clear in our thinking. Israel has been planted in the heartland of Islam BY FORCE. There has never been a Zionist state in the middle east for all of history. The Zionist claim of such an entity in the fog of biblical pre-history has no relevance to our times. Moses was not a Jew as far as Muslims are concerned. Any territory God gave to Moses was given to a Muslim leader, not to the Zionists.
2. Under the Law of the Qur'an, the Zionists must be driven out of the land they have taken by force.
3. Israel is a fake country, able to survive only owing to U.S. military and financial support.
4. The Muslim world must make it absolutely clear to the U.S. that the U.S. will have no friends from Morocco to the Philippines, from Nigeria to Somalia, if it continues to support Israel.
5. The Muslim masses must organize and mobilize to put an end to all U.S. business and influence in the Muslim world, if the U.S. continues to support Israel.
6. The U.S. must be helped to realize that although it has hooked up with puppets like Mubarak, King Abdullah, Crown Prince Abdullah, General Musharraf, Uzbek criminal Karimov and others, the Muslim world is listening MORE THAN EVER to the Islamic resistance. There is no chance that the Muslim world will start thinking of Bush and Sharon as good people.


Bush and Sharon have more military power than any "terrorist" group in the Middle East or South Asia. These two are terrorists and have committed horrendous crimes against humanity.

The idea that Islamic movements are "terrorists" is an invention of the Zionist mind. Muslims should know that ATTACKS ON OCCUPIERS ARE LEGITIMATE both under Islamic and INTERNATIONAL LAW. There is no court in the world which can fault the martyrs for attacks in occupied Palestine, Occupied Kashmir, Occupied Chechnya, Occupied Afghanistan and Occupied Iraq.

Observers say, it's a shame that an 18-year old Palestinian had to sacrifice himself to carry out the attack in occupied Jerusalem. Palestinian youths should not have to do this. The jihad movements should have missiles, helicopters and tanks comparable to those the U.S. has given Israel.
[How shameful is the attitude of Iran and Syria: Their leaders constantly talk of Palestine but have not made EVEN ONE strike against Israel. They have failed to provide artillery, jet fighters and bombs to the Palestinians. ]

These young martyrs: imagine if these had been Jews striking out of the Warsaw ghetto to kill the Nazi occupiers and their families. The worldwide Jewish propaganda machine would have gone into high gear tp glorify them.

By contrast, the martyr who broke through the tightest security in the world, sacrificed himself, his future, the love of his parents and family, is being labeled a "terrorist."

2003-06-12 Thu 17:48ct