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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 17, 1428. August 30, 2007. #67.

Special Report: Korean Muslims played key role in release of South Korean missionaries by the Taliban. Please scroll all the way down.

Large Muslim Crowd Confronts Indian Police

LATEST from INDIA: On August 30, 2007 large numbers of Muslims clashed with police for several hours in Agra, not too far from the Taj Mahal. Early that morning, when Muslim crowds were returning from prayers related to the month of Sha'ban, they were hit by a truck driver coming down a road where trucks are not allowed. Four young Muslims were killed in the rampage.

Large crowds of Muslims then gathered to protest, fought the police, burned that truck and several others. The police opened fire killing one more Muslim and injuring 30. The unarmed crowds threw bricks and stones at the police injuring 50 policemen, including a senior officer, many of them seriously.

Curfew has been imposed by the Indian government on Agra and surrounding areas. [India earns huge tourism profits from the Taj Mahal located in the area which along with other architectural wonders was built by Muslim rulers of India.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News}, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234 [3 items only]

Press Release: Katrina tragedy: The Real Issue is Institutional Racism

August 29, 2007: The corporate media let loose with a barrage of propaganda on the second anniversary of the devastation of New Orleans in which more than 1600 people lost their lives. What was lost in the plethora of charitable activity, reform, political stories was the crux of the matter: Institutional Racism.

A entire city was abandoned because the people left behind were old, weak, poor and/or Black. Two years later, the city has still not been rebuilt completely. Contrast with $2 billion spent ever WEEK in Iraq in a war backed by Israel and opposed by 60% of the American people.

Black leaders have not been allowed to appear on the mass media to speak about Katrina. The most outstanding leader of the community, Minister Louis Farrakhan, is the best speaker on the issue. Why was he not interviewed?

OUTREACH: Jamaat Reminds Muslims of the High Profile Prisoners who will Spend Ramadan in American Gulag

On August 24, 2007 Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave its new mass publicity card on Muslim political prisoners to 62 people at an Islamic Center known as ISWA in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The card, large size, profiles Imam Jamil al-Amin, Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman and Ahmed Abdel Sattar on side and Dr. Ali Timimi and Masoud Khan on the other.

Let us know if you would like to get copies of the card for distribution. Email to:

Calls to Sovereign Bank which closed Sis. Lisa's Account

Jamaat al-Muslimeen thanks readers who called Sovereign Bank to protest the closing of the accounts of Sis. Lisa Sattar and her son Ali. This is the pious family of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar. That's their only "crime." Under Israeli rule, USA is becoming like the Soviet Union, targeting the families of political prisoners.

The best call was made by a sister who asked Kathleen Fiumara, who heads the security department of the bank: "You are Japanese. Don't you remember what they did to Japanese citizens during the war? You should be the last person discriminating against a Muslim family."

More calls are needed. Please call Kathleen Fiumara of Sovereign Bank at: 617-533-1409. Leave a message if she does not pick up.

[Sis. Lisa is a "white" Muslimah from Chicago. She is hijabi and works every day to keep her family together after her husband Ahmad was railroaded for opposing the Egyptian regime.]

Our America: from NT's Media Monitor [2 items]

"Muslim" Zionists versus Jewish Zionists: Charges & Complaints

August 29, 2007: As usual, on Fox TV, Steve Emerson was attacking CAIR. He was put on the defensive by Mr. Colmes, the "good cop" of the Hannity and Colmes Show who vigorously defended CAIR.
CAIR is a bunch of "Muslim" Zionists which claims that it represents the Muslims of America although it exists only in a few mosques where the very rich segments of the Muslims of America are in control. CAIR is a staunch supporter of Israel. Recently some of its "leaders" helped elect Keith Ellison, a staunch supporter of Israel. Ellison, who claims to be a Muslim, spent his August 2007 holidays in Israel. His campaign began from a synagogue.
Does CAIR have anything to do with ISLAM. No! It has ignored the oppression of America's Muslims by the U.S. government. In many cases, it sided with the regime against innocent Muslims. Its racism shows through in many cases where the Black community is involved. Note its response to the Haitian Muslims who were arrested in Florida and the Trinidadian and Guyanese Muslims accused in the JFK airport "case."
Steve Emerson, Jewish scum that he is, wants Jewish Zionists to be the only servants of the regime. It burns him up that CAIR is coddled and loved by the people in power. CAIR pokes him in the eye by pointing out that it is in bed with the regime. Here is a quote from CAIR's program information for its hotel bash in May 2007:

"Attendees at CAIR-OK's May 12th banquet, themed 'American Muslims: Connecting & Sharing,' included representatives from the FBI, local and state government officials and interfaith leaders."

[See more in the next New Trend. CAIR is CLOSELY allied to Jewish groups, in its own words.]

From the Court in Miami:

Jose Padilla's Conviction: Uncovering the Fraud of the only Evidence Provided by the Regime

As New Trend reported earlier, three Muslims have been convicted on the most ridiculous claims of "terrorist links." The main accused, Jose Padilla, a Hispanic convert to Islam, was convicted on the basis of an application form for membership in al-Qaida which he allegedly filled out.

Now comes the funny part. There is no signature on the form! The government claims that Padilla's fingerprints are on the form. However, as the defense attorney noticed, the fingerprints are only on the FRONT and the BACK of the application form. The defense noticed that if Padilla had opened the form to fill it out, his finger prints would have been on the INSIDE pages too. It looks like the FBI handed the form to Padilla and thus got his fingerprints on it.

FUNNIER and funnier: The defense noticed that there are THREE different handwritings on the form. Yet the form was accepted as evidence and was used to convict Padilla. [See more in our next issue.]

News Directly Related to Islam

The Silence of Muslim Rulers at Threat to Attack Makkah

Speaking to a big Friday prayer gathering at Mansoorah [Lahore, Pakistan] gathering, Jamaat-e-Islami's top leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed castigated the Pakistani government for its silence over a U.S. presidential candidate's threat to attack the holiest cities of Islam, Makkah and Madinah. He said, Musharraf regime's hands are red with the blood of innocent Muslims in Lal Masjid, Bajaur and frontier villages, yet the U.S. wants him to do more. He urged Pakistanis to change their lifestyles and prepare to face the assault on Islam and the Muslim world.

Pak Leader warns of Cataclysmic Islamic Response if U.S. Attacks Makkah

August 25, 2007: Speaking in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, Imran Khan, leader of the Justice Party, warned the U.S. against loose talk about attacking the blessed city of Makkah where the holy Ka'aba is located. He said that such attack would result in a global Islamic riposte by the 1.8 billion Muslims of the world. Such foolishness by the U.S., he said, would turn countless millions of Muslims into martyrdom operators ["suicide bombers"] against the U.S.
Imran Khan was an extremely popular cricketer who woke up to the truths of Islam and is now a devotee of Allah and passionately critical of U.S. aggression in Muslim lands. He has attracted a large and growing following from young people who were westernized like him but now want to follow Islam.

Iran Gives Official Rebuke to Swedish Ambassador after Publication of Islamic Hating Cartoon

On August 18, a Swedish newspaper published a cartoon meant to insult and denigrate the best of men, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him. On August 25, a delegation of 60 Muslims from across Sweden demonstrated in front of the office of the hatemongering newspaper. On August 27, the government of Iran called in the head of the Swedish Consulate in Tehran and officially rebuked Sweden for its shameful activity.

President Ahmedinejad says that the people of Sweden, and of Europe, are not hostile to Islam. He added that Zionist elements hidden in the media have perpetrated this shameful new hate crime against Islam as the cartoonists of Denmark had done earlier. Islam cannot be defeated by such tactics but this abuse does show the Zionist mindset, he said.

"Abeer was Iraq, and Iraq is Abeer."
U.S. Muslims' Memorial for 14-Year Old Abeer, Gang-Raped by U.S. Troops, Challenges Silence of Western Feminists

by Nadrat Siddique

[This was the introductory statement by the chairperson of the historic Abeer Memorial Vigil at Freedom Square, Washington, DC, on August 19, 2007.]

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Good afternoon and as-salaam alaikom wa rahmatullah, brothers and sisters.

On behalf of the Abeer Qassim Hamza Memorial Committee, I'd like to welcome all of you. The memorial today is the result of a grassroots effort at its best and we are grateful for the help and support of many, many wonderful, caring people, who were touched by the terrible tragedy endured by Abeer. In particular, I would like to thank:

Imam Badi Ali (Islamic Center of the Triad); Anne Arundel Peace Action; Heather Bishop; Br. Aquil Culpepper (Jamaat al-Muslimeen - Philadelphia); Jamaat al-Muslimeen - Baltimore; Masjid Al-Islam; Ken Meyercord (Fairfax Public Access Channel); New Trend Magazine; Br. Bilal Siraj; Br. Adil Zaman; and last but not least: Br. ---- Zaman for formulating the idea of holding this important symbolic action.

More importantly, I'd like to thank all of you for being here, and ensuring that our sister's name is not forgotten.

When I was first asked to become involved in the Abeer memorial, I thought to myself, well Abeer has been dead for 1.5 years, why is her case relevant now? So many comparable or worse things have happened since then. As I thought about it, I realized that remembering Abeer was important on many levels:

For one, the case demonstrates the hypocrisy of major sectors of the feminist movement in the West.

These feminists vociferously condemn honor killings in Pakistan.

They censured the Taliban's attempts to prevent women from wearing lipstick, or from traveling to certain areas.

They are angry that Iran's revolutionary guard gently remind women to wear headscarf in public places.

They are furious that privileged Pakistani women mightn't be allowed to run through the streets of Lahore wearing shorts.

But the same Western feminists could care less about a fourteen year-old, Muslim female child, raped, murdered, and burned by U.S. troops. They did not raise their voices for her, for her mother, or for her little sister. Their concern for women's rights was limited to those cases which could portray Islam and Muslims as barbaric and therefore worthy of annihilation. The Western feminist movement, like the corporate media, very often endorses and sometimes even spearheads U.S. foreign policy, which claims the lives of thousands of Muslims. So, we should not allow their hypocrisy to go unchallenged.

The second reason why Abeer's case is important is that it raises the question: Why are Muslim heroes, martyrs, and victims rapidly forgotten, discounted, labeled as terrorists, while the deceased from the other side are honored and remembered time and time again?

Anne Frank is remembered.

9-11 victims are remembered.

Pearl Harbor victims are remembered.

Jewish Holocaust victims are remembered.

Even Rachel Corrie is, from time to time, remembered (and I was pleased to hear that aMy name is Rachel Corrie is slowly but surely making some headway.)

But not Abeer. The U.S. media and the Pentagon would prefer that we forgot about her.

Even though she had clearly suffered, even though she was clearly as innocent as a newborn babe, even though they could not label her as a terrorist as they wish to do with our martyrs, the corporate media seemed determined not to remember her, perhaps because of what her case said of the U.S. occupation of the independent sovereign nation of Iraq.

And were it not for the efforts of those like my esteemed brother ----, it is certain that her name would rapidly have vanished from the collective memory of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

One thing I'd like to make very clear: The organizers of this event did not see the depredation visited on Abeer as merely an attack on an Iraqi girl. Or even as simply an attack on Muslims or on Arabs. We recognize that what happened to Abeer happened to black woman endlessly in the course of 500 years of enslavement. We know that the imperialists are so practiced at dehumanizing the Arab peoples they occupy today primarily because they had plenty of practice on Africans throughout the slave trade. What happened to Abeer was a consequence of imperialism and racism, a de-humanization not so different than that visited on Assata Shakur, former Black Panther Party member, as she lay wounded in police custody after her capture on the New Jersey Turnpike. She was bleeding profusely and near death, yet the cops punched and kicked her, as if she were an animal.

This beautiful and courageous black woman, Assata, wrote one of my favorite poems, called Affirmation, which my friends are probably tired of hearing but which I'll share with you. Assata is, off course, addressing the situation in this hemisphere, but the poem reads as if it might have been written about Iraq or even written by Abeer:

I believe in life.

And i have seen the death parade

march through the torso of the earth,

sculpting mud bodies in its path.

I have seen the destruction of the daylight,

and seen bloodthirsty maggots

prayed to and saluted.

I have been locked by the lawless.

Handcuffed by the haters.

Gagged by the greedy.

And, if i know any thing at all,

it's that a wall is just a wall

and nothing more at all.

It can be broken down.

Abeer al-Janabi was a very special little girl. Abeer was Iraq, and Iraq is Abeer.

Abeer was tortured by the sounds of her family being murdered before she herself was killed.

Iraq was tortured, watching its population slowly dying under U.N. sanctions for over a decade before the current occupation.

Abeer was violated by criminals much stronger than her.

Iraq is violated by criminals much stronger than her.

Abeer was killed in cold blood.

Iraq is killed in cold blood, the infrastructure, which are its life-line, ablated.

Abeer's body is burning

Iraq is burning.

We shall not forget Abeer. And we shall not forget Iraq, as it was forgotten during the sanctions period.

As we remember Abeer today, and call attention to the suffering of the Iraqi people, I'd like you to think about the conditions in that country right now. In the early part of August, reports were that major parts of Baghdad had no running water for six days. Now this is in a city of six million people. Daily high temperatures there have ranged from 115 to 120 degrees. The tiny amount of water dripping through the pipes is causing many of those who must drink it to suffer acute intestinal illness. The reason given for this is that not enough electricity is available to run Baghdad's water pumps. However the Green Zone, which houses the occupation authority and their mercenaries, do not have any such problem with electricity or running water. Shortage of basic necessities like power and water have been the order of the day from the onset of the occupation, and this is the backdrop against which the savage attack on Abeer took place.

CNN: Amanpour's Clever "Errors"
"God's Warriors" Unfairly Compared Islamic Resistance to Christian/Jewish Cults

In the next issue, New Trend will present Imam Badi Ali's devastating analysis of the positive coverage Amanpour gave to the so-called Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan] of Egypt.

Who can deny that Islam is resisting U.S.-British occupation of Iraq, NATO's occupation of Afghanistan, Israel's settler colonialism in Palestine and Zionist attempts to destroy Sudan and Somalia along with India's 700,000 troops in Kashmir and the Russian army in Chechnya.

August 21-23, with a repeat on August 25: CNN's "God's Warriors" [starring Christiane Amanpour, notorious for her CIA association] tried to compare the global Islamic resistance to the bigotry of Christian cults in America and the blood lust of Israeli settlers in Palestine. Do they have anything in common? The very assumption is absurd.

Amanpour's show lacked the foundation required for a discussion of the Middle East. The central issue is the implantation of a terrorist entity known as Israel in the Muslim heartland. Amanpour refused to discuss the issue of the Jewish presence' legitimacy.

Censorship: Jews will not Permit the Slightest Criticism of the Holohoax
[Michelle Malkin, Fox TV, and Christopher Hitchens, CNN, camp followers of Zionism, defend the desecration of the Qur'an as an act of freedom of expression. Not a peep out of them about a writer being pursued from Austria to Spain and finally arrested.]

Austrian Writer Arrested in Spain for 'Holocaust Denial'
Associated Press ml

Spanish police on Thursday arrested a right-wing writer and publisher wanted in his home country of Austria for repeatedly denying the existence of the Jewish Holocaust and the use of gas chambers, officials said. Gerd Honsik was arrested in the southern city of Malaga, a police spokeswoman said. No more details on his arrest were immediately available. Honsik had fled to Spain after being convicted in 1992 in Austria of neo-Nazi activities and sentenced to one year in prison for writings that defended Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.

Letter: Helpful Booklet to Reinforce Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Boycott of Pro-Israel Businesses

In reference to the excellent work being done by the Sister regarding the boycott of companies supporting Israel, I wanted to share something that I've found very useful. I work in a supermarket and we have a section near the entrance for those free car, employment, real estate, etc. catalogs. About once every couple months, someone drops off a stack of the "Jewish-Israeli Yellow Pages", so I have decent list of businesses to boycott lovingly prepared by the zionists themselves!

They can be obtained for free online at:

Hope your day is blessed, and may Allah reward you all for your great work!

Sayf [New Jersey]

Letter: Muslim Truck Driver Facing Serious Intolerance

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah!
I pray that this communique will find you safe and enjoying life to it's fullest. Just wanted to give you an up-date on my situation with TSA/DHS....things seem to be coming to a head. I request that you keep me in your prayers and if you know of anyone that might have a similar situation please put them in contact with me.
Enclosed please find the URL to my blog with the latest article carried by UPI....
Thank you,
Bilal Mahmud

None of us are free, if one of us is chained!
If we don't say it's wrong.....then we say it's right!

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
- Voltaire, philosopher (1694-1778)

Korean Muslims Played Key Role in Release of missionaries taken captive by Taliban

August 30,31: The Taliban Islamic movement released all the Korean missionaries whom they had captured in a daring attack on the Ghazni highway. Two male missionaries were executed during the onset of the captivity. The captives were in grave danger because the Taliban see South Korea as a close ally of the U.S. which has killed hundreds of Afghan civilians in bombing campaigns by the U.S. air force.

On August 27, a delegation of the Korean Muslim Federation, led by the Imam of the Central Mosque of Seoul, Imam Salman Li Haing, arrived in Peshawar [Pakistan] and met Islamic leaders and MMA members of the National Assembly. A Pakistani merchant living in Korea, Zulfiqar Ali Khan, helped the delegation. The delegation told Maulana Samiul Haq [head of a big madressa sympathetic to the Taliban] and MMA leaders that 35,000 Koreans have embraced Islam and they would appreciate if the Taliban release the Christian missionaries. [Source: Urdu daily Ummat.]
It appears that the female South Korean captives were treated like guests by the Taliban and were given colorful veils to hide themselves from the men.

2007-08-31 Fri 21:11:53 cdt