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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulqi'dah 29,1429/ November 28, 2008, #60

Scroll down all the way for the khutba on Mumbai. You'll be surprised, shocked!

Our America: [1]
New Trend Analysis by Dr. Kaukab Siddique
Shameful Verdict Against Holy Land Foundation [HLF]: Zionist Hand Blocking Relief Funds for Palestinian Widows and Orphans What HLF Should Have Done and What U.S. Muslims Should Do

Families Mourning after Conviction of Five Innocent Muslims who sent Humanitarian Relief to Palestine
November 25, 2008: In Dallas, five Muslims working for the Holy Land Foundation [HLF] were found guilty of funnelling $12 million to Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement which refuses to recognize the terrorist entity known as Israel as a legitimate state. It was a re-trial. The first time, the government failed to convict! So, the prosecution re-worked its case and made sure it would fit this time. The jury was "advised" on what "guilty" meant. Gone are the days when America declared that it was a nation of laws and guilt had to be proven BEYOND a REASONABLE DOUBT.
The U.S. government declared in 1995 that Hamas is a terrorist organization. After that it was only a matter of time before American Jews and the Zionist power bloc which runs America would find Palestinians sending money to Palestine and have them brought to trial.

Most IMPORTANT about the convictions is the fact that the court did NOT find the defendants in any way actually involved with the militant activities of Hamas. They were convicted for sending HUMANITARIAN RELIEF. The way the 'Law' has been shaped is that if the humanitarian relief helps the widow or child of a person supporting Hamas, then that humanitarian relief is a form of support for terrorism! Even worse, if the humanitarian relief helps the child of a martyrdom operator [suicide bomber in Jew talk], then that is almost as good as terrorism! The child is seen by the Jews as a potential terrorist.

An objective reporter would find the convictions laughable. Israel gets billions of dollars every year from the U.S. for its military occupation of Palestine. In addition, Jewish Americans fund Israel, including terrorist "settlements," which even the UN [which created Israel} sees as illegal. Just about every Synagogue and Rabbi [with few exceptions] supports the terrorist entity known as Israel.

Israel has stronger military forces than all the Arab armies combined.

In that background, when a court sees humanitarian relief for widows and orphans as support for terrorism, can it be called anything other than laughable? This "justice" is a joke perpetrated on people whose "sin" is that they are Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians.

Why did this happen?

Holy Land Foundation [HLF] and other groups within the ambit of the Muslim Brotherhood [ikhwan] have made some serious compromises with the American power structure. They have certainly never been opposed to U.S. imperialism. They dumped the teachings of Sayyid Qutb [shaheed]. When Anwar Sadat betrayed Islam and Palestine and was killed by Khalid al-Islambouli [r.a.], the Brotherhood [Ikhwan] movement outright condemned the execution of Sadat.

Since then, the Brotherhood movement has lost its appeal for most Muslims, especially the poor and the oppressed, the masses. However, among the Egyptian elites and conservative Palestinians, it gained support. In America, the Brotherhood movement could be glimpsed in the groupings known as ISNA and CAIR. They are ardent supporters of the American power structure and walk in lock step with the U.S. government.

The Brotherhood people strictly avoided criticism of Israel and behaved consistently as if Israel is a legitimate entity. CAIR went out on a limb to condemn Iran's venture that the holocaust story should be discussed and, perhaps, investigated.

The political stance of ISNA-CAIR can be described as "Muslim" Zionism or more simply as a bunch of Muslims who think peace with Israel is possible. They reached out to American Jews as they did to the FBI.

Like CAIR, HLF too was staunchly pro-U.S. government. Its humanitarian help for needy Palestinians was strictly non-political, patterned after the Ikhwan's work in Egypt. HLF did not realize that Jewish Zionists wanted to monopolize the love of Uncle Sam and did not want any Muslims, however subservient, to be part of the picture. Hence an internal tussle began between "Muslim" Zionists and Jewish Zionists. Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson and others fought to monopolize the master's attention. They condemned ISNA and CAIR as supporters of "terrorism" [a code word for Hamas].

When the Jewish lobby managed to get Hamas listed as a terrorist organization, ISNA and CAIR should have protested, but they did nothing. However, HLF, confident that its love of Uncle Sam would save it from persecution continued to collect charity for Palestine. Even after 9.11 the HLF people kept on being careless about sending money to Palestine. They did not realize that Israel was now leading America by the nose.

HLF, CAIR, ISNA etc have no grassroots support among America's 5 to 7 million Muslims. They haven't tried to get this support. They do conferences and fund raisers which attract the VERY RICH, the thin upper crust of the Muslim communities. Go to mosques across the country, ISNA-CAIR are just about unknown except in the fancy multi-million dollar mosques in suburbia.

The Zionist Jews tripped them up. There was NO Muslim response of any significance when HLF was raided by the "authorities." The Muslim communities are alienated against the Ikhwan types who sided with the regime in the case of both the Blind Shaikh and Imam Jamil. Ahmed Abdel Sattar's wife wrote repeatedly to CAIR and did not get even a formal reply. CAIR told Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi's wife: We do not deal with criminal cases. Outraged, she retorted, my husband is not a criminal.

What should U.S. Muslims do?

Remember that America's Jews, with few exceptions, are enemies of Islam and Muslims. Do not try to hob nob with them. "Imam" Magid [ISNA VP}, Syed Syeed and other "useful idiots" who visit Synagogues and befriend Rabbis lack the ability and courage to think Islamically. After committing genocide in 1948, the Zionist Jews are out to destroy the remaining Palestinians who are still in Gaza and the West Bank. They are also working hard against Islam in Africa, Iran and Pakistan.

The HLF convictions indicate that for the Jews, a donation for a Palestinian child is a form of terrorism!

We Muslims have a basis for unity: The Qur'an and the Sunnah are our foundation. We cannot become strong by joining the Democratic Party. We should form a 7 million strong Islamic bloc. One thing we can do without any problem: Boycott all major busnesses supporting Israel, withdraw from all business with Jews. Is your doctor or your lawyer a Jew? Most probably he helps Israel. Check it out.

The government has taken $12 million from HLF. Let us take it back from the Jews by boycotting businesses which support Israel.

Step two: Our political stance should be: ISRAEL IS A TERRORIST ENTITY which has occupied Palestine by force of arms. Teach the American people. Educate, organize, mobilize but strictly within the law and by peaceful means only.

Our America: [2]
Obama is not a friend to Muslims; he may prove to be even worse? than Bush

by Balquis Charles

Before you delete please consider these thoughts and passages: Pass this on to Muslims, esp. those of us who are of African descent
  1. As Muslims we are obligated to do something to help the suffering Palestinians.(a)
  2. Obama is not a friend to Muslims; he may prove to be even worst than Bush.(b)
  3. Is Obama surrounding himself with zionists and supporters of Israel?(c)
* I send this first passage to remind us of the suffering of Muslims and our obligation to them. Make dua to Allah to help the Palestinians, and pass this on:

(a) "It is Israel that breached the truce and its ongoing aggression against Gaza belies its claim that it is committed to the truce and intent on sustaining it," he said with passion. "The occupation destroyed the ceasefire. It did not abide by a single article of the truce. Therefore, it is our right and the right of all the resistance factions to respond with all possible force in order to protect our people and our Palestinian land. No Israeli soldier or settler on this land should have the right to safety and security as long as our people are being subjected to aggression and siege. They should be made to live among their own crippled and wounded so as to experience what the people of Gaza feel."....

According to UN sources, it would take some 900 truckloads per week -- 150 truckloads a day -- of food and other essentials to meet the minimal primary needs of the Palestinians in Gaza, where around three-quarters of the inhabitants are without the electricity and the fuel needed to operate refrigerators and cooking equipment. The complete closure that Israel has imposed on Gaza has also led to a severe shortage in medicines. The human rights organisation, Addameer (Conscience), has warned that the lives of dozens of patients in intensive care units in Gaza and other patients who require oxygen tanks are at serious risk"

*Obama is not our friend:
(b) In the speech, given at the annual conference of the American-Israel Political Action Committee, or AIPAC Obama stated that he would give the disputed city of Jerusalem to Israel without any negotiation. IMEMC reporter Saed Bannoura spoke with Professor Naseer Aruri about the implications of Obama's speech.

*Obama and his zionist team:
(c) Rahm Emanuel is a zionist Israeli Jew. Who returns to Israel to fulfil his military duty:

Yes, this may hurt or sadden you, but we are Muslims. I am of African descent, and it took me a couple of weeks to get the courage to admit that Obama isn't halal for us. We saw it when they barred the Muslim sisters from sitting on the stage during his campaign. We should never put any hope in the Kuffar: even if he is our brother!!

Our America: [3]
"vile and despicable" Jeremiah Wright --- caution advised?!
For Peace, Talk to al-Qaidah: Find out what al-Zawahiri Knows.

by Naim AbdurRafi [New York]

This happened a day or so ago. It was either on CNN or MSNBC. One of the talking heads referred to the Reverend Wright with these terms. No eyebrows raised. Not those of the other talking heads, not those of the moderator--one of the ladies I believe.
WE know there is nothing vile or despicable about our brother or about anything he has said. We know also that the indictments he leveled at our country are at least plausible. (Some of us are old enough to know that the indictments are true.)
Here's what most of us don't know. The same people who despise Dr. Wright are those who would have us equate the racist "A-RAB" with the Muslim. Yes, the A-RAB is someone who might say about our president-elect that he is a "house negro" and mean something racist or otherwise demeaning.
Ayman al-Zawahiri strikes me as being a Muslim. He may be an Arab. I don't know. Doesn't matter. He is not a a racist "A-RAB." If he did indeed refer to President Obama as a "house negro" we must understand that there is a sense in which the epithet fits.
Yes, tears came to my eyes upon learning Barack Obama had won. And I have great faith in his ability and sincerity, in his being the person the country needs at this time.
But like us all, he knows only as much as he knows. And he does not know what Brother al-Zawahiri knows. I am certain "house negro" was designed to provoke reflection. Hopefully it reached its mark, and our president is guided to understand that the most sensible thing he can do is to invite Al-Qaeda to the table--so lives and treasures can be spared--and so he can come to know what al-Zawahiri knows.
But that would be a bold, even dangerous, thing for Brother Barack to do. That being the case WE must do it. Those of us who understand that there is nothing vile about the Reverend Wright or his pronouncements should DEMAND that President Obama call Al-Qaeda to the table. Maybe there is something to be learned. Maybe peace can be given a chance.
Best wishes,

Letter: Re: Blitzer's Blunder etc. [ New Trend Nov. 23 issue ] in TWO WORDS


Wonderful issue.

Bilquis [Maryland]

Letter: RE: McCarthyism n Marin: American Jews Attack Free Speech trying to shut down a small paper: Daniel Pipes at Work

I would think there should be some legal remedies for this kind of witch-hunting and arms-twisting. A case can be made for contraminding the process of freedom of press, speech and thought. It is time the so-called anti-Semitism should be challenged to exclude criticism of Israel as a nation.


Ghulam Muhammad [India]

Most Muslims Missed this
Egyptian Dictator Mubarak Visits India, with high level Entourage, and Gets Highest Indian Award

"The conferment of the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding on Mubarak as one of the Arab world's most moderate and level-headed leaders in a especially uproarious region was replete with symbolism. "My current visit to India comes to give a new, strong momentum to our historic relations and partnership," President Hosni Mubarak told his Indian hosts.
The usual response of an Egyptian to the announcement of the name of an Indian dignitary or distinguished personality that made their name in the international arena is "who?" The exclamation itself is no surprise, for Egypt has long looked westwards. Yet eyebrows were raised both by the timing and the size of Mubarak's entourage. Mrs Suzanne Mubarak accompanied the president to India and so did Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit, Minister of Trade Rachid Mohamed Rachid, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Tarek Kamel and Minister of Information Anas El-Fiqi.
[Al-Ahram, Cairo, Nov. 23]

Background to the case against Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind Shaikh]
Interview with Defense Lawyer Ron Kuby on FBI role in WTC bombing of 1993
The Role of the Informer, Egyptian Agent Emad Salem: Shaikh Omar was Victim of FBI entrapment
Written by Husayn Al-Kurdi [Chicago]

Ron Kuby, a partner of the renowned William Kunstler, has been the defense lawyer most involved in defending the people who are being swept up in "muslim conspiracy" trials which followed the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York. Although the government's official story keeps changing, with most of the media following course, it remains clear, as I have reported in previous articles, that the bombing of the World Trade Center and the incitement of various people to commit illegal acts is the responsibility of one Emad Salem, an FBl informant and sometime Egyptian government operative. During my interview with Kuby, the nature of the witch-hunts being directed towards Muslims was clarified as he showed how the "conspiracy" was of GOVERNMENT origin, with informant, Judge, prosecution and media all dutifully playing their parts.

Q. Was there anything in my previous articles on the World Trade Center bombing and the subsequent "conspiracy" trial that requires amendation, correction or amplification?

A. The article on the FBl being involved in the World Trade Center bombing actually UNDERSTATED the evidence, believe it or not. The informer, Emad Salem, is actually on tape saying that he built the bomb that ultimately blew up the World Trade Center.

In addition, we have received information that he was visually observed at the scene of the bombing shortly after the bombing took place. Shortly after that, he was admitted to the hospital, suffering from an ear problem that was consistent with exposure to blast.

Also, we know that he had a motive to blow up the World Trade Center, the motive being that he had been dealing with the FBl since at least November 1991, trying to convince the FBl that he had infiltrated a cell of radical Muslims, trying to get the FBl to pay him for his information. He kept going to the FBl with ever more hysterical statements about bombs and explosives. In the summer of 1992, the FBI, after apparently giving him a lie-detector test, refused to believe him anymore and cut him loose.

He needed a payoff. What better way for this sociopath, a conscienceless human being, than to actually bomb the World Trade Center? Indeed, within hours of the bombing, the FBl was back on the phone to him, promising him anything and everything if only he would help them crack the case. The FBl, having set this maniac loose, bears some of the responsibility for what happened.

Q. When did Emad Salem start to work for them?

A. We don't know precisely. We do know he was affiliated with Egyptian intelligence for quite some time. The FBl officially acknowledges that Emad Salem began to work for them in November 1991, during the trial of Sayyid Nosair, at which Nosair was found not guilty of murdering Rabbi Meir Kahane. It was at that point that he infiltrated himself into the group supporting Sayyid Nosair. It was Emad Salem, as early as December of 1991, who was telling groups of these people that they should become more militant. At one point Emad Salem suggested they throw Molotov cocktails at a synagogue, at which the people listening were absolutely horrified and refused to have anything to do with him. After that, he toned down his rhetoric.

Q. What is the current situation, in the wake of the sentencing in the World Trade Center bombing conspiracy trial?

A. You will recall that all of these defendants, with the exception of one, were denied counsels of their choice. The Judge refused to appoint any of these lawyers because he didn't like them. He didn't want any activist movement political lawyers. So they had to leave the case and were replaced by this second-rate and even third-rate legal team. There was a disastrous defense which did everything wrong that could be done wrong. After the defendants were convicted, they fired all their lawyers and said they wanted William Kunstler and Ron Kuby. The Judge refused to allow us to enter the case. Judge Kevin Duffy, a longtime adversary of William Kunstler, wanted to keep control of the defense in the same way as he kept control over the prosecution. On sentencing day, we were even excluded from the courtroom.

Q. Reports have it that Sidig Ali, one of the defendants in the NEXT New York Muslim Conspiracy trial, is turning on everyone. What's the score on that?

A. The government got to him through terror or promises or both. They were able to get him and turn him into a government witness. As a result, we no longer represent him. The government is using that as a way of throwing us off the case entirely. There is no doubt in my mind that the Judge is going to do exactly that.

They used to point to Sidig Ali as the "mastermind." Now Ramzi Yusef (recently captured in Pakistan and brought to the U.S.) is the "mastermind," according to what they're putting out through the media.

It varies with the season. Originally it was just the group of four who blew up the World Trade Center, then it expanded and contracted and expanded again. It's one of those permanent crimes-they just keep pasting new heads on their Wanted list.

They expect people to forget what they said just a week ago. They spent a year trying to convince the American people that Sidig Ali is the biggest terrorist who ever lived. Now they turn around and try to portray him as some kind of born-again American patriot.

Q. Where does that leave the defense of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman?

A. It's an extremely serious event. By removing me and Kunstler from the defense team, you were really removing the only lawyers who weren't paid by the government. Sheikh Omar is representing himself but was certainly counting on a collective group to work with him in that self-representation. It was a blow struck at the heart of the defense.

There seems to be a trend now in which cases are manufactured out of whole cloth and people are entrapped and convicted on "conspiracy" charges.

One frightening aspect from a civil liberties standpoint is the increasing use of informers whose job it is not to simply monitor or even just to observe and record illegal activities, but who actually are out creating crime that would never have taken place but for their own conduct. The best example of that is the [current trial], where you have Mr. Emad Salem going out in the Muslim community and preying on Muslims who are particularly vulnerable. In the aftermath of the ongoing tragic holocaust against Muslims in Bosnia, with the world standing by and doing nothing, you had groups of Islamic people who said, "Just as we had an obligation to defend people in Afghanistan, we have a similar obligation to defend our brothers and sisters in Bosnia." A group such as this was infiltrated by Emad Salem.

Q. Why is the FBl interested in going out and creating crime?

A. The answer is simple enough. In the aftermath of the World Trade Center bombing, the FBI was facing ferocious criticism in the United States. Remember that first you had the disaster at Waco where these children were murdered in the course of this insane shootout with these other religious "fundamentalists." Then you had the World Trade Center bombing. All over the country, people were wondering "What's wrong with the FBI?".

What the FBI had to do was to go out and create a crime which they could prevent, a crime that would be so vast that it would make the World Trade Center bombing pale by comparison. So they sent Emad Salem out to create these crazy plots - blow up the United Nations and so on. At the end, the FBl said "Lights, camera, action!" and had a huge press conference at which they said, "We didn't save the World Trade Center, but we prevented the bombing of the UN, the Holland Tunnel, the Lincoln Tunnel and the George Washington Bridge and the assassinations of Al D'Amato and Boutros Boutros-Ghali." They posed as Superman saving the world and everybody was congratulating them.

The papers the next day blared "New York Dodges a Bullet" and proclaimed "FBl Heroism." People were tragically misled by the FBl into believing that the FBl had in fact prevented something from taking place when the only thing they did was prevent the fruition of the very conspiracy that it had created itself.

Q. Are you going to get a chance to come back at Emad Salem and expose his role to the world?

A. We're certainly going to do our best. He's going to be called as a witness. We'll see what happens.

Q. What are the prospects for appeal on the convictions from the first trial?

A. Of course, we have filed notices of appeal for all four of the defendants, but people have to understand that the courts in this country are no more immune to the kind of hysteria and anti-Islam sentiment that you see elsewhere in the country. Instead of being the guarantors of fundamental constitutional rights, too often we see these reactionary, and in many ways stupid, judges toadying to the very worst in American society rather than standing for the best in American society.

The tragedy in all of this is that we're making the same old mistake as when we've interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, supporting corrupt dictatorships like the Shah of Iran and Hosni Mubarak against popular revolutionary forces. We fear those popular revolutionary forces. The U.S. is buying hatred and enmity for itself in places like Egypt. Why? If the people of Egypt want to live under Islamic law, then by God that's their right. It is not the business of the United States government to meddle in these nations and dictate the kinds of government they should have.

Q. Ron, tell us something about your own background.

A. I came from a working-class family in the state of Ohio. I'm Jewish by religious background and when I was very young I belonged to a right-wing Zionist paramilitary organization. It's not widely known, but I was a member of the Jewish Defense League when I was a teenager. My father was a Zionist, I became a Zionist. I knew Rabbi Meir Kahane-he was a family friend back in the late 1960s and early 1970s-before he emigrated to Israel.

I suppose what cured me of that type of Zionism was actually emigrating to Israel. I was expecting to see this paradise of Jews working together, living in peace and harmony with their neighbors, building a country. Instead, what I saw was this terrible racist country in which a small elite of Zionists controlled a Jewish working class and terrorized the Palestinian population. It was like being in the United States, except instead of the White establishment it was the Jewish establishment.

I found out that the people I had more in common with, the people whose physical company I enjoyed more, were the Palestinians. I ended up having many more Palestinian friends than I had Zionist friends, and eventually said to hell with the whole thing and ended up on the road that I've ended up on.

Q. What can and should be done in terms of support for the Sheikh and the others who have-and are continuing to be-railroaded in these "Muslim Conspiracy" trials?

A. The problem is that there has not been any organized Islamic response to this situation, and others do not know or hear about it much. Every time Muslims get together and try to raise a protest, they end up getting indicted!

Q. Just to get it on the record once again, if there is a "mastermind," then who is it?

A. The "mastermind" is the government of the United States. It was a phony, government-engineered "conspiracy" to begin with. It would never have amounted to anything had the government not planned it.

Other articles by Husayn Al Kurdi: on the Muslim Conspiracy Trials: "Islamic Fundamentalism-New Whipping Boy on the Block," The Alternative, 11/30/93; "Muslim Speaks Out Against War on Islam," The Final Call, 1/19/94; "World Trade Center Bombing Trial Raises Troubling Questions for FBl," The Espresso, 4/15/94; "Who Blew Up the World Trade Center?" Anderson Valley Advertiser, 4/20/94.

Latest Khutba: Learning from Hadith how to treat News
Mumbai: Understanding the Media bias: Did you ever see the Horrors of Kashmir on your TV screens?
U.S. Ally India is beng hurt in Mumbai, taken by surprise: Hence non-stop TV Coverage

November 28, 2008: Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave a juma khutba in Baltimore. The main points are listed here for national and international distribution. Please pass it on to your lists.

Text for Part I of the Khutba:

"Whenever news of any matter comes to them, whether concerning peace or war, they spread it about. If they referred it to the Messenger and those in authority among them, those seeking its meaning would have found it out from them. If it were not for Allah's bounty and mercy towards you, almost all of you would have followed Satan." [The Qur'an 4:83]

"The Messenger of Allah, peace be on him, said: It is enough for a person to be considered a liar that he narrates whatever he has heard without investigation." [Hadith, Sahih Muslim] Text for Part II of the khutba:
"O you who believe! if a corrupt person comes to you with any news, investigate it, lest you harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full o repentance for what you have done." [The Qur'an 49:6]

"Abdullah ibn Mas'ud [r.a.] narrates that Satan appears in human shape and in front of a crowd tells a lie. The crowd disperses after a while and from among it some persons start narrating that they heard a man, whom they say they recognize, name unknown, was saying so and so." [Sahih Muslim.]

Indian occupation forces in Srinagar, occupied Kashmir. The shops are all shuttered owing to a general strike by the Kashmiri people to oppose the fake elections India is holding. This photo was taken only a few days before the fighters attacked the Taj hotel, etc in Mumbai, India.

2008-11-30 Sun 05:07:55 cst