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Kandahar Still in Taliban Hands: Islamists Massacred in Mazar Sharif
Taliban in Kunduz break n.a. assault Column: U.S. bombing Raids Again

{Media watch: An almost hour long PBS report, November 15, indicated the serious tensions building up between "Saudi" Arabia and the U.S. The program brought up the fact that Osama Bin Ladin has strong support in Arabia. The underlying issue is Arabia's Islamic identity versus cultural imperialism and hegemony of the U.S. If the line of inquiry visible in the PBS show continues, conflict between the U.S. and Arabia is probable in the near future.}

{ATROCITY STORIES ABOUT TALIBAN AND WOMEN: The demonization campaign against the Taliban began with stories about oppression of women. Both Muslim and non-Muslim women have been misled by the propaganda. One fabrication, prepared by RAWA, a communistic women's group, depicting a Talib with a gun aimed at a kneeling woman, was first shown on CNN and then later published on one of the U.S. leaflets dropped in Afghanistan.
Our response to CNN's story received wide distribution. For our new readers, we can send you a copy. It was titled: CNN ON TALIBAN AND WOMEN: LIES, WHITE LIES, and DAMN LIES.}
{The charitable women accused of trying to spread Christianity to starving families in Afghanistan, have been released unharmed by the Taliban. First reports indicate that they are in good health and were never mistreated.}

OUR APOLOGIES TO READERS for our report two days back(Nov.13) that the Taliban had withdrawn from Kandahar. It appears that an attempt to take the city was organized by mercenary tribesmen who were paid to march in. However, they met stiff resistance and withdrew.
{Yesterday the U.S. media reported that the anti-Taliban groups hold 80% of Afghanistan. Today the claim has shrunk to 50%.}
{The situation in Jalalabad is not clear. It appears that the Taliban fighting force has withdrawn but the public continues to support them.}

KUNDUZ DEFENDERS BREAK northern alliance column: Just when it seemed that the Islamic resistance was over, the n.a. suffered a stunning blow at Kunduz. Their armored column was rushing down on Kunduz (Nov. 13) when they were ambushed by the Islamic fighters. The n.a. retreated from Kunduz on Nov. 14. On Nov. 15, the U.S. started bombing Kunduz again.

The Taliban defenders of Kunduz are reportedly from Chechnya, Kashmir, Pakistan and Somalia. Observers say that it is this international unity of Muslims under Taliban banners which is the most irksome for the U.S. As long as Muslims are divided into nationalities, they are no problem. Internationalism is the Islam of the Qu'ran: Surely the believers are none other than ONE brotherhood/sisterhood.

News have now come out of a second massacre of Islamists in Mazare Sharif by the Dostum Communist/Shi'ite segments of the Northern Alliance. A group of Islamic exiles from Uzbekistan, Chechnya and several other countries had taken refuge in a school. They resisted as long as they had ammunition:
When they ran out of bullets, the N.A. surrounded the school with tanks and slaughtered the refugees. (Inna lillahe wa inna alaihi rajeoon.)
{About such martyrs, Allama Iqbal wrote:
("The true believer's desire and purpose is martyrdom")
("Not war booty, nor conquest and dominion.")

Before this, 100 Pakistani prisoners were murdered by the northern alliance forces.
{RAMADAN: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's IFTA representative has announced that crescent sighting is not possible on November 15. Hence for those who follow the Sunnah, the first of Ramadan is expected to be on November 17.}
IMAM ALI HAS ISSUED A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE ON RULES AND REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MONTH OF FASTING. His article has been widely distributed. Let us know if you have not seen it.

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