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30,000 March Against War in Washington D.C.
By Nadrat Siddique

The mood at the April 12 march in Washington, D.C., had the air of a requiem, perhaps in recognition of the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis who have been killed in the past few weeks by the Dajjalic "Coalition." It was evident in the somber faces of this crowd that they were anything but behind the policies of President-Select Bush. Some carried signs remembering Kent State, where police shot and killed students protesting the Vietnam War, an event perhaps called to mind by last weekend's incident in which police fired into crowds of anti-war protestors in San Francisco. At the Washington, D.C. march, protestors were met by police in riot gear, with helicopters hovering overhead. Many of the protestors wore kaffiyas––in fact I'd not seen so many Caucasians wearing that symbol of Palestinian self-determination in one place before; they lined the streets, the subways, even the Starbucks, chanting openly pro-Palestinian slogans, like "Free Palestine at any cost.

I spoke with an older Caucasian woman who carried a picture of Rachel Corey, as she marched, heckled by some evidently Zionist passers by. She said she'd visited the occupied territories with a group of Quakers and been horrified at the Israeli treatment of Palestinians there. She told me that young people from all over the world, inspired by the spirit of Rachel Corey, were joining the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in droves. ISM. workers try to physically prevent the demolition of Palestinian homes by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Unlike previous days, she said, IDF had openly started targeting foreign nationals if they were perceived to have Palestinian sympathies, most recently, killing a young ISM. worker from Mexico and permanently crippling another from Holland.

It is significant that in a country where "free press" translates to "freely zionist press," the old aphorism, "You can't fool all of the people all of the time" has hit home, and despite the efforts of the zionist media to exclude the voices of opposition, many Americans are waking up to the reality of the injustice in the Middle East, at the heart of which lies the zionist occupation of Palestine.

Unlike the march two weeks prior, our march was permitted to proceed through key points in downtown, including the Carlyle Group, Fox News, the Justice Department and FBI Building, the White House, Bechtel, the Washington Post, the New York Times , and Haliburton. We paused briefly at the Washington Post, shaking our fingers in the direction of its editorial offices, and chanting "Tell-the-truth! Tell-the-truth!

Many participants from the Latin American Solidarity Conference, being held in Washington the same weekend, joined the march. Thus veteran activists from CISPES (Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador--an organization whose entirely legal activities in support Salvadoran self-determination made them the targets of illegal FBI harassment), and Latin American activists, with first hand experience fighting U.S. imperialism and repression joined in anti-war slogans. I walked for several miles with a particularly spirited group of young Latinos, who chanted in the characteristic Latino fashion:

Chant leader: ¡¡A bajo George Bush! (Down with George Bush!)

Response by crowd (hereafter response): ¡¡A bajo! (Down with him!)

Chant leader: ¡¡Viva la paz! (Long live peace!)

Response: ¡¡Viva! (Long live it!)

Chant leader: ¡¡Viva Jose Martíí! (Long live Jose Marti!)

Response: ¡¡Viva! (Long live him!)

Chant leader: ¡¡Viva Zapata! (Long live Zapata!)

Response: ¡¡Viva! (Long live him!)

Chant leader: ¡¡Viva puebla lucha popular! (Long live popular peoples struggle!)

Response: ¡¡Viva! (Long live it!)

Chant leader: ¡¡A bajo la guerra contra el pueblo Iraquíí! (Down with the war against the Iraqi people!)

Response: ¡¡A bajo! (Down with it!)

Some Anglo passers by, hearing the Spanish slogans, and seeing English language signs against the war, told them "If yah don't like it in this country, why doncha go back where you came from!" I almost laughed out loud and told them, "They probably would, but U.S. corporations have already been over there and robbed their countries of anything that wasn't tied down." Thus while it was truly heartening to see the warmth and generosity of support for the Iraqi and Palestinian people by Latino activists, it made me think back to Ather Masood's piece in this forum a couple weeks back, emphasizing that we too, as Muslims must support the struggles of Latin American peoples against the same imperialism and neo-colonialism which targets our Muslim lands. Latinos from almost every country in Central and South America and Mexico had come out to support us.

The internationalist character of the protest, struck me again and again, as I saw a large continent of Buddhist monks, many young Muslims (including many young Muslim women in hijab but unaccompanied), and--Native Americans. One American Indian Movement (AIM) leader spoke powerfully against the war at a rally held at Freedom Plaza just prior to the march. Tomahawk missiles should be renamed "Bush's missiles" as should the "Apache helicopter," he said. No Native tribe would approve of these instruments of death and destruction being unleashed on innocent Iraqis. Native people were predominantly peaceful before the coming of the White man, and when they did engage in warfare, it was between two equally matched sides, not at all like the current scenario of "Surrender your arms, and lay down, so that we can massacre you."

The Washington, D.C. demonstration by 30,000 (according to D.C. police estimates) was paralleled by demonstrations in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Burma (Myanmar), Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, U.K., Venezuela, and Yemen.

For Foreign readers: The word "caucasian" means "White" in America. -Ed
Support For Imam Jamil at D.C. Peace Rally
Prof. Al-Arian's Daughter Speaks
By Sister Motisola Malikha Abdallah

Washington DC Peace Rally April 12, 2003
Thousands of people of all backgrounds, religions and cultures took to the DC streets once again last weekend in solidarity with protest movements all around the world against the war on Iraq. These relentless protests against Bush's war on Islam and the Middle East is clear evidence that the CNN polls are a lie and the whorish media and its one-sided showing of the war on Iraq is unconvincing. The diversity at this rally was awesome and too numerous to list. However, I did want to give special mention to the several bus loads of Latinos that arrived, a special group of what looked like Chinese Monks that came, Dr. Zulu Malik Shabazz and the New Black Panther Party, the veterans and a good showing of NYC Muslim especially sisters with their babies.

The signs held by the protesters told the real story of how the American public feels. There were thousands and thousands of signs with slogans like: "where are the weapons of mass destruction, when will the US plant them", "no war on Syria", "no blood for oil", "no war on Iran", "McS_ _ _ " (in reference to McDonald's restaurant), "drop Bush not bombs", "who is going to democratize the US" and "we need a regime change."

Anti-war protesters spoke out loud, clear and defiantly against Bush and the Media. The most vocal among the rainbow sea of speakers were the young people, especially the Muslim sisters. Dr. Sami Al-Arian's, [the Florida Professor arrested a few weeks ago] daughter spoke about her father and the trumped up charges against him. A Native American speaker reminded us of how the US liberated 16 million of them right into distinction. Several speakers talked about the war at home against Muslims led by the FBI along with reference to Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin and other political prisoner in America. Each time when the Imam's name was mentioned an arousing applause followed in support of him. The International MAS had a table set up at the rally with Imam Jamil information for the public. A taped message was played from Mumia Abu Jamal speaking out about this unjust war from an unjust president. It was very well received.

Shortly before the march got underway, hundreds of young people came from the DC subway into the streets chanting repeatedly "whose streets? our streets". A police captain kept shouting to the top of his voice and turning red that it was their last warning to get out of the streets and back on the sidewalk. No one moved. This sent him into a rage and he must have gave a call for backup. In a matter of a few seconds it seemed like the entire DC police force came out of the woodwork on foot, on horseback and in cars towards us. We thought they were going to move in. Instead of people moving out of the streets, more protesters moved into the streets and the slogan "whose streets? our streets" grew intense and deafening. Instead of moving in, the police for some reason retreated back several feet and never rushed the crowd.

There were a few pro-war demonstrators along the side of our route. Everyone was tensed. I tried to remind myself to keep walking and ignore them. However, I lost it when one group of five white men with signs "fry Mumia" caught my eye. I rushed towards them past the police line and invited them all down off the sidewalk and it was not an invitation to talk. However, several of my co-marchers came and pulled me back and told me it was not worth it and they were right. We must be careful not to waste good energy on fools.

The relentless active participation of the people against this war is what is going to stop this war. It is going to take the people of the world united and firm to push this war out of existence. We must stop this war.

Sister Motisola Malikha Abdallah
BY: ATHER MASOOD [Our Chicago correspondent.]
Despite the so-called end to Iraq, Chicago activists continued to march this weekend. In conjunction with London, New York, and other cities Chicago continues to put large numbers of people on the streets. The Logan Square neighborhood Peace organization organized about 600-700 people to speak out against the war in Iraq. It was ironic because Logan Square had the first mosque on the North Side of Chicago in the 70's. Jamming the intersection protestors marched from one street to another against Bush, Rumsfeld and other governmental figures.

It was amazing to see that no less than 25 people who had family members in the war, were present denouncing the conflict. Wearing green bands, twenty-five different people called the names of loved ones currently deployed. WHY DOES THE MEDIA NOT FOCUS ON THESE INDIVIDUALS? constantly we are bombarded with stories of "patriotic" Americans serving in the armed forces. We NEVER hear from those families who oppose the war, even though they have loved ones in Iraq. Nonetheless Mostly Caucasians along with a few Blacks, Latinos/as, and Muslims were present. from 12PM-2PM large numbers of activists jammed the streets. Alderman Colon, recently elected asked the question, "Why does America always glamorize violence? Why do we always use He-Man, Batman, and soldiers are role-models? We need to create new role models away from violence." As of this time two alderman have com on record to oppose the war on Iraq. In a surprising move the Logan Square Peace movement has adopted Baghdad as it's sister city. Americans are in regular contact with the citizen from Baghdad from Chicago. Such contacts have confirmed fighting still continues with both American and Iraqi troops killed in action.
As this article is being written Muslims must no lose sight of affirmative Action. In the United States of America, Affirmative Action remains the only source of equal opportunity for Blacks, Latinos/Latinas, and Native Americans. The legacy of Separate and Unequal still remains. In any School of higher education, we see a clear trend of denying people of color educational opportunities. Going to any campus in Chicago, One see a steady decline in applicants and participants belonging to Black, Latin-American, and Native Peoples. To ensure the further advance of such people, Muslims must take steps to change realities in American educational culture. President Bush has, so far, turned attention away from domestic issues by starting unnecessary wars. We should not lose sight that this may have been Mr. Bush's agenda to being with. Start a war and curtail any civil liberties from the masses of Americans. At the same time we must be aware that Imam Jamil, Dr. Samirah, Dr. Al-Arian, Mumia Abu-Jamal and others should not be forgotten. Clearly in that same vain, Affirmative Action legislation is something people bleed, fought, and died over. Many of us have advanced in life due to such laws. Therefore, it is important for us, AS MUSLIMS, to not allow such opportunities to be denied for others. RICH MUSLIMS NEED TO STOP BUILDING MOSQUES AND should FUND AFFIRMATIVE ACTON PROGRAMS SO THEY DON'T COLLAPSE. WE HAVE ENOUGH MASJIDS IN AMERICA. People must begin to support peace movements and Affirmative action laws with their own funds. We encourage our Muslim family in the world to support causes of the masses such as Affirmative action.
This past weekend as many as fifteen "hawks" began to attack Syria on Capitol Hill. Several "Middle East," experts gathered to speak with Congressional representatives on the issue of Syria. Almost immediately the media began to assault Syrian as a place full of chemical weapons and even nuclear warheads. indeed some sources in Washington have already stated Mr. Rumsfeld has directed attention to begin another phase of war. This writer will keep new Trend posted on other such developments. We advise our Muslim and Arab peoples of Syria to prepare for a possible attack, as all signs indicate to such an eventuality.

2003-04-16 Wed 19:01ct