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[ENGLAND HAS ARRESTED A WEST INDIAN SCHOLAR OF ISLAM, SHAYKH FAISAL, WHO RECITED HADITH URGING THE MUSLIMS TO KILL THE JEWS IN JIHAD. England, which claimed that Salman Rushdie had the right to attack the family of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and to defile the sanctities of Islam, is now taking offense at the FREEDOM of expression of a scholar who points out that the battle is coming in which the Muslims will kill the Jews in war, not at random. This is a sacred prophecy of Muhammad, pbuh. It is not about random killing but about Jihad against the Jewish oppressors.]
[MINISTER FARRAKHAN RIPS Baptist MINISTER VINES. Dares him to come face him in open debate. Br. Ather reports that on June 17, speaking in Washington, DC, the NOI leader ripped apart the slanderous accusations Baptist Minister Vines aimed at the best of men, Muhammad (pbuh), and hazrat ‘Ayesha, r.a., leader of the Islamic women's movement. Farrakhan dared Vines to come face him in open debate.]

A Proposal: U.S. Should bring Israel Home and Plant it in Illinois
Boycott Starbucks, Disney and ALL Jewish Businesses which Support Israel

[First the News: On June 18, 2002, a 22-year old Palestinian martyr from a refugee camp successfully penetrated the Jewish security perimeter in the occupied city of Jerusalem. He killed 19 Jews and injured 45 in the process of surrendering his life to the Creator of the universe who has promised Paradise to martyrs. The occupation forces had been tipped off about the entrance of the martyr into Jerusalem and were on full alert, with helicopters and security patrols shuttling around. Thus the successful attack was a serious blow against the occupation forces.]
[The problem with such resistance against Israel is that there can be collateral damage. The martyr always has a very small window of opportunity to hit the occupation forces. There have been martyrs who were not able to kill any Jewish occupier and only sacrificed themselves. For the Palestinian people, this is the ultimate in sacrifice. The U.S. does not permit Palestinians to obtain F-16s, helcopter gunships, artillery and tanks; hence conventional ability to hit Israeli military is denied to the partisans. Iran, for all its rhetoric, has not provided any artillery to the partisans. Even the ship captured by the Israelis did not contain any heavy weapons.]
[One way to deal with the problem of collateral damage would be for Israel to transport its non-combatants separately from its soldiers who often do not wear uniforms. Israeli non-combatants should be sent to school in America. Palestine is occupied territory and it is cruel and insensitive of Israeli parents to be sending children to school in a land which is being held by military might in the face of international law. IT'S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT THE JEWS ARE THE OCCUPIERS AND, UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW, THE PARTISANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO HIT THE OCCUPIERS IN WHATEVER WAY POSSIBLE. Read the history of the partisan struggle in Russia when it was occupied by Nazi Germany. Partisans are very poorly armed and cannot fight heavily armed armored columns. A principle of guerrilla warfare which comes out of the history of resistance in World War II is that the resistance has the right to hit and kill in any way possible. REMEMBER THAT ALL OF PALESTINE IS UNDER JEWISH SURVEILLANCE and resistance is only possible through the greatest secrecy and courage beyond human imagination. These martyrs are the most precious heritage of Islam. No wonder the Zionist media tries to denigrate and defame the martyrs.]

A SERIOUS PROPOSAL: Bring Israel to Illinois: It's illegitimate in the Middle East A reader has proposed that peace in the middle east will become possible if Israel is removed from Palestine and planted in Illinois. We asked: Why?
1. It should be easy for the U.S. to bring Israel home because the U.S. is the main source of Israeli FUNDS, WEAPONS and PROPAGANDA. So why not bring the Jews home to their source.
2. Why ILLINOIS? Because there is plenty of space in Illinois and Illinois is so enamored of Israel that it has just decided to invest in Israel.
3. What about the myth that God promised Palestine to the Jews? Actually the people of Moses were Muslims and the people of Palestine have been Muslims for 1400 years. The myth had nothing to do with present day Jews. The small community of indigenous Jews has always lived in Palestine without any problem.
4. As for the myth, the Zionist media are excellent spin masters. CNN could easily come up with a story that the 13th tribe actually moved to America and settled down in Illinois.
SUMMARY: If America takes back its armed settlers, there will be peace in the middle east. America has to choose sooner or later: Does it want relations with Israel or with the Muslim world? These kings and dictators will not last and then America will be a pariah in the Muslim world. So dear Zionist America, take your Jews and settle them in your land. PALESTINE BELONGS TO THE PALESTINIANS.
Dear readers: Israel has moved armored columns once more into Jenin and Nablus. Israel is at war with Islam. Do what you can against this murderous force before it destroys all decency and humanity. Muslim minorities in USA and UK can participate by boycotting Jewish businesses. STARBUCKS, DISNEY, ARM & HAMMER, GIANTS are at the top of the boycott list as is TIMBERLANDS. If you are using any of these, STOP and let them know WHY you are boycotting them.

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