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On October 18, in Baltimore, Maryland, a woman and her five children were burned alive when a gangster entered their home when they were asleep and set it on fire. The woman had been consistently opposed to the drug traffic in her area. She had been threatened earlier by gangsters but she refused to move out of the area. The alleged arsonist has been arrested.

[Details are lacking but this much is certain. The woman was punished for opposing the drug trade. Her FIVE BEAUTIFUL BLACK CHILDREN have been burned to death with her, yet this is not really important news in the media. Her home should have been guarded by the police but it was not. The Jews in the media decide what is "news." The most gruesome murders of the poor and the oppressed are not news or at least not news other than of local interest.]
[There have been ALMOST THREE HUNDRED MURDERS in Baltimore this year while Bush has been spending America's resources to "liberate" Afghanistan and Iraq.]

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