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MANSOOR IJAZ : More than loyal than Bush, brushes aside Civil Rights

"Say: O people! if you are in doubt as to my way of life, then know that I do not serve those whom you serve besides Allah, but I do serve Allah, Who will cause you to die, and I am commanded that I should be of the believers." (The Qur'an 10:104)

[First the LATEST NEWS, June 5, 2002: A martyr of Islamic Jihad broke through tight Israeli security and blew up an Israeli bus packed with Israeli soldiers, including some in uniform. First reports indicate 18 Israelis killed, 45 wounded. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.]
[Comment: Under international law, nations whose lands have been militarily occupied have the right to hit back in any way possible. Under Islamic law, it is the duty of the Muslims to strike at oppressors and occupiers. Acceptance of slavery and occupation is forbidden, HARAM.]
[We urge the U.S. to provide tanks, helicopters, F-16s to the oppressed people of Palestine so that they do not have to carry out martyrdom operations against the forces of Sharon, the mass murderer of Sabra and Shatila. Martyrdom operations are the last resort of an oppressed people who will not accept slavery. There is always a danger that the martyr may not be able to reach the occupiers or that there might be collateral damage including children or Arabs living in "Israel." We suggest that Israel should not use civilians as human shields and should not send its troops in civilian buses. Also, soldiers in civilian clothes should be clearly marked. Hopefully that will reduce the margin of tragedy and will make the sacrifice of the martyr right on target, so to speak.]

The FBI has become so assured of the submissiveness of America's Muslims that it has started recruiting "snitches" and collaborators and spies at the Islamic places of worship. Here is the Islamic response from Sis. Aeisha Muhammad. [Note that after she first wrote this on , she received a threat from one S.TURKMAN who tried to intimidate her. Muslims should note that STURKMAN, a member of Shahid Mahmud's Pakistan Forum, roams Muslim lists trying to intimidate Muslims and trying to create confusion about basic Islamic texts like Hadith.]
As-Salaamu' Alaikum wa Barakatu

It has been announced on FoxNews Channel at 8:15 a.m. that the Islamic Center of Passaic County will be allowing the FBI to recruit Muslims.
ASTAGHFIRULLAH!!! What is wrong with all of you? How dare you allow the Kaffiroun to enter the mosque to recruit Muslims to work against Muslims? What justification can you possibly have for doing such a haraam thing?

It is one thing for the FBI to conduct its recruiting at on its own premises but for to allow them to come into the mosque for this purpose is totally HARAAM.

I am warning you that you are setting a very dangerous precedent for the American Muslim Community and that you are committing a great sin in the eyes of ALLAH. If you allow this disgusting thing to be done then you are no better than the kaffiroun and you are placing yourselves in big trouble spiritually. Remember that there will be a judgment and that you will have to account for this vile act on that day.

Rest assured that if I hear that you have done this I will take it upon myself to pray against you. Fear ALLAH and turn back from this vile act against ALLAH himself.

Fi Amman ALLAH
from the servant of ALLAH
Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad
I urge all of the Muslim community in America to vehemently protest and demonstrate against FBI recruitment in our mosques. It is a totally unacceptable that the mosques should be turned into a vehicle which encourages Muslims to support the kaffiroun against themselves.

The address of the mosque sponsoring this heinousness is:

Islamic Center of Passaic County
152 Derrom ave.
Paterson, NJ 07509
(973)278-7070 Phone
(973)278-0102 Fax

Please let them know that you disapprove of the mosque being used in this way. Do it without delay please because the FBI will be at the mosque tommorrow recruiting Muslims against Muslims in the house of ALLAH.

Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad
Ridicules Muslim attempts to protect themselves with Civil Rights
Claims Help for Kashmiris is "terrorism" : Medressas are source

America's Zionist media are constantly on the lookout for propagandists against Islam and Muslims. They have Emerson, Pipes, Friedman, Ajami, Fandy and many other Jews and camp followers of the Jews. However, even the Zionists are surprised at how "good" Mansoor Ijaz is.

Today (June 5) he was on IMUS IN THE MORNING, a moronic radio show, playboy type, which is so pleasing to the Zionists that it is televised every morning on MSNBC.

MANSOOR IJAZ was so "good" against Islam and Muslims that even Imus , who hates any sign of authentic Islam, was gushing with pleasure.

Ijaz was against those Pakistanis/Arabs who are filing cases against airlines which took them off flights because "they didn't look right" to the White passengers. Ijaz is of the view that such prejudice is no big deal. The Muslim passengers (colored people) should have had no problem with being put on the next flight. "Convince America that you are a part of them." "People of our faith did something unprecedented" against America, so we should defend America, says Ijaz.

"The Qur'an is not against states" such as America, says Ijaz.
Ijaz thinks Muslims and Arabs should be AMERICANS FIRST. After all America suffered so horribly on 9/11. Hence any issues of profiling, prejudice, discrimination don't matter. There should be full cooperation with the FBI. He said that when the FBI visited him, he was delighted and kept them half the night, giving them information way beyond anything they had asked for. Thus should all Muslims behave, according to Ijaz.

As for the India-Pakistan standoff, Ijaz wants Americans to realize that "cross border terrorism" is the real issue. He claims that Al-Qaida is responsible for the attacks in Kashmir and India's concerns are valid. "These are Bin Laden's operatives" says Ijaz, so India's actions are justified. We (Americans) should do some "straight talking" with Musharref. It's important to keep Musharref in place so that the Islamist generals don't grab the nukes, says Ijaz.

Ijaz seems to have invested his own funds into investigating "terrorism" in SUDAN. It appears that he worked hard to convince the Clinton administration that "terrorists" were "convening" in Sudan, but the Clinton people wouldn't listen. He even brought information from the Sudanese government to uncover the Osama bin Laden network but Clinton admin wouldn't look at it. The Bush people are much better in Ijaz's view.
There is no lack of such tail waggers in the Pakistani community. The Qur'an has a whole chapter titled Munafiqoon (hypocrites).. Such people have always been a problem for the Muslim community. The stab from within is always more dangerous than anything the Zionists can do.

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