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Islamic Chaplain to Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Arrested
U.S. Seems to be Basing Policies on Fear and Suspicion
by our media monitor
The arrest of Captain James Yee (Yousuf) was announced by the U.S. government 10 days after he was arrested, which is in itself a violation of his basic rights as a citizen of this great country. The government claims that he is being "investigated" for possible spying and even "treason." He is being held on a miltary brig in Charleston, South Carolina [where another U.S. Muslim, Jose Padilla, is also being held].
The Muslim Chaplain has already been "tried and convicted" on the media. From coast to coast, his arrest is being heralded by the Zionist media. The government is now claiming that it was following him ever since he embraced Islam, went to Syria and learned (some) Arabic. This seems to be a "likely story." We can speculate that this man is probably totally innocent. He might have tried to do some humanitarian service to the Islamic prisoners, possibly by bringing out a letter to mail to a family member. Probably he realized that the prisoners in the cages are quite innocent. Indications are that they were sold by the Dostum Communists and the "northern alliance" to the U.S. military as "Al-Qaeda."
Fear and suspicion about Muslims are becoming so much a policy of this government that even Muslims totally non-critical of U.S. policies are being targeted.
[On September 11, TWO CANADIAN MUSLIMS, one an Imam, were arrested as they flew into Florida and then were unceremoniously returned to Canada. The imam, Kutty from Toronto, is known for his pro-government views. He was so naive that he did not realize the date on which he was flying: September 11.]
So the picture which is emerging is: If you are a Muslim, you are suspect. And if you are a quiet, very prayerful, bootlicker Muslim, the chances are that you will be seen as a "sleeper cell!"

2003-09-24 Wed 18:20ct