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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 26,1427/November 18, 2006 #77

Scroll down to end for Turkish Group's Background Research on ISNA President Mattson's Magazine: A deeply laid plan to undermine Islam.

Also see below: Astounding info. about Hitler, Islam and the Waffen-SS

PAKISTAN: from our Media Monitor

General Musharraf Openly Opposes Sharia and Rights of Raped Women.

November 16: General Musharraf's supporters bulldozed a new law through the largely rubber stamp parliament which takes away the Sharia protection Islam provides to women. Rapists are liable to be executed under Islamic law [Sharia]. Musharraf has openly come out against the Islamic rights of women including execution of rapists. He also does not want Islamic punishments for adultery and fornication.

The Islamic Coalition MMA was willing to compromise with Musharraf by accepting the regime's bill of rights for women if amendments could be made to plug the loopholes which led to misuse of laws based on Sharia which were poorly applied.

Now that Musharraf has used the excuse of misapplication of Islamic Law to dump Islamic Law altogether, the Islamic Coalition is considering resigning from Parliament. It seems to be too little too late.

MMA and the entire spectrum of Islamic voices in Pakistan have condemned Musharraf's latest venture as part of the "Americanization" of Pakistan.
[November 13: In Dargai, the complete electric power station and grid went up in flames with multiple explosions. The government says it was not terrorism. Earlier in this area, 42 Pakistani troops were killed by a martyrdom operator said to be taking revenge for the 80 children killed in an Islamic school in a coordinated U.S.-Pakistani operation on Oct.30. Musharraf said the children were terrorists.]

Chadian Channel for Darfur Rebels Facing Cut Off? NY Times is Furious

On November 16, Nicholas Kristoff of the New York Times, speaking from Chad, told NPR [National Public Radio] horror stories about Sudanese atrocities against the people of Chad. It was a totally unsubstantiated litany of horrors, a relentless tale of murder, rape and mutilation. The NY Times is smearing Sudan as it once did Iraq, Afghanistan and Algeria.
[Remember the fabricated story about Saddam's troops throwing away babies in incubators when they invaded Kuwait, or the stories of Taliban beating up women which were concocted by RAWA, a group of Afghan Communists.]

Sudan is already under three kinds of U.S. sanctions. However, the misfortune of U.S. policies is that the government of Chad, through which the rebels in Darfur were being armed, is facing a serious problem. It appears that Chadian forces friendly to Sudan are preparing to topple the Chadian regime. Thus the Darfur supply line is being cut and the Zionists eager to destroy Sudan are getting desperate in their propaganda.

Hour-Long CNN Hate Binge Against Islam Ignored Journalistic Ethics & Accuracy in Reporting: Glenn Beck seems unaware of Standards, Context & Right of Reply

Glenn Beck
CNN Prime

Mr. Glenn Beck
Your attempted exposure of "radical Islam" [November 15] was in poor taste, was vulgar in its style and attempted to mislead and deceive American audiences. Let me help you to understand that even war time propaganda requires some finesse to be effective. Sincerely
Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Outreach to the Muslim Community: Info Card about Imam Warith Deen Umar

On November 17, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's large size info card about U.S. Islamic leader Imam Umar [Albany, New York] was given to 159 Muslims after Juma' prayers at Masjid al-Haqq in Baltimore, Maryland. This masjid is the biggest in the African-American sector of Baltimore.

The card emphasizes the state terrorism which Imam Umar endured because he spoke up against U.S. imperialism in Afghanistan and Iraq. His apartment in the Bronx was trashed by U.S. government storm troopers who violated his place of worship in the apartment. Not content with that, the government terrorists then entered his family's home near Albany, New York. The terrorists used dogs to violate the sanctity of his home. A bogus case was fabricated against Imam Umar. Why? Because he spoke truth to power, which is a Muslim's duty according to Hadith of the blessed messenger of Allah, pbuh.

Keith Ellison: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Leader Describes him as "Muslim" Zionist

November 16: We interviewed Imam Badi Ali, Islamic leader from North Carolina, about the election of Keith Ellison in Minnesota who is being hailed as the first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress. Here is Imam Badi Ali's response:

Ellison can best be described as a "Muslim" Zionist. Just as there are Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists, now we have a "Muslim" Zionist, though Muslim and supporter of Israel are mutually exclusive terms.

Ellison is so much pro-Israel that the Jews preferred to support him and to oppose a Jew who was put up by the Republicans. Hard core Zionists, like Nick Coleman of Minnesota, who abused and insulted British leader Galloway for supporting Palestine, supported Ellison.

You will see CAIR and others who have sold out the cause of Islam publicizing Ellison across the country and presenting him everywhere as the first Muslim in Congress. This entire situation is a farce.

Here are references for Keith Ellison:
"During the campaign, Mr. Ellison was supported by the National Jewish Democratic Council as well as a prominent Minneapolis Jewish newspaper, which endorsed him over his Republican rival Alan Fine, who is Jewish." [BBC News, November 8, 2006]
" 'I'm not running as a Muslim, I'm running as an American, as a person that's trying to help our country be better," he told Voice of America in an interview earlier this year.' "
[BBC News. Nov. 8, 2006]
Why is CAIR interested in Ellison? Nihad Awad and Parvez Ahmed have personally donated to Ellison's campaign.
[Star Tribune newspaper.]
Keith Ellison is also being touted as a Black representative. In fact he betrayed the Nation of Islam and has gone to the extent of calling Minister Farrakhan's statements "anti-semitic:" Ellison says about Farrakhan's views which he had earlier supported:

"I wrongly dismissed concerns that they were anti-Semitic. They were and are anti-Semitic and I should have come to that conclusion earlier than I did."
[Chicago Tribune, June 30, 2006.]

That's called opportunism. Ellison dumped his entire past to get elected to the U.S. Congress. This is not very different from Pakistan's General Musharraf dumping the Taliban to get $1 billion and more from the U.S.

Re: Homosexuality Criticism is Offensive [See Dr. Siddique's khutba in previous issue]

The article regarding homosexuality is offensive. The position of the article regarding homosexuality is not consistent with science. Any religion that is not compatible with reason and science is doomed. Please unsubscribe me from your list.

Malachy Kilbride

Re: New Trend's analysis of Iran's Cooperation with the U.S. in Iraq and Ali Sistani's Role

Shukrun wa Jazakallah for your latest dispatch of the New Trend.

Your comments about the developing situation in the ME are very penetrating, to the point and thought provoking. May Allah bless you immensely.

The role of Imam Al-Sistani has all through been "dubious". Had he taken a clear stand for a united Iraq, he could unite all the Sunni and Shia forces but at that time he preferred to sit in London in the name of "treatment"? Equally, Iran is determined to flare up the growing "Shia nationalism" throughout the Region. It would engulf the area with extreme violence if the USA dared to "disturb" Iran in its quest for nuclear energy. Iran will get the "Shia-Atom Bomb". The USA, and its European allies will just remain silent spectators with their "tacit" approval, beating about the "bush" while the serpent passes away.

The "other side" of the Iranian coin, the Yahud will give only some verbal rebuttal and threat. In consequence, the topography of ME will change faster than our expectations.
The ensuing turmoil may "pave" the way for Israel to complete its centuries old dream of Greater Israel as the restless Iraq will remain "occupied" for decades and the so-called Gulf Sheikhdoms would "love" sitting in the lap of their Master Uncle Sam.

It is the time that the Muslim leadership rises to the occasion and struggles hard to save the Ummah from further disintegration and get out of its mess.

Shamim Siddiqi
New York

Thinking outside the Box
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Hitler, the Waffen SS and Islamic Forces: Unknown Facts Which Undermine the Jewish version of World War II History

A major obstacle the Muslim world faces in dealing with European and American versions of the Second World War is that only one side of the story is reported. We think of World War II, almost on reflex, as a conflict between good and evil in which Hitler was Evil and the victors of the war represented Good.

However, when we look at Israeli propaganda in our own times, we see claims which have no connection with reality at all. Before our very eyes, even in the little reporting done by the U.S. media, Israel destroyed Lebanon's infrastructure and yet it claimed quite calmly that it was only defending itself against "terrorism."

Every day, the Israelis, using the latest weaponry, hunt down Palestinians in their own homes, killing women and children repeatedly and then claiming that it was a "mistake" or "it is being investigated." If the Jews can depict helpless Palestinians as "terrorists," is it not possible that they might be inaccurate in their reports about Hitler?

Consider this strange situation: Hitler did not kill Muslims or occupy Africa. Yet we Muslims consider Hitler Evil and refer to evil persons as "Nazis." Is it possible that we have been brainwashed and mentally colonized to the extent that we use the syntax of our worst enemies?

Did prominent Muslims think of Hitler during his life time as we do? How many of us know that a top Islamic leader Shaikh Amin al-Hussaini, the Mufti of Palestine, considered Hitler a natural ally of the Palestinian people. He visited Hitler and stayed in Berlin for quite a while. He was given the highest honors by Hitler and treated as the Ambassador of Palestine.

Within that context, the Institute of Historical Research, a revisionist think tank, has translated an astounding speech by Leon Degrelle, the most famous leader of Hitler's elite military units known as the Waffen-SS. General Degrelle was Belgian, not a German, yet he won Germany's highest military honors in 76 events of hand-to-hand combat with Soviet troops. Degrelle reveals that the Waffen-SS was a pan-European force, not a narrowly German group of Hitler fanatics as we are usually told. By the time the war ended, the Waffen-SS consisted of a million men of whom 600,000 were non-Germans. The basic idea that all of Europe hated Germany and the Germans imposed themselves by military force on Europe turns out to be untrue on this account.

Most astonishing is General Degrelle's debunking of the oft-repeated story that Hitler was against religion. In fact President Roosevelt himself initiated the propaganda gambit that Hitler wanted to destroy all churches and impose a "Nazi Church" on the whole world! Crude and totally false, the story caught on rapidly because the media were manipulated by the Jews even at that time.
[Some Hitler loyalists did initiate a Nazi church but it did not catch on.]

Degrelle points out that within the Waffen-SS were 60,000 Islamic troops. Each battalion of the Islamic Waffen-SS had an Imam and each Company had a Mullah. The military capability of the Islamic units in the Waffen-SS was so high that Hitler recognized their valor personally by awarding them small copies of the Qur'an which they could keep with them.

The translation of Degrelle's speech, with a useful introduction, can be obtained on CD from:

Behind the $2 million Deal

Background to ISNA President Mattson's Journal: Deep Plan to Undermine Islam



Before the Hartford Seminary revealed that they were granted a 2 million dollar gift from Gulen's group, we, an independent group of researchers from diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs, have compiled information about the Hartford Seminary. We have divided the research information into two sections. In the first section, we have examined the Hartford Seminary's historical mission and its publication The Moslem World. In the second section, we compiled information on the current state of the mission, its supporters, and its implementations. The second section will be published later.

Section One:

A Review of the Hartford Seminary publication, The Moslem World

The Harford Seminary was formed in 1833 to train ministers for churches. In the early 1900's, the Seminary organized the Hartford School of Missions in order to train missionaries. Today, it is called the Hartford Seminary Foundation and involves developing educational outreach to clergy, research into the role of the church in society; and Islamic studies and Christian-Muslim relations. The Hartford Seminary publishes a journal called The Muslim World. Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi is a current editor and Ingrid Mattson, the president of ISNA, is an associate editor. Previously, this publication was called The Moslem World which started in 1911.

What was the original intention and purpose of this journal?

The journal was a research vehicle to educate Christian missionaries about Islam and Muslims. A common theme among this early publication was how to address and stop the spread of Islam in Europe by the Ottomans. In addition, the publication attempted to distort Islam and propagandize a negative image of Islam. Let us examine some early writings of this journal. An editorial states, "We hope to interpret Islam a world-wide religion in all its varied aspects and its deep needs, ethical and spiritual to Christians: to point out and press home the true solution of the Moslem problem, namely the evangelization of Moslems; to be of practical help to all who toil for this end; and to awaken sympathy, love and prayer on behalf of the Moslem world until its bonds burst, its wounds are healed, its sorrows removed, and its desires satisfied with Jesus Christ" (Vol. I. No. 1. January, 1911, Page 3). In another article, titled Constantinople as a Centre of Islam, it states, "The Moslem of Turkey to-day worships the God of the Christian, he will declare that he honors and believes in Jesus Christ, but he cannot stand a theological examination. If he knows how to read at all, the Turkish villager knows no Arabic, and has knowledge of the Koran and of the demands of his religion by hearsay only" (Vol. 1. No 3. July 1911, Page 231).

Furthermore, this publication does not stop at distorting Islam and Muslims; it goes so far as to insult our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). In the article titled, The Influence of a Mohammedan Environment on the Missionary, it states, "Islam is a religion of compromise. The puzzle of the life of its founder results from the conflicting elements in his character: religious zeal and political ambition, enthusiasm for righteousness and the use of immoral means in carrying out his purpose, scorn of evil and personal indulgence" (Vol. III. No.1. January 1913, Page 5). This last quote appears seemingly familiar with Pope XVI. Benedict's reiteration of Emperor Manuel II's insult to the Prophet of Islam.

With the historical purpose of The Moslem World Journal in mind, today the Hartford Seminary continues to distort Islam by indoctrinating naive Muslims into their mission. The seminary promotes Muslim individuals who wish to redefine Islam, under the guise of "Civil Islam." The Hartford seminary also educates Muslims from various countries in Islamic studies. Ironically, in Turkey certain Muslim groups recruit students for this institution. It seems odd that a publication of an institution that ridiculed Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is now educating Muslims on Islam.

We encourage Muslims to examine The Moslem/Muslim World Journal at any university library and review the content listed above and evaluate for yourselves the validity of their mission. It is vitally important that Muslims are aware of the distortion attempts to Islam by organized groups and theological societies.

Turkish American Journal: Research Center

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