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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 26, 1428. September 8, 2007. #69.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News], P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234 [next 3 items only]

Outreach 1: North Philadelphia: "In Ramadan, Remember your Muslim Brothers in Prison."
Most Positive Response from All-Arab Community

September 7, 2007: Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave its new card about political prisoners to 205 people after Juma' at a masjid located in densely populated north Philadelphia. Almost all the people here were from Arab countries. The khutbas were entirely in Arabic. For the sprinkling of Indo-Pakistanis and African-Americans phone hookups with English translation were available.

The card produced by Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora member Sis. Karen English profiles Imam Jamil al-Amin, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman and Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar on one side and Dr. Ali Timimi and Masaud Khan on the other.

During the distribution, about a 100 times this message was given verbally: "Don't forget your brothers in prison during Ramadan." The response was the most positive received so far by the Jamaat. The community seemed starved for news of Islamic leaders in prison. A number of people wanted to take cards to distribute to their friends. This community is well organized with a fine lunch service and food store at the back.

To join Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Philadelphia write or call:

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 5396
Philadelphia, PA 19142
Telephone: (267) 349-6065

Outreach 2:

African-American Activist Embraces Islam, Marries Political Prisoner Hasan in Ohio

Readers may remember our efforts to publicize the tragic outcome of the Lucasville prison uprising in Ohio. One of the people we focused on was Br. Siddique Abdullah Hasan, the imam of the prison community who is on death row in Youngstown, Ohio. Now a dynamic new element has come into this struggle owing to the efforts of a young African-American student in Toledo, Ohio. At the age of 13 she joined the Nation of Islam. Early in 2007 she took the shahadah and embraced orthodox Islam. More recently she married Br. Hasan and travels three hours each way to meet him every couple of weeks.

Saadiqah Amatullah Hasan is an up-and-coming self-motivated and dynamic activist who is aspiring to follow in the footsteps of General Harriet Tubman, and Ida B. Wells who built the mass anti-lynching campaign. Saadiqah works in Ohio with the Campaign to End the Death Penalty while supporting an increasing awareness on her husband's case, Siddique Abdullah Hasan. Hasan is on death row as a result of the 1993 prison rebellion which rocked the maximum-security prison in Lucasville, Ohio. Hasan was in an honor block area of the prison and less then one year from going before the parole board when the chaos at Lucasville occurred. His dominant and unyielding leadership qualities as the Imam of the Sunni Muslims at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility allowed for him to be the prime target of the States' indiscretion and massive injustices, leading to his wrongful conviction. It was an erroneous conviction, that has Hasan, Saadiqah and several activist fighting to save his life and fighting for his rightful freedom back into society and home to his family.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen sent a parcel of Islamic clothing to Sis. Saadiqah as a marriage gift. She will present the case of Br. Hasan to Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora at its next meeting on October 20, inshallah.

More Phone Calls to Sis Lisa Sattar's Bank which Closed her Account.

On September 7, more phone calls were made to Sovereign Bank which closed the accounts of Sis. Lisa and her son Ali WITHOUT EXPLANATION. Detailed protest messages were left with the bank. Under Zionist control, America is becoming like the Soviet Union, with the authorities victimizing the families of political prisoners.

Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar never did anything against America but his family is suffering because he was convicted of opposition to the terrorist regime of the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak who is closely allied to the U.S., second only to Israel.

Correction to the September 3, 2007 Issue of the New Trend Magazine. Article : Houston Imam Wazir Ali is refusing to let Br. Curtis Sharif enter the masjid.


"Houston Imam Wazir Ali is refusing to let Br. Curtis Sharif enter the masjid after he questioned Wazir Ali's business dealings which are said to have cost the community heavily."

Correction: "Houston Masjid of Al-Islam Resident Imam Wazir Ali is refusing to let Br. Curtis Sharif enter the masjid after he questioned Former Resident Imam Qasim Ahmed's accountability in a lawsuit which are said to have cost the community heavily."

Osama Alive: Attacks Capitalism, sees Iraq Victory
A "Younger" Osama Urges USA to Accept Islam, Read Chomsky and Scheuer: Refers to Kyoto, Sarkozy, Kennedy story
New Trend Report

September 7, 2007: The new Osama video has been a deep disappointment for the Bush administration and numerous others who had declared him dead or forgotten. Not only is he alive but he is talking directly to the American people, urging them to accept Islam. It's a weird video with Osama bin Laden looking much younger, having, seemingly, dyed his beard black.

The speech he made seems to have been put together by a committee. Perhaps Dr. Al-Zawahiri and the American convert to Islam from Orange County, Adam Gadahn, put it together. Osama seems to have research assistance.

What's typically Osama about the video is his global Islamic vision and opposition to America on all fronts. He thinks he is winning and sees the 19 mujahideen who struck America on 9.11 as having turned the tide of history. He says, every move America makes is in the light of the terror generated by Mohammad Atta and others who struck carefully chosen targets, the Twin Towers, symbols of America's economic might, and the Pentagon, the heart of America's war-generating industry. The world will never be the same again.

In the video soft spoken Osama condemns the Democratic party for having betrayed the trust voters put in it. He compares Bush to Brezhnev, the Soviet leader who wouldn't admit that military victory was not possible in Afghanistan. Finally, the Soviets withdrew unilaterally and Osama thinks the same may happen in Iraq.

All the TV media channels have been condemning Osama's latest message without discussing it much. The appearance of the video is a serious blow for the U.S. The Islamic leader who has global support is not only alive but is lecturing the U.S. Only recently the U.S. increased the bounty on his head from $25 million to $50 million. Till now, no takers. However, the U.S. snatched the video from the Jihad web sites forcing them into a quick retreat. The source of the video could not be traced.

ISNA's Guest of Honor
For Those who Might not Know Rabbi Eric Yoffie, speaking to Jewish Americans he supported Israel's attack on Lebanon and condemned Hizbullah's resistance. He stands unambiguously with Israel. Here is his quote from Reform Judaism's blog:

"And finally, to embrace Israel in her hour of need. Because Israel is a cause for thanksgiving and rejoicing; a bastion of democracy in a very bad neighborhood; a friend of America and an enemy of terror; and an inspiration to Jews and to Christians everywhere. Israel is not a perfect country. It is a contentious country that is as complicated and as difficult as the Jewish people themselves. But it is also a country where most of the time, and certainly now, the best impulses of her leaders and her people determine her direction and give us hope.

And so where do we stand at this moment? We stand proudly with Israel ."

ISNA's Camel

Sponsored by the U.S. Justice Department, Addressed by USA's biggest Zionist Rabbi.
Shameful Mockery of Islam: Native Deen, Hamza Yusuf, Siraj Wahhaj at Play

New Trend report based on eyewitness accounts

ISNA has a track record of support for the American power structure. During the Clinton years, ISNA-CAIR groupies had iftar in the White House while children in Iraq were dying of malnutrition and disease owing to U.S.-imposed sanctions.
From the Abu Lahab of Clinton, ISNA-CAIR moved to the Abu Jahal of Bush. Its Fiqh Committee concocted a "fatwa" legitimizing voting for a kafir power structure. The result was a bloc vote for Bush. Thus ISNA-CAIR proved that it was incapable of rational Islamic thought.

After being kicked around by Bush, now these opportunists want Abu Lahab again and this mental incapacity was displayed in ISNA-CAIR's latest Convention [August 31-Sept 3. 2007] held in an exclusive suburb of Chicago.

The nose of the proverbial camel had come into ISNA-CAIR's tent when these groupies decided to let the FBI set up its booth in their Convention soon after 9.11. This time, ISNA-CAIR decided to go the whole hog and its Convention was sponsored by the Justice Department. Looks like the entire camel is inside the tent.

The Convention's Keynote Speaker was the biggest Zionist Jew in American, Rabbi Eric Yoffie. He boasted that that he represents 1.5 million American Jews in 900 congregations. Yoffie lectured ISNA's crowd, more or less dictating the terms of peace with Israel.

Yoffie described Israel as a "democratic" state and expressed his love of the Palestinians by his desire to give Palestinians a "democratic" state as well. He conveniently forgot that the Palestinians have voted for an Islamic state by endorsing Hamas.
Yoffie went through the entire spectrum of right wing propaganda against Islam by describing the opponents of Israeli and American policies as "extremists." He described the Islamic resistance as "terrorists" and as bombers who kill civilians forgetful of Israel's bombs and planes.
The ISNA-CAIR crowd lapped up the garbage the Rabbi was emitting. ISNA-CAIR have endorsed Israel's claims of "Holocaust" by Hitler owing to which Israel supposedly deserves special treatment.
HAMZA YUSUF was there. He claims that if Muslims don't accept the holocaust Jewish story, then the Qur'an will lose its credibility. How a sane person can make such a stupid claim is anyone's guess. Yusuf loves the Jewish oppressors of the Muslims. He got his Holocaust=Qur'an article published in a Jewish elitist magazine, Tikkun, and then proudly posted it on his own Zaytuna web site.

A sister observed Hamza Yusuf's activities at the ISNA Convention. She says that Yusuf attracted crowds of gawking immigrants. Suffering from inferiority complex, these fast-assimilating brownies find a White man who knows Arabic so attractive as to be a celebrity for them. Yusuf, she says, said a lot to say nothing. It was just a lot of bombast. Another witness , a senior brother, says Yusuf was busy selling the products of the outlet he has set up called Zaytuna. He styles himself a "scholar." In Islam, such self-glorification is a clear sign of Satan.
So subservient is the ISNA crowd, sort of like Qadianis, that they dared not ask Yusuf, how can you be a Muslim and compare the credibility of the Qur'an with the credibility of the holohoax.

Another interesting character at the Convention was SIRAJ WAHHAJ, the man who helped a Jewish judge, Michael Mukasey, put the great scholar of Islam, Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman in prison for LIFE. This so-called imam then boasted to the Wall Street Journal about his slander of the blind Shaikh. ISNA proudly announced that Siraj had prayed for the Congress [which waged war against the world of Islam]. This crowd is quite proud of such kufr activities.
Siraj has set up a little African-American group of his own called MANA. His job in this Convention was to try to bring African-Americans into ISNA [to help the government control both groups]. He failed, but our witness says, again the ISNA crowd was lapping up his wind-bag speeches, and ISNA put him on the stage again, and again and again.
Muslims of America, African-Americans in particular, already have a genuine leader in Imam Jamil al-Amin. Instead of joining Imam Jamil's movement, Siraj is setting up his own splinter group. This is fragmentation and COINTELPRO type of activity. What can be the validity of MANA? Siraj Wahhaj has served the ISNA groupies for DECADES. ISNA loves to publish his photos presenting him as some kind of a sage. Now ISNA has Siraj in its Convention, trying to create a MANA linked to ISNA. Does he think African-Americans will be fooled by this game?

ISNA-CAIR's game is up. Many innocent people come to ISNA's Convention to meet friends, to visit the bazaar, to find spouses for their children. These innocents are gradually realizing that the formal business of ISNA is devoid of the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. ISNA-CAIR's groupies are mocking Islam. Imagine inviting Keith Ellison as an elected "Muslim" leader when he just returned from his holiday trip to the terrorist entity known as Israel.

CLEVER RABBI: ISNA's Rabbi was concerned that for Muslims " Israel is portrayed as 'a dagger pushed into the heart of Islam.' " He wants Muslims to think that Israel is merely "a nation-state disputing matters of land and water with the Palestinians." Rabbis are known for telling lies but this one was a real whopper. Is it possible that he has forgotten the armed usurpation of Palestine by Jewish terrorists and the genocide committed against the Palestinian people? The Jews cannot forgive even an alleged ordinary guard, Demjanjuk, who worked at a concentration camp and the Rabbi wants us to forget the daily existence of Palestine as a concentration camp guarded by International Jewry and funded by American Jews.

Letter: Re: Native Deen or Deal? Sister who missed some New Trend issues criticizes us.

dear New Trend

i'm concerned about some of the recent new trend issues i've been receiving. lately, in almost all of your recent issues their is an article about some brothers in the community (locally and nationally) who you have some issues with about their activities and behavior. my concern is this....there seems to be quite a bit of name calling and comments about their actions and behavior that in my mind may or may not be accurate. my question is this....have new trend attempted to make any contact with these brothers to get their side of the issues before these articles have been printed and why have you reduced youselves to all of the name calling, which by the way, that in itself is not Islamically correct. it appears to me that new trend has not followed the Islamic protocol for dealing with disputes or disagreements between muslims. if i have missed something let me know and correct my observations. there are quite too many of these type of problems existing within the muslim community perpertrated primarily by out brothers. it is very disheartening to see the so called leaders of the muslim ummah behave in such a way. the men are the leaders, protectors, and maintainers of women and children, if we can't count on our brothers to treat each other with respect and brotherhood then where does that leave the remainder of this ummah. i know what i'm talking about is not just a local or national problem. this problem transcends all national and international borders. please, if you have issues with these brothers you have written about, contact them and discuss the issues and do not print anymore of these type of letters until all the facts are clear.

thank you
wa salaam
Nadirah Rasheed [Washington, DC]

New Trend response: Dear sister, we do not have personal problems with Native Deen or anyone else which should be discussed at the personal level. Native Deen was sponsored by the State Department and the U.S. embassies in Tanzania, U.K. etc. In Islam that is kufr [working for the killers of Muslims.] In another of your posts, you said you had read only the first item about Native Deen. You did not read the one in which we quoted from Joshua's blog. Read it. He is the oppressors' boy. Make no mistake about it. Native Deen has NOT denied any of our info. Why are you defending them? In fact Joshua has told the money grubber known as Mauri Salaakhan that what we wrote is correct but he thinks there is nothing wrong with his activities. Dear sister Islam is not such a confused Deen that one can go out on trips organized by taghoot and not know that it is HARAAM. That is not Native Deen but Native Deal.

Muslim Woman Leads in Sheltering Program
Food for the Needy
Helping the Needy, Providing Shelter to Immigrant Women: Specific Example.

The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. is close to receiving funding from a foundation and another private source. The shelter program that is managed by the organization has applied for funding from four foundations. One of the foundations have responded in a very positive manner. We have heard from one of the two International Muslim leaders about being funded and his response to us is very promising. As we wait for the money to actually be presented we are in need of funding that should come from the Islamic community. It is a small amount ($4,000 per month) that we ask our Muslim community to give. This money is used to help women and children (primarily Muslim women and children) not be on the street due to leaving an abusive home. Some US reports state that half of the homeless population in America are women and children who have left abusive homes. Many of these homeless people are Muslim women and children. It is not unusual now for us (Baitul Salaam) to get phone calls from representatives of the Task Force for the Homeless organization asking us to assist with a Muslim who has made it to there agency asking for assistance.

Since we have a sister that is not in danger at this time we are going to share some of her story with you. We picked up a sister from the Task Force waiting area a month ago. She is from another country. She has divorced her husband. Her community after several talks with those who appear to be leaders has not offered to help her. We even went as far as to send out a public appeal for assistance for her. No one has responded who has identified themselves from her community. We have not received one loaf of bread or one thin dime from them to help her. No one from that community will make a statement as to why they are not helping.

She does not speak English well enough for us to know exactly what the exact problem maybe. It is like she does not exist to them. This unfortunate situation is not uncommon in our community. We have too many women like this that are just literally tossed a side. Some are fortunate they can find a sister who will take them in or a family. The few who can't find a family or friend come to us. We have the same situation happen in a more subtle manner among American Muslims. Out of sight out of mind.

We have people who care and I never want it to appear as though we do not appreciate the donations from those people. We have people who give from their hearts $2-$5 or more per month. We have small communities who are in trouble themselves give consistently. They could use the money due to they are really poor. These people and communities who give the small amounts of money faithfully give and have no regrets. I have had people tell me if they do not eat one meal a month it will not hurt them to give what they would spend on a meal to our organization. Allah will provide for them. We also have some conscious medium size communities who also give. We have conscious people of means who also give. I never want to appear as though I do not notice or appreciate all who have been so faithful and so kind to me and this organization. Yet, we have others much better off who for some reason find this programs and others like it a nuisance. They are very critical of the attempts for us to serve those in need, etc. It is not all men who are negative A lot of the negativity comes from women. There are some mean spirited people among us and this organization is praying for them to soften their hearts to those in need.

As we prepare for Ramadan we are praying to Allah to remain humble, compassionate and just persevere. We know that Allah never forsakes and that the funding that is very promising from a foundation, will be given to us, insh'Allah. We are also praying for the opening of the hearts of our people and we are praying for the ability to expand the program to pay salaries by the year 2009, insh'Allah. We must begin to think of charity in the way others do. Other religious communities know that if people are going to care for people daily they need to be able to put gas in their cars, eat lunch or dinner while they work and be able to provide for their families. When Muslims start building institutions like Catholic, Methodist and Jewish Social Services we will see some true progress in our communities.

When we can pay a person who is willing to dedicate one to 20 years or more to direct service to others a decent salary we will be saying to the world that we of the Islamic faith are ready to step up and do our part in taking take care of our own and help the others outside of our community as well. It is time for us to stop being irresponsible as a people and do for our people in need and be there to assist others outside of our community if they should come to us. No excuses can be made for what we are not doing to assist the poor. There is no excuse for the lack of support of projects like Food Pantries and other services needed in our community. There is no excuse for the apathy shown by some leaders and sheer contempt by others to people who want to serve at this level in our community.

Allah is Akbar and we know throughout the struggle that Allah will shower down blessings to those who can be patient and wait on his mercy.

The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. needs to raise a minimum of $4,000 per month to keep the shelter program afloat in metro Atlanta. The program serves many throughout the US and has assisted those not from America. For more details about the program visit or call (404) 366-6610 Monday-Thursdays 7 am-11 am. To send a donation make your check payable to: Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. and mail it to: PO Box 11041, Atlanta, GA 30310.

*Hadayai Majeed is a survivor of domestic abuse in the Islamic community who lived and worked in a shelter in metro Atlanta for five months (two separate times) in the mid 90's. She is the co-founder and present administrator of the Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. She has served in this capacity for nearly eleven years. She has a team of wonderful volunteers who assist with security, case management and house management and wants them to know how much she really cares.*

Lebanon: After three months of Assault, Fatah al-Islam Dispersed, Killed

The Arab world watched in silence over three months, May-August 2007, as the Lebanese government, backed by the U.S., attacked the Fatah al-Islam group in Nahr el-Bared Palestinian camp near Tripoli, northern Lebanon. Each assault by the Lebanese army was beaten back by the Islamic group but the defenders suffered from the heavy artillery used by the pro-U.S. forces. Both leaders of Fatah al-Islam, Shaikh Absi and Abu Huraira were killed.
Fatah al-Islam faced a spate of propaganda from supposed friends of Muslims. Seymour Hersch claimed that it was backed by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to undermine Hizbullah. It was a false analysis. Robert Fisk, etc, wrote similarly but did not apologize when they turned out to be dead wrong.
After all out assaults by the Lebanese army, ending in total failure, the army was re-supplied by the U.S. to continue to the assault. The Palestinian people in the camp were forced to leave by the daily Lebanese bombardment. Palestinian women demonstrated in support of Fatah al-Islam but were pushed aside.
The U.S. went further and branded Fatah al-Islam a "terrorist" group.
The position of HIZBULLAH was interesting. It called on Lebanon not to send its troops into the camp, but when Hizbullah saw that Lebanese attacks had failed, it kept quiet and allowed the bombardment to continue. Hizbullah missed an unusual chance to show support for a Sunni Islamic resistance movement. Hizbullah's total inaction over a THREE MONTH PERIOD of army action against the followers of Islam creates the perception that Hizbullah is a Shi'ite sectarian movement. It fights well against Israel when it is attacked but remains silent when other Muslims are attacked.
Hizbullah's front remains silent during Israeli attacks on Gaza and the West Bank as well.

ALGERIA: Fascist Regime Under al-Qaida Attack

Within 48 hours, September 6-8, the Salafi movement in Algeria said to be linked to al-Qaida struck two serious blows at the regime linked to France and the U.S. In the first attack, a crowd welcoming the fascist ruler of Algeria, Bouteflika, was targeted. Casualties were heavy. There were rumors that Bouteflika had been killed. He was shown on TV to assure his foreign supporters that he is alive.
In the second attack, Algerian military forces were targeted. Again it was a successful attack with heavy military losses.
The Al-Qaida related attacks began in April with serious losses for the regime. Algeria has the most oppressive and bloodthirsty regime in Africa which makes Egypt's Hosni Mubarak look like a choir boy. With support from France and the U.S. [massive World Bank funding], the regime has committed horrendous crimes against humanity, including the butchery of countless women and children.

Archive: Answering Sectarianism: Allah does not say "Qur'an only."

Both the Qur'an and the Authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) are Safeguarded by Allah.
Evidence From the Qur'an to Refute those who Think the Qur'an alone is Safeguarded.

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Question: Sis. M writes from Canada: I read your article in which you say that Jewish scholars attacked Hadith and rejecters of Hadith are influenced by them. I have the book MAQAME HADITH by Allama G.A. Pervez in which on page3 he quotes God's words from the Qur'an: "Surely We revealed this Qur'an and surely We are its Guardian." (15:9) Then on page 4 he compares the Qur'an with the Hadith and writes: "Allah Almighty has not taken the responsibility for safeguarding anything other than the Qur'an." How can you disagree with that? Allama Pervez is right and you are wrong. Qur'an is full of certainty, Hadith is a human product.

Response by Kaukab Siddique: Dear sister. Asalamu alaikum. Surah 15, verse 9 itself indicates that the entire edifice of the rejecters of Hadith is built on a false premise. The verse does NOT use the word "Qur'an"; it uses the word "Zikr." In Arabic it says: "Inna nahnu nazzal-naz-zikra wa inna lahu la-hafizun." Thus the correct translation is:

"Surely We revealed the Zikr and surely We are its Guardian."

Yusuf Ali has translated az-Zikr as "the Message." The word is used numerous times in the Qur'an and these usages indicate that Zikr is not only the Qur'an but the entire Islamic way of life implemented by the Prophet (pbuh).
As we shall see, when Allah says that Allah is the Guardian of the Zikr, it's a reference to the WORDS of the Qur'an, the MEANING of the Qur'an [explained by the Prophet, pbuh], the way of life of the Prophet , pbuh, [documented in Hadith], the entire system of Islam transmitted by the Sahaba, the spirituality, the Law. ALL these are safeguarded by Allah.

Let us look at the Qur'an's use of the word "Zikr."

Surah al-'Araf 7:63 uses the word not for the Qur'an but for Allah's message sent to Noah as a reminder to the people. It says:

"Do ye wonder that there has come to you a reminder from your Lord [zikrum-mir-rabikum] through a man of your own people, to warn you,-so that ye may fear Allah and perhaps ye may receive His Mercy."
Thus the "reminder" and "warning" aspect of Allah's message to others than Muhammad's (pbuh) people is also called Zikr.

Where Allah uses "zikr" as referring to the Qur'an, Allah makes it clear that it is to be explained to mankind by the Prophet (pbuh), which is precisely the role of Hadith:

"(We sent them) with clear signs and scriptures, and We sent down unto thee (O Muhammad) the Zikr, that thou MAY EXPLAIN CLEARLY to MANKIND [li-tubayinna lin-naas] what is sent for them, and that they may give thought." [16:44]

Notice that the Prophet's explanation of the Qur'an is not given in the Qur'an itself but in the Hadith. For Muslims, the words in the Qur'an are SEPARATE AND DISTINCT from the words of the Prophet, pbuh.

At places Allah differentiates clearly between the BOOK and the MEANING in that book (which as seen above was explained by the Prophet, pbuh):
"We have revealed for you a Book in which is your ZIKR. Will you not then understand." [21:10] or "Zikr for you."
It is this "zikr" within the Book which is explained by the Prophet, pbuh, and is enunciated in Hadith.
Then Allah widens the meaning of Zikr and applies the word to cover all the sanctities of Islam, the entire spiritual and physical life of the believers, of which formal prayer and zakat are only a part. The Qur'an is the center of this Zikr, but the Zikr covers the entire area of life itself:

"...people whom neither sale nor trade can divert from the ZIKR of Allah, nor from regular prayer, nor from paying zakat. Their only fear is for the Day when hearts and eyes will be turned about." [24:37]

The Islamic way of life, as established by the Prophet, pbuh, includes the Qur'an and the entire way of life based on prayer (salat). All of it is Zikr and is safeguarded by Allah, as in 15:9. Note well this comprehensive meaning of Zikr:

"Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee (o Muhammad), and establish regular prayer, for prayer restrains from shameful and evil deeds: and ZIKR of Allah is the greatest without doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye do." [29:45]

Among the Qur'an's content is a strong element of admonition as well as of good news. The Qur'an connects the Prophet's role of being a warner (nazeer) and Bashir (bringer of good tidings) with its own purpose. The verse about admonition also indicates clearly that the ZIKR is the meaning of the Qur'an and not the WORDS of the Qur'an:
"Sa'ad: By the Qur'an, full of Admonition [ZIKR], but the unbelievers are steeped in self-glory and opposition ..." [38:1-2]

Every Muslim, man and woman, is involved not only in reciting the Qur'an but in the process of life enunciated by the Prophet (pbuh). Hence the true believers, MEN and WOMEN are "ZAKIRIN Allaha kathiran- waz- ZAKIRAT." [33:35] [Men and women who engage much in Allah's remembrance.]

Once we have clarified the fact that by safeguarding ZIKR, Allah is safeguarding the entire Islamic way of life, including the Qur'an, let us note that the Qur'an sanctifies the example of the Prophet (pbuh) as essential to Islam and hence blesses and safeguards the Prophet, the sahaba (r.a.) and the authentic role model enshrined in the Hadith:

THE ZIKR OF MUHAMMAD (pbuh) At a time of great stress and difficulty, the Qur'an prophesied for Muhammad (pbuh) that his Zikr or remembrance would be raised high in exaltation:

"And We raised high your ZIKR." [94:4]

Thus we find the name of Muhammad (pbuh) honored and exalted next to Allah's in Adhan, iqama, khutba, kalima-e-tayyaba, attahiyat, etc. Of special significance is the ZIKR of Muhammad (pbuh) in the Adhan, the call to prayer, which takes place FIVE TIMES A DAY around the world, from Nigeria to Morocco to Sudan, from Arabia to Pakistan to Indonesia to the Philippines. This call in which the ZIKR of Muhammad (pbuh) is exalted is referred to in the Qur'an but neither the command to give the Adhan nor the words of the Adhan are given in the Qur'an.
IF THE ADHAN WERE NOT ENSHRINED IN THE HADITH, the entire fabric of the Islamic world, which is knit into UNITY by the adhan would not have existed. The ZIKR of Muhammad (pbuh) is a telling proof that Allah safeguards the Prophet's ZIKR (pbuh) as much as Allah safeguards the Qur'an.


The Qur'an gives Muslims the example of Muhammad (pbuh) as the pattern of excellence.

"Surely in the messenger of Allah, ye have the pattern of excellence for one whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day, and who does much ZIKR of Allah." [33:21]

Allah reassures the Prophet (pbuh) and the believers who follow his example:

"And thou are endowed with an exalted standard of character (and morality)." [68:4]

All Muslims believe that the Qur'an's teachings are for ALL time to come. Like yesterday and today, tomorrow too Muslims, following the Qur'an, will NEED to know that pattern of excellence of the messenger of Allah (pbuh). Same is true of the Prophet's (pbuh), personal character and morality. Other than in hints and references, it is NOT given in the Qur'an. If that pattern and that character were not SAFEGUARDED by ALLAH, Muslims would not be able to follow these important teachings of the Qur'an.
In the HADITH, Allah has safeguarded both the pattern of excellence and the standard of character. How Muhammad (peace be on him) lived and died, how he prayed and fasted, how he fought and made peace, how he treated women and children, how he dealt with slavery and oppression, how he distributed wealth and transformed society, the SHARIA, the Law and its application .... all that is SAFEGUARDED by Allah in the Hadith. All that is part of Zikr of Muhammad (pbuh) and part of the LARGER ZIKR which encompasses the Muslim's entire life.
The Qur'an and the Hadith are intertwined and impossible to be cut off from each other.

The SAHABA (companions) of the Prophet are the people who transmitted BOTH the Qur'an and the Hadith. The way of the Sahaba [with whom Allah is well pleased] is SAFEGUARDED by Allah, otherwise how could they have successfully transmitted the Qur'an and the Hadith to future generations.
Thus when the Jews attack Hadith and the Pervezis try to say that the Qur'an is safeguarded by Allah and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) is not safeguarded by Allah, they are flying in the face of the Qur'an and are actually saying NO to the ENTIRE ISLAMIC WAY of Life. They are denying Zikr of Allah and the Zikr of Muhammad (pbuh). They must be confronted and defeated on the battlefield of ideas.

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