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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 4,1427/July 30, 2006 #50

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [Only the next three items.]
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Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Comment on the Shooting in Seattle
Negative Publicity Being Aimed at U.S. Muslims particularly Pakistani-Americans

News reports indicate that a person broke through security at the Jewish Federation headquarters in Seattle and opened fire on July 28. Six persons were shot in the incident, of whom one was fatal. The shooter called 9.11 to turn himself in.

The way the authorities have handled the matter raises doubts about the rights of Muslims in this country. The government, without proper investigation, declared it a hate crime and announced the name of the shooter, Naveed Afzal Haq, and put it out on the media that he is a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent. The Jewish persons in the target area declared that he had spoken of his anger against the crimes Israel is committing. The authorities took this statement as true and put it out on the media from coast to coast. Then, the authorities announced that security was being enhanced at mosques [correctly masjids] and synagogues.
This is certainly not the lawful way of doing things. All alleged assailants are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Shootings for many reasons are not uncommon in the U.S. It is possible that blatant Jewish-American support for Israel's slaughter of Lebanese women and children led to the incident. However, there is no proof of such intent and no court hearing has been held.

In the murder of Cosby's son, the murderer was a Ukrainian Jew. This fact was withheld from the public for a very long time, and even when it was uncovered, it was a quickly covered up again. Evidently, the authorities wanted Black and Jewish communities to be at peace with each other. In the COLUMBINE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, there were indications that one of the shooters was Jewish but this was not made a subject of discussion on TV.

Are Muslims, and Pakistani-Muslims in particular, SECOND CLASS CITIZENS of the U.S. that when a Pakistani is allegedly the shooter, the authorities and the media combine to carry out a publicity campaign? What happens if the unnecessary publicity leads to attacks on mosques [masjids]? Why should a Seattle story be nationally publicized?

Muslims in this country have been treated very harshly. One Pakistani American was sentenced to prison for a NINETY YEARS term because he visited an anti-India camp in Pakistan. It is time for the authorities to realize that this process of oppression is counter-productive. If a person has done something, he ALONE should be tried through due process. The entire Muslim community and Pakistani community should not have to assume its responsibility [like the bootlicker organizations CAIR and MPAC have done] and have to apologize for and condemn the criminal act. How many Jews have we heard apologizing for the slaughter of innocents in Lebanon and Palestine by Jewish Israeli terror group IDF?

We are for the process of law through the accepted norms of this country. We condemn all "trials" carried out through the media with the connivance of the authorities.

FATWA # 2: Obligatory for the Muslims of America to Help the Muslims of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan

[A fatwa is a religious ruling based on the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith issued by an Islamic leader who is not controlled by or afraid of the oppressors.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina] was asked: What does Islam say about our role as Muslims in America concerning the Muslims of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan?

Answer: The Muslims of America are not separate from the Muslims in other countries. Allah Almighty has declared in the Qur'an that the Muslims are ONE UMMAH [Community]. The Qur'an also describes Muslims as ONE brotherhood/sisterhood. We Muslims in America must never think that we are separate from the ONE BILLION plus Muslims of the world. There is no scope in Islam for such thinking.
The tragic suffering of the Muslims of Palestine and Lebanon at the hands of the Zionist aggressors and of the Muslims of Iraq and Afghanistan at the hands of occupation forces make it obligatory on the Muslims of America to help them in EVERY WAY possible. This is not an extra [nafl] form of worship. It is OBLIGATORY and REQUIRED of EVERY MUSLIM. Here are some examples of what needs to be done:


On July 26, Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Badi Ali led the third demonstration in Greensboro, North Carolina since the start of Israel's blatant attacks on Lebanon and its re-occupation of parts of Gaza.

More than 70 demonstrators gathered near the Quaker College in Greensboro. They attracted extensive attention because a festival was going on in the area. The demonstrators, who included both Muslims and non-Muslims, carried placards condemning Israeli aggression. They also carried two burial caskets, one symbolizing the 600 civilians killed by Israel in Lebanon and the other symbolizing the 133 civilians klled by Israel in Gaza.

Imam Badi Ali says a 4th demonstration is being planned.

World News: From New Trend's Media Monitor
HIZBULLAH VICTORY means U.S-Israeli Terror Plot has Failed:

After being defeated in Bint Jbeil, the Israeli terror group, IDF, retreated on July 29 back to the Israeli border. The retreat came after three days of intense shelling and bombing of Bint Jbeil by the terror group IDF. The Jews realized that Hizbullah is firmly in control and Jewish terror activity cannot end the resistance.

Meanwhile, Israel has called up 30,000 reservists and will probably try again if it sees any signs of weakening in Hizbullah.

The name of Hizbullah is taken directly from the Qur'an: "You will not find any people who [truly] believe in Allah and the Last Day loving those who resist Allah and His messenger, even though they were their fathers or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred. For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strenghtened them with a spirit from Himself. And He will admit them to Gardens beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein [for ever]. Allah will be pleased with them and they with Him. They are Hizb Allah. Surely, it is Hizb Allah that will achieve Felicity." [The Qur'an 58:22.]

Israeli Jews Continue their Crimes:
Latest: July 29, 2006: The Israeli terror group known in America as the Israeli air force bombed a private home in Nabatiyah, Lebanon, killing a Muslim woman and SIX children [of whom five were hers.]
The crimes of the Israeli Jews against the people of Gaza are being overlooked by the corporate media in the U.S. A British paper provides a glimpse of the work of Israeli terror group IDF in Gaza. [See next item.]

In Gaza a professor, his wife and seven children were massacred this week
(see Family of nine killed as they slept. The Guardian 13 July 2006,,1819128,00.html

IRAQ has disappeared from the TV screens but....

New Trend's research of Pentagon statistics and information provided by CNN and AP show that fighting continued in Iraq through the month of July till July 29. The U.S. admitted the loss of 40 more troops in this fighting bringing the total killed in Iraq to 2572. Iraqi losses must have been high but are not available. Shias supporting the U.S., mostly police and military units, have suffered heavy losses at the hands of the resistance.

Sectarian conflict has also killed scores of people on both sides.


The fighting in Afghanistan is heavier than in Lebanon but is getting little attention. The U.S. carried out 730 air strikes in southern Afghanistan and launched 10,000 troops, all to no avail.

The new Canadian-European forces are beginning to suffer. Pakistani papers report that BRITISH troops are terribly scared of going out into Taliban country.

On July 22, a Canadian force completed a week long sweep through the area around Kandahar and claimed to have killed 100 Taliban "suspects" in 35 firefights without ANY loss to themselves. Pakistani observers say that there is no evidence WHATSOEVER that 100 Taliban were killed. It appears that not even one Taliban was killed. The Taliban harrassed the Canadian armored column. The Canadians would fire back and declare that they must have killed 3 Taliban each time. Unfortunately, the Canadians' own cameras cannot produce any such evidence.

However, tragedy struck the Canadians when they returned to Kandahar. A Taliban martyrdom operater in a pickup truck entered their armored column and hit one of their Bison armored vehicles. Two Canadian soldiers were killed and 8 wounded. The Canadian government was shocked [see Toronto Star] and declared the attack a "cowardly act."
[How a martyrdom operation can be a cowardly act is known only to the Canadians.]

The DUTCH military too is now in Afghanistan and suffered its first losses on July 26 when the Taliban shot down a helicopter in Khost province killing 16 people on board. Two of those killed were Dutch military, including a Lt. Colonel. The three airmen were reportedly American civilians from Tryco company. [The helicopter was rented by Fluor.] Tragically, an American woman from Atlanta and her two daughters were also killed. They had seen the helicopter ride from Kabul to Khost as a fun joust and a short trip in beautiful country. Looks like the U.S. is not telling travellers that the Taliban are now in charge of vast tracts of land in southern Afghanistan.

Three incidents in the Waziristan area abutting Afghanistan: Late July.

1. Pakistani mujahideen fought Pakistani army units. Five Pakistani troops and 6 mujahideen were killed.
2. An army unit was hit by a Pak Taliban remote control bomb which killed one soldier and wounded three.
3. In south Waziristan gunmen killed one Pakistani paramilitary man and snatched automatic rifles from 19 others.
[A low grade conflict is continuing in Baluchistan. A Sindhi source says that the Pakistani air force has bombed the Baluchis killing numbers of them. No confirmation]

Reports of heavy fighting have been received. India is claiming that 1600 mujahideen are operating in the Indian occupied Kashmir. India is also complaining that Pakistani mujahideen continue to infiltrate into occupied Kashmir in a steady stream.


Israel's Record and Its Nuclear Arsenal: White Phisphorous Used on Lebanon Civilians

Iraq's Osirak reactor was bombed by Israel in 1981 and by the U.S. in 1991. Sudan's putative nuclear reactor—in reality, the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant--was destroyed by U.S. cruise missiles in 1998. Iran, Libya, and Pakistan were censured, sanctioned, or isolated at various times for nuclear development. None of these countries have a record of unilateral, aggressive action against a much weaker neighbor. Certainly none of these countries have ever attacked Washington, or any Western power. Yet Washington's racist argument seems to be: If Arabs/Muslims attain nuclear capability--of any sort--they are dangerous.

Israel possesses thermonuclear weapons. It refuses to sign the NPT. Israel used white phosphorus against Lebanese civilians (reported July 25, by the Associated Press). Israel previously occupied its much weaker neighbor Lebanon for 18 years. Today Israel bombs hospitals, ambulances, and airports; massacres evacuees; and kills journalists and U.N. personnel. Yet inexplicably, Washington's view—echoed by most U.S. media--seems to be that Israel is not dangerous. And in the Middle East at least, Washington reserves censure, sanction, and isolation for Muslim/Arab nations—a one-sided approach guaranteed not to earn it any friends in the Middle East, except for the high priced puppets it purchases.

In view of the endless violations of international law by Israel, is it not time for Washington to judge nations based on their compliance with international law instead of a racist anti-Arab double standard? Or will Washington wait until the next U.S.S. Liberty affair—when Israeli fighter planes and torpedo boats launched an unprovoked attack on a U.S. ship--to learn why not to give unchecked approval to this international violator of human rights? Given Israel's nuclear arsenal, the stakes may be much higher the next time around.

Nadrat Siddique

Leading Imam from New York Gives a Different Perspective on Lebanon

Dear Believers, As salaam alaikum
These seem like depressing times but they are not. These are wonderful times.
Here is another way to see today and some naseeha (advice) for the downhearted:

Al Humdulillah

The battle goes on and the battles go on. People of the world and people of America are not fooled by this government, the media or the politicians. The people see the real tyrants and the obvious terrorists. The people know that America, Israel and the British and their teammates are a losing axis. The axis is stuck.

Don't cry for the people of Lebanon. The righteous go to the Jannah. Those that suffer are in a better circumstance than many in places of "peace". Lebanon is and was a place of perdition. It is and was a place of corruption. Lebanon is a place that was considered the "Paris of the Mediterranean". It was a place of sinfulness, loose morals, and other un- Islamic behavior. This is the very reason Allah permitted this place to descend into civil war and chaos and destruction in the first place.

Allah, t'ala is merciful so HE allowed the place a comeback. Who came back? The gamblers, capitalists, and exploiters from America, Britain, France, Germany, South America, Israelis, some non-practicing Muslims and others who descended on the place to reestablish their place in the sun. Only Allah can protect the believers. The dis-believers are through in this life. So let us remain witnesses (Shaheedun) to the power of Allah and how Allah shapes His creation. Whenever the believers face calamity they are to do it with 3 things. Patience, Supplication, and waiting with an expectation of a good outcome.

Our dear Prophet Muhammad, sallalahu alaihi wa salaam, said "this world (dunya) and all in it is cursed, except the remembrance of Allah and what leads to that, and the scholars of Islam and the students of (Islamic) knowledge." So, I am your brother in Islam and I go through this life with an attitude of 'what me worry?' Practice Islam and do the same. May Allah continue to bless us with hardship, disease, and difficulty to prepare us for the better life.

Your brother in Islam, Imam Warith Deen Umar

Book Review "The War on Terror."

Inside Story of the Conflict between Nationalism & Zionism within the U.S. Power Structure: Torture Failed against al-Qaida Prisoners: Western Union Illegally Helped Israel/U.S. & Violated Muslim citizens' Rights

by Kaukab Siddique

The One Percent Doctrine: Deep Inside America's Pursuit of its Enemies Since 9/11 by Ron Suskind, published by Simon & Schuster, 2006, Pp. 367, hardback $27.

Books about 9/11 have become an industry in the U.S. Almost all of them are either propaganda or aimed at making quick money for writers bent on cashing in on whatever little they might know about it. Suskind's book is very unusual in that it documents, in considerable detail, the failure of what he calls the so-called war on terror.

In this era of disinformation, one must cautiously begin by asking: Why has this book been published? It seems to be a reflection of the continuation of the conflict between Nationalism and Zionism WITHIN the American power structure. The main points made by Suskind are:

* Dick Cheyney, the Vice President of the U.S., not George Bush, is the real "mind" behind the "war on terror." Of course by now it's common knowledge that Bush is not a thinking type but believes in the projection of military power as a solution to all foreign policy issues. Suskind's contribution is to bring out Cheyney's "doctrine" for war which Bush and Rumsfeld fulfill. Its main point is that action should be taken against ANY Muslim group if there is even a one percent chance that it might be/could be helping or supporting or harboring a terrorist. Thus just about EVERY Islamic group in the world became a "potential" enemy for the U.S. Also, EVERY source of Muslim finance became, potentially, a source of funding for al-Qaida, because a ONE PERCENT chance of such help going forth is always there.

* Suskind's hero is George Tenet, the head of the CIA, whose people repeatedly brought the danger from Islamic leader Osama bin Laden to the attention of Bush and Condileeza Rice. Their warnings were ignored, in spite of being pressed on the administration. As a result the 19 Islamic fighters successfully breached U.S. security and destroyed a part of the Pentagon and both the Towers in New York, thus inflicting trillions of dollars in damage.

* Why did CIA Director Tenet stay on after his warnings had been ignored and 9.11 happened? Suskind says that immediately after 9.11, Bush could have destroyed Tenet's career by putting all the blame on him for the obvious intelligence failure and Tenet would have been scapegoated by the entire nation. As a result, Tenet became subservient to Bush and tried to meet all of the administration's demands till he could take it no longer and resigned.

* An aspect of the book which is damning for the Bush administration is Suskind's conclusion that Bush knew from CIA intelligence, as the time for his re-election neared, that Osama was NOT going to attack America a second time any time soon. Bush did not share this with the American people and got, narrowly, re-elected on the basis of the "fear" factor. Osama actually helped Bush by sending out a message just before the elections, because for Osama, a U.S. under continued Bush leadership would ensure the mobilization of the Muslim world and would continue to keep America isolated, with Israel alone as its "ally."

* Little is known of the fate of Islamic leadership level fighters from Al-Qaida who were captured during the first two years of the "war on terror" with the help of General Musharraf, Libya's Qaddafi, and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. The U.S. tortured them with the most advanced forms of degradation which destroy human personality without leaving a mark on the body. Some of the Islamic captives who would'nt break were "rendered" to Hosni Mubarak's regime which assured the U.S. that it could break any human being.

* Torture did NOT work at all but it brought forth responses from the Islamic prisoners which created intense "terrorism" alerts within the U.S. The prisoners were telling the torturers what they wanted to hear. Some prisoners still did not break. The book provides information about the torture of the leading Islamists captured by the U.S. with the help of General Musharraf. I'll take one example:

1, On March 27, 2002 the U.S. captured Abu Zubaydah in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Only General Musharraf and a handful of Pakistani intelligence officers [ISI] were informed. Pakistani police in Faisalabad were told that it was a sweep against immigration violators. CIA, FBI and ISI were in the lead. [p.88]

1a. President Bush made a big deal of the capture of Abu Zubaydah and announced to the whole world that Abu Zubaydah was "one of the top operatives plotting and planning destruction on the United States." [p.99] However, as the CIA analyzed the computers and documents captured with Abu Zubaydah, it became clear that he was no more than a courier and a transporter of Islamic families linked to al-Qaida and certainly not a leader of armed operations. Bush then begged Tenet not to let the story out that the captured man was not really important.

"Bush said: 'I said he [abu Zubaydah] was important. You're not going to let me lose face on this, are you?'" Tenet decided to stay loyal. His reply: "No sir, Mr. President." [p.100]

1b. Then came TORTURE and the role of U.S. doctors: Abu Zubydah had been seriously injured in the battle which occurred when he was caprured. America's "finest medical professionals" were used to restore him back to health so that he could be tortured. Suskind lists the kinds of sophisticated torture used. The victim felt totally at his captors' mercy and started telling them what he thought that would like to hear.

* "Under this duress, Zubaydah told them that shopping malls were targeted by Al-Qaida." [p.114] Then he said banks were targets. Then he said, supermarkets, several at a time, would be hit. Then water systems. Then apartment buildings. Each time the U.S. carried out coast-to-coast security to protect these alleged targets. The whole thing was a fake because Abu Zubaydah was not part of Al-Qaida's armed operations and had no way of knowing anything like that.

* Jose Padilla was arrested on the word of Abu Zubyadah. Suskind claims that Padilla probably met Zubaydah in Pakistan and talked reckless talk about hitting America.

Al-Jazeerah's Role: Two important Al-Qaida leaders, Ramzi bin al-Shibh and Khalid Shaikh Muhammad, were captured directly or indirectly with the help of Al-Jazeerah's top reporter Yosri Fouda. The two gave him an interview in Karachi, Pakistan under strict rules of journalistic confidentiality. A media service which works with intelligence agencies loses all credibility, so Mr. Fouda strongly denies having turned in the two leaders he interviewed. The information about Ramzi and Khalid being located in Karachi went from Fouda first to a relative of the Emir of Qatar and then to the Emir himself who took it to CIA Director Tenet who was his personal friend.

Ramzi was subjected to every form of torture the U.S. had in its book but he didn't break although he may have gone crazy. Khalid Shaikh Muhammad too underwent torture. Finally the U.S. threatened to kill his children. This was a mistake: Khalid wouldn't speak any longer.

In spite of Al-Jazeerah, the two would still not have been captured but for the good services of General Musharraf who placed all of Pakistan at the disposal of the CIA and the FBI.

Al-Qaddafi's Story: The Bush administration claims that Qadhafi was scared of undergoing the same fate as Saddam Hussain and decided to reveal and give up Libya's nuclear weapons program. Suskind brings out quite a different story which undermines Bush's claims. Qaddafi wanted to work with the Bush people against the Islamic people [the "terrorists"] and to get off the hook about the Lockerbie tragedy by giving large sums of money to the families. Qadhafi's people gave the opening to the U.S. to investigate Pakistan's nuclear program which they claimed was offering nuclear exports to Libya and other countries.
[The book goes into details of the U.S. worries about Pakistan's nuclear outsourcing and how the Pakistani scientists were punished.]

Al-Qadhafi gave out the names of all the Islamic opponents of his regime so that the CIA could hunt them down. One of these was an operative of Al-Qaida whom the Qadhafi regime really wanted killed. The Islamic leader was Ibn al-Shaikh al-Libi [literally "the Libyan"]. Qadhafi could not reach him because he was in Pakistan. Once the CIA knew where he was, with the help of General Musharraf, al-Libi was captured. After capture, he was sent to Egypt to be tortured by Hosni Mubarak's torture expertts. However, al-Libi decided to die rather than talk when the CIA case officer threatened to find al-Libi's mother and "f..." her. [P. 76]

Suskind tells us that the head of Egyptian intelligence, Omar Suleiman, was a personal friend of CIA Director Tenet.
[Other sources say, general Musharraf too has close ties to Egyptian intelligence.]

Finally, one of the tricks the U.S. government played on Muslims was the use of WESTERN UNION, America's foremost money transmission service, to trace money being sent around the world. This activity was illegal because it carried out surveillance of U.S. citizens of the Muslim faith without their knowledge. WESTERN UNION went to the extent of secretly photographing both the senders and recipients of money for Muslims. This too is illegal.

Within the context of the U.S.'s "war on Terror," WESTERN UNION's activity could be rationalized but WESTERN UNION went further to help trace Islamic resistance money being sent to fight Israel. Both Palestinians and Pakistanis and Muslims of many nationalities were targeted because of Cheyney's ONE PERCENT doctrine.

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