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Islamic World Still Does not See America as Enemy
Muslims are not Fighting Christians or Jews but Oppressors
Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq are Muslim Lands

Dr. Kaukab Siddique Gets Standing Ovation at Peace Conference

Peace with Justice Center of Pomona Valley (near Los Angeles, California) is active in the peace movement. Christian groups, pacifists, Green Party supporters, left wingers and others have extended the hand of friendship to Muslims and have been critical of president Bush's "War Against Terrorism."

These efforts for peace with justice stood out successfully at the annual gathering of the Peace with Justice Center in La Verne, California on March 2, 2002. The tickets for the event were sold out. The success of this peace movement is owing to the efforts of the Executive Committee led by Imam Ali (Chairperson), Sean Guillroy, (Vice Chairperson), Marilyn Schirk (secretary) and Mary Smeltzer (treasurer).The Board of Directors also deserves congratulations on the success of the Peace congregation. The members of the Board are John Quiring, Charmain Johnson, Mary Smeltzer, Marjorie Mikels, Nora Quinn and Elroy Huebner.

An exotic dinner for the occasion was provided by a local Afghan restaurant.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique, from Lincoln University, was the keynote speaker. The theme was "IS PEACE A CHALLENGE TO U.S. FOREIGN POLICY?" Dr. Siddique spoke for an hour and then took questions for another 45 minutes. His speech was punctuated with repeated applause and at the conclusion he received a standing ovation with a smattering of takbirs from a few Muslims in the gathering.

{Earlier on March 1, Dr. Siddique gave the Juma' khutba at Irvine, south of Los Angeles, and that evening spoke on the situation in Pakistan to a Muslim gathering in Corona, south east of Los Angeles}

Dr. Siddique made the following points to the Peace gathering:
1. For peace with justice, military force is not the answer.
2. If the U.S. has evidence against Osama which can stand up in court, it should take the evidence to an impartial World Court.
3. Instead the U.S. is pursuing an open-ended war against Islam which is unwinnable.
4. The Bush coalition against "terrorism" is a collection of rogues, cutthroats, torturers and dictators, among them the Stalinist in Uzbekistan, the dictator-clique in Tajikistan, the military coup leader in Pakistan, the torturer in Egypt, the hereditary king in Jordan and the feudal family in Saudi Arabia.
5. THE MUSLIM WORLD DOES NOT HATE AMERICA OR AMERICANS: In fact the Muslims are having a problem seeing America as the enemy. Bush is generating the new image of America as an enslaving and arrogant power. Islam has hardly started fighting back.
6. ISLAM DOES NOT ALLOW RELIGIOUS WARS. No Islamic group, however radical, is teaching Muslims to kill Christians, Jews or Hindus just because they follow those religions.
7. Jihad means armed struggle for self-defense and against oppressors.
8. MUSLIMS ARE NOT TRYING TO TAKE ANYONE'S LAND. All the conflict is on Muslim lands such as Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq and Afghanistan.
9a. ISLAMIC INTERNATIONALISM is a riposte to the multinational corporate state and worldwide marketing of consumerism. Islam is not in opposition to any religion, least of all the religion of Jesus (peace be on him).
9. For a secure future, the world must ACCEPT THE PRINCIPLE OF SELF-DETERMINATION. Americans have the right to shape their society as they wish. Similarly Muslims have the right to shape theirs according to the Qur'an and the example of Muhammad (pbuh).
10. Zionist controlled media in America are a major problem and make it impossible for Americans to see reality. There is 24/7 xenophobia aimed at Islam and Muslims on the Zionist controlled, dominated media.
11. As the World Conference Against Race (WCAR) showed, the Bush and Sharon duo are international pariahs, denying Africa and Palestine their basic rights to reparations and return.
12. U.S. support for Israel is totally counterproductive. Israel is a colonial outpost in a post-colonial world. Jews have lived in harmony with Muslims in Palestine for centuries but there is no scope within the vision of peace for a Zionist armed ingathering rattling the most modern "sabres" produced by the U.S. Palestine belongs to Palestinians.
13. American armadas have no place in the middle east. They must be withdrawn for the sake of peace. Whom do they want to fight when no one is fighting them?
14. The bombing of Iraq followed by the slow death of 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians, many of them children, over a ten year period, is a crime against humanity whose perpetrators in Washington need to be tried in a world court.
15. The trial of Imam Jamil al-Amin is a farce. It signals the internal expansion of the war against Islam which will traumatize the African-American community as much as the Arab and Pakistani communities have been disturbed by FBI activity after 9/11.
16. The Bush administration is covering up its ineptitude and failure in stopping the 9/11 attacks by raising up the banners of fascism where the liberties and rights of the American people are being trampled underfoot.
An audiotape of Dr. Siddique's speech is available for $1 postage from: New Trend, POB 356, Kingsville, MD 21087
Dr. Kaukab Siddique has published a series of books on the religion, culture, history and politics of the middle east and South Asia. His best known is THE STRUGGLE OF MUSLIM WOMEN which documents the equality of men and women from the Qur'an and the Hadith. An INDONESIAN TRANSLATION of The Struggle of Muslim Women was completed by a professor in Muhammadiyyah in February 2002. Earlier a BANGLA translation was published in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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