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Victory for Imam Jamil's Defense possible
Prosecution Has No Case: Eyewitness Account by Sis.Motisola M. Abdallah

{The report moves from past tense to present tense as it moves into the final aspect of the trial.}

The states rested its case Tuesday, March 5th in the same manner it opened unable to make a case against Imam Jamil Al-Amin for the murder of one deputy and the wounding of another almost two years ago. During the state's proceedings, it was by the grace of Allah, that many of the state's own witnesses turned out to testify in such a manner that it helped the defense team. This provided further evidence that the state was pulling straws out of the air trying to win a name for them by trying to get Imam Jamil convicted.

The second week of court proceedings became increasingly hostile and with less tolerant behavior of the deputies vis-a-vis the steady, peaceful stream of Muslims into the courtroom. A few of Imam Jamil supporters, once they did get into the courtroom after a two hour wait, were pulled out of the courtroom by deputies to be further searched and harassed. Not only did the deputies follow orders to not allow any show of support for the Imam such as buttons or uniforms to enter the courtroom, but they selectively pulled out key supporters to question them if they had anything in their pockets that showed support for Imam Jamil. All this started when Judge Stephanie B.Manis threw three New Black Panther Party members out of the courtroom for wearing their uniforms which carried the emblem of a Black Panther. Also, at the sight of a Muslim sister who entered the courtroom in veil, Judge Stephanie B. Manis became visibly upset and paused for several seconds as she seemingly mulled over to herself what to do about this, but her better judgment, if she has any, could not come up with anything.

The next day the New Black Panther Party members lead by Brother Malik Zulu Shabazz held a press conference on the steps of the courthouse and brilliantly and effectively exposed the absurdities of the actions of the court and Judge Stephanie B. Manis. Then suddenly the next day and throughout the rest of the trial the entire atmosphere of the deputies changed.


FBI agent Bob Campbell took the stand Monday, March 4th and was questioned about his non-professional attitude at the capture of Imam Jamil in Whitehall Alabama. Defense attorney Michael Warren brought up the actions of this FBI agent who was the one who spit, verbally abused and kicked Imam Jamil Al-Amin in the head while he was handcuffed and lying on the ground defenseless after his capture. Bob Campbell tries to seem humble and remorseful while on the stand for what he did two years ago to the Imam. He was so remorseful and ashamed of what he did that one and a half years later after which included him taking a nice vacation on the beach; he came forward to his superiors to tell what happen. But, the excellent lawyer team quickly cut up Mr. Humble pie by keenly bringing out the fact that it was only after he learned that he was going to be called on the stand and asked about that night did Bob Campbell's shame kick in. As the defense peeled away at his contradicting testimony about that night, they also revealed that this same deputy was involved in controversial behavior before. Bob Campbell was involved in the shooting death of a Black man several years ago in Philly that he said was attacking him. Bob Campbell shot this black man in the back of the head.


These were the only words uttered by Imam Jamil Al-Amin the night of his capture. Let's take a further look into his statement almost 2 years later.

FBI agent Mr. Bob 'Ashamed' Campbell was grilled by the defense as to why he lagged behind the 40 or so other team members and came out of the woods in Whitehall, Alabama minutes later to join the rest of his team. And upon catching up with his fellow team members walked up to Imam Jamil and abused him. It was the following day from the same area that agent Bob Campbell suspiciously with no explanation lagged behind that the FBI found a bag with items in it that belonged to Imam Jamil along with the alleged murder weapon.

Also, the car that the Imam drives was found with absolutely no fingers prints in his own car. The only way that could have happened is if someone cleaned the entire car of all fingerprints so that their own fingerprints would not be found. This was consistent with the bag, a soda bottle, a bottle of water, and other personal possessions of the Imam were found with absolutely no fingerprints. And more interesting is that the weapon supposedly used by Imam Jamil to kill the deputy that night had not one single finger print to tie Imam Jamil to it.


Judge Stephanie B. Manis went into a rage as defense attorney Jack Martin tried to show that it was strange that all the white FBI agents involved in the capture of Imam Jamil just could not recollect seeing their fellow friend and co-worker kick and spit on the Imam while three African Americans remembered distinctively even though they all were standing just a couple of feet from the handcuffed Imam. Judge Stephanie B. Manis sends the jury out of the courtroom and scolds Jack Martin about playing the race card. Martin backs off after unsuccessfully trying to convince the judge that race plays a part in our every day lives. Then FBI agent Danny Spindall takes the stand and was asked how he felt that night after capturing Imam Jamil. The white FBI agent grinned and replied, "it felt good, and it felt like we were at a barbeque". The courtroom that was comprised of mostly African-Americans erupts into disapproval at the term barbeque by this white agent. At that very moment just about all of us probably reflected on images of KKK burning black bodies, drinking beer and smiling while referencing that they were at a barbeque.

All the FBI agents said that it was Imam Jamil Al-Amin that shot at them first. Three residents of Whitehall who never met or knew of Imam Jamil testified that they saw agents jump out of their dark blue or black SUV and start to shoot towards the woods that night. "It's a conspiracy," says Imam Jamil that night. Now you draw your own conclusion.

Judge Stephanie B. Manis after allowing the prosecution two weeks to present case tells the defense team to wrap up in three days. As was stated all along for two years there was another shooter in the area that night, there was a man wounded asking for a ride in the area that night, there was a man with a weapon who was bleeding that night.

One day before the defense has to rest its case, we hear of a female dispatcher who actually received three 911 calls that night of people telling her that there was a bleeding man with a weapon trying to flag down a ride. Upon learning about the 9ll tapes becoming available, Judge Stephanis B. Manis stops court proceedings and dismisses court early until she can meet privately and decided what to do about these 911 recorded tapes. She finally decided that these tapes were just hearsay because the callers did not identify themselves. However, she did allow the female dispatcher to take the stand to verbally talk about the calls that night. This female dispatcher happened to be a Muslim.

The clincher

While supporters are upset about the defense having only three days to bring in witnesses, Jack Martin pulls a punch. That night, March 16, 2000, there was a building not far from the incident, which carried a video camera for security reasons. On that video and on that night the camera captured a wounded man climbing over the fence who was about the same height as the man that witnesses saw that night on March 16, 2000 who was not Imam Jamil. This was presented in still life form for the jury to look at and the defense rest its case one and a half days before the deadline given to them by the judge. It was a clincher. The prosecution was so taken back by this brilliant move that they told the court the had no rebuttal.

The jury could go into deliberation as early as this weekend.

The courtroom was evident of the confidence many people had in Imam Jamil Al-Amin. But where were the scholars, Imams and national organization representatives who without reservation appeared on shows like CNN, 60 minutes, the Fox 5 news and other television shows who from the onset of 911 constantly condemned Islam and Muslims.

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