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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijjah 16,1427/January 6, 2007 #3

Former Attorney General RAMSEY CLARK says the trial of President Saddam Hussein was a farce from the beginning to the end. On January 6, New Trend got through to Mr. Ramsey Clark, leader of the anti-war movement in USA, with great difficulty because all the major media were trying to get through to him too. He rejected their interviews, Mr. Clark told New Trend that the illegality of the trial of Saddam Hussein is beyond question. None of the norms of the process of law were in place. His execution is a time of great agony for people who have a conscience and who respect Law. Saddam's enemies were in charge of the proceedings, Mr. Clark added.

We have documented the views of Congressman Keith Ellison on Israel from his own web site. We also give the text of the Jewish support statement for him. In addition Mr. Ellison supports the Jewish story of the "holocaust" as well as their version of Darfur. Please scroll down.

From Mark Weber, a leading revisionist, we bring a scholarly critique of the Jewish version of Auschwitz. Scroll way down.

SOME GOOD NEWS: Alhamdulillah, Minister Louis Farrakhan has successfully undergone an all day operation. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

War News: From our Media Monitor

January 6, 2007. Large crowds of Somalis demonstrated in Mogadishu against the Ethiopian occupation forces and the U.S.-backed puppet regime the Ethiopian army is trying to install. When the people would not disperse, the Ethiopian troops opened fire killing two people, including a 13 year old child, and wounding 13.
Meanwhile, the U.S. is sending $10 million to the puppet regime to help it to survive. U.S. warships have appeared offshore on the pretext of looking for "terrorists."

January 3 and 4, 2006. In Farah province, the Taliban captured the district of Khak Sufaid. Then, the Taliban captured the district of Washir in Helmand province. In each case, the mercenaries hired by Karzai fled after light resistance. The local people are cooperating with the Taliban.
In Oruzgan province, Taliban set off roadside bomb killing 5 Afghan troops working for Karzai.
NATO operations in Afghanistan have come to a standstill and most of southern, southwestern and south eastern Afghanistan are in Taliban hands.
On January 4, Pakistani 'Prime Minister' Shaukat Aziz [an appointee of Gen. Musharraf who was duly 'elected' from an area of Tharparkar desert where few people live] visited Karzai in Kabul. He announced that Pakistan is increasing its aid of $250 million a year to Kabul to $300 million. [Observers say, U.S. funds are being funneled through Pakistan to Kabul as the U.S. attempts to integrate the Karzai and Musharraf cliques.]
Karzai complained to Shaukat Aziz that the fences and minefields Pakistan is preparing for its border with Afghanistan will not stop the Islamic forces ["terrorists"] from helping the Taliban. He would like Pakistan to battle the Islamic tribes but Musharraf has suffered heavy losses in that fighting.

IRAQ: Heavy Fighting Continues
On the day of President Saddam Hussein's execution, December 30, Iraqi Islamists killed 10 U.S. troops. By January 4, the announced U.S. death toll in Iraq reached 3006 U.S. troops and 400+ "contractors" killed and 22,000+wounded.
The U.S. has killed more people in Iraq, including a family of 6 killed in an air strike within the city of Baghdad. [Originally the U.S. said these were al-Qaidah.]
The resistance has announced that Ibrahim al-Douri has replaced President Saddam Hussein as the leader of Iraq. Al-Douri is reputed to be the most Islamic of Saddam's officials and has been in charge of the resistance ever since Saddam's capture.

IRAN: Offered in Writing to Work with U.S.: Could Recognize Israel

Flynt Leverett, Senior Director of the National Security Council 2002-2003, has been speaking out openly against U.S. refusal to accept Iran's offers of security cooperation. He spoke live on C-Span, December 18, 2006 and gave specific examples of Iran's offers of close cooperation. He said that in 2003 Iran offered in WRITING through the Swiss consulate to work with the U.S. . Instead the U.S. has taken a harsh stance with some indications of preparations for an air strike.

Mr. Leverett said that we have wasted three years after Iran's offer. We should recognize Iran's government. He said that if we make a move, down the road Iran "would not oppose a two state solution" for Palestine. [A polite way of putting recognition of Israel.]

[Till January 6, Iran has not denied Leverett's claim of a written offer. The CIA blocked publication of his writings.]

Our observers also note Mr. Ahmedinejad's unholy glee over the execution of President Saddam Hussein. He is still referring to the martyred President as "Saddam janaitkar" ["aggressor"].

Letter & Rebuttal
Reader Anisah David Says Keith Ellison is not "Muslim Zionist." Attacks Imam Badi Ali [and imams in general] for denying Masjid Facilities to non-Muslims
[We publish her complete letter, uncut, and most of her second letter and then our rebuttal.]

I am shocked & saddened that an attack on Ellison has taken place in either the "Radiance" or the "New Trend".

It doesn't surprise me that some imam is behind the attack. However, I live up in the upper midwest & I disagree with the idea that Ellison is a "Muslim zionist".

Its great hate mongering, I realize & I am sure it touched the heart strings of some readers who don't give a care about truth & honesty.

However Brother Ellison is a good Muslim, who's committed himself to his community that includes Jewish contituents. He didn't get voted into office by just Muslims...or did your imam fail to point that out?

Ellison is doing far more for the Ummah than the Imam, who perhaps is a jeolous little guy who is whining over lack of control. That is a major problem up here with various imams. We used to have a council of Imams that met & worked together in Minnesota. Then the infighting began, as more immigrant Imams & sheikhs came, as to who would be in "control"; and ghee what a surprise, name calling began & divisions & the desolving of a rather important institution for the Ummah in the region. Why? Because a few imams hadn't ever learned to work with others...and thought they were little tin gods with the rights of dictators. It may have worked back home in their various countries, but that sort of immature childish behavior doesn't work in a diverse society like Minnesota has.

So, while your "imam" may be a source for your attack story about Ellison, I'd recommend using some real journalism & actually take the time to interview Ellison & perhaps even his own constituents who he was elected to serve. He wasn't elected to serve the whims of a tin-pot tyrant Imam. He was elected by American Citizens to serve a diverse population of Muslims, Christians, Jews, as well as Agnositics, Atheists, Wiccans, Hindus, Native Traditionalist, & even Buddhists.

So, if the fact that ONE group was willing to offer their building as a meeting place makes him a "Zionist" boy the Ummah is really in trouble; considering across this country tin-pot tyrant Imams aren't allowing Muslims to use Muslim owned buildings for non-religious gathers nor are they allowing non-Muslims to enter for functions. So that means Muslims must use what they can access that is free for everyone to meet it. That is the reality of our present Ummah.... one lacking universal brotherhood, where tin-pot tyrants are assumed honest solely because of self appointed titles of "imam" or "sheikh".

Salaam, Anisah (upper mid west Muslim & community advocate working in Minnesota, South Dakota & North Dakota)

On receiving the above letter, New Trend wrote briefly to Anisah David that Ellison is a supporter of Israel and Imam Badi Ali is a progressive Imam who takes great risks to critique the power structure. She should have checked on Ellison's support for Israel and she should not have attacked the Imam without knowing anything about him. In response, she went further and wrote as follows:
"What possible risk does this imam take? Supporting Jewish "causes" is not equal to Zionism. You said I attacked the Imam. Yet I didn't. I said that we have Imams up here (in the midwest) who are acting like tin pot tyrants. I did not say this Imam was one. You assumed more than I said. As for Ellison, he's not a stupid man.... NO One gets elected by spitting hate messages from their pulpit. Perhaps that is what you fail to recognize. As for the "jews" preferring him over a "jew", what is wrong with that? Jews preferred our beloved Prophet over any Jews & asked him to lead their city. That isn't un-Islamic, though not popular these days amongst Muslims who wish to hate all jews, though not all Jews support the occupation of Palestine & many are against the state of Israel existing.

By the way, "sincerely" is not appropriate as a greeting from one Muslim to another, or have you decided I am no longer Muslim because I dont' agree with you?

While you may be in Maryland, you are not up here in our area. You are under Islamic law supposed to give 70 excuses for your fellow Muslim (Ellison), but you didn't. Instead your paper chose to attack him then brag about attacking him. How is that Islamic? How does that fulfill the obligation you had toward giving 70 excuses? No Ellison's announcement in a synogue was a brilliant olitical ploy to get his message across of tolerance. HE has broken ground that no other Muslim has done... he's in our GOVERNMENT. Someplace with far more power to make changes for the betterment of our Muslim Ummah than any other position. Yet you attack him before he even made one vote. How is that Islamic? How does your hate speeches promote Islam? How does it teach the tolerance of Islam? Can you show me how that format is sunnah from the prophet? He had a Jew throwing dung on his doorstep, but he never spoke harshly to him. He had people trying to kill him, yet he didn't use the hate speech that you have been promoting. So, how can you hide behind the claim of "Islam", when it is nothing more than hatred for a people.... which is only partly justified. NOt all jews support Zionism or Israel.

As for Israel. it exists, its time to recogize that. Just like it is time to accept that the Ummah is fractured by racism, hatred & classism. Let us clean up our own community before we try pointing fingers at outsiders & claiming they are evil doers. We have enough within our own Ummah who violate the very laws of Quran, yet few are speaking of them." [She then continues and carries out an attack on the martyred President of Iraq, Saddam Hussain.....]

Rebuttal by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
What does Islam Say about Participation in anti-Islam power Structure?
Can one Recognize Israel and still Claim to be following Islam?

The issues that Sis. Anisah David has raised need to be answered because they go beyond the election of Keith Ellison and concern the foundations of Islam, in particular in America. "And incline not to those who oppress, or the fire will touch you, and you have no protection other than Allah, nor shall you be helped." [The Qur'an 11:113.]

The words "incline not" are key here. Scholars have pointed out that this rules out even the DESIRE to go towards the oppressors, let alone cooperating with them.

Secondly the Qur'an says that Allah sent all the messengers not only to teach people to worship Allah alone but also to REJECT the POWER STRUCTURE of forces other than Allah. The Qur'an uses the term "taghoot" for these forces other than Allah and it is comprehensive enough to cover ALL power structures other than those of Islam. Here is one of these verses about taghoot.

"For We assuredly sent among every people a Messenger [with the command] : Serve Allah and shun taghoot." [The Qur'an 16:36] "The believers, men and women, are protecting friends and guardians of each other: They enjoin what is just and forbid what is evil....." [The Qur'an 9:71] "The mosques of Allah shall be visited and maintained by such as believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish regular prayer, and pay zakat, and fear none [at all] except Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance." [the Qur'an 9:18] "The believers are none other than one brotherhood/sisterhood." [The Qur'an 49:10] "....And drive them out from where they drove you out, for disruption and oppression is worse than slaughter..." [The Qur'an 2:191] "When in their insolence, they transgressed (all) prohibitions, We said to them: Be ye apes, despised and rejected." [The Qur'an 7:166]

Keith Ellison in his Own words: He Supports Israel and Continuation of Aid to Israel and the Recognition of "Israel" by the Arabs [known as "two-state solution."]

Excerpt from Keith Ellison's official (campaign) website:

"Further, he supports the State of Israel and the continuation of U.S. aid to Israel. He holds to the mainstream position of a negotiated two-state solution regarding the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Jewish Support for Ellison: Their Own Words: Ellison Supports "holocaust" Story and Darfur

Full text:

Keith Endorsed by American Jewish World!

Keith Ellison's historic campaign for Congress gained the extremely valued and valuable endorsement today of the influential Twin Cities newspaper American Jewish World.

Keith said, "I am humbled, and just plain thrilled, by the confidence the American Jewish World has placed in my vision of a just future where there are no throw-away people and peace is our guiding principle. Indeed, this is a collective vision of tens of thousands of us in our uniquely progressive district, a vision we have built together out of our most deeply-held values.

"I am proud that the American Jewish World has honored us with their support and has joined our extraordinary coalition of progressive people of good will who represent all faiths, all colors and all our neighborhoods."

"This is how we will win – by creating a powerful force of real people unified behind a passion for justice."

Below are excerpts from their endorsement, with our highlighting added:

"Regarding the 5th District DFL Primary, there are three fairly conventional candidates who would bring particular strengths to service in the U.S. House and would likely provide competent representation for their constituents. However, voters could make an emphatic statement – one that would gain national and international attention – by casting their ballots for Keith Ellison. The 43-year-old state representative would bring a singular passion and intelligence to the job of representing citizens of Minnesota Fifth District; in many ways, Ellison represents the progressive populist vision that Minnesota lost with the untimely passing of Paul Wellstone in 2002."

"Ellison acted as the lawyer for the House DFL caucus in an ethics proceeding against former representative Arlon Lindner, who contended that gays were not victims of Nazi oppression in the Holocaust. Ellison understands the importance of guarding against Holocaust denial and revisionism, and links the lessons of the Shoah to more recent cases of genocide in Rwanda and Darfur. Further, he supports the State of Israel and the continuation of U.S. aid to Israel. He holds to the mainstream position of a negotiated two-state solution regarding the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

"We all know that nobody is perfect and no political candidate is without shortcomings. We are now in Elul, the last month of the Hebrew year and the month preceding Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur…During this period of heightened spirituality, we find ourselves considering the choices before us as citizens of a free nation. We cannot take our civil liberties for granted, especially in the face of well-reported government actions to curb our constitutional rights and consolidate political power. In the trying times ahead, we will need courageous political leadership and we must hold our elected representatives accountable."

"We think that Keith Ellison has the attributes to be a dynamic and effective representative in Congress. In Ellison, we have a moderate Muslim who extends his hand in friendship to the Jewish community and supports the security of the State of Israel. He is a person with a vision of a more humane and equitable society and he is the candidate we favor in the Fifth District DFL election."

Auschwitz: Myths and Facts
Mark Weber

Auschwitz is regarded as the most notorious Nazi extermination center. During World War II, we are told, hundreds of thousands of prisoners — most of them Jewish — were systematically killed there, especially in gas chambers. Auschwitz was unquestionably a place of horror, where many perished under terrible circumstances. And yet, much of what has been said about the camp is untrue or exaggerated. A close look at the facts calls into question at least some aspects of its reputation as a center of systematic mass extermination.

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