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IRANIANS LIVING IN THE U.S. have demonstrated in Washington, DC and other cities against the Islamic government in Iran. It appears that the U.S. is encouraging immigrant groups to put pressure on Iran.

Imam Khomeini left an important legacy for Iran: Democracy within Islamic parameters. The U.S. seems interested in diluting the Islamic content of the Tehran government. The Iranian government seems unable to deal with American infiltration. The use of thoughtless actions, use of right wing gangs and suppression of sections of the media, only helps to validate the westernized opposition.

Observers say, Iran must bring the masses of Islamic people into the field to face the westernized demonstrators. There are still millions who still follow the Line of the Imam. Lack of mass movement and use of repressive measures is helping the U.S.

OUR MEDIA MONITOR SAYS: Since 9.11, the Zionist media have been repeatedly bringing the son of the unlamented Shah on TV to support some kind of a scheme being cooked against Iran. Every second month or so, the media bring up the monarchist line.

If Iran is working with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to hand over Al-Qaida leaders allegedly in Iranian hands, it would mean that secret activity is now Iran's main strategy. It will completely isolate Iran from the Muslim world.

2003-07-11 Fri 23:24ct