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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 30,1427/September 24, 2006 #64

Dear readers: asalamu alaikum, as you start Ramadan, remember our political prisoners. Make du'a for Imam Jamil al-Amin, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Prof. Sami al-Arian, Masaud Khan, Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, Dr. Ali al-Timimi, Jose Padilla and many other innocents in U.S. prisons. Remember, they are part of the family of Islam in America. Without them, we are all victims of this system.
[A message from Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

New Trend Report:
Alhamdulillah! ISNA's Fitna is failing. More and more masjids and American Muslim communities broke away from ISNA's attempt to violate Islamic Law on Ramadan. Inshallah, Muzammil Siddiqui, Syed Syeed and other ISNA bosses will one day be tried under Sharia Law for defying the clear teachings of Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh about Ramadan and Eid. They should also be tried for collaboration with the Bush administration.
[Dr. Omar Afzal has a whole list of masjids which followed moon sighting and rejected ISNA's blatant anti-Sunnah attempt to start Ramadan on the wrong day.]

For Jamaat al-Muslimeen's effort to check the correct day for Ramadan, scroll down.

The Pope called Islam an EVIL religion, condemned Jihad and insulted the Prophet, pbuh. Here is the response:

PAKISTAN led the Muslim world again on September 22, 2006. In just about every city in the country there were rallies against the Pope's message of hate and abuse against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. This time a coalition for the HONOR of the PROPHET [pbuh] gave the signal for this great expression of faith and unity.
In Lahore alone, khutbas were given against the Pope at 6,000 masjids [mosques] representing the entire spectrum of Islam, from Hanafi to Ahle Hadith to Shia.

In Karachi there was a HUGE rally against the Pope's invective at Binori Town.
The masses of Pakistan are condemning the Pope. At rallies in Quetta, Peshawar, Mardan, Rawalpindi, Sukker, resolutions were passed calling for the resignation of the Pope. At other rallies, in Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, the Pope was accused of following the agenda of President Bush.

[New Trend analysts say that the Pope is following the directions of the Zionists. He is very close to Israel terror groups and took pains to show his support for International Jewry by making a "pilgrimage" to Auschwitz. More German civilians were killed in World War II than Jews, but the Pope has no solace for the German civilians.]

Is this a great country or what?

After more than two decades in prison, a Black Panther leader will get a new trial. It has been determined that KEY EVIDENCE was withheld during his trial.
[CNN Sept. 20, 2006. CNN did not care to give his name!]

Golf champion Tiger Woods is angry because Irish media published nude photos of his wife. He says the photos have been faked and she is not involved in pornography. However, the golf man admitted that his wife did model her body and posed in a bikini which he thinks is okay. Corporate interests in this country have decimated the last impediment to the commercialization of women: the proverbial jealous husband who can't bear to see his wife showing her nudity to others!
[Amazingly, Minister Louis Farrakhan was the first to notice that Tiger might be a good golfer but he is certainly not an admirable man.]


September 20. The British Home Minister urged Muslim parents to spy on their children because "extremism" is spreading among them.
[Source: Fox TV. ["Extremism" is code for genuine Islam]


* Beirut, Lebanon. September 22. A massive rally was organized to celebrate the Hizbullah victory over Israel. Witnesses say that this was the biggest gathering in the history of Lebanon. Shaikh Hasan Nasrallah addressed the gathering at great risk to himself owing to the activities of Jewish-Zionist terrorists. He said that Hizbullah would not disarm and would not allow either UN forces or Lebanese forces to disarm it.

* A new power bloc is emerging as indicated by the speeches of President Ahmedinejad of Iran and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Their speeches have impressed the whole world. Chavez calling Bush "El Diablo" [the Devil] has cleared the political environment. It's a way of saying what is now believed globally that Bush is a terrorist and an aggressor against weak and helpless nations.

* President Ahmedinejad was impressive in his interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper [September 22]. He uncovered Cooper as a spokesman of Israel and International Jewry rather than a genuine American journalist. Cooper was extremely rude and kept insisting on issues relating to the Jewish claims of the "holocaust." Ahmedinejad pointed out that the IAEA has found absolutely no evidence about any Iranian plan to produce nuclear weapons. Anderson Cooper was stumped and quoted from an old IAEA report to give the Iranian President the lie. Deeply frustrated, Cooper, after the interview set up his own studio props to claim that Ahmedinejad is wrong. [To New Trend, it appears that CNN is being fed stories against Islamic Iran not only by the Israel lobby but by the MKO terrorists who tried many a time to topple the power of Islam in Iran.] [At a much dirtier and outright smear level, a person named Glen Beck has been attacking Iran on the CNN Prime program. He conveniently leaves out the fact that Ahmedinejad is a democratically elected leader with mass support in Iran.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items]
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Reaching out to Muslim Communities: Falls Church, Virginia

On September 22, 2006 Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave out cards after Juma listing businesses which support Israel. The distribution was done at a masjid called Dar-al-Hijra, in the suburbs outside Washington in Falls Church, Virginia. The boycott card was given to 127 persons while the card about Imam Jamil and prof al-Arian was given to 21 persons.
The boycott list includes Coca Cola, Starbucks and Home Depot.

Ramadan: The Correct Date

The Ramadan crescent was not sighted anywhere in the U.S. on September 23. Hence Ramadan's correct starting date is September 25. Inshallah, all those looking to Jamaat al-Muslimeen for info will start on September 25.

No one has claimed a sighting on the east coast or in the mid west. However there are some claims in the west and California. These seem to be illusions coming from people who claim to have seen the crescent AFTER moonset! However, at least these people tried to follow the crescent. They started fasting on September 24.

Most shameful is the attitude of ISNA's bosses who openly rejected the Sunnah and announced Ramadan [and also] Eid without moonsighting. These are the Qadianis of our time who are following the signals of the Bush administration to try and create an 'American Islam" in which there is no need to follow Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh. These violators of Islamic Law misled their innocent and naive followers to start Ramadan on September 23.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges U.S. Muslims to join us in seeking Allah's forgiveness. We must pray towards the Ka'aba, not towards the White House. America's material culture has become the 'god' of many. They put convenience and comfort above the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Their leaders are trying to erode the Sunnah but have not yet started an open campaign against Hadith, letting that be done by fringe people like the heretical followers of Ghulam Ahmed Pervez.

Attempt to Sight Ramadan Crescent on September 23.

Br. Sulaiman Solano is a member of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's central committee [Shoora]. He is well known for his dedication to Islam. He has given, personally, at his own expense, Spanish translation of the Qur'an to 500 latinos and latinas.

On September 23, in Brownsville, Texas, which is the southernmost tip of Texas, Br. Solano and a group of friends went out to look for the crescent. The sky was clear of any clouds and the area has vast open spaces, and the group knew that the crescent would be VERY slim. No crescent was seen!

The crescent was nowhere to be seen. It definitely was not seen on the east coast of the U.S. either.

WAR NEWS with Brief Analysis by New Trend
CANADA's VICTIM: Maher Arar tortured in Syria at U.S. Orders, accused by RCMP

A court of inquiry headed by Justice O'Connor cleared Maher Arar of any connections with al-Qaida.
[Some of this info was released on CNN, Sept.19].

Maher Arar is a Canadian citizen of Syrian descent. He was arrested at a U.S. airport while returning to Canada from a trip overseas. After his arrest, Canada's police known as RCMP told the U.S. that Arar has al-Qaida connections. The U.S. then sent him to Syria to be tortured. He was tortured for months on end. Finally the Syrians came to the conclusion that Arar does not have any al-Qaida info of any kind.

The shameful treatment of Maher Arar provides the following conclusions:


By Edward W. Miller, MD

" Some countries create problems for other countries and make the impression that these are problems for the entire international community...Actually, they are making problems for themselves. "
Ahmedinejad, speaking at the Shanghai Cooperative Organization

During his recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 19th, , President Bush spoke briefly and directly to the Iranian people saying that he wanted a " diplomatic solution " to the impasse over their country's nuclear activities. Bush accompanied this statement by a by a warning that their leaders " were obstructing progress" by both financing terrorism and pursuing nuclear weapons. (Washing Post 20 Sept ) Toward the end of his speech Bush criticized Syrian government for its support of both Hamas and Hezbullah. Bush received but moderate applause from an auditorium filled with UN Ambassadors representing over 180 countries, many increasingly hostile to Us attempts at hegemony in the Mideast.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking some hours after Bush, took aim at the UN Security Council itself, saying the United States' permanent inclusion on the Council undermines its effectiveness and credibility. " As long as the council is unable to act on behalf of the entire international community in a transparent, just and democratic manner, it will neither be legitimate nor effective," Iran's president stated.. Ahmadinejad had particularly harsh words for what he called the Council's inaction in Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. "It does not matter if people are murdered in Palestine," ..

"That apparently does not violate human rights." , Ahmadinejad added, criticizing the "blanketed and unwarranted support" for Israel ...

"For 33 long days, the Lebanese lived under the barrage of fire and bombs, and close to 1.5 million of them were displaced," Ahmadinejad continued, "Meanwhile, some members of the Security Council practically chose a path that provided ample opportunity for the aggressor to achieve its objectives militarily." The Security Council "was practically incapacitated by certain powers to even call for a cease-fire," Referring to Israel directly, , Ahmadinejad said, "That regime has been a constant source of threat and insecurity in the Middle East region, waging war and spilling blood and impeding the progress of regional countries."... "Where can the people of Iraq seek refuge, and from whom can the people of Iraq seek justice?" he asked. How can the Security Council act "when the occupiers themselves are permanent members of the council?" ... He called on the UN General Assembly "to rescue the Security Council from its current state" by including envoys from Africa, the Middle East and the Non-Aligned Movement. Ahmadinejad added that his country's nuclear program was conducted "under the watchful eye of International Atomic Energy Agency] inspectors." The applause was generous.

Some months after his election on June 24th, 2005 as Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had notified the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency ) that Iran was resuming its research into nuclear fuel, (Assoc. Press,10 Jan. 2006) removing its seals on its nuclear research facilities, and allowing work to resume despite warnings from some Western countries re: "nuclear ambitions." The seals' removal, "in the presence of IAEA inspectors.

In February, 2005 Russia and Iran had signed an agreement to supply fuel to Iran's new nuclear reactor in Bushehr. Under the deal Iran was to return spent nuclear fuel rods from the reactor, designed and built by the Russians, an arrangement made to satisfy the demands of the IAEA, which had been under tremendous pressure from the US and Israel to prevent Iran from recycling its own atomic fuel.

Despite these assurances, all hell had broken out in paranoid Washington and Tel Aviv. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Iran had "crossed the threshold" "I would hope that seeing the very powerful reaction of the international community, Iran would now take a step back and look at the isolation that it is about to experience." Writer Gordon Prather
( 10/1/2005)
characterized Washington's response thus: " Condi and the neo-crazies all running around in circles of diminishing radius screaming something about the IAEA Board having found Iran to be in non-compliance "nonsense ".

Peddling the "anti-Iran" message, Washington's boys got into trouble this January in India.
( New Delhi | January 29, 2006 )

"Taking strong umbrage at American envoy David Mulford's statement that India must vote against Iran on the nuclear issue, the Samajwadi Party today demanded his immediate recall by the Bush administration, saying the remarks were "a slight on India's sovereignty and unacceptable to the people". In a resolution, passed unanimously at the SP's Parliamentary Board meeting here, the party also decided to give a "befitting" reply to US President George Bush during his coming visit to India.
Last year, of the EU countries, Germany alone offered tacit support for the Bush position. Speaking in a joint press conference with conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President George W Bush had said a nuclear Iran was unacceptable and singled out Israel for special US concern." As Patrick J. Buchanan put it (18 Jan 2006) : " Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bush employed the same grim terms he used before invading Iraq: " If Iran goes forward with nuclear enrichment, said Bush, it could pose a grave threat to the security of the world." Since the Bush-Merkel meeting, however, Germany's position, seems to have changed . On June 29th, 2006 The Daily Star reported: " Germany accepts Iranian nuclear work, provided IAEA rules out arms research ... Iran should be allowed to enrich uranium for power generation provided there is close monitoring by UN inspectors to ensure that it is not trying to develop atomic weapons, Germany's defense minister stated. "

Just as our Congress, during the Clinton years, voted money to support the US AID organization in a campaign to undermine Yugoslavia's government prior to bombing that country, just so Washington is at it again in Iran: As Glenn Kessler noted in the Washington Post ( February 16, 2006) ; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asked Congress yesterday to provide $75 million in emergency funding to step up pressure on the Iranian government, including expanding radio and television broadcasts into Iran and promoting internal opposition to the rule of religious leaders. Thus boosting the $10 million already devoted to confronting Iran and signaling " a new effort by the Bush administration to persuade other nations to join the United States in a coalition to bolster Iranian activists, halt Iran's funding of terrorism and stem its nuclear ambitions", as our State Department officials said.

Not content with undermining Iran's political organizations, Bush is now attacking the Iranian's economic support system: As reported in the 9 Sept, 2006 SF Chronicle: " The Bush administration moved to sever the largest state-owned bank in Iran from the US financial system. Stuart Levy, the Treasury Department's undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence said " the governments action was against Bank Saderat which the US says is used to transfer money to terrorist groups such as Hezbullah."

As expected, the Zionists resent much of the energy behind Washington's anti-Iranian campaign. On Jun 7, 2006 ... Carol Giacomo, Washington-based Diplomatic Correspondent for Reuters reported: " As the Bush administration pursues sensitive diplomacy, the influential U.S. pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC has sent out a fundraising letter seeking support for a tough U.S. line against Iran's nuclear program... requesting contributions to build support for a proposed law tightening U.S. sanctions on Iran."

Pro-Israel organizations in the US have been lobbying for a more hard-line position against Tehran. These include The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the American Jewish Congress the American Jewish Committee, The Brooking Institution, -- whose Middle East program is increasingly pro-Israel, The Saban Centre on Middle East Policy, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, an offshoot of AIPAC advised by former US Middle East Envoy Dennis Ross.

During the recent September discussions amongst the Security Council members, the political rug was tugged, not-too-gently, out from under Bush' and his anti-Iran agenda. Both China and Russia, who have helped construct Iran's nuclear facilities and trained its engineers, signaled they might veto any Resolution aimed at an embargo against Iran, while France's President Chirac, in an apparent about-face, insisted on continuing Iran-EU negotiations over the nuclear issue.

Iran's basic intent to reprocess its own atomic fuel represents an intelligent economic approach to its energy needs. As the radioactive rods decay and are removed from the reactor, over 85% of their active fusion materials remains and that UR235 can be reprocessed and returned to the reactor. The waste is discarded. Paying someone else to do this may not be cost-effective.

A bit of history might be of interest. Thirty years ago, during Nixon's administration, our Zionist bullfrog, Kissinger, then Secretary of State, met with Iran's minister, Hushang Ansary in March, 1975 and signed a $15 Billion economic agreement which included the construction of eight large nuclear power plants which were to provide Iran with some eight thousand megawatts of electricity. ( see: THE EAGLE AND THE LION BY James A. Bill pg. 204). I spoke recently with my friend J.A. Bill. He thinks both the Japanese and Soviets assisted with the construction and that only two of the plants eventually reached their megawatt output.

Our economists' crystal balls foretell increased competition for energy in the future. Driving Iran, a major petroleum source to find her markets and political interests elsewhere is sheer madness, as economist , professor and author, Michel Chossudovsky warns in his August 24th 2006 article

" Barely acknowledged by the Western media, military exercises organized by Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan under the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, (CSTO) were launched on the 24th of August,2006. These war games, officially tagged as part of a counter terrorism program, are in direct response to US military threats in the region including the planned attacks against Iran. ... Iranian media have speculated that the United States is using Azerbaijan to create a military counterweight to Iran on the Caspian......... the US is trying to step up the pressure on Iran, as well as to defend its own investments in Azerbaijan and Kazakstan. It is also trying to guarantee the security of the strategically vital Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. A military presence on the Caspian would give the United States an opportunity to at least partially offset its weakening influence in Central Asia, .... Iran was invited to become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). So far no concrete timetable for Iran's accession to the SCO has bee set. This enlargement of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which also includes observer status for India, Pakistan and Mongolia counters US military and strategic objectives in the broader region. Moreover.... India and Russia signed on August 20th, a farreaching military cooperation agreement. Although not officially directed against the US, the purpose of this agreement is understood, China and Russia, which are partners in the SCO also have a longstanding common interest.

Both Washington and Tel Aviv are making fools of themselves by creating this atomic bru ha ha. The Security Council's permanent members all have atomic weapons. Pakistan and India, likewise. Israel has over 200 atomic- armed missiles, but has never signed the NPT Treaty nor joined the IAEA. She depends on US backing to maintain her uncooperative and threatening nuclear stance. Washington must allow Iran to pursue her legitimate energy needs, and snatch Israel, this dangerous Zionist parasite off our payroll and out of our politics before she gets us into more trouble.

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