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[From Sis. Eileen in Camden, New Jersey.]

My husband and I went to a meeting July 3rd of the caravanistas, the peace people going by caravan to Cuba to take medicine, food, etc. We learned a lot about our country's unfair policies and propaganda as well as de-stabilization actions through the years, in Cuba and all of Latin American. We really admired those risking losing all their property to fines for taking this stand and going to Cuba. Some have gone every year and some have been arrested.

July 4th we took the bus to Phila. and went to the park where a rally was gathered to protest our country's war in Iraq and other wars of aggression and interference we have perpetrated. It was made up of a coalition of diverse groups, with diverse agendas, all races, ages, religions though not as many Muslims as prior recent one, maybe due to the ICNA conference or fear. Each organization supported the agendas of the others and all were against war. The speakers we heard were good. One woman really hit me when she said that our Bill of Rights is not a list of rights our government gave us. Instead it is a list restricting our government's limiting of freedoms we already have and are entitled to. Our founders knew that government would try to restrict those freedoms of speech, assembly, voting etc to have more power. I never thought of it that way.

Considering the heat and all that was going on, the several thousand marchers impressed me. I love that so many young college age folks are active. I don't care if they are half dressed, pierced, painted, punk or anarchist. They care and they get out there. About half way after two hours I couldn't handle the heat anymore, being middle aged, and stopped to watch them all go by another street.

Had a lovely conversation with a Japanese -American photographer who fears for our future. There were speakers and music after the march but we went to the movies to cool off. I couldn't think of a better more patriotic way to spend the fourth than to exercise my first amendment right and go protest.

It is even sadder for me to attend a rally and say "Bring the Troops home" when my daughter is stationed in Balad where there were eighteen wounded when she was in her tent and they had mortar attacks. They have had a lot of violence there and the intelligence says a female soldier is to be kidnapped, raped, and tortured. Needless to say I am very fearful as well as proud of her courage and idealism while hating the fact that it is misguided by propaganda, economic need, and lack of facts. I fear the effect of this on our family unity.
I also stopped by the ICNA information booth across from the Liberty Bell and was pleased to see the information available on large signs and the number of people going up for handouts and questions.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj
Central Shoora Member of ISNA (Islamic Society of North America)
Amir of MANA

Dear Imam Siraj Wahhaj

asalamu alaikum

I am writing to express my regret that you are speaking at a program, endorsed by your group, which will be taking place in the context of Disney World and related entertainment. You are an Imam and I should not have to tell you what's wrong with Disney. However, you are far from perfect and as a Muslim I have the right to correct you on your decision to connect Islamic activities with Disney World. Note the following:

1. Disney is controlled by the Zionists and is at the top of the Boycott Israel list all over the Muslim world. Disney funds major Jewish organizations in America and also has a duplicate, Isra-Disney, in Israel.

2. Disney endorses Homosexuality and hence is being boycotted by both Christians and Muslims who see Homosexuality opposed in the Bible and the Qur'an.

3. The Hotel activities and related Disney activities your group has endorsed are extremely expensive and such wastefulness is condemned by the Qur'an.

I am aware that ISNA considers Israel a legitimate entity. However, no authentic Islamic organization anywhere accepts Israel as legitimate. By supporting Disney, you are helping to fund Israel and Zionist organizations.

I urge you to fear Allah and repent. Withdraw from the entertainment you are planning in Orlando. You should instead, as an Imam, have the courage to speak out openly against Disney.


Kaukab Siddique
As'Salaam Alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Please CLICK ON the Registration Button for updated information...

The Islamic Crisis Emergency Response System (ICERS) has scheduled a historical first - a National Islamic Family Reunion and Muslims in Hip Hop Conference & Concert to be held July 24 - 27, 2003 at the Peabody Hotel and adjacent Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

We have reserved for your pleasure The Peabody Orlando, a four star four diamond hotel directly across from the Jummah, Conference and Concert venue The Orlando Orange County Convention Center. Please call for reservations at 1(800) Peabody or 1(800) 732-2639 and mention the Islamic Family Reunion in order to receive the exclusive rate of $89.00. (Please note that typical rates during this period for this world class facility are in the $150.00 price range). It is not too late to make your reservation or change your plans to stay at The Peabody Orlando. Call today for the special rate of $89.00!

ICERS, and Islamically based social service and crisis intervention concern, headquartered in Atlanta, GA and headed by its founder and Executive Director, Sister Jamilah Jihad-Wahhaj, was founded in the winter of 2002. Although ICERS was initially born out of the acute need for sheltering homeless single mothers, it quickly expanded to a wide variety of constant 24/7 services, such as sheltering entire families, providing refuge for battered women, counseling former prison inmates, suicide intervention, and more.

With the assistance and support of Dr. Khadijah Askari, a Family Medicine physician, many of the clients of ICERS also now receive much needed medical examinatios and attention, once neglected as a result of declining financial stability. ICERS' efforts have recently begun to expand as a preparation for the opening of new branches in Orlando, Cleveland, New York and Philadelphia.

The National Islamic Family Reunion is designed to bring awareness to the Muslim Commmunity of the very heightened need for unity as well as to be a fund raiser so that more of the much needed crisis services may be available. The reunion, featuring Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Imam Talib Abdur Rashid, Minister A. Akbar Muhammad, and others will also include workshops, separate broghers and sisters unity breakfasts, a semi-formal banquet and a Muslims in Hip Hop Positive Message Conference and Concert.

The Islamic Family Reunion has enlisted the performances of such artists as Dawah Ensemble, Everlast, The Iron Triangle, Native Deen, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Popmaster Fabel and many, many more. Please click on the Registration Button for updated information regarding hotel and conference details. Your support and attendance is critical to the success of this program as well as to the Muslim Community.

We give all praises and thanks to Allah Subhanna Wa Ta Ala for our supporters: , , Orlando Convention Visitor Bureau, Al Madina Halal Food - Atlanta, Georgia and Muslim In Hip Hop and MSA of AUC- Atlanta, Georgia

Your sister in Deen
Jamilah A. Jihad-Wahhaj,
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If all these loops and sound-barrier breaking speeds are a little too fast for your tastes, there are other roller coasters to test your bravery. The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World offers two roller coasters that pretty much the whole family can scream together on. Speed through space on Space Mountain (44 minimum height) or careen through an old mining town on Big Thunder Mountain (40 minimum height). On Epcots Test Track (40 minimum height) take part in all the tests of an automotive proving ground, including racing up to 60 miles-per-hour.

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