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500-Pound From F-16 Used to Try and Kill Shaikh Yasin

On September 6, 2003 an Israeli F-16, donated by the U.S., dropped a 500-pound bomb in an attempt to murder Shaikh Yasin, the spiritual leader of the Islamic movement known as Hamas. The bomb missed him, only injuring him slightly along with 15 others.


American agent Mahmoud Abbas, who had been brought up as "Prime Minister" of Palestine, has resigned. He found that even with the money pouring in from Saudi Arabia's rulers to help him kill the Muslims fighting Israel, he was unable to do it.

The emergence and resignation of Abbas is part of an elaborate disinformation game being played by the U.S.-Israel. The perception is being created that the U.S.-Israel are really "Against" Yasir Arafat. Naturally Arafat's popularity is increasing.

The Israelis want to kill the Islamic leaders and arrest/kill all fighters. After that they could, at a certain stage, say, we don't have any Palestinian leader to talk to, so let's make a "sacrifice" and talk to Arafat. Will Muslims be fooled into thinking that is a genuine move?

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