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Dr. Kaukab Siddique has returned from a book-writing trip to Pakistan and was interviewed by Wilmer Leon on WOL radio (AM 1450 Washington and 1010 Baltimore) on May 26. Report on radio show coming up soon.
(Plus a note on Timberlands Support for Israel)
(Our representative in the San Francisco Bay area, Sis. Karen English, has compiled the following report from Israeli sources.)

We know that money is dear to the Zionist's heart. The following is the economic reality of Israel at the moment. My sources are the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz Daily; Israel Insider. All can be read on the internet in English.

-As of January, the intifada has cost the Israeli economy 13 billion shekels (Bank of Israel Research Department).

-Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics put Israel's unemployment rate at 259,000 or 10.2%, the highest rate in a decade. Ten years ago it was 10.4%, but that rate reflected the sudden influx of Russian immigrants. It is actually higher than it's ever been.

-Tourism is down 60%. Tourism is 12% of the gross domestic product. And, there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Few people are likely to pick Israel as a summer vacation spot. According to a senior executive for El Al, the airline is expecting a 25% drop in bookings and it could get so bad there will not be enough cash to pay salaries. Further, the sharp rise in dollar to shekel exchange will hit economy class tourism and will probably cause a 40-50% drop in business travel.

-As of May 26, 2002, the shekel had fallen to NIS 4.91. In the fall it made news when it had surpassed NIS 4.30 against the dollar.

-The latest Reserve call up cost Israel 500 million shekels. The army will need an additional 1 billion shekels for the year.

-To address the dire financial consequences of what seems to be a war of attrition with the Palestinians, Israel is poised to ask the United States for loan guarantees of $20-$30 billion. Israel feels the window of opportunity is now. It must move quickly while Congress is engaged in deliberations over the FY 2003 budget and midterm elections are looming.
It's a great time to twist some arms.

-The treasury's 2% growth forecast for 2002 has proven unrealistic and as a result, tax revenues will be significantly lower than predicted. Large corporations recorded huge losses in 2001 and will therefore pay less tax this year. The budget deficit will not be 3% as the treasury predicts. It will be a lot higher and necessitate huge cuts in government spending.

-Standards & Poor revised Israel's outlook from stable to negative.

-Israel's credit rating could be downgraded if fiscal deficit overruns and public debt don't cease to put the downward pressure on the ratings.

-Israel is hoping a $13 billion emergency budget cut will help their credit rating. The Shas Party voted against it during the first round of votes. Sharon fired the ministers (I'm not sure how that's done.) On May 22, it passed in a second round of voting.

-Venture capital dropped in 2001 from 1.5 billion dollars in 2000 to 843 million dollars according to Venture One Research Firm in Israel.

-Norway's biggest food chain has imposed a boycott on Israeli goods.

-Many European companies are not doing business with Israel because of its policies and because it has lost faith that Israel will have enough stability to conduct business as usual.
Israel exported $650 million less to the major European countries during the period January-April according to a report released May 22nd by the Industry and Trade Ministry.

-As of March 11, 2002, Moody's Investors Service had downgraded Israel's five large commercial banks. The banks are very significant and important financial institutions so that a possible failure of any of them would lead to a systemic crisis.

-Allowances for doubtful debts in the banking sector totaled 4.355 billion shekels in 2001, 85% more than 2000. This leap occurred in the second half of 2001 and slashed the banks' profits.

IMF (International Monetary Fund) reports Israel's balance of payments will be $1.8 billion in the red this year, $0.2 billion more than in 2001. In 2003 the deficit will grow to $2.2 billion. All of this reflects the current security situation which caused an economic decline of 30% in 2001.

Bank of Israel Governor David Klein reported, "Figures for the Israeli economy in 2002 will be much worse in 2002 than in 2001. It is almost certain that the GDP will contract, unemployment and inflation will rise and the balance of payments deficit will grow." Meanwhile treasury figures released May 2 show that tax revenue is continuing to fall. Klein also predicted that interest rates would rise depending on the pace of inflation, caused by the shekel's ongoing depreciation.

Empty restaurants, silent streets, deserted tourist sites are having a trickle down effect. The University of California suspended its study abroad program in Israel and has called back the students who were there for the current school year.

I wonder if Sharon thinks he can bulldoze this reality away.

Alhamdullilah. "Allah's subtle scheme is exceedingly firm." 7:183

A side note: Sharon's foe is not the so-called "terrorist infrastructure." Sharon's foe is the jihad that is growing in Muslim hearts all over the world.

One last item: Jeffrey Swartz, President and CEO of Timberland Company recently made a solidarity visit to Israel during the height of its Operation Desert Shield. Swartz oversees operations of the $1.1 billion global footwear, apparel, and accessories company. He proposes that 100 reservists who took part in the recent military operation come to the US to go on a week long speaking tour. They should target American Jews in the 50 largest US markets to explain their side of the situation. Should we be buying Timberland shoes? Think how that money would go to help Israel.
Boycott Starbucks, Disney, Giant foods, Arm and Hammer and ALL Jewish-Israeli products. IS ICNA still supporting Safa Halal, owned by a Jew?
Case of Ahmed Abdel Sattar brought up along with that of Imam Jamil al-Amin

May 25, 2002 saw a gathering of Africanist groups at Howard University in Washington, DC led by the All African People's Revolutionary Party. Unusual insights were brought by representatives from the CONGO and ZIMBABWE. The American people are not being informed by NPR and other Zionist media that the U.S. and BRITAIN wanted to control elections in Zimbabwe. TONY BLAIR of Britain went to the extent of saying that he would not recognize Zimbabwean elections which did not give victory to an opposition candidate (supported by western powers).

The U.S., U.K. and Israel have intervened in central Africa through their surrogates (like 'northern alliance' in Afghanistan) in Uganda and Rwanda. The massive wealth of Congo was stolen by a CIA agent who was installed as ruler. Before he was overthrown, he had transferred billions of dollars to European banks.

Interesting insights were also provided by AAPRP leader Banbose Shango who has just returned from a trip to Cuba.

From among Howard University students, a young Moroccan sister, Fatima Doubakil, made a powerful speech supporting human rights. She is the student representative of Amnesty International.

JAMAAT AL-MUSLIMEEN's REPRESENTATIVE gave the following message:
1. According to research done by Dr. Abdul Aleem Shabazz (of Lincoln university, PA), the original human being came out of Africa.
2. Muhammad (pbuh), the messenger of Allah, was of African origin.
3. The founder of the holiest city of Islam, MAKKA, was an African woman, Hajira, may Allah be pleased with her.
4. The American power structure is going down and in its desperation it is striking at totally innocent people like Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind Egyptian teacher and Islamic leader now being held in a little cell in Rochester, Minnesota.
5. Last month leading Egyptian dissident in the U.S., Ahmed Abdel Sattar, was arrested merely because of allegations that he talked to opponents of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak who is tied to the U.S.-Zionist lobby with an annual grant of $2.3 billion dollars.
6. We urge the people of America to demand the release of ALL political prisoners, be it Imam Jamil al-Amin or Ahmed Abdel Sattar.

'AYESHA, Allah be pleased with her narrates that the Messenger of Allah, peace be on him, said: Speak words of HAJW (poetic, critical truthful verses) against the Quresh (oppressors) because these words are more severe against them than a flight of arrows (missiles in modern terminology).... (Musnad 'Ayesha, r.a., compiled by Jalaluddin Suyuti)

Hadith narrations by 'Ayesha, Allah be pleased with her, are very important because these show a woman as the teacher of Muslims, both men and women. The Prophet (pbuh) brought 'Ayesha into his household as his wife at a very young age, so that she could go forth after he passed as the greatest teacher of revolutionary Islam in its purity.
Through her the Prophet (pbuh), taught that:
1. Women can be leaders in all spheres of life. {She even used to lead prayers.}
2. Menstruation does not "lower" or demean women in any way.
3. The entire Muslim community, women, men, children, should participate in Jihad.
4. Verses in chapter 24 of the Qur'an attest to 'Ayesha's (Allah be pleased with her) purity.
5. Chapter 24 uses a slander against 'Ayesha by the hypocrites to make it a capital crime for anyone to slander women in issues of sexuality.
6. Prayers made possible when water for ablution is not available.
7. Husband is not allowed to use violence against his wife.
DAJJAL: SUPERPOWER USA by Kaukab Siddique, Prophecies from Muhammad (pbuh), which help us understand the world situation today. $4 from:
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