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U.S. Muslims in More Trouble: April 23. According to NPR, the FBI is targeting IANA (Islamic Assembly of North America), which has an office in Michigan. It is alleged that IANA's web site has a fatwa from Saudi Arabia and this attracted the "investigation." As far as we know, IANA is a "salafi" group which sticks to purely religious issues and has not been involved in any "militant" activity against the U.S. One Muslim from IANA has been arrested. Others are not coming to their office for fear of arrest. The head of IANA is traveling overseas.
by Ather Masood



Mr. Mohammad Haroon was targeted for a hate crime On Wednesday Evening after attending Prayers on April 16, 2003. Mr. Haroon had his throat slashed by unknown assailants in Chicago. Mr. Haroon attempted to get help, according to eye-witnesses but it was too-little too-late. The Chicago Police has listed the case as a probable hate crime.

Community leaders gathered on Saturday to pay tribute to the fallen Muslim. At the famous Bombay Bazaar on Devon, Muslims grieved with the family members of Mr. Haroon. A well covered media event showed how Pakistanis and Muslims, in general, are seriously feeling threatened by recent events. This is the second hate crime to take place since the Gulf war has started again. We will keep track of all hate crimes in the Chicago- land area from this point on. Previously the Islamic Foundation was targeted. It is important for Muslims to not travel alone during these times.

Mr. Haroon leaves behind his wife, a daughter, and three sons. We urge Muslims and people of conscience to direct their attention to this aggrieved family. We urge others to call and voice your concern at:

Superintendent's Hotline: 312-939-5555

Chicago Police Department:
Address: 3510 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60653
Telephone: 312-746-6000

We also urge you to donate to the family, since the main earner has now been killed. Donations can be made to:

Council Of Islamic Organizations Of Greater Chicago (
{The CIO is a federation of Islamic institutions representing over 400,000 Chicago-area Muslim Americans -
330 E. Roosevelt Rd., Suite G5, Lombard, IL 60148; Ph. 630.629.7490;
Fax. 630.629.7492; eMail:}


Due to pressure from the Japanese-American community, Representative Coble was unable to speak to his alma mater for graduation ceremonies on May 10. The congressional representative was unable to continue his public engagement after his attacks on Japanese-Americans and Muslims generally. We continue to call on Muslim organizations to work with the Japanese community in this nation to combat Mr. Coble's behavior. Petitions from the Japanese-American Council have been effective in silencing Mr. Coble's vicious attacks on others. [The Japanese-American community members organizing against Mr. Coble.]


These are two CLEAR cases of American justice. In truth one can hardly be surprised seeing the legacy of the American Indian Movement, the Chicano struggle, the Black Panther Party, and the Civil Rights Struggle. But the silence to the matter is most baffling to all concerned. It has been several years since Imam Jamil was convicted of killing a police officer. It will be several months since Mr. Samirah has been barred from entering into America. But the question persists: are these cases examples of American Democracy? Or American Fascism?

Why is Imam Jamil STILL in prison? Why was Mr. Samirah considered a danger to security? Under what basis of proof was Imam Jamil jailed? Who defined Mr. Samirah a security threat? We must honestly ask ourselves such questions.

It is clear from the court cases themselves that both men were targeted for being Muslim leaders. Both were active in their respective fields of influence. Both were loved by Muslims and Non-Muslims. Despite the fact that both did an enormous amount of good, the court did not seem to care. Imam Jamil cleaned Atlanta's West End more than any Police officer ever did in Georgia. Mr. Samirah articulated more Islamic causes in America than most politicians today. Imam Jamil was a role model for countless Muslims and Black youth and will REMAIN SO. Mr. Samirah was a shining example for Muslims and Arab-American children AND WILL REMAIN SO. Imam Jamil successfully removed drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and theft from West End. The success and revitalization of that part of Atlanta is due to Imam Jamil's efforts AND NOT THE APD. Mr. Samirah removed more misunderstanding, complacency, media charades, from the Muslim community than either the Republican or Democratic parties. Up until this day we are told that Imam Jamil killed a police officer. Even at the court case itself, this issue was clearly unfounded. What we saw instead, was a fearful witness who was forced to testify and later recant his own testimony. THIS ALREADY HAPPENED BEFORE. CAN WE NOT SEE THE PATTERNS? For Bro. Samirah it was pure lies and not witnesses. We are told he was deemed a threat to American national security. But nobody ever explained how or why this is the case? Even at the very hearing we simply hear Mr. Samirah was a threat. But this is a presumption. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE.? A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, we often hear. But in both cases presumption was the basis of guilt. It was quite clear that Imam Jamil's case has received worldwide attention before Sept. 11, 2001. Now we hear all sorts of loony stories about him running off to Bughdad. Dr. Samirah saw a similar case of bewilderment stories alleging his questionable academic credentials according to the federal prosecutors. However, this has nothing to do with the case of his supposed threat to American security. Also, How does Imam Jamil running off to Baghdad have anything to do with his case in America?

In both cases we see desperate attempts by desperate figures to disrupt the lives of Muslims.
The pattern is clear:
1. bring up false charges
2. create a stage to discredit
3. ultimately destroy the individual.

In both cases we saw allegations thrown out by Federal prosecutors. It was "Alleged that Imam Jamil pulled the trigger to kill a police officer. It was alleged that ONE person saw the Imam pull an AK-47 out. In fact several residents only saw FBI agents shooting at Imam Jamil. Without even going into the issue of the anonymous caller, WHAT PROOF IS THERE ON THE IMAM?
Similarly is the case of Mr. Samirah. It is Alleged he was a security threat. It is still alleged he is harmful to American increased surveillance. But how? The prosecution did not say or explain. Instead we hear numerous allegations of Mr. Samirah's unfounded educational credentials. WHAT PROOF IS THERE ON MR. SAMIRAH.

By now it should be clear, both were targeted for being Muslim activists. Mr. Samirah was a regular guest on the Chicago Tonight show with Bill Ponce. Imam Jamil has been a regular commentator on American injustice since the 60's Black History Month came and went. However, Imam Jamil was not amongst those recognized for contributing to the Civil Rights Struggle. Every Democratic, Republican, and Independent politician knew Mr. Samirah. This is no secret that he was advocating for the Falasteni people and Muslim causes in front of their own mouthpieces.

Muslim leaders who are fearless are being attacked. Those who smile and are happy THINK they are safe, but for how long? The Muslim people must take charge themselves. The efforts to free them and others must continue even if the day is long and the fight is just beginning.

2003-04-26 Sat 06:51ct