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Jamaat al-Muslimeen is planning to hold a rally in support of Br. Abdul Hamid (Walker)'s human rights on FEBRUARY 25 (Monday) in Alexandria, Virginia at 10 AM. If you would like to join, let us know.
Bush/Mush to Fight Islam ("Terrorism") Together
Indian Threat is a Convenient but Dangerous Ploy
U.S. will Help Musharref Alter Islamic Medressa System

{NEWS from AFGHANISTAN: (1)The U.S. air force lost an MC-130 P refueling plane on February 13. The U.S. as usual claims that the crash was not owing to hostile fire. A number of soldiers were injured. The U.S. destroyed the plane after the crash. Observers suspect that the plane was shot down by Al-Qaeda, the fifth to go down this year. If there were no gunfire marks on the plane, the U.S. could easily show photos of the plane after it was downed.
(2) A U.S. soldier was killed in Bagram, near Kabul, said to have been crushed by heavy machinery WHICH FELL ON HIM. He must have been taken by surprise. Again it seems the action of civil resistance.
(3) U.S. media say there was a THIRTY MINUTE gunfight at Kandahar's U.S. military stronghold. U.S. losses have not been revealed. How an attack could occur on such a fully secured base is difficult to believe unless one also accepts that some Taliban are carrying out guerrilla warfare.}

Britain has RELEASED on bail LOTFI RAISSI, an Algerian pilot who was held in prison for five months for alleged connection with the 9/11 hijackers. The U.S. has no evidence against him. Algerians are the targets of USA because of U.S. support for the murderous Algerian regime which has killed thousands of Muslim men, women and children.


On February 13,Pakistani President Musharref spoke at the Woodrow Wilson Center and then together with President Bush, took part in a press conference. The following impressions stand out:
1. Musharref has no pretensions to being a Muslim, Islamic or Pakistani nationalist leader. His dress on both occasions was a clear giveway. Looks like he shopped at Macy's before making his speeches all decked out in coat and tie. There were no clear references to any Islamic or Pakistani aspirations in his talks.
2. Kashmir will not be liberated. Musharref is interested in keeping Kashmir as an issue to be talked about with India.
3. The target of Bush and Musharref is Islam. India's buildup on the border is meant to divert the Pakistani masses from the government's attack on Islamic groups.
{Compare with the events during anti-Musharref demonstrations when suddenly a Christian church was attacked and there were incidents instigated on the Kashmir border.}
4. It's a dangerous game. India might see Pakistan's internal diversion as a opportunity to end Pakistan as a viable state and turn it into a Bantustan.
5. Some of the things Musharref said revealed his propaganda tactics against the Pakistani people. After the kidnapping of WSJ reporter Pearl and the demands calling for release of Afghan ambassador Zaeef and the detainees in Cuba, plus the call related to F-16s for which Pakistan paid the U.S., Musharref suddenly announced that Pearl's kidnappers were on the phone with India.
5a. Now with Bush, Musharref came out and said that the kidnapping was "fallout" from his crackdown on "religious extremists." Thus the "phone calls to India" story was a fake.
6. BUSH HAS been given THE RIGHT TO RE-DESIGN PAKISTAN'S EDUCATION SYSTEM. President Bush EXPRESSED HIS CONCERN ABOUT MEDRESSAS (Islamic schools). (See also our earlier our report on the CIA Director's attack on Medressas.) The U.S. will provide money for what was euphemistically defined as "education reform." {In effect an attempt to take authentic Islam out of the medressas and make them subservient to the government. Students will be taught "English!")
7. Musharref came out again with his "jihade akbar" story that Jihad really means the struggle against illiteracy, hunger, etc. {In Islam, jihad is armed struggle against oppression as in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan. Muslims won't be fooled into thinking that because the Palestinians do not have 100% literacy, they should give up jihad against Israel, or that Kashmiris should stop fighting and instead integrate themselves into the Indian education system .... Slaves have no rights. Hence without jihad, there can be no real education. Look at the education the rich Pakistanis got. They are busy serving America instead of their own people.}

{The narration about Jihade Akbar is a fabrication meant to divert the Muslims from the struggle against slavery.}
8. President Bush dodged a question from a Pakistani reporter about the Pakistanis detained in America after 9/11. The reporter wanted to know why they could not be given permission to stay in America in return for the help Pakistan has provided in the war against "terrorism." Bush said "we will defend Americans" and there are attorneys available for those arrested, and he looked real disturbed by the question. Thus there is little hope for the arrested Pakistanis who have not wronged America except that they are Muslims.

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