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(from our Christian friend Ms. Carolyn in Florida)

From: Bishop Riah Abo El-Asal []
Sent: Sunday, February 02, 2003 12:18 AM

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

A Follow Up on the Bombing of St. Philip's Episcopal Church and Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.

Salaam / Peace and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Certainly, it does not bring us any pride neither pleasure to share with you - our family in Christ - such most disturbing news.
Nevertheless, it is our obligation to not only spell out the truth but also to firmly stand on the side of truth.

On the morning of January 30th, 2003 we received information that the guided missile which hit our church and hospital in Gaza was one American product. It is of the kind that could be guided and directed by remote controls.

That missile weights 24 Kg. and inside it, it carries 2.8 Kg of explosives. Needless to say, such missile is able to penetrate a steel wall of 60 cm; and up to 120 cm of cement or concrete wall.

Based on the above, and with due respect to all, we appeal to you with great trust to help us stop Israel's military terrorism by cutting down to zero all Israel's requests - made to the Bush Administration - for further foreign military aid.

Sharing such news could be bitter indeed. However, the results of hiding it would be twice as bitter. By standing against all acts of terror, and marching for truth we may help set the world free.

We call upon you to write to your Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Senators - also to the Ambassador of Israel in your country to denounce as well as hold the Israeli armed forces and the Government of Israel responsible for the damage done and to request them to confiscate and restitute.

May God in His mercy bless each and everyone of you with His richest blessings; and continue to make you a blessing unto many.

In Christ, + Riah Abu El-Assal Bishop of the Anglican Diocese in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

2003-02-05 Wed 09:18ct