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Bad News in the "War on Terrorism": Why attacks on French Power?
Messages from Osama and Mullah Omar?: Attacks in Philippines & Kuwait?
2000 U.S. Troops Search for Mullah Omar In Vain

Observers note a change in the U.S. attitude towards the "war on terrorism." There is an obvious attempt to play down the incidents of war which are taking place.

FRENCH OIL TANKER BLOWN UP: Observers say, news which are a reversal for the U.S. war effort need to be read from the point when they first appear before they are doctored by the handlers of the news. The first news from the French was that a speeding FISHING BOAT had struck the tanker and it blew up on impact. The French captain and crew were clear on this point.

The Yemeni government, which was not anywhere near the ship, claimed that it was an "accident." How did the Yemeni government find this out is not known. The Yemeni regime has much to lose if it was a "terrorist attack" because of the assurances of security given to the U.S. ever since a tiny boat with two assailants on it blew up the USS Cole. The Yemenis have taken great pains to seal off the coastline and now this blow has been struck.

The U.S. government also seems to be claiming that "it is not a terror attack" and is sending its own investigators to find out. Why is the U.S. saying no? Observers say that if this was an attack, that would mean the "war on terrorism" has not succeeded.

WHY THE ATTACKS ON THE FRENCH? Earlier in May, an entire group of French naval experts was wiped out in an attack in Karachi, Pakistan. Observers say that the identities of "terrorists" which are revealed every now and then in the media indicate that there is a STRONG ALGERIAN COMPONENT in the international armed Islamic movement. The Algerian Muslims have undergone thousands of civilian casualties at the hands of the French-supported Algerian regime. The Islamic dead include hundreds of children whose throats were slit by Algerian government hit squads. After the Algerian regime (which is backed by the ruler of Libya) had crushed the Islamic movement by slaughtering entire Muslim villages, the French entered into economic alliances with the Algerian regime. The U.S. did its part by getting a billion dollar soft loan from the World Bank to the Algerian regime. It appears that Algerians in considerable numbers left their homeland and joined Osama bin Laden.

In the PHILIPPINES, the Abu Sayyaf were seen as a band of kidnappers of little or no importance. Last news was that the Philippines government, with U.S. help, had destroyed the Abu Sayyaf. Suddenly last week the situation became confused when there was a bomb attack on U.S. troops leading to the death of a valuable American soldier and injuries to a whole group of American supporters. Something has gone wrong here. [At last reports, a Jordanian Muslim has been arrested in the Philippines in connection with the attack.] How did the Abu Sayyaf become so bold as to dare attack American troops?

Now, on October 8, American troops in KUWAIT have been attacked. Reports indicate that two Kuwaitis attacked U.S. marines (the best soldiers in the world). One valuable marine was killed and another injured. The attackers were not satisfied and are reported to have gone on to attack another group of marines. Then they came under return fire and both were killed. This bizarre incident is indeed shocking because the attack took place on Falaika island from which there were no chances of escape for the two attackers. Both turned out to be Kuwaitis. The regime has arrested 27 Kuwaitis in connection with this cowardly attack on heavily armed U.S. troops.

[U.S. reports have said earlier that some of the top people in Al-Qaida are Kuwaitis. A poll taken in Kuwait indicated that 74% of Kuwaitis support Osama bin Laden.]
About a week back, 2000 U.S. troops with allied Afghans started an intensive search operation in southern Afghanistan which, it was hoped, would capture Mullah Omar, the legendary leader of the Afghans who lives like the sahaba of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The troops discovered a cache of bombs, 500 kg each, but no Taliban or Al-Qaida. U.S. newsmen were puzzled when the discovery of the bombs was announced by Rumsefeld's office. Our observers say that the wily Afghans "supporting" the U.S. have pulled another fast one on their American "allies."

The 500 kg bombs are probably U.S. bombs which did not explode. It looks like the Afghan "allies" of the U.S. have sold the U.S.'s own bombs back to the U.S. and made a good profit from this "discovery" of a "Taliban cache." As one newsman commented during the Pentagon briefing: "We did not know that the Taliban own aerial bombs."
To top it all, messages from Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar have started re-appearing. Here it's very important to note the U.S. response to Osama's message. The Pentagon does not want to support the notion that Osama might be alive, and Rumsfeld and related commentators tried to cast doubt on the authenticity of the two-minute tape. Obviously, if Osama is alive, the entire "war on terrorism" is in jeopardy. Hence the debate on whether he is dead or alive.

One report says that the U.S. has intercepted a satellite phone message from Mullah Omar in which he gives greetings from the ‘Shaikh' (Osama) which raises the terrible specter of Osama and Mullah Omar alive and together.
Br. Hani (from Canada) responds to Sis. Aisha's note on BERNARD LEWIS: (From the PIDL list)

> Sis. Aisha (our New York Rep)
> Responds To CBS Program on Islam:

> Bernard Lewis (I suspect a Jewish
> name, like Teichner's) is not an
> Islamic scholar but, a liar!

Al-Salamu `Alaykum

Bernard Lewis is basically the biggest Jewish Orientalist in the world nowadays. He is a Briton who has been living in the US since the mid 70's. He specializes in Islamic (especially Middle East) history. His services to Kufr are outstanding. He visits Israel every couple of years and is received with enthusiasm in Israeli universities. The Turkish Kamalist regime is so fond of his dis-services to Ottoman history that the Turkish prime minister handed him the "Ataturk International Peace Award" in 1998! His books are full of explicit Western supremacy where he takes it for granted that "Democracy", "freedom of expression", "liberty", etc are self-obvious and one need not prove their correctness before blaming Muslims for their failure to adhere to them.

Wa al-Salam

2002-10-10 Thu 08:00ct