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Jamaat al-Muslimeen News

June 13, 2004. During the large annual Puerto Rican parade in New York, starting from 5th avenue and going to 51st street, Jamaat al-Muslimeen activists handed out tracts on Islam giving the message of the Oneness of the Creator and the completion of the revelation with Muhammad (pbuh).

Late in the evening, when the people refused to disperse, police forces attacked them and used mace on innocent people.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen's BROCHURE on the boycott of businesses which support Israel was distributed at three mosques in Chicago. It was given to 100 people at the Muslim Community Center, to 50 people at the Downtown Islamic Center [this was the second effort there because people leave quickly] and to 50 at the Islamic Center of Chicago.

To join this effort, contact the DIRECTOR OF BOYCOTT at: PRADIA2@aol.com


by New Trend's Media Monitor

On Johnson's Slaying, Bush Missed Chance to Embrace Humanity Quadripalegic in Wheel Chair coming out of Mosque, Sh. Yassin, Executed by Apache Helicopter. AFGHAN beaten to death with flashlight, stomped by booted U.S. Soldier

June 18, 2004. President Bush was angry when he heard the news of Johnson's beheading. It was an opportunity for the leader of the only military superpower on earth. After condemning the beheading, Bush should have gone on and condemned all acts of inhumanity. Inclusiveness on his part would have had impact throughout the Muslim world.

ISRAEL used an Apache helicopter to murder a top Islamic scholar, Shaikh Ahmed Yassin. [New Trend urges President Bush to extend his condemnation of the slaying of Johnson to ALL human beings treated inhumanely.]


Immediately after the slaying of Johnson, the Saudi regime announced that it had killed Al-Muqrin, the top Islamic opponent of the regime and three others. Did Al-Muqrin kill Johnson? The Saudis say he did, but there is NO evidence to that effect. It's quite possible that the Saudis got rid of a top opponent based on their claim that he killed Johnson.

On top of that, media reports say that an Islamic web site says that the men the Saudis killed did not include Al-Muqrin. On that the Saudis responded by putting the bodies of the seemingly hastily executed men on TV. They claimed that one of the bodies was that of Al-Muqrin. Again, we only have the Saudis' word for it.

The Muslim world should send an independent commission of inquiry to the Islamic heartland of Arabia to find out what is going on. The Saudis are working VERY CLOSELY with the U.S. The Saudis are known for their repression, criminality, racism, suppression of women. Nothing the Saudis say should be accepted without investigation.

Considerable evidence is now available that the SAUDIS SUPPORTED THE U.S. ATTACK on IRAQ in which 70,000 plus Iraqi civilians were killed.

The Saudis have violated all Islamic norms in the past. Their crimes include MILITARY ACTION WITHIN THE KA'ABA itself in 1979. Now they claim that they can speak about Islamic norms. It is a hollow claim.

U.S. Drops Huge bomb on Fallujah Residential Area: Kills 20 wounds 35: Attempt to Kill Islamic leadership?

June 19, 2004: A U.S. air strike in Fallujah is reported to have killed and wounded a large number of people. First reports [MSNBC] indicate that about 20 people were killed and 35 injured. The media are speculating that the strike was probably aimed at killing Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi who is said to be coordinating resistance to the U.S. occupation of Iraq.


A U.S. drone air craft traced a satellite phone Naik Muhammad was using to a fortified home in South Waziristan. It appears that the trace was passed on to General Musharraf, who then ordered a missile strike which killed Naik Muhamad and 5 others, 4 Pakistanis and an Uzbek.

June 18, 2004: Thousands of people from all over Pakistan's tribal areas attended the burial of the martyred resistance leader Naik Muhammad in his home village. Pakistani newspapers report INTENSE GRIEF expressed by the mourners at the funeral. The 27 year old resistance fighter, Naik, [pronounced nek, meaning good in Urdu], became a hero of the masses after he BEAT BACK TWO LARGE SCALE ATTACKS BY THE PAKISTAN ARMY.

Numerous Pakistani leaders have condemned the murder of Naik Muhammad. Jamaate Islami leader Qazi Hussain Ahmad has blamed it as a shameful act of the Musharraf regime which is harming the fabric of Pakistani integrity and selfhood. Even IMRAN, former cricketer and leader of the INSAF Party, has condemned Musharraf for the attack on an outstanding resistance fighter whose only fault was that he protected Islamic refugees from Chechnia and Uzbekistan.

Oslo drops Kurdish mullah charges

Norway's public prosecutor has dropped all charges against the founder of the radical Islamic group, Ansar al-Islam.

The Kurdish group - which is based in northern Iraq - is regarded by the UN and US as a terrorist organisation.

But the Norwegian authorities said there was not enough evidence to charge Mullah Krekar with conspiracy in a plot to murder political rivals in Iraq.

Mullah Krekar has had refugee status in Norway since 1991 - he now faces being deported under a 2003 expulsion order.

The expulsion order, which says Mullah Krekar is a risk to national security, was stalled because of the court case against him and the US-led war in Iraq.

The Kurdish cleric says he stepped down as leader of Ansar al-Islam in 2002 and denies any terror links.

Washington says the group has ties to al-Qaeda and blames it for attacks on coalition forces in Iraq.


Mullah Krekar was released from jail in February this year while the authorities investigated him on suspicion of conspiracy, attempted murder of political rivals in Iraq and inciting criminal activity.

But on Tuesday, prosecutor Tor-Aksel Busch released a statement saying there were "no grounds to charge Mullah Krekar on any count".

The charge of inciting others to commit crimes was dropped because it is not in itself illegal in Norway.

Formal terror charges against the 47-year-old cleric had already been dropped last year because of lack of evidence.

Mullah Krekar - born Najm Faraj Ahmad - was arrested at an airport in the Netherlands in 2002, after Iran denied him entry and sent him back to Europe.

He was deported to Norway in January 2003.

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