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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 23,1427/February 22, 2006 #14

Women's Rights: How Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, ended mental enslavement of Women [#1]

by Kaukab Siddique

For centuries, women in various cultures were taught that when they menstruated, they were to be shunned and outcast. In some cultures, this idea of women's inferiority owing to menstruation had religious sanction.

Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, taught that menstruation does not take away from women's dignity, respect and equality in any way whatsoever. To end the old ideas, he taught that a woman can worship Allah in the same clothes in which she had menstruated as soon as the marks of menstruation had been washed off. This historic change in the thinking of women is reflected in a Hadith narrated by 'Ayesha Siddiqa, the leader of Muslim women r.a., thus:

"Whenever anyone of us got her menses, she, on becoming clean, used to take hold of the blood spot and rub the blood off her garment, and pour water over it and wash that portion thoroughly and sprinkle water over the rest of the garment. After that she would pray in (with) it."
[Sahih of Bukhari, Vol.1, Book 6, #305.]

FUNNY BUT TRUE: United Arab Emirates: Bush Hoisted with his Own Petard!
Democrats Claim they are more Patriotic than Bush! Blatant Anti-Arab Racism comes out.

American politicians are fighting President Bush over contracts given to a Dubai [U.A.E.] company to work at six American ports.

Bush's people have long been punishing America's Muslims by using "guilt by association." If Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar talked on the phone to an opponent of America's ally Hosni Mubarak, then he is an enemy too. If someone, like the Lackawanna Yemenis, went to Afghanistan, or tried to go, then they must be Taliban too, ad nauseum. If Masaud Khan went to Pakistan and visited a militant camp, then he must be preparing to fight India [or even America!]

Now the Democrats turn around and accuse Bush of working with a "terrorism-related' country, the United Arab Emirates! Predictably, Jewish senators, Schumer and Leiberman, led the charge. Taken aback, Frist and some Republicans joined the move, trying to prove that they are extremely patriotic and love America.
[Two 9.11 hijackers were, allegedly, from the UAE and money was transmitted to them from the UAE. Also, at one time UAE recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan.]

The Democrats forgot that such talk is blatant RACISM which implies that EVERY Arab in the UAE is a potential terrorist.

Poor Bush was caught off guard. In his response to the patriotic attack, he uncovered America's secrets that the rulers of UAE have been his great friends and have helped to provide intelligence and to hunt down Islamic "terrorists." Bush is flabbergasted that the UAE, America's close ally, could be seen as a danger to America.

Behind this fiasco is the Zionist hand reminding Bush who really rules America.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [5 items]
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Baltimore, MD 21234

Malcolm X [Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz]: Caused Spread of Orthodox Islam in America

February 21, 1965 is the anniversary of the martyrdom of Malcolm X. If he had been alive, he would have been leading the anti-war movement and standing up to American power. His spiritual and political inheritance can be seen in the struggle of Imam Jamil al-Amin primarily and then Br. Jihad Abdul-Mumit, Imam Warith Deen Umar, Imam Musa and others.

Malcolm would have nothing to do with the American power structure. Hence the oppressed people of America saw Islam as a symbol of resistance. Unfortunately his mission was betrayed by those who claimed to be orthodox Muslims but waved the flag, loved invitations from the White House and even worked for the State Department!

His family too turned out to be too weak when it came to represent Islam. The fame of his name was used but his Islam was left out. His real identity was thus denied.

Islam spread rapidly because a martyr was the symbol of Islam in America. Islam's growth has been severely damaged by the "hanky head" uncle toms who claim to be following the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

[Our advice to those who want to revive the message of Malcolm X is: Show your sincerity by standing up in public for the rights of Imam Jamil al-Amin. That's the test. Imam Jamil is the Malcolm X of our time.]

Heavy U.S. Blow at Muslim Widows and Orphans: "Kindhearts" Charity Shut Down

February 22, 2006. The U.S. government shut down the Kindhearts charity located in Toledo, Ohio. The charity helps Muslim widows and orphans in Palestine and elswhere. The government claims that Kindhearts helps Hamas. This seems to be one of a series of closures at the behest of the Jewish lobby to deny humanitarian assistance to the Muslims of Palestine. Hamas has NEVER fought against the U.S. but the Jewish lobby successfully had it lebelled as "terrorist," following which Holy Land and other Muslim charities in the U.S. were shut down.

TOLEDO, Ohio: Three Muslims Arrested on Terrorism Related Charges

February 21, 2006: U.S. authorities arrested three Muslims of Jordanian origin, one of them a U.S. citizen, in Toledo: Muhammad Zaki Amawi, Marwan al-Hindi and Wassim Mazloum. The U.S. is bringing serious charges against them which could put them away for life.

On February 22, Hasan, the Indo-Pakistani imam of the local mosque appeared on [Fox] TV to beg Americans that his community had nothing to do with the three.

Such behavior, often reinforced by bootlicker groups like CAIR, shows total lack of leadership and ignorance of Islam and U.S. law. Remember these points:

* Accusation does not mean that one is guilty. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

* Do not beg the oppressors for mercy. The more you beg, the more they will walk on you.

* Minimum requirement of Islam is that you stand by Muslims and give them legal support. If you can't do that, don't call yourself Islamic.

* If you are Indo-Pakistani, don't speak about Muslims of Arab origin. Don't you see that you are playing the government's game of divide-and-rule? Fear Allah, for you will be held accountable for your words in the Hereafter, especially if you are an imam


Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges America's 7 to 9 million Muslims to boycott businesses which support/fund Israel. By way of this peaceful resistance, you can show solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people. Among such businesses are Coca Cola, McDonalds, Disney, Nestle and "Arm and Hammer."

If your community is unaware of which companies fund Israel, write to our address [above] to obtain our info cards for distribution.


Islamic leader Badi Ali called for the cancellation of advertising contracts with the Rhinoceros Times for its "flagrant and senseless attack on all faithful Muslims and their leader, the Prophet Muhammad."

"Not only does the newspaper show a shameful lack of editorial good sense, it shows a deep disrespect for people who are attempting to repair the dangerous damage done by some Danish cartoonists," the Greensboro-based sheikh declared.

Badi Ali is president of Muslims for a Better North Carolina and former Imam-President of the Islamic Center of the Triad.

Greensboro's Rhinoceros Times has taken the "journalistically irresponsible" step of publishing two of "the interculturally irresponsible Danish cartoons which provoked major Muslim demonstrations around the world," Badi Ali explained.

"We do not know whether the newspaper reprinted the cartoons to exacerbate the earlier provocation, expand and promote its already wide circulation, or offend Greensboro Muslims. We do know, however, that the Rhinoceros Times commited what constitutes major offense against responsible freedom of the press and the Beloved Community of which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke," Badi Ali said.

"We call on all people of good will and faith to boycott and condemn the newspaper by canceling advertising and withholding readership. We cannot sit by as people of good will and do nothing.

"Furthermore, we demand apologies from the publisher, William Hammer, and the editor, Don Hammer, for the insult to Islam, apologies to all of Greensboro's peacemakers, one-community advocates, and civic leaders.

"The Rhinoceros Times has yelled Fire! in the crowded theater. American jurisprudence recognizes that so yelling fire is wrongful and repugnant. What is worse is that the cartoons published in the Rhinoceros Times risks the killing of Greensboro's reputation as a city of compassion, understanding, and leadership against insensitivity."

The Rhinoceros Times is a free distribution weekly "intended to entertain and inform" its readers "world-wide." It is published in Greensboro and Charlotte and is a member of the North Carolina Press Association.

"It is not humorous to flaunt such religious and social bigotry, hatred, and ignorance"

"It grieves me as an American and long-time citizen of Greensboro to see a prominent Greensboro businessman and newspaperman foolishly demonstrate such poor taste, poor journalism, poor sense, reckless indecency, and aimless jingoism.

"The God of Islam, Judaism and Christianity expects us all to do better by each other than to ridicule His messengers and prophets."

Jewish Inquisition Scores Victory

Day of Infamy: Leading Historian of World War II, David Irving Sentenced to three Years in Prison.
Austria Used as Cat's Paw After International Jewry Failed to Silence the Scholar.

by Kaukab Siddique

For more than two decades, organized Jewish groups have been trying to silence David Irving. The following measures were taken against him:

1. The publishers of his books were pressured successfully not to distribute his books any longer and to pulp his books they still had in stock.

2. He was stopped from speaking in public. Any gathering place which would let him organize his meeting was threatened with physical violence. The police often took the plea that they could not adequately protect him. In Berkeley, California his meeting was physically disrupted by gangsters from a Jewish group fronting as Communist.

3. He was denounced in the Zionist-controlled media as a "holocaust denier" and his response was not permitted to appear on any media outlet.

4. He could only hold meetings secretly and with only a last minute notification of exactly where the meeting was to be held

5. Finally the Jews brought state power to bear against him. He was banned from France, Australia, Germany, Canada and Austria. One of the most subservient governments in Europe, that of Austria, arrested him for a 16 year old statement he had made about the "holocaust."

6. On February 20, 2006 the bootlicker-of-Jewish-Israeli-power, the government of Austria sentenced the aging historian to three YEARS in prison. [Look at the web site of the Austrian embassy in Washington: it's like a propaganda forum for international Jewry and Israel.]


1. He is giant of scholarly resistance to the victors' version of the Second World War.

2. His books like HITLER'S WAR, CHURCHILL's WAR [2 volumes], GOEBBELS: Mastermind of the Third Reich, APOCALYPSE 1945, and NUREMBURG are so meticulous in their documentation and so objective in their scholarly restraint that no other World War historian can come near him.

3. When the Jews tried to silence him [through a worldwide campaign of abuse against him] he would not give up. He found a unique way of breaking the Zionist monopoly of the media. He took a Jewish Prof. Lipstadt [Emory University, Atlanta] to court in England for defamation. She did not have the ability to stand against him. Instead the Zionist machine brought in the most expensive attorneys and "experts" to fight Irving on her behalf. Spielberg, the Jewish film maker who transmitted outright lies in the movie Schindler's List [and recently launched Munich] is said to have donated millions to the Jewish side in the Lipstadt case. The ISRAELI AMBASSADOR was in attendance during the trial. Irving fought alone and made the Jewish side look foolish. The judgement went against him based on "guilt by association."
Seldom has the Jewish version of history been in such great danger of demolition.


1. Is he a Nazi? Definitely not. He is a British historian and detests Nazis.

2. Has he expressed any hatred of the Jews as a totality or as individuals? Certainly not, even after they destroyed his publishing career.

3. They hate him for his scholarly honesty and truthfulness. His research did not uncover any order from Hitler which ordered the physicall extermination of the Jews. He refused to simply copy what others had written without evidence. His intellectual honesty would not allow him to write something for which there is no proof.

4. Similarly, he could not find any evidence for the Jewish claim that 4 million [later revised to 1.4 million] Jews had been gassed by the Nazis at Auschwitz. He also found that there are no holes or inlets in the remains of the alleged gas chambers in Auschwitz through which, as the Jews claim, poison gas was introduced to kill the prisoners.

5. During the Defamation case against Prof. Lipstadt in England, Irving challenged the leading expert the Jews had brought to prove or show in any way that there were holes in the alleged gas chambers through which the gas could have been pumped in. The leading expert failed to do so.

6. Irving does not say anywhere that the Jews did not suffer at Hitler's hands. In fact he is vehement about the ways in which they did suffer. His book on Goebbels shows in detail that he has no sympathy whatsoever for the Nazi system.

7. The danger the Jewish power structure faces from Irving is that he presents the war as it was, brutish and horrific, not as a propaganda story of good versus evil. Stalin, the greatest criminal of the modern era, was on the side of the British and the Americans, who in turn committed horrendous crimes during the war.

AUSTRIA's ROLE is a BLOT on Humanity, Democracy and Freedom of Expression:

Like Germany, the central European potentate of Austria pretends to be a democracy but is slavishly allied to the criminal entity known as Israel which has committed genocide against the Palestinian people.

Guided probably by a Jewish hand, Austria acted like a slave government which has abdicated all sense of decency, humanity, democracy and freedom of expression. IS AUSTRIA TOTALLY IN THE HANDS of BARBARIANS? Apparently it seems so. No civilized nation would arrest a historian and then sentence him to three years in prison "for denying the holocaust." How is this possible for anyone who respects research, publication, discussion, information?

Does Austria's ruling system think that it can totally stifle human thought and like the INQUISITION call on a scholar to recant or suffer in prison? And then Austria claims that it is a democracy?

Surely under this Austrian bootlicking of Israel and International Jewry, this tailwagging and sycophancy of a subject and servile ruling clique, is the fear of the renaissance of the German people. Hitler took Austria without a shot being fired. The Austrian masses welcomed Hitler with acclaim and rejoicing which has no equal in Austrian history. The Israelis sense that if the Austrian sense of honor and self-respect is not totally crushed, the German nation [of which the Austrians are a key part] could rise again.

Surely the Israeli strategists can figure out that if the German identity and self-respect is reclaimed, the German people will stand by the Muslims of the world against Zionism.

This is indeed a day of intellectual horror for me. The thought police of Israel has struck hard. What will happen to Mr. Irving's wife and his sweet little flower of a daughter. They have suddenly been deprived of their last support.

The man who used to drive thousands of miles, criss crossing America, trying personally to sell his books after all avenues had been closed to him, is now in prison! A man who loved freedom, in particular the freedom to think, to write, to research, to study, has been confined to the walls of a Zionist-inspired prison.

O Allah, I pray that You give this great scholar the ability to endure his suffering.

War News: by our Media Monitor

IRAQ PRIMED for SHIA-SUNNI WAR: Shia Shrine Blown Up: 27 Sunni Mosques Attacked

February 22, 2006. A Shia shrine in Samarra was blown up by men dressed in Iraqi military uniforms. Its beautiful green dome was demolished. At least 4 people were killed
[by first reports].

The attack seems to have had its desired effect. Large Shia crowds raged through several cities attacking Sunni mosques. At least 27 Sunni mosques were attacked within a few hours of the Samarra news, some of them burned down.

As we go to the press, a Sunni mosque is reported blown up in Basra. No one has taken responsibility but the U.S.- installed government is blaming "Al-Qaida."

Analysts see no reason why the Islamic resistance would blow up the Samarra shrine. This seems to be a covert operation by the enemies of Islam. Israeli supporters have long planned to blow up Masjid al-Aqsa and this might be a practise run. Zarqawi usually takes credit for his attacks, as he did after the attacks on the UN headquaters and the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad. He hasn't for this one. Any genuine "credit" would have to come within hours of the attack and it has not.

Analysts add that Shia- Sunni war is part of America's exit strategy. As we showed earlier, American conservatives sense that if the Shias and Sunnis battle each other, the Muslims in general will no longer confront America. American conservatives want Iran-Iraq War # 2.

On the battlefield, the mujahideen are winning. Ten more U.S. soldiers were killed in the week of Feb. 11 and Feb. 18 bringing the total to 2277. The U.S. is has firepower superiority but has failed to defeat the resistance. There is no military reason for the mujahideen to start a Shia-Sunni war.

No tolerance if Muhammad, pbuh, is Insulted, Muslims say:

Massive New Protests in Nigeria, Libya, Turkey, Pakistan.
Indonesians Blame U.S. for Cartoons.

Turkey: February 19: In Istanbul, a huge rally of historic signifance, protested the publication of caricatures of the best of men, Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, in a Danish newspaper. Associated Press reported the numbers as "tens of thousands." The protestors, organized by the Islamic Felicity Party, were chanting slogans not only against Denmark but against Israel and the U.S. as well.

One big poster showed a dog marked "israel" attacking a rose symbolizing Islam. The dog's master is shown as "America."

Turkey is ruled by military generals funded and armed by the U.S. In turn the generals are linked to Israel. The Muslim masses in Turkey have to work for Islam very cautiously to avoid Kemalist-military repression. An open rally against Israel indicates that Islam is gaining ground in Turkey.

LIBYA: An Italian politician flaunted the caricatures of the best of men, Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, on his shirt. Libya's Muslims, who have a long memory of Italian colonialism and repression, were enraged by the insult.

It seems that the Qadhafi tyranny decided to let the people demonstrate at the Italian consulates and offices in Tripoli and Benghazi, to let the people get rid of their anger. However, the rallies turned out to be very large and the government lost control of them. Then the tyrant's regime, as often before, crushed the demonstrators mercilessly. The security forces repeatedly opened automatic gunfire killing 11 Libyans and wounding 55.
[A very high casualty rate considering Libya's small population.]

After the carnage, Qadhafi's regime claimed that it was a mistake, and suspended the Interior Minister [temporarily!]

Qadhafi's regime is working with the U.S. and with Egypt's Hosni Mubarak. U.S. oil men returned to Libya last year.

NIGERIA: The demonstrations to condemn the caricatures of the best of men, Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, became violent in the northeastern city of Maiduguri on February 18. There were clashes between Muslims and Christians which left 21 people dead, 207 wounded, mostly Christians including two priests. The police arrested dozens of Muslims. The people attacked symbols of western culture including businesses and churches established by western missionaries.

Also, on Feb. 18, the Muslims of Katsina tried to present a petition to the Governor. In response, the police fired tear gas shells at them. The demonstrators refused to leave. The government opened fire killing one and wounding 15. The people still refused to leave and injured a number of policemen. 105 people were arrested.

On February 20, in Bauchi, Muslims fought police after reports that a local school teacher had stopped a Muslim girl from reading the Qur'an in class and desecrated the holy Book. The girl's supporters rampaged through the school overturning furniture. Police came in and fired teargas at the girls. The violence then erupted in the entire town with Christian-Muslim clashes. By day's end 10 people were dead and 40 wounded. The clashes resumed on February 22 leaving another 8 people dead.

Also on February 22, in the southern city of Onitsha, Christians attacked two mosques and killed 6 Muslims and injured many more.

[New Trend commentary: News of Nigeria is often shaded by western propaganda because the media are in the hands of westernized people. Also, the security forces, often nominally Muslim, are brutal in their treatment of Muslims. Nigeria is a Muslim majority country. The Hausa in the North and the Yoruba in the West are largely Muslims. Christians are the majority in the East while local religions are generally found in the south. Maiduguri itself is not Hausa; a different ethnic group, known as the Everra are predominant here.

The rulers of Nigeria are always controlled from the U.S. and Europe. As a result of pressure they RECOGNIZED ISRAEL without consulting the Muslim majority. European and American missionary groups have been pumping millions of dollars into Nigeria.

One tactic is to establish churches in the vastly Muslim majority areas, such as Maiduguri, in the hope of enticing poverty-stricken people.

More strategically, Christians from the east and south are being settled in the Muslim north to dilute the Muslim majority.

The fact that almost all Hausa and majority Yoruba are Muslims was a serious problem for the western powers. Over the last two decades, a big effort has been put in to divide the Yoruba Muslims from the Hausas.

The Christians have become so bold that Peter Akinola, the Archbishop of Nigeria, claimed that the protests against the caricatures of the Prophet, pbuh, were "part of a plot" to "Islamize Nigeria."
[CNN, Feb. 21 He also threatened violence against the Muslims if the protests continued.]

PAKISTAN: Largest Women's Rally, Ever, plus thousands March Wearing Coffins.

On February 19, disciplined crowds protested the caricatures of the best of men, Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, in the port city of KARACHI. The rallies organized by Jamaate Islami included the BIGGEST GATHERING of MUSLIM WOMEN the city has ever seen.

The front of the huge rally consisted of several thousand men wearing their coffins showing their willingness to die for the honor of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. The police stayed away and there were no clashes and no damage to property. The crowd burned the flag of Denmark and an effigy of President Bush. Scholars of all the Islamic schools of thought addressed the protestors, including Shia scholar Allama Hasan Turabi.

In the capital city of ISLAMABAD, police broke up the planned rallies by the MMA on Feb. 19. Groups of young men played hide-and-seek with police all day, throwing stones and receiving tear gas. The government locked two of the main mosques and arrested worshippers. Protest leaders arriving from outside Islamabad were arrested [among them Syed Munawar Hasan of Jamaate Islami] and then released in the wilderness.

Jamaate Islami's top leader Qazi Hussain Ahmad has been placed under house arrest in Mansura, JI's Islamic enclave outside the city of Lahore. Adjoining roads have been sealed off by heavily armed security forces.
[It is said that General Musharraf wants to bring President Bush for a visit and hence will keep strict security control on the peaceful opposition.]

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