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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 18,1430/ May 13, 2009, # 23

Mark Glenn [idaho] at his best.
See his blistering analysis of the hidden agenda behind Pope Benedict's visit to Palestine.
Br. Mark, a true follower of Jesus, pbuh, is greatly honored among Muslims and was hailed at Jamaat al-Muslimeen's International Peace Conference in Baltimore last year. [Please scroll way down.]

Personal from the editor in Georgia: My sister insists on da'wah and spirituality. I met my sister again this weekend. It was Mothers' Day and she was celebrating the walima of my niece and her husband who recently embraced Islam. It was a joyous occasion with hundreds of guests, Muslim and non-Muslim, including some from California, Illinois and Massachusetts. As usual I got into a debate with my sister and as usual she was vehement in her disagreements with me. I look at her and wonder at the transformation from a scientific powerhouse of secularism to a baffling spirituality which draws steadily from the life of the best of men, Muhammad, peace be on him. I try to spot the deep sorrow in her facial contours: Somewhere deep in there lurks the cataclysmic death of her college going son, swept away in one of Georgia's sudden rain squalls.
At the Walima she had thought of all the possible Sunnah things to do, including a pack of water containers for the guests going for istinja and wudu. An English translation of the Qur'an, nicely wrapped up, was given to many of the guests. In spite of our differences, she insisted that I give adhan, lead prayers and make the du'a. The number of people who joined the salat, [standing room only], including sisters, was quite heartwarming. With the new light which has emerged in her demeanor, she told me in a voice softened with deep conviction: My main concern is da'wah, peaceful, spiritual da'wah. I also found out that once more she is preparing to visit the Beloved in Makka.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release:
From Kaukab Siddique, Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
The Pope Wants Palestinians to Recognize the Terrorist Entity known as Israel as a Legitimate State!

May 13, 2009: We see with great sorrow, the Roman Pope's visit to Palestine. He had nothing to say about the Israeli genocide in Gaza: He pretended that the elected government of Hamas does not exist. He did not have a word of criticism for Israel. Instead he lectured his [Christian] Palestinian audience to be reconciled to Israel and not to seek revenge or have rancor. He spoke as if the Palestinians' main problem is the lack of jobs and the inability to move around because of "the wall." Who put up the wall was not clear.
The Pope was not listening to his Christian audience [shown live on EWTN] who complained loudly about Israeli behavior.
What is the point of visiting the Dome of the Rock when he is silent about the 130 mosques destroyed by Israel. The Catholic church always knew Israel as a usurper but this Pope not only wants to see Israel as a legitimate entity but is working hard to get the victims of Israel to do so too.

Muslims cannot forget that this Pope insulted the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and then did not apologize [even till now].
The Pope should understand that legitimate representatives of Islam will NEVER recognize the terrorist entity known as Israel. Why should they? Why should the victims of Israel want to legitimize the terrorist?

The way to peace is not for Muslims to recognize the terrorist entity known as Israel. The way to peace lies through Israeli withdrawal from Palestine which it usurped by force. If it does not leave peacefully, the mujahideen will force it to leave. It's only a matter of time.

Another FATWA on Pakistan by Imam Badi Ali, Natiional Islamic Shoora leader, Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Army of Shame or Army of Islam?

[A Fatwa is a religious ruling based on the Qur'an and Hadith and issued with FEAR of ALLAH [taqwa]. It is issued by a scholar of Islam who is known for his integrity, honesty, courage and fearlessness. It has great impact if the scholar is not connected, directly or indirectly, with the power structure and oppressive forces and has nothing to gain from the Fatwa. If the scholar is linked in any way to a government, or supports oppressors, the fatwa will be invalid.]

Question: The Pakistani army recently launched its second military assault on Swat valley where the people had opted en masse for the implementation of Shari'a [Islamic Law]. Vast numbers of people are leaving Swat following the army's use of heavy artillery, helicopter gunships and jet fighters. Pakistan's military says it has killed more than 700 "militants." The Islamic Taliban forces are standing firm and the military has not gained control of Swat. Pakistanis in Amerca are extremely confused because the Pak military is carrying out a systematic disinformation campaign against the Taliban, calling them Indian agents and, believe it or not, even American agents. What does Islam say about the Taliban and the Pakistan military?

Reply by Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina]

The Pakistan army's military offensive resulted from the visits of Pakistan's civilian and military leaders to America. There is no place in Islam for Muslims to help the armed forces of enemies of Islam to enter a Muslim country, be it Afghanistan or Pakistan. The Pakistan army is not fighting for Islam or Pakistan. It is fighting for the enemy and the interests of the enemy. The army is fighting the Taliban who are the most outstanding today in standing up for Islam. The Taliban are the servants of Allah. Their lives are totally at the service of Allah. They fight and die for the victory of Islam. There is absolutely no scope in Islam for any Muslim to fight the Taliban.

So, our FATWA is: It is HARAM for the Pakistani military to fight the Taliban. Its attacks have already made more than one million people homeless in Swat. These attacks have made the Pakistan army, the ARMY of SHAME. We want it to be the army of Islam. As Muslims, the soldiers must be made aware that they must not shoot at the followers of Islam. It is HARAM to shoot at the Taliban. If there are differences between Pakistanis, the army must step aside and let the Pakistanis solve their problems peacefully. Pakistani soldiers should read sura al-kafiroon. There is a clear separation between Islam and kufr.

The final part of our FATWA is: All the people of Pakistan and all the people of Afghanistan must support the Taliban in every posssible way. The Taliban are the spearhead of Islam. Pakistanis and all Muslims, be they in America or elsewhere, should pray for the success of the Taliban resistance and that Allah may accept their sacrifices. The world is passing away. The Hereafter is better and more lasting.

Obama Day 109
U.S. Air Strike on Pakistan

May 9: A U.S. air strike in South Waziristan with missiles fired from a drone killed 3 and wounded 5 Islamic Pakistanis in a village.

Obama Day 111
U.S. Air Strike on Pakistan: 8 Guided Missiles

May 11: In the latest U.S. air strike, a drone fired 8 missiles at the village of Shawal Sara Khawas in South Waziristan. At least 15 Islamic people were killed and many more wounded.
[Observers say that the U.S. is trying to kill Shaykh Osama bin Laden but has instead motivated Mullah Nazir to unite his forces with those of Baitullah Mehsud who sympathizes with Shaykh Osama and Egyptian mujahid Ayman al-Zawahiri.]

Latest War News:
General Uprising in Frontier Province: Swat Heavily Bombed Remains in Islamic hands.

As New Trend had noted earlier Islamic forces are now in control of most of the Frontier province, in particular South and North Waziristan, parts of Bajaur, Lower Dir, most of Buner and Swat. Indications are that Peshwar and Mardan are surrounded by Taliban waiting for signs of Pak weakness to move in.

May 12, Pak dropped special forces by helicopter in Peochar valley [Swat district] in an attempt to kill Maulvi Fazlullah whose FM radio has been mobilizing the peoples' resistance.
By May 13, the Maulvi had not been spotted. Looks like the Paks lost the element of surprise [24 hours]

By last news Mingora, the capital of Swat remains in Islamic hands..Pakistani military columns are trying to push into Swat while jet fighters, helicopters and heavy artillery pound suspected Taliban positions. Heavy civilian casualties are reported and increasing Taliban losses are indicated.

Heavy Pak attacks are reported in Lower Dir but the area remains in Taliban hands.
Earlier, on May 11, in the Darra Adam Khel area, far away from the fighting, a martyrdom operator hit the Frontier Corp's base camp killing 8 troopers and wounding 14. The bomber was 17 years old according to Pak Urdu media.[Frontier Corp has been re-armed and trained by the U.S.].

New Trend Ahead of the Curve: BBC stated May 13 that only 38% of Frontier Province is still in Pak hands. The rest, 62% is either totally in Islamic Taliban hands or has large scale support for the Taliban. The areas of Taliban control shown in the BBC map are about the same which New Trend had listed earlier.
[Are we good or what?]

BBC map.

Something Is Not Right About This Picture: The Trio who met in Washngton For Muslim Afghans and Pakistanis this was a "talking down."

by Sis. Sofia [The writer teaches English in New York City.]

The three Presidents of three different cultures met in the White House in Washington, D.C. in the first week of May 2009. And at the end, all three made statements before the Press. President Obama stated that they were "joined by a common goal: to disrupt, dismantle and defeat" their common enemies namely al-Qaida and the Taliban. (Were the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan aware of, informed of their rights as citizens, taken into consideration prior to this visit to the White House to fight their "common enemies"?)
President Obama claims that the three nations' security is now linked. (How and when did the security of the United States get linked with the security of Afghanistan and Pakistan? What made Afghanistan and Pakistan to become insecure and in dire need to invite a third country to intervene in their internal affairs? Was it 9/11 and America's vengeful attitude and fear tactics used to continue these wars against Muslims around the globe by using these so-called "leaders" to ravage the lives and bomb the homes of their own citizens making them refugees in their own land? And, what threats were used by the Obama regime to make this happen? Were these two men threatened with bombing of the atomic sites in Pakistan or a U.S. military takeover of the two countries just as they did in Iraq?
President Obama seems to be more concerned about protecting his own backside (he seems to lack the ability to empathize with the poor and the powerless-a dangerous lapse in a leader of any country), and for political and economic gains (it seems the Jewish lobbyists never left Washington, D.C.) than he is of human rights or the dignity of all human being. The tactics and strategies that are being used to destroy Muslims around the globe in modern times were done to the Native Americans and the African slaves in America by its past Presidents, namely demonizing and killing the peoples and their leaders, their cultures, their religious beliefs, their languages, their families, their children's education, etc.
So, what was the "change" that President Obama promised America to get elected?

President Obama claims that this venture will bring a better life to the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The United States will "give" Pakistan fifteen billion dollars over five years. Was this "union" of three countries brought by behind-the-scene threats of military attacks on these two nations by the U.S.A? What happened to the recent sham elections in Afghanistan and Pakistan to elect these two U.S. stooges?
President Zardari [Bhutto] -- (the ten percent man who has now become the million dollar man, thanks to American taxpayers) --who said that he was doing this "to avenge the death of his wife"-and President Karzai do not seem overly concerned about either their people's wishes or their security. Is there any doubt in anybody's mind that these two leaders are stooges of an alien power, their Constitutions "be damned"?
Muslims around the globe have endured corrupt political leaders for a long time now and they have neither respect nor faith in either them or the "foreign powers" that corrupt them and their democratic processes. Thus far, the spirit of the Muslims to resist exploitation, social corruption and injustices lives on. Leaders in the West need to wake up to this fact , and live by what they claim are their "values" instead of attempting to destroy the values of other cultures and religions, particularly Islam which they seem to fear and hate.
The United States has not yet acknowledged its loss of world dominance status and its recent fall from grace. The only country, to date, that has used atomic bombs on civilians of two cities has been the United States. It is this that the world fears and the fact that America and its political "strategies" seem to have many hidden agendas-- one of which is Israel's behind-the-scene corrupting influence and power over the United States Presidents, the citizens-elected U.S. House of Representatives, Wall Street, the media, the educational and justice systems, etc., etc. It is all of these factors that enrage the peoples of the world. If the United States gets a grip on its own corrupt and unethical Wall Street bankers that have wrecked economic havoc around the globe then the United States and the entire world could become a more secure place. They need to fight these "wars on terrorists" in their own backyard.
In comparison, the Taleban and al-Qaida are the "Bogey-men" of politicians in countries such as the USA and the UK. If and when they stop meddling in internal affairs of countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, etc., then the world would once again become a safer place for all. The picture that the West wishes to impose on the world regarding their political wheeling and dealing is full of lies and hidden agendas. It is not authentic.

What is wrong with this picture at another level? A great deal! The unspoken words and the body language of these two leaders spoke volumes. They appeared as two "poodles" of the United States-a far cry from leaders of two "sovereign" nations. But more disturbing was the stark disconnect of cultures between them. Both their use of the English language and their body language were of two different cultures. They were not sharing a common experience of "terrorism" or whatever they had come together to discuss or resolve. And when they turned their backs to the cameras at the end of the Press event, President Obama walked away ahead of the other two, leaving the Pakistani President and the Afghan President to do what is always done in their cultures-walking together, as a gesture of respect and equality, but lost on President Obama-a "cultural slip" of body language.

Conclusion drawn by Muslim Afghans and Pakistanis to this is that this was a "talking down" to elected Presidents of two "sovereign nations" in the White House by a President of the U.S.A. This state of world affairs will continue and so will the political and social instability and upheavals around the world unless and until the citizens of these countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan rise up and protest and put a stop to them once and for all.
No matter who sits in the White house, it all ends up as "business as usual" because the United States democracy has imploded from within and is not likely to recover from this "virus" in the near future.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
Change through Peaceful Means
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Miseducation is Key to Amerca's Problems and Global Intervention, says top Mathematician
Think about it!

Photo: Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz , Endowed Chair of Mathematics, Grambling State University, Louisiana, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, is the Philosopher of Jamaat al-Muslimeen with numerous students, including Ph.Ds, across America and in Africa.

Dr. Shabazz teaches Jamaat Shoora leaders that America's problems arise from its skewed educational system, including its sophisticated network of universities. America's elites carry with them the virus of White Supremacy and its undertow of racism. Race is a false construct, he says, which is used to divide people and nations. The supremacy idea is behind war as it has been conducted in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza.

We see the dumbing down of entire populations by the system of education itself. The exploitation and oppression is built into subtle, institutionalized racism.

Outreach in Greensboro, North Carolina: May 8, 2009
Khutba to 500 + 250 Arab American Muslims
Dr. Siddique Emphasizes Women's Participation in Peaceful Resistance to Mass Culture.
America's Underside: Racism, Zionism, Secularism, Exploitation of Women.

The Islamic Center of the Triad [ICT] has become become an important place for the peaceful development and growth of Muslims in Greensboro in particular and North Carolina in general. Starting off with a basic population of Arab Americans, mostly from Palestine, Iraq and Egypt, as well as Africans from Somalia and Sudan, it is now attracting African Americans and Pakistanis.

Imam Badi Ali has a strong team of young people with him which humbly serves the community. Refugees from Iraq and Sudan are being helped. The refugees are suffering poverty in affluent America. The latest appeal was for 20 fans for families which do not have air conditioning in their apartments.

The Friday prayer gatherings have grown so that now two juma's are held. Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave khutba to both gatherings and led prayers for the second one, with a Sudanese brother leading the first.
A very young brother named Abbas, who recently embraced Islam, facilitated Dr. Siddique with the technology for the khutba.

About 500 people attended the first juma' and about 250, the second. Here is a summary of the main points made by Dr. Siddique which hopefully will get countrywide distribution and help other khateebs:

Text #1: "The believers, men and women, are each others' protecting friends and guardians: they emphasize what is just and forbid what is evil: They establish regular prayers, they pay the zakat and they obey Allah and His messenger: On them will Allah pour His Mercy, for Allah is Exalted in power, Wise." [The Qur'an 9:71]

Text #2: "When the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, passed away, he had no proparty, no finances big or small, no slave male or female, or anything else, except a white mule and weapons [for jihad] and a piece of land which he left for sadaqa [charity]." [Hadith, Sahih Bukhari , kitab al-wasaya.]

#1 #2:

Understanding the fighting in Swat
Meet the Taliban Spokesman Muslim Khan: Discusses Why the Taliban are fighting
Speaks in English and Arabic

Courtesy Asia Times Online [The interview was conducted 2 months before the latest fighting but is still relevant.]

Pakistan has used the police, paramilitary forces, politically-backed militias and the army itself in an attempt to tame the Taliban in the Swat Valley, without success. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) projects that the situation in the Swat Valley and the tribal areas will deteriorate this year, causing a fresh displacement of up to 625,000 people.

"An analysis indicates that there is a significant likelihood of large-scale clashes and intensified military offensives throughout 2009, and possibly into 2010," the study said. According to the OCHA's "humanitarian response plan", the displacement will exacerbate an "already complex humanitarian situation".

The Swat Valley's transformation from probably the most peaceful place in Pakistan to one of its most militant has been startling, as has the popularity of the Taliban's ideology, which is widely seen as extremist.

In an attempt to get some understanding on these issues, I spoke to Haji Muslim Khan. He speaks many languages, including English and Arabic, as he has spent many years abroad, mostly in Kuwait and the United States. His house was demolished by the Pakistan army and his family is displaced; he now lives in Taliban bunkers in the mountains and traveled specially to a population center to give this interview.

Asia Times Online: You are the official chief spokesman of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Swat. Could you tell us about yourself, your childhood, education, and your intellectual journey through various political and religious movements. And what inspired you to align with Mullah Fazlullah and his movement? [Mullah Fazlullah, nicknamed "Radio Mullah", is the leader of the Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi - Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Law, TNSM - and controls the insurgency in the Swat area.]

Muslim Khan: First, I thank you for coming here and meeting with us, without any fear and greed. I thank you for you and your organization allowing us the opportunity to air our view. Regarding your question about my childhood, I belong to a poor family of Swat. My father was a tehsildar [revenue administrative officer] during the time of the Swat [princely] state. I matriculated from Dahrai High School [Swat]. For intermediate [arts], I went to Jahanzeb College, Swat. I could not pass my intermediate from college as I joined the Pakistan People's Party [PPP] and I was sent to jail, where I spent 25 days, and I was expelled from the college.

My father was annoyed at the discontinuation of my education, so later on I passed my intermediate as an external student. By that time, I felt my responsibilities towards my home and family and to acquire further studies I went to Karachi [Pakistani southern port city]. However, God had something else planned for me over there. [Instead of work and studies in Karachi] I went into the sea service.

Meanwhile, from when I was in the eighth grade, I was inspired by the Palestinian al-Fatah movement and was in regular correspondence with their Islamabad office. Then I made contact with Dr Israr Ahmad [a famous orator at state-run Pakistan Television during the late General Zia ul-Haq period, who was also the founder of the Tanzeem-e-Islami organization, which works for the revival of the Islamic caliphate].

However, when the Pakistan People's Party came into power [early 1970s], those were my college days ... and their rhetoric of Islamic socialism in their manifesto ... inspired me as from the beginning only Islam had been my inspiration.

I joined the Pakistan People's Party because Maulana Kausar Niazi [former minister of information in Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's cabinet, religious scholar and former leader of the Jamaat-i-Islami] raised the slogan of Islamic socialism.

However, I observed that after the election victory, the leaders of the Pakistan People's Party exploited their power. That was the first election in Pakistan [on the basis of adult franchise], so we could measure what election politics were all about. We found it to be dirty politics. Even today it is like that. Therefore, I gave up the Pakistan People's Party.

Then, to earn my bread, I joined the sea service for three or four years. Then I went to Kuwait, where I spent 14 years. In this period, I continued my association with various religious parties, including the Jamaat-i-Islami and Dr Israr Ahmed [Tanzeem-e-Islami]. At last, while in Kuwait, I was connected with Maulana Sufi Mohammad [the founder of the Tehrik-e-Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Mohammadi and the father-in-law of Mullah Fazlullah].

I found his claims for Islam true. From his first speech I heard, I could measure that this is the right man for the enforcement of Islamic laws and therefore I supported his cause and movement. Everybody knows of this movement and how it passed through different phases in Malakand division [in Pakistan] in the last 17 years.

Then came the last phase when Mullah Fazlullah, who spent 18 months in jail in Dera Ismail Khan [in the NWFP], as he was arrested while coming back from jihad in Afghanistan [after the US invasion in 2001], he launched a movement and we supported it as much as we could.

This was not for his personality but for a cause, that we are Muslims but live under a heretic system ... no Islamic jurists or Islamic scholar can dish out an argument that while living in this system. God would forgive us. This is the sole mission. On this land, that belongs to God, only his laws should be implemented.

ATol: What is your understanding of Islam in the perspective of Pakistan. It is said that Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam. The Objective Resolution [which declares that no law can be formulated against Islamic laws] is part of our constitution, under which several Islamic and political parties claim Pakistan as an Islamic state. Why then is there a need for this movement for the implementation of Islamic laws?

MK: As far as the name Pakistan [Land of the Pure] is concerned, it is good to have this name, but as far as practice is concerned, it is not even 1% [true]. Before us, there were several academics, political parties and intellectuals who strived [for the implementation of sharia law], but as far as governance is concerned, we are responsible, we betrayed God and his religion, and in my opinion we should be tried, as nation, for committing this crime. We established this state of Pakistan under Islamic ideology and under the banner "There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Messenger," but we did not move an inch forward for this cause. Instead, we retreated from this cause by several miles. The reason is that we are still slaves - our intelligentsia, the rulers and segments of life, politics, education, are slaves. The economy is driven by usury.

ATol: What do you mean by slaves?

MK: It means we are not free in anything. We cannot formulate laws independently ... We cannot make laws by our choice.

ATol: Then by whose choice do we make laws?

MK: From the choice of those from whose rule we got independence [Britain], symbolically, their virus still infests our rulers. Whatever they [rulers] do, first they seek permission from there [the West]. For politics, they go to Dubai [in the United Arab Emirates] to hold meetings. Politics concern this country, but their meetings are held in Dubai and London. Therefore we are not free.

However, there are a few things in which we are free - the nation has freedom in extravaganza, obscenity and spreading nudity. From the ideology for which this country came into being, we have not inched forward. This is the reason the Tehrik-i-Taliban came into being in Swat. Soon, our intelligentsia will realize our cause, that our struggle is not for any rule, but to implement this ideology.

ATol: There are areas in Swat where the Khans were very powerful. Can you shed some light on their role, their character and influence?

MK: There were 360 idols in holy Kaba [in Mecca. These were the icons through which Mecca was ruled by powerful families before Islam]. If I tell you the truth, here in every village there were 360 idols. For the upholding of this system [prevailing in Pakistan], even a cop and SHO [Station House Officer of the police] became god, but the Khan saheb [rich and powerful Pashtun feudals] became the biggest god. They never regarded people as human beings. The poor and the downtrodden had no position as human beings.

In all government departments, God forbid me, officials became god. They never regarded religion nor human values. For Europeans and Westerners, humanity lives in the West, but they never care about the human rights of the people living in Pakistan. In Pakistan, tyranny has crossed all limits, at the hands of the Khans or at the hands of the wadera [feudals from southern Sindh province] and from the police.

However, tyranny emerged in its extremes in Swat when our people, women and children, were targeted with bombs of 30 kilograms and above; shells and mortars. Our Khans were the ones who invited them [the army] to bomb us, provided space to them and approved their attacks. Now, these Khans are now sitting in their bungalows in Islamabad or in Peshawar and the oppressed people are running for their lives to take refuge here and there. Human-rights organizations do not look after those oppressed people, nor do those Khans who once ruled those people.

ATol: Do you have rich people in your movement, or is it only a movement of poor people? Your leader Mullah Fazlullah sailed boats for his earnings by transporting people on the Swat River.

MK: Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, was an orphan. Our policy is not against the poor, or against the rich. If Islamic laws are implemented in this region, only then will it be realized whether the Taliban launched their movement and their struggle and waged jihad for opposition to rich people. Only once Islamic laws are implemented will it be realized whether we were against the rich people or whether we were against a system which is a remnant of British rule. We only want to implement the Islamic system. Only the Islamic system can give rights and protection to both the rich and the poor. These are only stunts [the accusation that the movement is against rich people].

ATol: Your movement is branded as anti-education and it is alleged that you destroy schools. Especially, you are allegedly against girls' education. But now it is said that you have destroying male and female schools. Is it correct that you are against both men's and women's education?

MK: This is sad, that we are slaves in all sections of our society, even, please don't mind, the media are slaves. Nobody is ready to sit with the Taliban and ask what they want from all this. The education system and the curriculum are both remnants of the British.

We are Muslims. Had there not been an Islamic system of education and curriculum, then it would have been all right to import a system of education belonging to others. But fortunately, Islam provides its own system of education, politics, economics and justice. We often say in Pakistan, even in the schools, especially the intelligentsia, that Islam is a complete code of life. If Islam is a complete code of life, then what is the need to import education from the United Kingdom?

ATol: This is an ideological and academic debate. You might be right or wrong in your argument. However, the issue is violence. The Taliban are said to have bombed schools and destroyed them. What do you say about that?

MK: Very true. Nobody can prove that we bombed any school building during phase one of the military operations in the Swat Valley. [Sarcastically] Why did the "well-educated" and "very qualified" Pakistan army set up military bunkers in the schools? This is my question.

If the security forces can set up military bunkers in order to fight against us and against the cause of Islamic laws, we also have the right to retaliate and destroy those schools in which they have set up bunkers, or bridges for that matter.

These are the "well educated" and "very qualified" people of our security forces who bombed our villages and destroyed them. We have, therefore, the right to destroy those schools which brought up this generation, sold out to foreigners and sold their own people to foreigners.

On [the basis of] just one phone call, they handed over our air bases to the enemy. We hate this system and this system of education. As far as school buildings are concerned, I can guarantee you that we can rebuild those buildings within a month [once military operations are over] and at the same time I tell you that not a single child was hurt in our attacks. But I ask you, why was the Islamic seminary Jamia Hafsa targeted in Islamabad [in 2007] and to add salt on the wounds, even female students were killed. Why did they do that? That was also conducted by "very well-qualified generals". Why?

ATol: How do people view you? Do you think the Taliban are popular?

MK: People do like the Tehrik-e-Taliban [Taliban movement]. We don't care about individuals. Our people and the Taliban sacrificed a lot for the cause and this should be written in gold in history.

ATol: Are you loyal to the state of Pakistan?

MK: If we are 100% loyal to Pakistan, our leaders and rulers are 200% disloyal to Pakistan and its subjects. They rule us against the ideology and the constitution of the country. When Pakistan came into being in 1947, they did not implement Islamic laws. This was a betrayal against the nation, religion and God. Then in Malakand division, when the government promised us the implementation of Islamic laws - we have the documents to show this - why did they betray us? Why were Islamic laws not implemented? Therefore, our struggle is justified and those who oppose Islamic laws, they are outlaws.

ATol: How can two different systems coexist at the same time? Islamic laws could be enforced in the whole country, and then they would be applied in Malakand. But how can these laws be applied in a particular region when the whole of the country is governed by separate laws?

MK: If the system of panchait [a system of arbitration] can coexist with civil laws in Punjab, if the jirga system [tribal councils]) can coexist in the provincially administered tribal areas [like Malakand] with the civil laws, why can't Islamic laws coexist with civil laws? However, we say that we should not run two system. Being Muslims, we should implement only Islamic laws.

ATol: Your movement is touted as no more than a local movement. Yet it is believed to have connections with al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. What is the reality?

MK: Al-Qaeda was the same as the mujahideen and the Taliban only a few years back when they were fighting against the Soviets [1980s] and they were supported by the Americans. Everybody boasted of them as the mujahideen, including the Western media.
My question is how yesterday's mujahideen can became the terrorists of today? Today, they are declared as terrorists only because the way they threw the Russians across the Amu Darya [Oxus River], they are aiming to throw the Americans across the Atlantic Ocean.

Therefore, the jihad is against their interests, and that's why they are against us. They are here to grab the resources of Muslim countries and therefore whether it is the Taliban or al-Qaeda or Muslims, they are against their [the US's] cause. Since they have great influence on our rulers, their cause is justified. Their rulings are ratified by our rulers. Having said all these things, I tell you that our fight is for a change of the system in Malakand. We are branded as Indian RAW [Research and Analysis Wing] proxies. Let me tell you that once Islamic laws are implemented, then you will see our real face. Let us tackle the issues of Palestine, Afghanistan and Kashmir, and then it will be shown whether we are Indian proxies or not.

ATol: The Pakistani establishment has consistently accused your movement of being an Indian proxy. They claim to have arrested men who were Hindus and cannot even speak the local dialects and languages. In some cases, the government claimed to have found men who had not been circumcised, which proved they were non-Muslim.

MK: This just shows the government's weaknesses as well as propaganda. It is baseless. Just present five examples and we will leave the movement.

ATol: You movement is connected with [Pakistani Taliban leader] Baitullah Mehsud, and his command stretches all over. It is said that the movement aims to separate the North-West Frontier Province from Pakistan.

MK: This is an international conspiracy against the Pashtun territories. Pashtuns are very much attached to the religion, whether they live in Pakistan or in Afghanistan or elsewhere. They are always ready to sacrifice their lives for Islam. Some are bad people, but as a whole they serve the religion.

This is just propaganda against us by the Pakistani intelligence agencies and this is also their mental weakness. They are the people who have not been able to liberate Kashmir from India in the past 60 years. They propagate us and mint money from the Americans and the European.

Propaganda against the mujahideen is their source of income. Now, to justify a war against their own people, they propagate such things that we want separation and that we are Indian proxies. Killing the mujahideen and selling them out is a means of earning for our generals. This is also the way to avoid confrontation with American troops. If our forces cannot fight against cowardly Hindus, how come they can face American troops? Whether it is Kargil [the war with India in 1999] or Afghanistan, the mujahideen were used. Is there any Muslim country which can claim to liberate Palestine? No. Maybe God does not want to use these people for his cause because every officer is a pharaoh in his character.

ATol: You mentioned the Pashtuns. The Awami National Party [ANP] in North-West Frontier Province represents Pashtuns. However, the Taliban have killed some ANP members and the noose is tightening around them.

MK: Indeed. I said that the majority of Pashtuns are loyal to the religion. The others are Pashtun by name, but practically they are traitors. They deserve such treatment. They were given government after 40 years, but they did not thank God. If they have said it once, the Taliban have said it 10 times, that killings in this region should be stopped.

We sat with them and held talks. They made many commitments, but they could not fulfill them. Real Pashtuns always fulfill their commitments, but these are Pashtuns who were sitting in the Soviet Union's lap for money and now they are in the American lap. They are the Pashtuns who sell their beliefs and the nation. They are a stain on the name of Pashtuns. They are traitors of the nation and to religion.

ATol: That gun of your's, it's not locally made, and it is not the kind used by the Pakistan army. Where did you get it?

MK: These are the fruits of jihad, which are in the hands of the mujahideen today. This is manufactured in Austria. Those infidels gave them to our army to use against our mujahideen. There is a police station called Dewale in Swat. We snatch them from there from the Pakistani security forces. I am surprised when people ask us from where we get modern weaponry. These are the fruits of jihad. Whoever manufactured this and for whatever cause, now it is in our hands and for our cause.

Apart from this, our army used a spiritual guide [pir], a religious leader, to fight against us. We not only killed that pir, but recovered 20 best-quality light machine guns, besides 20 other guns that had been supplied to that pir by the Pakistan army. Now these guns are in our possession.

ATol: How many Taliban are there?

MK: The more we are oppressed, the more we spread. Yesterday, if they were 10, now there are several times more.

ATol: I thank you Muslim Khan for your time and your efforts to leave your place in the mountains and come to meet me.

MK: It is a pleasure, and thank you for coming all the way to Swat.

Jewish Anti-Semitism Towards Jesus and Christianity
Silent As Death-Catholic Church Muzzled on Israeli Butchery of Palestinians with Bishop. Williamson Controversy

Pope Benedict XVI in Palestine
" ....he made sure to elucidate the fact that the Church stands firmly in Israel's camp."

Published May 13, 2009

In the aftermath of the infamous interview with Bp. Richard Williamson earlier this year where he stated with both straight face and clear conscience his belief that "holocaust" history as it has been told now for the last half century is much like any other production coming out of Jewish Hollywood-meaning a work of fiction designed to propagandize the masses-the world was inundated with minute-by-minute/how-by-hour breaking news reports.
Numbering in the millions in terms of dollars, man hours and words spoken, it should be remembered that the well-organized campaign of screeching and howling on the part of Jewish interests concerning the Great Holocaust Heresies of Bp Williamson took place in the midst of an economic meltdown truly apocalyptic in its scope and at a time when America finds herself in the midst of 2 disastrous wars with several more on the back burner just waiting to boil over. Judging by the scale, volume and shrill nature of the reports one would have assumed the world was about to be consumed in a heaven-sent ball of fire with all life on earth destroyed.
Watchers of the drama (with good reason) assumed all the noise was just a case of "business as usual" when it comes to Jewish interests who believe and operate under the assumption that the world revolves around them and their great experiment in bringing all the Yahweh-ordained butchery and narcissism of the Old Testament to life in the creature known as the Jewish state.
Now however, with the recent trip to Israel by Pope Benedict XVI, who as "Commander-In-Chief" of over 1 billion Catholics worldwide can effectively be considered the most powerful Western leader in the world it is obvious now that the real reason for all the noise months ago concerning one Bp. Williamson and his blasphemous maltreatment of the sancta sanctorum of Jewish suffering known as the holocaust can be summed up in one word-"pressure". In particular, interested players wanted to put the heat on the Catholic Church in general and the Pope in particular just prior to his scheduled visit to the Holy Land for reasons now easy to see.
As with many things, and particularly those involving the various agendas and maneuvers of this thing known as the Jewish state, the "proof" of this thesis can now be seen in the "pudding" of what has transpired since Benedict XVI's arrival in the Holy Land this month. Despite various photo ops and truckloads of flowery language dealing with lofty items of peace, justice, and all the rest, in its essence the high-media exposure event has basically had but one apparent beneficiary, that surprise, surprise, turns out once again to be the Jewish state. Nothing more than a public relations opportunity for the Jewish state in the wake of her massacre in Gaza that has cast Israel in her true light as a violence-addicted nation of psychopaths, Pope Benedict Arnold VXI spoke of the "inseparable bond" between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people.
Although carefully avoiding a repeat of the disaster he wrought in Regensburg several years ago when he described Islam as an inherently violent religion, nevertheless he made sure to elucidate the fact that the Church stands firmly in Israel's camp and will not use an ounce of her formidable voice in speak out against the injustices that have and continue to fall upon the real Semites in the region, meaning the innocent men, women and children in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Iraq or elsewhere.
In the meantime, he assiduously avoided visiting Gaza or talking about the recent purposeful carnage taking place there by Israel. No mention of the women and children deliberately incinerated with Phosphorus bombs or the gunning down of hands-held-high families as they exited their homes upon orders of the IDF.
Instead, the man who commands the attention and respect of over a billion Catholics worldwide spoke about "peace" in the holy land in the same way some single-digit IQ beauty contest candidate talks about how she will wipe out world hunger if she wins. Deliberately vague and yet equivocating the violence perpetrated against Palestinian Christian and Muslim civilians whose deaths number in the thousands with the resistance on the part of an oppressed people who have to date killed only dozens, his comments on the trip have so far been a mirrored reflection of Rodney King's infamous "Can't we all get along, y'all?" taking place in the wake of the LA riots following the acquittal of the police officers charged with beating him more than a decade ago.
Those who think the thesis of the Williamson hurricane being used as a means of maneuvering the Vatican into polishing Israel's image after the slaughter of the innocents in Gaza is all some mad "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" should check what Israel's press has to say before voicing such opinions. An Associated Press piece entitled "Israel Hopes for Tourism, Image Boost from Pope" reads as follows-

"Israeli officials are hoping that the visit of Pope Benedict XVI will boost tourism, improve Israel's image and bolster relations between the Jewish state and the Vatican. Briefing reporters, Israeli Tourism Minister Yuli Edelstein hoped the images of the pope at prayer would push aside some of the impressions of Israel as a focus of war and violence. "I'm not naive enough to think that it will fill all the screens and that everyone will forget about the conflict," Edelstein said, hoping the visit would create better understanding abroad "of Israeli democracy, of religious freedom, that of the existing and vital Christian minority in this country," which "is enjoying all the rights."

Of course, not mentioned in the minister's disingenuous comments is the fact that Christians in Israel can be punished with a 5-year prison sentence for merely passing out New Testament pamphlets to Jews, as well as the infamous burning of several hundred copies of the New Testament by Jews in a synagogue parking lot recently.
If there was ever proof that indeed the world's most powerful Christian organization-the Catholic Church-is now like any other governing body in the Western world chokeholded by Zionist interests, it is the deathly silence of the church and her leaders surrounding the recent massacres perpetrated against Palestinian Christians and Muslims by the Jewish state. Whether it was Israel's month-long attack on Lebanon in 2006 where she mercilessly rained bombs down upon on for-the-most-part Christian villages that resulted in over a 1,000 dead or her recent holocaust in Gaza where close to 8,000 people (mostly civilians as well) were either killed or wounded and the church's deafening silence regarding both, it is apparent now that persons finding themselves in the crosshairs of fanatical, genocidal Jewish terrorists have little to hope for in terms of moral support from Rome.
Those who doubt that Jewish interests would worry about the Pope's influence to such an extent as to foment a non-stop campaign of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the comments of one Bp. Williamson should consider a few things first. That the Catholic church (despite its waning influence over the years) is an influential world body is not some wild theory based solely on superstition or nostalgia. Despite the fact that (geographically speaking) it is the smallest country in the world nevertheless it is one of the largest in terms of its citizenry, and certainly the largest among western nations. The better part of her 1.2 billion followers scattered across the globe in virtually every country look upon the Pope as their commander-in-chief, and historically when push has come to shove they have deferred to his authority over that of their political leaders. Indeed, the power of the church's opinion on any given matter was of such weight and caliber that once upon a time presidents, prime ministers and princes with large numbers of Catholics living under their rule dared not get sideways with the Vatican for fear of what kind of public relations trouble such a position could bring them.
And despite the fact this power has been seriously weakened over the years, nevertheless like some middle aged blond bombshell actress who has put on a few pounds and gained a few wrinkles the power of the papacy still retains enough of a punch to be problematic for certain players with agendas the church might find obnoxious. What's more is the fact that in the modern informational age, at a moment's notice if the Pope decides to get in front of a camera and issue a statement or write a paper on a particular subject he will have no trouble whatsoever in rousing the interest of worldwide media. Thus, like someone throwing a stone into a lake resulting in waves that reach the furthest edges he can effect how over a billion people think, spend their money, how they vote, etc, etc.
Therefore, there is definitely good reason for Israel to worry about the Pope "finding Jesus" as it were and taking up the anti-Zionist cause. A man with his office who commands the loyalty of not just millions, but rather thousands of millions of people spread out within literally every corner of the globe could cause a hell of a lot of trouble for Jewish interests if he suddenly allowed his conscience to get the best of his mouth. One can just imagine the waves of panic that would grip Jewish interests if suddenly the Pope started discussing such things as Israel's involvement in 9/11 or if the Catholic world suddenly warmed itself to the world‘s 1.5 billion Muslims and started speaking up on their behalf. The man calling himself the successor to Peter could certainly be a very painful thorn in the side of the present thugs occupying the asylum for the criminally insane known as the Jewish state if he suddenly began pondering and then acting upon that question heard so much within certain Christian circles today, which is "What Would Jesus Do?"
Sadly though, in the final analysis, it must-sadly-be concluded that all the screeching and kvetching surrounding the Williamson affair had the intended outcome, which was to make sure that the world's most powerful Christian body (and her leader) remain just as they have over the course of the last century when it comes to the issue of Jewish brutality on the indigenous Semites people in the Holy Land-as silent as death.

(c) 2009 Mark Glenn
Correspondent, American Free Press

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