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Sha'ban 24, 1426/September 28, 2005 #73
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[Osama sighted.] [Also see comment on CAIR's Comedy Club.]

Republican Rule Cracking [ready to Crumble?]

During the September 24 mass anti-war rally Ramsey Clark called for the IMPEACHMENT of Bush. Earlier, he told New Trend that 600,000 signatures have been collected for the impeachment move.

On September 28 Republican leader Tom Delay was indicted on an alleged felony charge. This is a first in 100 years and puts the Republican Party on the defensive. Delay is an extreme devotee of Israel.

Hurricane Rita played a dirty trick on Bush and his generals. The storm was set to hit Houston and Bush's people were ready for it, but at the last moment Rita right [east] and went for the oil towns and tourist resorts. Bush's relief army was left high and dry by this dodge. More than a dozen towns were wiped out in Texas and Louisiana. After 5 days, 12 oil refineries are still closed.

[There is no news of the large prison in Beaumont. Texas which has Muslims in it. Anyone who has news, let us know.]
NOTE: After 42 days of U.S. bombing during the first Gulf War, President Saddam Hussain got the electricity going within a month in all of Baghdad. A month after Katrina, only 16% of New Orleans has electricity.
The Horror, the Horror:
Sept. 23 to 28: Israel has been attacking Gaza every day to terrorize the people and to kill the Islamic activists in its attempts to create a "defanged" and "tamed" Palestine.
The Jews used heavy artillery, tanks and jet fighters in these attacks. The Palestinians have no comparable weaponry. They retaliated and killed one Jew with a KNIFE!

A crowd of youngsters supporting Hamas was blown up by the Israelis with the help of a collaborator killing 19 youths. An Islamic Jihad leader was murdered by Israeli missile fire.
[For the first time in their lives thousands of Gaza youths were able to see and reach the ocean. Can you believe it! These Jewish scum had occupied the entire ocean front, denying the Palestinian people access to the ocean for decades. Gaza was a concentration camp. And America paid each Jew $5000 for leaving the illegally occupied land and houses for fear of the "suicide bombers."

Reminding Muslims of the Original Islam of Muhammad


"Whoever revives a dead land, that land belongs to him."
[Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith narrated by Jabir ibn Abdullah, in Musnad of Ahmad, Jami of Tirmidhi, Sunan of Nasai.]

"Then 'Ayesha, r.a., spoke. Her voice was high pitched, and her words overcame most people because she was a woman of majesty."
[Tabari in his Tarikh al-Umam wa al-Muluk.]

"Ahnaf ibn Qais, tab'ai [from the generation after the sahaba] narrates: I have heard the speeches of all the khulafa till my time, including Abu Bakr, 'Umar, 'Usman and Ali. Allah be pleased with them, but the quality and level of Ayesha's speech outdid anything they could say." [Collected by Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Musnad's kitab az-Zuhd and also available in Mustadrak in the mention of 'Ayesha, r.a.]
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
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Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad's Interview

While ISNA and ICNA are keeping a careful silence about the case of Islamic educator Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad, she was interviewed by a local paper, the Orange County Register [September 20]. The paper is published in the same area where Dr. Muzzammil Siddiqui works. We hope he will break his silence now and not pretend that a top Islamic educator does not exist because his friends Fazal Mirza et al are against her.

Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad: Always a Great Principal: Says Jamaat Activist from Harlem, New York.

I've read your past articles about Sis. Zakiyyah and am wondering if she is the same Sis. Zakiyyah Muhammad who was a principal at the Sis. Clara Muhammad School Secondary Elementary School in Harlem.

If so, she was an excellent principal. I am not surprised to hear that she is at the top of her profession because she really understands how children think. I enjoyed my time there as a student until Sis. Zakiyyah left and the school was run into the ground by Sis. ......., who succeeded her.

Sis. 'Aisha

Unique Distinction of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

National Muslim organizations in America do not hold Shoora [Consultative Committee] meetings. If they do hold them secretly, then that is forbidden in Islam and is known as Najwa. It would mean that Muslims are not told when their organizations do Shoora and what is decided in them.

By sharp contrast, Jamaat al-Muslimeen announces and holds Shoora meetings regularly, as commanded by the Qur'an, and then publishes the contents of it decision making.

Flag Problem at Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora in Chicago

On September 24, 2005 the Central Consultative Committee [Shoora] of Jamaat al-Muslimeen met in Chicago to formulate policies which would help the Muslims of America in these dire times.

The Imam of one of Chicago's biggest mosques had offered an excellent conference room for the Shoora. However, when the Shoora members went to the mosque, they found a large American flag on the building. In Islam, a place of worship devoted to Allah Almighty is not permitted to carry the flag of a kafir or secular government. The situation is further complicated by the bombing and destruction of mosques in Iraq and Afghanistan by jet fighters, helicopters, tanks and artillery carrying this flag.

As a result, the mosque had to be rejected as a meeting place. A comparable alternative place could not be found at this late juncture. Hence the meeting had to be held in very cramped quarters.

The leadership of the mosques of America has deteriorated to such an extent that even at mosques where men have beards and women wear the hijab, the fear of American power structure's oppression far outweighs the fear of Allah's power.

Powerful Message of Original Islam Came out of Shoora

The September 24 Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen reviewed the situation of Muslims in America and came forth with a powerful and uncompromising message and mission for the Muslims of America.

Peaceful means will be used to counter the repression to which Muslims are being subject and to foil the internal subversion being carried out by government agents with Muslim names.

Historic Anti-War Rally in Washington, DC

Nearly 300,000 people participated in the anti-war rally on September 24 organized by A.N.S.W.E.R. A Jamaat al-Muslimeen shoora member is part of the Washington Chapter of A.N.S.W.E.R. which did the groundwork for the rally.

Among the dozens of speakers, the most important were: Numerous copies of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's brochure calling for the boycott of businesses which support Israel were distributed.

[CNN claimed that 100,000 people took part in the protest but participants are sure it was more than 300,000. President Bush was the target of criticism, ridicule, jokes and downright insults throughout the rally.]
Thoughts on an important anniversary.

Syed Abul 'Ala Maudoodi Laid the Foundations of Modern Islamic Movement Around the World

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

[September 22 was the date on which Maulana Maudoodi passed away in 1979.]

I remember that the soft-spoken leader of the Islamic movement used to have severe pain in his legs, especially after long trips. Once in Karachi, after a group of students took him from the airport to a prominent supporter's house, he lay down and looked exhausted. The young people were proud of being so near the great scholar. I saw one of them, with great hesitation, asking Maudoodi if he could press his legs to lessen the pain. Maudoodi replied: "Main kabhi dubba nahin." Very difficult to translate, it had a double meaning: I have never allowed anyone to press [my legs] or I have never bowed down [in front of power].

The media were controlled by the government and would not turn up for Maudoodi's press conferences. On such occasions, Syed Munawwar Hasan, a famous Jamaate Islami activist, would "appoint" me as the representative of the press!

Maudoodi's contributions to Islamic thought cannot be covered in an article or even a book. I will highlight his most important teachings: TWO ASPECTS of MAUDOODI WHICH HAVE MADE HIM CONTROVERSIAL:

Pakistan: Maudoodi wrote with impressive analysis about the need for separation between Muslims and Hindus. His arguments for a separate Islamic homeland became a staple of the arguments put forth by the Pakistan movement led by Mohommed Ali Jinnah.

However, Maudoodi also pointed out with great clarity that Pakistan would not be able to fulfil its Islamic dreams and aspirations without a program, goals and objectives emanating from the Qur'an and the Sunnah. The British had left behind a civil administration and a military force nominally Muslim but estranged from the ideals of Islam. The Muslim League which led the Pakistan movement itself was largely feudal and lacked anyone at ground level who could implement the motivational efforts of the top two or three Pakistani leaders, and of these top ones, Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan soon died, one of cancer and the other of an assassin's bullet.

Thus Maudoodi arrived in a Pakistan in which the ruling class was determined not to let Islam become a dominant reality and certainly not to let Islam become a political force. The rulers wanted [and still try] to keep Islam as a sectarian and a personal religion.

The Struggle Transformed Maudoodi: Many Do not Understand the Process of Change and Development in his writings:

Maudoodi came out of a conservative, hierarchical, class society. The religious texts are interpreted in this society to "protect" women and to confine them to household chores.

However, as the struggle picked up its tempo and Maudoodi was sentenced to death [which he survived] and later repeatedly imprisoned by military and non-constitutional regimes, his family had to deal with his absences and became politicized.

In early writings he was defensive about the rights of women and saw only the dangers of western impact [as in his book titled Parda.] Later, as his thought became critical of monarchical systems, his writings about women too underwent steady change.

The first step was to set up a women's wing of Jamaate Islami Pakistan. Later Islamic women started taking part in politics. Today women from Jamaate Islami go for election politics and have won a number of seats in parliament. Women in this movement now have a network of organizations across Pakistan.

Maudoodi startled Pakistan by his ruling that Miss Fatima Jinnah could be Islamically elected to be President of Pakistan. From prison, he sent his Islamic ruling that Pakistanis should vote for Miss Jinnah. However, under a deluge of government-funded attacks on him, denying the right of a woman to lead a nation, he backpedalled.
Similiarly with kingship, Maudoodi started with the religious ideas of conservatism that there are "good" kings and bad kings but that kingship is not necessarily against Islam.

Owing to his scholarly honesty and courage, Maudoodi broke out of his consevartism and wrote what I consider his greatest book titled Khilafat-o-Mulookiat [Caliphate and Monarchy] published in 1966 and then re-printed in 1970, 1972 and 1974. This book provides Islamic movements throughout the world the "ammunition", the textual evidence, from the Qur'an and the Hadith against hereditary monarchy and despotism of all kinds.

The book was too advanced for Maudoodi's own party, Jamaate Islami, and it refused to support the book and phased it out after he passed away. The Pakistani government supported sectarian religious writers and hacks to carry out a crescendo of attacks against the book and fastened on to the book's scholarly criticism of 'Usman, r.a. as "touheene sahaba" [denigration of a companion of the Prophet, pbuh].

The book teaches that ARMED UPRISING against a corrupt Muslim government is encouraged in Islam provided there are chances of its success and will not lead to fruitless violence.

Today Jamaate Islami has recovered from its retreat after the passing away of Maudoodi and is once again standing as a moral force in the way of American attempts to subvert Pakistan through General Musharraf. Inshallah, the writings of Maudoodi will continue to seed Islamic movements around the world. His soft voice reverberates with thunder as the banners of Islam are unfurled in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnia and Iraq.
WAR NEWS: [From our Media Monitor]


September 28: A Muslim woman sacrificed herself to strike at a recruitment center for Iraqi mercenaries in the city of Tal Afar. Six of the mercenaries were killed and 30 wounded. Only a few days back the U.S. announced that it had "liberated Tal Afar from "terrorists."

New Trend's report deconstructed the U.S. military version to reveal that the U.S. destroyed the entire city with all its mosques, schools and homes because Islamic people {"terrorists"} were running them. Outside reports later confirmed New Trend's analysis.

Mujahidin attacks on U.S. troops have intensified. In the two weeks ending September 28, the mujahidin killed another 32 U.S. troops bringing the total killed to 1932. The reports of the fighting were not publicized in U.S. media.

In the latest mujahidin attack, two U.S. troops were killed on the Kuwaiti border in Safwan.

[A detailed report New Trend received indicates that the U.S. is killing nearly 1,000 Iraqis EVERY MONTH in an effort to destroy the civil base of the Jihad. The report is based on averages and estimates.]

SHAME of SHI'ISM: On September 28, the U.S. withdrew its occupation forces from Kerbela, the holiest city of Shi'ism BUT the forces will still remain just outside the city. All these months when the Kafir forces have been in occupation of Kerbala, Iran has been silent and Sistani-Ja'afari-Allawi have been working hand-in-glove with the U.S. Shias condemn President Saddam for quashing their rebellion but not a word about the military occupation of their holiest city by the Americans.

Observers say Syed Muqtada al-Sadr has saved Shi'ism from becoming a lackey of America. On September 27 there was new fighting between U.S. troops and the Syed's militia in Baghdad's Sadr City. The U.S. killed 8 of his militia. In Basra, the Syed's forces have killed a few British troops. A report came out which indicates British trips in disguise have been using explosives to create incidents to blame the Syed and to get the Iranian-trained allies of Sistani to attack the Syed's forces.


On September 28, 2005 a martyrdom operator from the Taliban attacked mercenaries of Karzai's troops in the capital. Nine of the troops were killed and 28 wounded. The attack comes as a shock as Kabul is the stronghold of anti-Islam forces, both pro-U.S. and Communist. These are Afghan collaborators who know what the Taliban look like. The martyr's ability to get through such tight security is a shock for Karzai.

From Sept. 25 to 28, AFP and Reuters have reported three Taliban attacks on U.S. troops in southern Afghanistan which left two U.S. troops and a U.S. paratrooper dead.

According to a news report on a Spanish language site, OSAMA bin Laden led an attack on Spanish troops in Afghanistan two months back causing Spanish casualties. Osama is reported to have been injured in the attack. At that time the Spanish news reported the loss of one of their helicopters and 5 troops killed but claimed it was an "accident." It appears that Osama is active in Afghanistan.

On September 25, a late model U.S. CHINOOK helicopter crashed near Daychopan in the Taliban province of Zabul. Five U.S. troops were killed. The Taliban claimed victory. The U.S. said it was an accident. People on the ground say it was a clear day and weather could not have caused the crash.
[DayChopan is about 100 miles from the Pakistan border.]

New Trend Reader Spots Absurdity of Asking Corrupt People to Endorse Islam and Ramadan

by Abu Shadee, New Jersey

I am sure you heard that "CAIR" is going on full scale campaign for Muslims to support a House of Representatives resolution "recognizing Islam as a GREAT religion & Ramadan as a holy month"...............CAIR did it again.
Following is my reply to them:


I do not give a dime what the entire US congress thinks of ISLAM because I am CERTAIN that Islam is the BEST religion, not only a great religion......

CAIR how dare you count on a US entity, that 80% of its members are DRUNK most of the time, to "recognize Islam"???? DO we need the HR to "APPROVE our Islam & Ramadan"???? So the HR passes the resolution:
BIG DEAL and SO WHAT....WHO CARES ......only CAIR/ISNA/ABC/XYZ......worry about that....
CAIR=Uncle TOM of our time

CAIR, proved again my point and secured my views about it: this is an organization bent on being: SUPERFICIAL "Muslim Organization".......they are destroying whatever is left of Muslim dignity by their actions.
I will NOT....repeat NOT endorse such resolution....CAIR could be better off by asking HR for a resolution to: TREAT THE MUSLIMS IN THE US & AROUND THE WORLD WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT".................or a resolution to : FREE THE DETAINED MUSLIMS IN U.S CONTROLLED JAILS"...................

CAIR shame on you and whoever supports you.....I am embarrassed to have such organization represent the Muslims.....for sure CAIR does NOT represent me.

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