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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 20,1430/ July 13, 2009, # 34

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Have a good summer: READ! [Iqra!]
Imam Badi Ali says: Leaders are readers. We recommend the following for quick summer reading:

The Qur'an. {Three translations linked to on our web page: }
The Autobiography of Malcolm X [$10]
The Struggle of Muslim Women by Kaukab Siddique [$10] [Sold 4 editions without advertising.]
Al-Fateha and its Significance by Shamim Siddiqui [$6] [Best book on the subject.]
The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy by Mearsheimer and Walt [$10]
The Power of Israel in the United States by James Petras [$10]
Hamas. Unwritten Chapters by Azzam Tamimi [$15]
Liberation of Women Thru Islam by Kaukab Siddique [$10]
Hitler's War by David Irving [$50] This is a blockbuster. Amazing scholarship!

[Address for book orders: New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087]

Good web site from Christians who understand Muslims and don't hate:
For strong stuff against the enemies of truth:
For in depth research on World War II:

From Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen [North Carolina]

Spotlight #1: The Muslims of China, the Uighurs, are part of the global ummah. We support their struggle for their basic human rights and civil rights. In fact one fifth of China is Muslim. According to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, if the Muslims of China are hurt, we are all hurt. However, we would advise the Muslims of China not to let themselves be used by the West. Remember, the West is not interested in the rights of Muslims but will be quite willing to use the Muslims. To cut down China, the imperialists have Taiwan and Tibet and now they want Xingiang. China is a budding superpower and the West sees it as competition and a growing threat. Our Islamic struggle should be well thought out. Remember what happened in GEORGIA? The western powers created a puppet state to undermine Russia but it was weak and vulnerable and collapsed when Russia attacked; so don't be fooled.

Spotlight #2: Should we expect the rulers of Muslim countries to help Muslim causes? No, these are puppets of the West. They have been installed by the West. Their armies are meant to be used against the Muslim populations in their own countries. Remember the atrocities of the Algerian army and the Egyptian army and the Jordanian army and the Tunisian army, all supported by the West? They went beyond all limits of humanity to crush and kill and humiliate their own populations. Look at what is happening in Pakistan now every day. An army of "Muslims" led by Americanized generals is bombing and shelling people who stand for Islam. Why? Simply to serve the army's foreign masters.

Spotlight #3: Al-Akhira or the Hereafter is essential to Islam but Muslims often forget it. The worst condition is that of soldiers and agents and bureaucrats who serve the rulers working for the West. These are the servants of the servants. They seek DUNYA [worldly benefits] but they are soon consumed because their masters simply use them and then trash them. The servants of taghoot will only have hellfire in the Hereafter [although they claim to be Muslims]. Thus they lose THIS WORLD [Dunya] as well as the Hereafter.

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Baltimore, MD 21234

New Trend first introduced Dr. Aafia to U.S. Muslims: Now Sis. Yvonne Urges us to do more

By Yvonne Ridley [excerpted]

Dr Aafia Siddiqui cut a lone figure as she slowly turned her head around to survey the packed courtroom in New York a few days ago.
With her sad brown eyes, she peered beyond her off-white veil and olive green jilbaab which covered her frail body.
May be she was looking for a friendly face, but with the exception of one kind individual, she was to find herself completely alone - and not for the first time.
The brutal truth is we Muslims - and I include myself in this - have once again abandoned her in her hour of need.
With the exception of her closest family, Aafiya was almost completely forgotten as the years rolled by following her kidnap and disappearance from Karachi in Pakistan in March 2003.
Her cries for help from the dungeons of Bagram, home to some of the most unimaginable cruelty, were ignored by her American tormentors.
But the harrowing images and piercing screams of Aafiya, were eventually recounted by those who survived the Bagram experience.
Aafiya was brought back into our conscious by ex-Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg. Through his book Enemy Combatant and from the graphic accounts of other Bagram survivors who also heard her screams and by the few who saw her there we now know the mother-of-three was brutalised and tortured in Bagram.
One account comes from ex-Guantanamo and Bagram detainee Binyam Mohammed who has given me an irrefutable eye witness statement confirming Aafiya was held in Bagram.
We now know thanks to Binyam and other once lost souls, that Dr Aafiya Siddiqui is Prisoner 650, The Grey Lady of Bagram.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora will discuss Dr. Aafia's case on July 25, inshallah.
In America, this is our duty, not that of Yvonne Ridley. In New York, Muslims didn't turn up [other than the one "kind" person. Guess who?]. New York did the same with the Blind Shaikh. Siraj Wahhaj actually helped the Jewish judge, Michael Mukasey.

In front of White House: Creative anti-War Work July 4 - July 13: Calling for Global Ceasefire: Free Leonard Peltier

The Change We Knead Now solar bake-in started on July 4th and has continued every day with the bread being shared after 6:00 PM outside the White House in Washington D.C. Thousands of people have signed our petition:
1. Implement universal government-paid (Single-Payer) healthcare for all
2. Free federal prisoner Leonard Peltier by executive order today
3. Solar energy collectors available for every house
4. Passenger trains connecting every city
5. Organic gardening classes in every school
6. Call for a global ceasefire
We plan to bake bread every day this summer and with your help we intend to continue until it is too cold. Please visit our website at

Endorsed by Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Howard County [Maryland] Discussion Uncovers Israeli Destruction of Bedouin Way of Life in Sinai

July 12, 2009: Columbia, Maryland has a large public library. Bette Hoover, of the Howard County Coalition for Peace & Justice used slides from her visit to "Israel" to highlight the condition of bedouins living under Israeli rule. Forty five people, all of European descent except for three Christian Arabs, listened carefully for about an hour and then offered comments and asked questions.

Ms. Bette charged Israel with "human rights violations" and the "degradation of the environment." The Israelis first undermined the bedouin way of life by stopping grazing by their herds and then lured them into ghettoes where they could be strictly controlled. The Israelis are controlling water supplies to force the bedouin to suffer, she said.

Now the Israelis are carrying out the final stage of their plan by claiming that the structures put up by the bedouin are "illegal." In this apartheid style campaign, Ms. Bette said, 50,000 bedouin homes are "considered illegal" and are "under demolition orders." The bedouin had set up a mosque with "straw bales" but on December 25, 2008 the Israelis demolished it, Ms. Bette's paper noted.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique made the following points at the meeting:

The people in the meeting were progressive and openly expressed themselves in very critical terms against Israel. With proper leadership and knowledge of Israel's activities, there could be a countrywide effort to throw off the yoke of Israel.

U.S. Government Unnecessarily Concerned about Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Report by our webmaster Br. Richard follows:

"A couple of days ago, 2009-07-10 Friday, 2 FBI agents approached me at the entrance to my apartment building when I was coming home from work.

They told me this was a non-custodial interview and asked if there was someplace we could talk.

I took them 2 blocks down the street to the Scooters coffee house where they had a conference room.

They were part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

They were asking specifically about the websites I do for JAM (Jama'at al-Muslimeen).

They asked me more than once if Dr Siddique was trying to incite Muslims to violent acts against the US.

When I pointed out that JAM's stance against violence is specified on the website, they said sometimes people say one thing in public but do other things behind the scenes.

I pointed out to them that JAM helped win the battle recently for Imam Jamil al-Amin's prison rights through non-violent means; using emails, letters, and telephone calls.

As they went on some more I said I doubt if Dr Siddique had a record of any criminal activity, especially not the type they were talking about.

I then asked them should not the FBI agents that have spoken to Dr Siddique have looked into such things ?

As they went on about the websites I pointed out the JAM recruits people like Dr Shabazz who has been teaching higher math for about 50 years.

I said where would any of these members find the time to do any of these activities when they barely have enough time to work and fulfill their obligations to Allah (Islam) and family ?

They started talking about people "with an axe to grind" and I pointed out how many people had been put in prisons for something they had not done. Some of these have been released after DNA testing.

I said that MS-13, the drug gangs from Mexico, were more of a domestic terrorist threat than a Muslim protest group.

I also mentioned that people blamed the Nation of Islam when the Oklahoma City bombing was done by Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols. In fact, the officers that had him for traffic and firearms violations almost let him go !

At the point where they said it was their job to make sure nothing bad happened in this country I had to start pointing out the facts.

They say Israel is their friend that they will not give up. I said that Israel was founded in 1948 and before that date no "radical" Muslims were killing US citizens. I said support for Israel cannot solve the problem because supporting Israel is the cause of the problem.

I then said if Israel is your friend you still do not have to give them taxpayers' money nor arms.

I said the next UN Resolution that comes against Israel, simply do not veto it and let them deal with it on their own.

The last fact I pointed out to them was Michelle Bachelet. She was democratically elected and a US backed dictator, Pinochet, had tortured her and tortured her father to death.

I stated the truth, US policy backing terror states like Israel and India, supporting torurers like Mubarak is the cause of the violence against them.

Tracking protest groups will not solve the problem, changing US foreign policy will.

I talked with them for more than an hour until they got tired of hearing my replies.

They finished by asking me if I would call them if I knew somethinng would happen where innocent people would be killed.

Ironically, they were told about the WTC at least 16 months before it happened and they ignored it !"

From a reader
Murder of Imam In California looks like Hate Crime

On June 4 there were death threats at the Islamic Center of Cypress and on June 27, Imam Ali Mohammed, was killed in a fire. Police are investigating the burning of the Mosque and the death of Imam Ali as a hate crime.

Autopsy report confirmed the death occurred because of fire burns and "inhalation of products of combustion." Jordan Mohammed, Ali's 21-year-old son, provided the sheriff's deputies with photographs of racist vandalism that his father discovered inside the family's house and photographed two days before the fire. The vandalism included racial epithets - including phrases laced with profanity that singled out the family's Middle Eastern ethnicity - as well as Nazi and American symbols - similar to death threat graffiti at the Islamic Center of Cypress.

Amazing Comeback and Victory for Dr. Shabazz. Elected to Lincoln U. Board of Trustees after Mistreatment by Administration

July 1, 2009: Lincoln University announced that Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz has been elected to serve on the Board of Trustees as alumni elected representative for the term 2009-2013. The vote in his favor was overwhelming.

Readers might remember that Dr. Shabazz was subjected to a long process of harassment and belittlement based on innuendo and claims of weird kinds. Finally Dr. Shabazz left Lincoln. This was the darkest chapter in Lincoln history. It seemed as if Bush himself was running the school. It was like throwing away ones gold.

Then came the good news that Dr. Shabazz had been given the Endowed Chair of Mathematics at Grambling University in Louisiana.
Now the tables have been turned all the way on the Lincoln University administration.

Abdulalim Abdullah Shabazz was born in Bessemer, Alabama, USA. He received the Bachelor's of Arts degree with honors in Chemistry and Mathematics from Lincoln University, Pennsylvania (1949 within three years, salutatorian of his class), the Master's degree in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (1951), and the PhD degree in Mathematics from Cornell University (1955).

Dr Shabazz has held positions in industry as well as in academia. His appointments have included that of research mathematician at the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory in Buffalo, NY and at the Metals Research Laboratory of the Electro Metallurgical Company in Niagara Falls, NY. He has served on the teaching faculty of several universities including Cornell University; Tuskegee University; Alabama State University; Atlanta University; Muhammad University of Islam in the District of Columbia and in Chicago, Illinois; Umm Al Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia; Clark Atlanta University; Morehouse College; and Lincoln University of Pennsylvania.

Presently, Dr Shabazz is The Endowed Chair in Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics at Grambling State University in Grambling, LA in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science; but previously he was Distinguished Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Lincoln University (Pennsylvania). Dr Shabazz's work with students has been recognized by the Mathematical Sciences Education Board, as well as by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which presented him with the 1992 "Mentor Award" for his leadership in efforts to increase the participation of women, minorities, and individuals with physical disabilities in science and engineering. He received the National Association of Mathematicians Distinguished Service Award on 23 April 1994 for his years of mentoring and teaching excellence, was named an outstanding alumnus of Lincoln University on 17 April 1999 at Lincoln University's Founders Day Celebration, was selected to be the Philadelphia New Observer's Educator of the Year on 19 April 2000, was awarded a 2000 USA Presidential Award in recognition of his excellence in mentoring underrepresented students and encouraging their significant achievement in science, mathematics and engineering, was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding work with African Americans in mathematics from the Association of African American Educators on 16 March 2001 in San Diego, CA, was presented the Mary McLeod Bethune Outstanding Teacher Award in recognition of his pledge and continued service as an advocate for African American learners from the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) on 16 November 2001 in Los Angeles, CA, was presented the Third Annual Friends of Farrell Alumni Award on 16 July 2005 for his unselfish acts and constant support of Lincoln University and the Alumni Association, was invited in fall 2005 to write an autobiographical chapter entitled Grace Amazing: Developing the Underrepresented in Mathematics to be included in the book The Black Professional's Guide to Career Success which is to be published some time in 2008, was presented a certificate of honor for scholarly work since 2000 from the Lincoln University Board of Trustees on 10 February 2007, and was presented an engraved trophy award in deep appreciation for outstanding and unique contributions to education theory in mathematics by Jamaat Al-Muslimeen of North America on 19 May 2007. Dr Shabazz also is a 1995 recipient of the QEM/MSE Giants in Science Award.

Dr Shabazz has traveled widely as a lecturer and consultant and has authored over one hundred publications on Islam, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, including three books, one of which is unpublished. In addition, he served as a member of the Census Advisory Committee on the Black Population for the 1980 Census and as a member of the Chaplains' Advisory Committee of the Department of Corrections for the State of Michigan (1979-1982). He is a past Chair of the Higher Education Commission and a past member of the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) (1 January 2001 - 31 December 2002). He holds life memberships in the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, the National Association of Mathematicians, and the National Alliance of Black School Educators; and he holds memberships in the Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Benjamin Banneker Association and Sigma Xi

Somalia: War News [with thanks to Sis. Hamdiyya, Charlotte, North Carolina]
Islamic Forces Control Most of Somalia: Western reports of beheadings were False

Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

Somalia: Islamists Refute That 7 People Were Executed in Bay And Bakol Regions

11 July 2009
Baidoa — The Islamic administration officials of Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen in Bay and Bakol regions have refuted reports saying that seven people were executed in the regions; officials told Shabelle radio on Saturday.
Sheik Mahad Omar Abdikarin, a chairman of the Islamic administration of Harkat Al-shabab Mujahideen held a press conference in Baidoa town has harshly disproved the reports wrote in some news agencies saying that at least seven people were executed in the regions in south of Somalia.
The Islamic administration official of Harakat Shabab Mujahideen said that there were people killed in the region earlier saying that they were in spying activities in there.
The chairman of the Islamic administration of Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen in Bay and Bakol regions said that they will peruse to the people who spread the false news in the region saying that the security situation of the region is normal right now.

War News: Pakistan
War Spreading Outside Frontier Areas

July 13, 2009: Peshawar [Hyatabad area]: An oil tanker carrying 56,000 litres of oil for NATO forces in Afghanistan was blown up. It was a total loss as it was engulfed in flames. [Daily Jang.]
Los Angeles Times comment on Peshawar city: July 12: "The Pakistani city has been hit hard by militants' retaliatory attacks as a government offensive against the Taliban continues. Markets and parks are silent, and workers refuse night shifts."

July 13: Pakistani security forces brought 189 families from two refugee camps near Peshawar and Charsadda to Swat. The convoy of returnees was under heavy security on the ground while helicopters hovered overhead. Curfew was imposed on the entire route. It appears to be a government propaganda gambit to show that Swat is now under control. [More than 3.5 million people were uprooted from Swat by the military offensive.]

July 11, 2009: Kohat area: Three Pak military men were killed and 3 wounded when their convoy was hit by an alleged Pak Taliban bomb attack.

Mansehra: Six policemen were killed and one wounded in an attack by alleged Taliban gunmen.

Dera Ghazi Khan: Pakistani security forces raided a medressa [Islamic school] killing an emissary or aide from Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud. Two local Muslims were wounded and arrested. The local imam disappeared but his relatives have been arrested. It appears that the medressa had joined the Pak Taliban fighting against General Kayani's forces. [Pakistani news indicate, if read carefully, that support for Taliban is spreading in the key province of Punjab although it is "illegal."]

Islamic Leaders Evaded Pak attacks: [Only one English language paper published this.]

July 12: Swat, Dir, Buner: Islamic leaders are all safe and uninjured and preparing for the next round of fighting. This was revealed by Pak Taliban spokesman Maulvi Umar in a phone message to Pak media.
Pak army has been saying that Maulvi Fazlullah [the Lion of Swat] has been seriously injured in a Pak air strike and that all other leaders have been killed. [The non-fighting leader Maulana Sufi was "captured" by Pak troops and is being "negotiated" with.]
Pak military air and land attacks in two months have killed 1700 people in these areas including at least 300 Pak Taliban but the Taliban are re-grouping. [These Taliban had little battle experience and were lightly armed. Pak army has admitted 158 of its troops have been killed and 588 wounded.]

Kayani defeated: Admits No Entry into South Waziristan: 28 Days of Bombing and Shelling but Baitullah Stands Firm

July 12: Pak military admitted today that it won't try to enter South Waziristan. New Trend's Pak observers say: This is an admission of defeat. Kayani built up huge land forces at the entrances to South Waziristan and has been hammering away with air strikes and heavy arillery but to no avail. Scores of Taliban have been killed in Pak attacks and hundreds of civilians and some Taliban have been killed in U.S. drone attacks but the Islamic stronghold stands firm and unshaken.

Red Mosque Leader says: Islamic Revolution is Coming: Implement Islamic Law in Islamic Land. Crowd Chants: "Jihad"

July 10, 2009: On the anniversary of General Musharraf's destruction of the Red Mosque, Maulana Abdul Aziz, the surviving leader of the mosque, warned the government that Shari'a [Islamic Law] must be implemented because this is a land created for Islam. An Islamic revolution is coming, he said, if the blood of the martyrs is ignored by the Pakistani rulers, he said.

You killed one Abdur Rasheed Ghazi but now there are thousands of Abdur Rashid Ghazis, he said.

A large crowd of young people attended the Juma prayer, many of them wearing red caps like those of the martyr Abdur Rasheed Ghazi. In a growing crescendo they chanted: "Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad, the only solution is al-Jihad."

[Readers might remember that the young women of Jamia Hafsa and the young men of Red Mosque [Lal Masjid] stood against the treacherous agent of America General Musharraf and calmly accepted martyrdom rather than bow down before an agent of Zionism and imperialism. New Trend considers the attack on the Red Mosque the turning point in Pak history when the Islamic forces realized that America's agents will not alliow Pakistan to be Islamic at any cost. The army was well armed and arrogant -Ed.]

Syed Munawar Hasan Leads Huge anti-U.S. Rally in Hyderabad: Urges end to Army Actions

Hyderabad. July 12, 2009: According to Urdu language journalists, a huge crowd of people packed the streets from the Old Campus to Pukka Qila Chari in a historic anti-U.S. rally organized by Jamaate Islami. The main speaker was Syed Munawar Hasan, Ameer of Jamaate Islami. Other prominent speakers were Asadullah Bhutto [Ameer of Sindh JI], Rashid Naseem, Abdul Ghaffar Umar, Abdul Waheed Qureshi, Yunus Barai, Abdul Hafeez Bajarani, Nasarulla Channa, Shaikh Shaukat Ali and Abdul Aziz Ghori.

Syed Munawar Hasan, top JI leader, condemned the military operations in Swat, Dir, Buner, tribal areas etc. He cited the terrible crimes committed by the army in these areas. He said, he visited Buner 6 days back and saw that it has been reduced to rubble by Pak air force attacks. Similar reports are coming in from other areas.

In spite of being unwell, Hasan spoke for an hour and highlighted the role of India and Israel working in tandem with the U.S. to undermine Pakistan. He said that military operations cannot solve Pakistan's problems: negotiation is the only solution. He pointed out that irresponsible military operations have left India to work in a vacuum against Pakistan by suppressing Kashmir, controlling the rivers and setting up consulates in Afghanistan. The India-Pakistan border is thin on defense now, he said.

The JI leader is urging Pakistanis to unite against U.S.-Indian-Israeli interference. Following the unprecedented mass rally in Karachi, this is his second biggest success.

War News:
Afghanistan: Small Taliban Units Wreaking Havoc. [Sample only. There are too many mujahidin raids for us to report.]

July 13, 2009: NYTimes: Blast Kills Afghan Police Chief in Model American District

The police chief of a district south of Kabul that the Americans had sought to make a Taliban-free model of safety and security was killed along with three of his officers Monday in a roadside blast.

July 10: British announcement: It is with very deep regret that the Ministry of Defence confirms the names of five soldiers from The 2nd Battalion The Rifles, who were killed in Afghanistan on 10 July 2009.
Corporal Jonathan Horne, Rifleman William Aldridge, Rifleman James Backhouse, Rifleman Joseph Murphy and Rifleman Daniel Simpson were killed in action near Forward Operating Base Wishtan in Sangin, Helmand province.

07/12/09 AP: 2 Marines dead in Afghan blasts [UPDATE]
Helmand [south]: Authorities now say two Marines have died in Afghanistan, as the U.S. conducts its largest Marine operation there since 2001. The military initially said four troops had died, but now says the deaths were counted twice by mistake. [New Trend reports, the 4000 marines semm to have run out of steam. Nothing to show after 7 days.]

07/12/09 Reuters: UK hospital in Afghanistan copes with bloodiest day
8 Brits elite troops killed, 30 wounded in one day:

Helmand province [north] More than 30 wounded British soldiers were flown into Camp Bastion off the battlefield in Afghanistan and the operating theatre went through more than 100 pints of blood products over the weekend.

07/12/09 Xinhua: Militants attack police post, kidnap six in Afghanistan
Taliban insurgents have raided a police checkpoint and taken away six policemen in the relatively peaceful northwest Faryab province, police said Sunday.

Media Distortion and Blackout of Chinese Muslim Suffering
by Arshad Ali Khan [Missouri]

ALL international Media showed very brief news about HUNDREDS of MUSLIMS being KILLED in China....& THOUSANDS of MUSLIMS being Arrested [...& then TORTURED/KILLED by China's Communist Govt; as the Muslim Women/Girls/Boys were CRYING on Chinese Streets]...Also shown were Thousands of Chinese Armed Civilan-Communists Roaming under Police-Protection, & Publically saying that they will KILL Chinese-Muslims...

Actually, Arrest & Torture & Killings of MUSLIM Men & Youth[Males] is going-on in CHINA for DECADES...Extremely young muslim boys & girls are taken away from parents at gun-point by Chinese govt, & for years held in communist hostels & brainwashed to become communists...since Communists took Power, Thousands & Thousands of Muslim Men & Male-Youth have been Tortured & Killed in China's West

Why has 99% Non-Muslim Controlled int-Media NOT shown this for DECADES..???

[China's Western Areas have China's majority of OIL/GAS Production; & these Areas have 90% MUSLIMS; China has more than 100-Million Muslims] [these Chinese Areas of Muslims Majority are Larger than Several EU Countries Combined Areas]

China for Decades has been committing Economic & Religous Genocide of Muslims in Chinese Western Areas...

Exactly Same as Hindu-india is doing against MUSLIMS inside Occupied-KASHMIR & Gujarat; & Jewish-israel is doing against MUSLIMS inside FALASTEEN; & Russian-Church is doing against MUSLIMS inside CHECHNIYA/Dagestan/Mongolia/Tartaristan/Kazakhistan/Uzbekistan/Turkmanestan/Kyrgestan; & Phillipines-Catholic-Church is doing against MUSLIMS inside MINDANAO; & EU-Military did against MUSLIMS inside BOSNIA; & US-Military is doing against MUSLIMS inside Iraq/Afghanistan....& Rome's Catholic-church-Popes did against Muslims for Centuries in Spain & Yogoslavia...& Ethopia is doing against Muslims inside Ethopia & Somalia....etc...

Best-Regards, Arshad Ali Khan, UmmaaBroadcasting
PMB # 283, 1028 South Bishop, Rolla, Missouri-65401, USA
[Listed under media at]

Letter: Britain with Pak military to Torture Muslims: This is why Europeans Mistreat Muslim Citizens
Muradali Sheikh [London, England]

Pakistan's rented army and rented rulers are the greatest threat to Islam and Muslims, see how they collaborate with foreign governments to torture its citizens. When Germany, and others see rented rulers in Muslim countries, they are emboldened to treat Muslims world wide as garbage.

MP: Britain 'outsourced' torture to Pakistan

A British opposition politician has accused the government and intelligence agencies of colluding in the torture of a British terrorism suspect whose interrogation was "outsourced" to Pakistan.

Speaking with parliamentary privilege, which allowed him to make allegations which might otherwise be in contempt of court, Conservative David Davis said the government had helped set up the torture and abuse of suspect Rangzieb Ahmed at the hands of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence directorate (ISI). "A more obvious case of outsourcing of torture, a more obvious case of passive rendition, I cannot imagine," Davis, a former spokesman on home affairs issues, told parliament late on Monday, according to the Press Association. The government dismissed Davis's accusations, saying he was presenting unsubstantiated allegations as fact. Foreign Office minister Ivan Lewis said the government was clear in its opposition to torture. "It is an abhorrent crime and we are fundamentally opposed to it," he said. "That principle guides all the government's work, including the intelligence services and the armed forces."

09 July 2009, Thursday [Reuters, London

Egypt: Outpouring of Grief at Murder of Muslim Woman in Germany by Russian Immigrant
[From al-Ahram, Cairo]

In an outpouring of national grief, thousands came out in Alexandria to mourn the death of Marwa El-Sherbini, a 31-year-old mother who was stabbed to death in a German court by an assailant she had sued after he had called her a terrorist because of her headscarf. In Alexandria, El-Sherbini's birthplace, huge crowds, which included her bereaved mother, gathered around the coffin before El-Sherbini was laid to rest

El-Sherbini was stabbed 18 times in front of her three-year-old son in a German court in Dresden. Her husband was also stabbed and shot when he went to the aid of his wife. She was giving evidence at the time against her attacker, 28- year-old Alex W. A Russian of German descent who immigrated to Germany in 2003, Alex W had been found guilty of subjecting El-Sherbini to racial abuse last November and fined. He appealed the verdict, which is why they were in court together. He remains in detention and prosecutors have opened an investigation on suspicion of murder.

Our America: 3 perspectives follow

karat Gold Coffin Fit for a King?
Michael Jackson: America's Greatest Entertainer, Victim of Self-Hatred and of his "Friends"

by Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York City]

New York City - I was one of the expected billion viewers of the memorial service for Michael Jackson, July 7, 2009. It was sad and a cause for celebration at the same time. However, this was not a funeral.

Although, it had not been planned for Michael Jackson's body to have been present during the service, his brothers decided to bring the guest of honor in his 24-karat gold coffin, anyway. The coffin was draped with a bevy of red roses.

The service was held in Staples Center, which is where the NBA Lakers and Clippers play. There were 20,000 people in attendance but it was stated that over 1 billion people were watching. This is the most watched memorial ever.

There had been recent rumors of Michael Jackson having converted to Islam but now it's been said that those rumors were unfounded. Of course, if he were, there is the issue of it having been 13 days and no burial. The family still has not found a permanent resting place for him, yet. It took over a year for James Brown to be buried! Oh, to be so famous!

There were Christian overtones throughout the service with various speakers closing "in Jesus's name" and a few gospel songs were sung. Jackson was raised a Jehovah's Witness and they tend to be very low-key; however, his friends were not Witnesses and chose to honor him in their own way.

I have two points of views regarding all of the hoopla surrounding Michael Jackson. Firstly, he was a genius and has influenced so much of today's music and dance. Of course, White America will try to push Elvis on us but, Elvis was a copy cat of Black American artists James Brown and Jackie Wilson. He never gave credit to them or black music for his success. He was only an imitator. I am glad to see that, after years of trying to destroy Michael's image, his fans came out in droves to honor him. I liked the Thriller album, myself.

There are white artists who have committed even worse transgressions against society and have received praise such as musician and convicted pedophile, Gary Glitter. He wrote the song "Rock and Roll" also known as "The Hey Song", which is heard in sports arenas in throughout North America.

My second opinion about Michael Jackson concerns his plastic surgeries that destroyed his African features and made him look more European. It was a tragic display of self-hatred. Michael Jackson has become a poster child for black self-hatred, which is a serious syymptom from living in an oppressive, white supremacist society. Michael often said that his father ridiculed him and he thought that the surgeries would perfect his appearance. I pitied him for that. I pity anyone who does not love himself.

This black self-hatred is so delusional and the "acceptance" by white supremacists is so phony. These African-Americans, such as Jackson and O.J. Simpson, do not understand that they will never be accepted by their white oppressors but used by them until they no longer serve a purpose or they anger them. This white supremacist nonsense is a world-wide phenomenon.

Latest: July 11: Jackson's sister charged that he was murdered

(Holo-)History Is Bunk. An Invitation to Study, Discuss and Debate.
The Holes in the Jewish Holocaust Story are too big to be Accepted on Faith
Ken Meyercord

Holocaust revisionism, aka denial, has come into prominence of late what with a Catholic bishop expressing contrarian beliefs regarding the holocaust story and the Iranian president espousing - and being mocked for - similar views. Most Americans have very strong (you might say visceral) opinions on the subject, even those who don't have a clue what the debate is all about. As some may be confused when they hear Columbia University president Lee Bollinger, in introducing the Iranian president to the Sons of Knickerbocker, proclaim that the "Holocaust is the most documented event in human history", then read orthodox holocaust historian Raymond Aron declare, in his book Why Did the Heavens Not Darken: The "Final Solution" in History, that "Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable", let me provide a brief introduction to holocaust revisionism.
First, we need to define "holocaust revisionism" or "denial". Would you say someone who believes that during World War II millions of Jews were uprooted from their homes and placed in concentration camps where they died in droves denies the holocaust? Wouldn't it be nasty to label such a person a "denier". I know of no holocaust revisionist who would dispute the account of the Jew's fate I just gave, yet that emotive, unfair label is pinned on just such people. What causes revisionists to be misrepresented and slandered by the believers is their denial of three constituent parts of the holocaust story:
  1. That there was a plan to exterminate the Jews, aka "The Final Solution";
  2. That gas chambers were used in the execution of that plan; and
  3. That no less than six million Jews died as a result.
It's these three heresies which define a "holocaust denier". (Indicative of how axiomatic holocaust mythology is, even David Irving, the best known revisionist today, assumed the existence of an extermination plan and gas chambers in his heralded early book Hitler's War; his heresy at that time was simply to claim Hitler didn't know about it.)
As a preamble to our discussion, let me set the scene. Is it possible that during World War II we engaged in anti-German propaganda? If so, would we not have accused the Germans of doing all sorts of diabolical things, especially with regard to the concentration camps? If, when we liberated the camps, we found the history of the camps was not as sinister as we had portrayed it, would we have admitted it, what with the war dead and all (the same questions apply to the Soviets)?

With these questions in mind, let's consider the concentration camp at Dachau. A while after its liberation, the army presented a 20x20-foot room with a seven-and-a-half-foot high ceiling in which were embedded stainless steel showerheads not connected to any pipes as a gas chamber. Seemed plausible enough, what with wartime horror stories. Trouble is, a delegation from the US Congress visited Dachau just two days after its liberation and in their report (Doc 159-L at the Nuremberg tribunal) they describe the "gas chamber" as having a ten-foot high ceiling with brass showerheads actually connected to pipes (through which they surmised the gas was passed into the chamber). Seems like somebody built themselves a gas chamber, doesn't it - only it wasn't the Germans!

For sixty years a sign outside the "gas chamber" identified the room as such, but stated it had never actually been used. (Regrettably, and dishonestly, the sign didn't go on to point out that the gas chamber was never used because it wasn't even there when the Germans were running the camp). A few years ago the sign was removed and today - despite the testimony of eyewitnesses and the attestation of the US Army and a congressional delegation, and in contradiction to what they told visitors for decades - there is no mention of a gas chamber on the website of the Dachau Memorial (, a truly Orwellian rewrite of history.

Now let's consider the so-called "Operation Reinhard Death Camps", three camps (Sobibor, Treblinka, Belzec) in Poland in which a million and a half Jews are said to have been exterminated. When the Soviets liberated the camps, there wasn't much left as evidence. The story, as told by survivors, was that hundreds of thousands of Jews were gassed and interred in mass graves at the camps. Later, they said, the bodies were dug up and cremated on open-air grills (cremated so well that nothing but ashes remained, to be scattered to the wind to hide the dirty deed).

Survivor accounts of the cremation process gives new meaning to the word "tragicomic". To hear the eyewitnesses tell it, it took little more than a match for the corpses to spontaneously combust. In fact, it takes a whole lot of fuel - wood in this case - to cremate a human body (75% water). Strangely, maps of the camps drawn from the recollection of survivors (for instance, in Yitzak Arad's Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: The Operation Reinhard Death Camps) include such details as the prisoners' kitchen, watchtowers, latrines, even the camp well, but no woodsheds - not even a wood pile. Considering it would have taken a Black Forest to perform the feat of cremation the Germans are said to have accomplished, this is a remarkable omission; as is the eyewitnesses' apparent failure to notice the trains delivering the firewood, which must have been as frequent, if not more so, than those delivering the transportees.

A simple procedure is all it would take to solve this historical mystery: were the Operation Reinhard camps death camps, as the holocaust believers claim, or transit camps, as the doubters maintain? All that's needed is to drill some test holes where the burial pits are said to have been and see if the subsoil has been disturbed (just suggesting such a test is appropriate could land you in prison in Europe!). If so, then burial pits, hence death camps; if not, no burial pits, hence transit camps. The fact that this test has never been performed suggests it's not just the official skeptics (aka "deniers") who doubt the veracity of the "Operation Reinhard Death Camps" story. Maybe it's not just from negligence on the part of historians that we know more about some 5000-year-old encampment in Mesopotoamia, thanks to archeological excavations, than we do about the sites where a million-and-a-half people are said to have been murdered in our own time. (A leery-eyed video on the camps can be viewed at

Finally: Auschwitz, the Holy of Holies in the schismatic debate between holocaust believers and deniers. So much ink has been expended in debating this infamous camp's history it's not feasible for me to cover even part of the ground here, nor am I competent to do so. So, just a few titillating, and hopefully thought-provoking, comments:

(1) The existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz is based almost entirely on eyewitness testimony, a primary source for historians which has oft times proven unreliable (Surprisingly, in his autobiographical - and perhaps plagiarized - account of his time in Auschwitz, Night, the poster child of holocaust remembrance, Elie Weisel, makes no mention of gas chambers. I find his account very plausible and instructive, and his omission telling.). For instance, eyewitnesses testified that Jews were electrocuted en masse, that steam was used in the gas chambers, that the gas chambers were equipped with trap-doors, and so on, stories which, like those about soap made from Jewish fat and lampshades from human skin, have lost any credence today. The director of the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial in Israel has stated that half of the 20,000 accounts by holocaust survivors it holds are garbage which should be removed from the memorial's archive. I suspect the same could be said of much of the remainder. Take the testimony of the Jewish barber, Abraham Bomba. He claims to have given haircuts to Jewish women in the gas chamber (!) at Treblinka , "a nice haircut" as he puts it, to calm them down right before they get gassed. As if a 2-minute haircut by strange men would calm down a hundred or so women - naked, mind you - crowded into a small room! (Bomba's testimony can be found on the website of the US Holocaust Memorial; he is also featured in Claude Lanzmann's acclaimed film Shoah.)

(2) For forty years a plaque at Auschwitz stated that 4 million people died at the camp. In 1990 a revised plaque cut the number down to 1.5 million. Estimates for a number of other camps have similarly been reduced in recent years. Yet, the canonical "six million" figure - a figure that was bantered about even before the war began - remains intact. A curious math, indeed!

(3) More extensive traces of cyanide from the de-louser (and claimed to be de-populator) Zyklon-B are found in the hospital at Auschwitz than in the rooms claimed to be gas chambers. Why did the Germans have a hospital at Auschwitz anyway if they were bent on exterminating a people (Elie Weisel's father was being treated in the camp hospital as the Soviets approached)?

(4) A photo on display at the Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles shows a crowd of inmates at Auschwitz with smoke billowing up in the background, supposedly from the camp's crematoria. But someone found the original of the photo and there is no smoke in the background. It was airbrushed in, probably so the scene would match the oft-repeated testimony of survivors that smoke (flames even!) constantly spewed from the crematoria smokestacks (as indeed would necessarily have been the case for the crematoria to come close to meeting the production quota demanded by the believers' body count.). Here's proof some scurrilous types are not above tampering with the historical evidence to bolster their story.

Let's assume for the moment - for hypothetical purposes only - that the holocaust revisionists are right. Is it wise for open-minded, well-meaning, tolerant folk to leave the truth in the hands of anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, and Aryan Supremacists? Wouldn't it be better to get the myths surrounding the holocaust out in the open now, when anti-Semitism is a negligible factor in American society, than to leave them to be discovered sometime in the future when hard-times cause desperate, angry people to look around for a scapegoat?

If I've convinced you that the chance the revisionists are right is more than just hypothetical, I hope you will feel that historical issues surrounding the holocaust are not only worthy of scholarly debate but should be debated. I encourage you to foster debate, nay, demand that open debate on the holocaust in an atmosphere free of rancor, accusation, and intimidation be promoted (in memoriam to those revisionists imprisoned in Europe). You can start by educating yourself.

From Ms. Caroline, Florida
No wonder Biden has given Israel his blessing to destroy Iran-look who his advisor is. Between Obama and Biden, we are under occupation. God help this country and the Middle East.

Biden Picks Jewish Ron Klain for Chief of Staff, just like Obama

The chief of staff for Vice President Al Gore will assume the same role for Joe Biden.
Ron Klain accepted the post for the vice president-elect on Wednesday, reported.
He becomes the second Jewish Clinton administration veteran to serve in a top executive position for President-elect Barack Obama. U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) will serve as White House chief of staff.

Jewish Telegraph Agency

November 13, 2008

Klain, who helped coordinate Gore's claims in the 2000 presidential recount, later returned to a law practice…when they married, Ron Klain and his wife, Monica Medina, struck a deal: their daughter and two sons would be raised Jewish (for him), but they would celebrate Christmas (for her).

Despite their satisfaction with the arrangement, the couple, who live in Chevy Chase, Maryland., have never put up the tree while Mr. Klain's mother is visiting from Indianapolis. Instead, they wait until after her annual December visit.

"I grew up in Indiana, with a decent-size Jewish community, but we were a distinct minority," Mr. Klain said. "Not having a Christmas tree was very much part of our Jewish identity in a place where everyone else did." In the HBO movie "Recount" Kevin Spacey played Ron Klain.

New York Times

2009-07-14 Tue 20:11:03 cdt