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In its July 28 issue, NEWSWEEK INTERNATIONAL launched an attack on the Qur'an. It brought up some absurd Jewish man's claim that the Qur'an was ACTUALLY a Christian liturgical book and had originally been written in Aramaic.

That issue of Newsweek was banned in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Dear Muslims: Banning will not do. There should be a thorough investigation of this matter. As New Trend has repeatedly warned, the ATTACKS ON HADITH, also started by Jewish scholars and then picked up by Pervaizis, were meant to prepare the grounds for the attack on the Qur'an.

New Trend urges Muslims to research the role of Zionist backed publications like Newsweek and Time. Remember the article we wrote on Farid Zakariya, the international editor of Newsweek? These things are not part of any honest inquiry.

Wake up Muslims! Do you still trust the Zionist media?

2003-08-09 Sat 17:36ct