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A Pakistani, Tariq Javed, was shot and killed in Baltimore while he was on the phone in his grocery store. He was killed without warning and without known cause. Janaza prayers were organized by Masjid Rahma, the rich masjid on the west side.

One of the most vicious shadowy Jewish figures in Bush's power structure, Richard Perle, resigned on March 27, from his position as Chairman of a foundation which advises Bush on his macabre adventures. He stepped down following criticism from Seymour Hersch which indicated that Perle is closely related to Israel and to the oil profiteers and business ventures. The resignation is however not a complete defeat because Perle remains a member of the group.
Muslimah Arrested During New York Protest: Forced to remove Hijab to be Photographed

During the anti-war marches in New York on March 27, 250 people were arrested during "die-ins" carried out to protest the massacre of civilians in Iraq during the U.S. bombing. Of these a number were Muslims, including a very young sister, Tabassum, very dear to New Trend. The police held the arrested people and would not allow attorneys to connect them. As we went to the "press" (10.30 PM, EST), a demonstration was going on outside the police station. The sister was allowed one phone call during which she said that she was being forced to take off her hijab to be photographed.
[If you would like to call the police station to protest, the number is: 212-374-3942.]

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