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Uday and Qusay Go out in Hail of Tow Missiles, Javelins, 50 MM Mortars: Fight for 4 Hours
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

According U.S. army sources, in Mosul, Iraq on July 22, 2003 the sons of Saddam Hussain were killed by units of U.S. Special Forces and the crack 101st Airborne Division. From the information released by the U.S., the following facts can be gleaned:

1. A tip was received by U.S. intelligence from an Iraqi collaborator. One report suggests that the spy was a Sh'ite but this cannot be confirmed.

2. As a result of the four hour fire fight (six hours according to one source), four people were killed by U.S. troops. The U.S. has identified them as Qusay Hussain, Uday Hussain, Qusay's 14 year old son and a body guard.

3. The sons of Saddam went down fighting to the end. There was no attempt to surrender.

4. The attack was carried out by 200 of America's best troops, Special Forces and 101st Air Borne. It was 200 against 4.

5. U.S. troops used dozens of tow missiles, Javelin rockets, heavy 50 MM mortars as well as unidentified missiles fired from helicopters.

6. After the killings, the people of Mosul demonstrated against U.S. troops' killing of the two. The demonstration became serious enough for the U.S. troops to open fire [which was caught on camera for 5 seconds].

7. It appears that the Shia areas of Baghdad celebrated the killing.
8. The media dismissed the killing of the 14-year old as "oh well."

Along with the news of the killing of Saddam's sons, the Zionist media [CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS] let loose a barrage of propaganda according to which the two had committed "terrible crimes" against Iraqis. One TV channel claimed that the two had "killed thousands of Iraqis." Another one claimed that the two brothers had killed "hundreds." Another said, they had committed "rape and murder." Another one said that "Uday could pick up any woman walking in the street" if he fancied her.
WHY THIS BARRAGE OF PROPAGANDA? TV viewers often miss WHY the Zionists put out these stories. The obvious fact is that the murder of Saddam's sons by 200 troops is very difficult, if not impossible, to defend under international law and Islamic law. NOTE THIS ANALYSIS. No one else is going to have the courage to write this:

i. The U.S. did NOT go into Iraq because of the behavior of Qusay and Uday. There was NO HUMAN RIGHTS justification claimed for the invasion. The U.S. invasion is an ongoing violation of international law. Even the fig leaf of Weapons of MD has not hidden anything.
ii. So Qusay and Uday were NOT killed because they were "brutal" and liked to drink and womanize. They were killed because they stood up to the U.S. and would not cooperate with the U.S. [Compare with Saddam's two sons-in-law who worked with the CIA to prolong the sanctions on Iraq. Saddam lured them back and killed them. They too lived in luxury but were beloved of the CIA]
iii. There has been NO impartial inquiry which would indicate that Qusay and Uday committed the atrocities they are accused of having committed.
iv. It's quite possible that before 1991, Qusay and Uday did commit atrocities, specially during armed uprisings by pro-Iran Shi'ites. However, under HOSNI MUBARAK of Egypt, torture, rape and murder are quite common against Islamic opponents of the regime. The U.S. PAYS MUBARAK $2.8 BILLION EVERY YEAR to keep it that way. In UZBEKISTAN, another regime closely linked to the U.S. routinely carries out torture, rape and murder against Islamic opponents. Thus the "atrocities" justification for the killings is inconsistent. The U.S. does not fight against anyone for that reason.
v. Similar is the constant propaganda about the lifestyle of Uday and Qusay. We repeatedly see Uday's cigars on TV (Cuban?) As well as Saddam's palaces. The propaganda seems aimed at gullible Muslims: They were corrupt, so America did us a favor by killing them. These Muslims do not use their brains and think: If the U.S. fights against corrupt lifestyles, why is it fighting the saintly Osama bin Laden who never touches liquor, never womanizes and lives in a cave?

IT'S ALL ABOUT RESISTANCE. Those who fight back have to be killed so that a nation of sheep can be created. DISARM THE MUSLIMS, and ARM ISRAEL. That's the basic point. An interesting issue to be looked at in the coming days will be: Will the resistance end? If it does, that would mean Qusay and Uday were responsible. If it continues, it could support the theory that Islamic forces are involved in the resistance, if not entirely controlling it.
SHIAS in IRAQ: TV viewers are repeatedly told that SHIAS CONSTITUTE 60% of the POPULATION. What's the source for this? There are other sources which say that Shias are 30% of the population, with Sunnis 50%, Kurds 15% and various little groups 5%. We hav'nt pinpointed that source either.
Where is the repeated claim of 60% coming from? Our readers are encouraged to let us know.
Is the 60% figure projected to justify Chalabi and other "yes men" being in the puppet regime the U.S. is concocting in Iraq?

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