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May 15: Eighteen people (mostly Mexicans) died of suffocation inside a trailer while being smuggled from Mexico into Texas. One of those trapped inside made a 911 call on his cell phone but the South Texas police dispatcher did not have a Spanish translator. This tragedy should make people of conscience think of what is happening on the southern borders of the U.S. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONGED WHEN ON THE BORDER OF THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, there is one of the POOREST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. Muslims should wake up and do their duty to create greater awareness about the struggle of the Mexican and Central American peoples.

May 14. IRAN's PRESIDENT KHATAMI has admitted that Iran has been holding secret talks with the U.S. in Geneva for the last TWO years.

May 15. In Karachi, Pakistan, 19 Shell gas stations and 2 Caltex gas stations were attacked with small bombs, meant more to injure than to kill. Observers say, the attackers seem to be trying to end businesses linked to Britain and the U.S.

May 16. New Trend is getting reports from Jordan and Iraq that looting in Baghdad is being orchestrated by the U.S. and it is still going on. The U.S. has reportedly brought in Kuwaitis, as well as Shias loyal to the U.S., linked to Chalabi, to do the looting. Our reports say that U.S. troops are also taking away huge amounts of valuables from Iraq.
The largest mosque in Baltimore, Maryland, located on the west side of the city is known as Masjid al-Rahma and is run by the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) mostly Indo-Pakistani and Arab immigrants. For years there have been complaints that ISB is hooked into the secular society of America and the mosque is not run for the cause of Islam.

Although 300 to 600 people come for juma' prayers, and the numbers go up to 1,500 on Eid, the actual membership of ISB has dwindled below 150 and is reported now to be only 88, if our reports are correct. In other words, the people come only for prayers and do not see the mosque's leadership as strong and motivational enough to get their support.

One of the worshipers at the mosque, and a long time member, Br. Salim Khatib, has started an effort for reform of the mosque's leadership and organizational pattern. He has drawn up a petition which has been signed by 70 people.

The PETITION makes some telling points. Here are TWO of the most important points of criticism:

Br. Salim Khatib has selflessly worked to get the people running ISB to see the need for reform. Till now the leaders of ISB, secularized, very rich, linked to the American power structure, see no need to listen to Br. Salim Khatib. New Trend thinks his voice should be heard and, inshallah, we'll keep the community informed of this sincere effort at reform
Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain

Son and Father: who is more loyal to Israel?

Amongst all the columnists of daily, The New York Times , I find Thomas l. Friedman most credible, interesting and informative. I read him regularly particularly because his views carry a lot of weight both with the readers and with the politicians of both Republican and Democratic shades. His column of 11 May entitled: "Fathers and Sons", contained a lot of material to think about. While he agrees that "President Bush (the father) will go down in history as the most pro-Israel president of all time, about the son Dubya, the current President, he aptly observed: He "will be remembered as the president who got so wrapped around the finger of Ariel Sharon that he indulged Israel into thinking it really could have it all - settlements, prosperity, peace and democracy - and in so doing helped to contribute the slow erosion of the Jewish state." Friedman is also rightly critical of Sharon and believes that he has " thrown up all sorts of delaying tactics". He regrets that Mr. Sharon is following one of the iron rules of Middle East politics: When I am weak how can I compromise? When I am strong why should I compromise? It seems the bottom line is, Sharon does not seem ready for a compromise and the new "Road Map to Peace" proposal seems doomed to failure.

Jaggi Singh: he did it again!
After spending nearly a month in Israel and the Palestinian territories, Jaggi Singh the famous Canadian peace activist and anti-Corporation lobbyist, returned to Montreal and got a rousing welcome in the month of January last. He made headlines across Canada in December 2002 when he entered the Occupied Territories, defying the Occupied Terriroties, defying a Tel Aviv court order that forbade him from setting foot in either West Bank or Gaza. Singh made a connection between his journey to the Middle East and his ongoing work with the activist organization: "No One Is Illegal", of Montreal. This organization addresses the plight of refugees in Canada and abroad. "No One Is Illegal" tackles the refugee situtio in general adn in Palestine in particular.

McGill's Islam Awareness Day
The Muslim students of McGill University organized the Islam Awareness Day in February 2003. The normally sparse Shatner Building ballroom, located in the heart of McGill campus, was neatly lined with tables and displays, encompassing every aspect of Muslim faith, from the Holy Quran to Islamic calligraphy, from women's rights to explanatory DVDs. The Day was organized by the Muslim Students Association of McGill to "foster mutual understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims", in the words its President, Isam Faik. More than 200 students attended the celebrations.

Canadian media is biased against Islam - mostly that is The McGill Daily, an independent students magazine of McGill university discussed an interesting question in its April 3, 2003, issue: Is the Canadian Media anti-Islamic? After investigating the murky waters of anti-Muslim bias in Canada's newspapers, it made some of the following points:
- Yes, many of the elements of print and electronic media in Canada are biased against Muslims. The coverage in the Canadian media has been mostly unfair, ignorant and outright racist.
- Karim H. Karim a professor at the Carleton University School of Journalism, is of the opinion that many journalists who write on Islamic or Muslim-related subjects, are biased and their writings are slanted against the Muslims. He has elaborated his views in his latest books: "Islamic Peril: Media and Global Violence".
- This year's (2003) edition of Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) Media Watch Report, which evaluates anti-Islam contents in the Canada's eight largest dailies, point specifically to the use of problematic terms like "Muslim Extremists", "Islamic Militants" and "Muslim Fundamentalists".

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