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Praised by Mumia Abu-Jamal.

The prison uprising in Lucasville, Ohio took place when Muslim inmates objected to be tested for tuberculosis with a substance containing alcohol. The background reasons for the uprising were the intolerable conditions at the prison created by a White Supremacist authority.

The uprising, some say the longest in U.S. history, saw the extraordinary phenomenon of White [Aryan Nation] and Black inmates uniting to face oppression.
The leaders of the uprising, though they had nothing to do with the killing which went on during the uprising [mostly aimed at snitches], were sentenced to death. These include Siddique Abdullah Hasan who tried hard to contain the violence and to focus on the issues rather than personalities. He was the Imam at Lucasville, a remarkable man from a shattered segment of American society who was transformed by the light of Islam.

[Lynd and his wife are extraordinary White people who can best be described as the Conscience of America.]
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234


Jamaat al-Muslimeen supporters from up and down American Muslim communities in America indicate that most Muslims will not vote on November 2. The reality is sinking in that neither Kerry nor Bush care even a gnat's weight for Islam and Muslims.

A medical journal, LANCET, disclosed that the U.S. air force has killed 100,000 Iraqi civilians in a little over 18 months, mostly WOMEN and CHILDREN. These genocidal actions have elicited no sensitivity either from Kerry or Bush, let alone the Zionist Jews who control the major media. This reality, a 100,000 dead, has hit all thinking Muslims.

The mass murder of 78 Muslims in THAILAND too passed unnoticed, though whenever a Jew is killed by desperate Palestinians who have lost 120 people in a month to Zionist murder squads is usually mourned by both Bush and Kerry.

Our representatives indicate that MANY Muslims want to vote for Kerry, but when it comes to the actual voting, they won't. They just don't have the heart to do it in good conscience.

Some Muslims will vote for BUSH. These are the super rich. One Pakistani TV channel in New York has been repeating a Vote for Bush ad ad nauseum but has elicited nothing but nausea from Muslims in New York. These Bushites, the worst and the richest of Pakistanis, and agent-type Arabs, are very few even in the small Muslim community.

A very few Muslims will vote for Nader but from the way the American system works, this Nader vote, scattered among CAIR-type Muslims will have no effect. But for its money, CAIR is on the way out.

The vast majority of Muslims will boycott the elections, not because they are not political but because they are too savvy to be fooled by this man's game.
WAR NEWS: Based on Pakistani newspapers, by our Media rep.

October 31: Heavy exchanges of fire continued between Pakistani troops and Pakistani mujahideen in the Munza area of South Waziristan. Losses on both sides are steadily increasing. Pakistani troops have received reinforcements but have been unable to advance.

Abdullah, the Mahsud mujahid leader who abducted 2 Chinese engineers, has taken responsibility for the bomb explosion which rocked the Marriott hotel in Islamabad. The explosion seriously wounded 7 hotel guests, including three Europeans, and panicked government officials who frequent the hotel.

On October 30, a man named Rasim, who had been repeatedly warned by the Taliban and Pakistani mujahideen not to spy for the U.S. and Musharraf, was gunned down in the Pashtun village of Shah Ghandai when he was going home on his motor bike. Tribal opponents of Musharraf in the Teji Khel tribe have announced that a satellite phone and $2000 cash [U.S. dollars] were "recovered" from him and his motor bike was "confiscated."

[STRANGE: Our U.S. media monitor says, CNN aired an Islamic video from Pakistan, on October 31, which threatens General Musharraf personally. Till now, Pakistani newspapers have not reported it. The video shows Musharraf's bombing of a prayer gathering in South Waziristan in which the Pakistan air force killed 100 to 150 worshipers. It shows the MMA leader elected from Waziristan who says on the video that he cooperated with the Pakistani government at first but has found that Musharraf is killing the tribal people at the orders of America.]

The MUSHARRAF GOVERNMENT is DENYING FORMER PRIME MINISTER NAWAZ SHARIF the right to attend his father's funeral prayers in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif was the last legitimately elected leader of Pakistan who was overthrown in a military coup by General Musharraf. Such denial of participation at the time of a father's death is unknown in Pakistani history and could brand Musharraf as a pariah.


Between the night of October 29 and 30, U.S. forces learned of top Pashtun Islamic leader Hikmatyar's presence in the village of Makki Khel [Jalalabad district, Nangarhar province]. The U.S. tried to land troops in the village from 3 helicopters but faced ground fire. At which attack helicopters were called in and used missiles to demolish three homes killing 5 Afghan civilians.
The troops then landed and arrested 11 Afghans. Hikmatyar was nowhere to be found.

[The PASHTUNS, who constitute the majority in Afghanistan, boycotted the so-called "elections" held to legitimize the American puppet Karzai. The supporters of the Taliban, Hikmatyar, Maulvi Khalis, and Jaish al-Muslimeen, all Pashtuns, have declared Jihad against U.S. forces.]

EARLIER, in KABUL, three U.N. workers who had come to organize the "elections" to legitimize Karzai, were kidnaped by the newly formed Jaish al-Muslimeen group which is now threatening to kill them if foreign troops are not withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Retaliation for the mass murder of 78 Muslims by the Thai police in the southern province of Pattani is being reported. On October 29, there were three bomb explosions aimed at police in which 20 Thai policemen were wounded seriously.

[Criticism of our Report on Osama's Video.]

I read your article on the Usama Ben Laden tape. We heard the entire tape in Arabic. Nowhere does he say that he engineered the WTC event. He uses the "royal" we as if he is speaking on behalf of all Islamic jihad groups opposed to the USA. However, the release of this tape may be a strategy to get Bush re-elected. I have been getting emails urging Muslims to vote Bush into office. It appears that certain interested groups are afraid that Kerry would be able to get a coalition together and there would be a consolidated joint operation in Iraq instead of the helter skelter mess that is in there now. The emails actually said that Bush is better because a Bush victory would continue to isolate the USA and give the opposition a better chance at victory.

Your Sister in Islam
Um Esma

[Criticism of our Report on Sectarian Conflict in Pakistan]

[From Pakistan Affairs discussion list.]

Dear Brother Kaukab Siddique

First of all, let me pass on the Salam and greetings from Brother Zafar Jamal Baloch , Ex-Nazim e Aala of IJT, Pakistan. I sometime discuss your emails with him here in Jhang.

My observation is that this is most unfortunate that even scholars like yourself have gone too far in being anti-shia in the reaction to sectarian shia literature. This is no secret that you yourself were one time a staunch supporter of 'Irani Inqilab'. Almost each and every email from you has got sectarian leanings and that is exactly why advice from you regarding Shia Sunni unity loses its meanings.

Dear brother the dilemma in Pakistan is manifold. The original Afghani Mujahideen, people like Hkimatyar and Rabbani, who actually started Jihad against USSR and won, were not as rabidly anti-shia as the later Taliban who didn't actually fought against USSR but did get the credit in uniting the country and providing peace and order to the populace. This is very unfortunate that Taliban were rabidly anti-shia so much so that even the boys who went for Jihad to Afghanistan from Pakistani towns and villages were given ideological lessons in the training camps that were full of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi's speeches and writings. Imam Khomieni was declared as Shaitan e Azam. This was openly declared in those training camps that right after victory over Northern Alliance, Iran would be attacked. The criminals of Sipah e Sahaba, such as Basra and others were given refuge and supplies in Kabul and Qandhar. I personally know boys from Jhang who used to kill Shias in Pakistan and used to cross border overnight only to return for another kill. And this went on for many years.

In this background Pakistani Shia's made up their mind. Now this 15 to 25 % very influential minority in Pakistan is fully supportive of Musharaf and his misadventures in northern areas of Pakistan. Even the talk of imminent attack on Iran is not going budge them from this approach.

Another unfortunate thing is that Maulana Fazlur Rehman has certainly moved visibly closer to the idea of Sunni Shia unity but he is still very much short of what is required of him at this crucial time in Pakistani history. May be, because majority of Deobandi people take religious guidance more from late Shamazai's Binori town's institution rather than from JUI (f). Maulana Fazlur Rehman hold the key for the solution of this problem in Pakistan but he is probably scared that if he says prayers in Shia mosques he would be outflanked by Maulana Sami ul Haq or the budding Deobandi outfits from Southern Punjab.

And lastly this unfortunate observations sir, that the sunni sectarian outfits play on the tunes of ISI and other agencies very easily while the shia sectarian outfits play their own game with very little ISI penetration.

Allah Hafiz

Dr Abol Hasan
[Thanks to Dr. Ismail Zayid, Halifax, Canada, for introducing us to Mr. Felton.]

Zionists putting the screws to Canada's Foreign Ministry

by Greg Felton
[By special permission to New Trend.]
(Friday 29 October 2004)

"It cannot be an act of "anti-Israel bias" for Canada to condemn the invasion and destruction of refugee camps, the murder of children, the demolition of homes, or the continued theft of Arab land. Yet the Little Knesset would have the government acquiesce in a crime against humanity."

Like any subversive group, Canada's Israel lobby conducts its nefarious doings out of the public eye. If Canadians had regular reports on how this cabal and their MP sock-puppets try to control our foreign policy a furour would erupt, or at least I hope it would.

Look what happened in the U.S. after the media reported that Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin passed a classified report on Iran to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Even though AIPAC's control of U.S. policy is an open secret that nobody dare mention, the fact that Franklin was caught red handed was highly embarrassing.

The Lobby went into damage control; its senators and congressmen jumped to attention and defended its honour [sic]; and Israel uttered the predictably absurd statement that it does not spy on the U.S.

Well, Canada's Israel lobby is facing its own crisis. On Oct. 15 and 21, Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson reported that a "storm" was brewing within the ministry of foreign affairs because of the Martin government's "major but surreptitious shift in this nation's foreign policy."

Ibbitson's imagery begs allusion to a coup-in-progress, which is not the kind of image the Lobby wants to project. Nevertheless, a McCarthyite climate of fear has spread throughout the ministry. After the first of his two columns appeared, a vigorous search ensued to find the individual or individuals who spoke to him. Ministerial officials are now so afraid for their jobs that none would agree to comment for this column.

Not too long ago, Canadians were proud that their prime minister refused to jump on board the Texecutioner's Maniacal Misery tour to Iraq. Jean Chrétien also refused to roll over for the Lobby. Now with Paul Martin as the prime minister of a minority government, the zionists have become offensive.

To get an idea of how zionized Canada's Middle East policy is becoming, the ministry's Middle East file has been sent out of Ottawa for the first time and is being overseen by senior diplomat Jill Sinclair in our embassy in Tel Aviv. When Sinclair was stationed at the embassy in Cuba, she married David Miller, son of the leader of Cuba's Jewish community in 1988.

During her tenure there, and for many years before, the Canadian embassy in Havana maintained a hush-hush relationship with Israel to facilitate the emigration of Cuban Jews. After the 1973 War, Cuba broke off relations with Israel, and it soon became known to Cuba's Jews that Canada was the new conduit. This 25-year relationship only came to light in 1999.*

Officials at foreign affairs, therefore, have good reason to charge Sinclair with having a pro-Israel bias and a disregard for Arab interests. Thanks to Ibbitson, this bit of zionist chicanery has come to light quickly, and this "surreptitious shift" has been exposed as a subversive power grab.

Let us speak plainly: Zionists are agents of Israel; they do not speak for Canada; they do not represent our democratic principles; they have no regard for international law; and they are intellectually dishonest.

Take the comments of Anita Neville, co-chairman of the government's "Little Knesset," which now boasts 18 pro-Israel MPs, most of them from heavily Jewish ridings: "We've looked at a large number of [UN] votes and Israel has been the only country to be singled out," she said. "We want a more balanced approach at the UN."?

According to this logic, foreign policy should be a shallow numbers game, as if the law didn't matter. Is Canada supposed to ignore Israel's violations of the Geneva Conventions and UN Security Council resolutions because it looks like we're "singling out" Israel. Maybe if Israel acted like a civilized state the UN wouldn't have to censure it, but Israel and civilized behaviour are mutually exclusive.

It cannot be an act of "anti-Israel bias" for Canada to condemn the invasion and destruction of refugee camps, the murder of children, the demolition of homes, or the continued theft of Arab land. Yet the Little Knesset would have the government acquiesce in a crime against humanity. "Balance," as Neville and others use the word, is zionist doublespeak for making excuses for Israelis but condemning Palestinians and their defenders at every opportunity.

After Peter Hansen, the Commissioner-General for the UN Relief and Works Agency in Palestine said members of Hamas were working for him, an intense international campaign emerged demanding Ottawa to cut off all funding. Fortunately, the government did not cave in-this time-but this uncompromising pro-Israel mentality is what is being foisted upon career foreign affairs officers.

A lot of the blame for this coercion is being directed at Israel's main man in Ottawa, Irwin Cotler, but his office refused to comment on his involvement with foreign policy.

Among Cotler's other odious achievements is his membership in the World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries. Founded on Jan. 25, 1976, WOJAC is based on the bogus notion that Jews in Israel are "refugees" from Arab lands, and therefore entitled to compensation. This is the "Double Exodus" myth by which Zionists try to draw a false equivalence between the forced depopulation of 750,000 Arabs in 1947-48 with the unforced migration of Jews to Palestine over a 20-year period.

The very idea of "Jewish refugee" is ridiculed and denigrated even in Israel. As Tel Aviv University professor Yehouda Shenhav wrote:

"WOJAC was not formed to assist Mizrahi Jews; it was invented as a deterrent to block claims harbored by the Palestinian national movement, particularly claims related to compensation and the right of return. [It] infuriated many Mizrahi Israelis who defined themselves as Zionists. As early as 1975, at the time of WOJAC's formation, Knesset speaker Yisrael Yeshayahu declared: 'We are not refugees. [Some of us] came to this country before the state was born. We had messianic aspirations.'"§

As a member of this organization, Cotler would have to be banned from having any connection with foreign policy, since it would confirm that he is hopelessly biased in favour of Israel. According to Cotler's communications manager Denise Rudnicky, he resigned from WOJAC last December when he entered cabinet. Really?

After a couple of calls to Tel Aviv, I got a hold of WOJAC chairman Oved ben-Ozer, who enthusiastically confirmed that Cotler is still a member. So much for honesty. A full-scale investigation of Cotler is long overdue, as is his dismissal from cabinet.


The Israeli officer who fired 13 bullets into murdered 13-year-old Iyman Hams will not be charged.

Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon said he acted properly. Canada's foreign affairs minister Pierre Pettigrew has not issued a statement condemning her murder, but his office did issue an Oct. 1 statement deploring the recent killings of Israeli civilians, including two children.


* Estanislao Osiewicz, "Secret transit of Jews has gone on 25 years," The Globe and Mail, Oct. 11, 1999.

? Ron Csillag, "Liberal MPs work to change UN voting pattern on Israel," Canadian Jewish News, Oct. 27, 2004.

§ Yehouda Shenhav, "Hitching a ride on the magic carpet," Ha'aretz, Oct. 27, 2004. These claims for return and compensation are facts of international law, and are admitted by Israel. "Mizrahi" refers to Jews from neighbouring Arab states like Yemen who were brought to Israel as cheap labour for Ashkenazi ("German" or "European") Jews.

by courtesy & © 2004 Greg Felton

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