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According to AFP, on April 29, Taliban warriors struck the positions of U.S.-backed tribal "government" in Spin Boldak, a town in Kandahar province near the Pakistani border. Fazal Agha, the appointed 'commissioner' of Spin Boldak stated that the attackers hit the Intelligence office, the ammunition depot, the office of "frontier affairs" and numerous other offices with rockets.

Pakistani observers say that the flames from the exploding ammunition depot and other offices could be seen as far away as Chaman.

Following the disastrous attack, U.S.-backed tribal forces supported by American tanks searched the area but could not find any of the Taliban.
U.S. SOLDIERS SHOOT at demonstrators IN FALLUJAH Again

On April 30, Associated Press reports, about 1,000 people demonstrated in Fallujah, 30 miles west of Baghdad, against U.S. troops. They were protesting the previous day's massacre in which U.S. troops killed 15 Iraqis and wounded 73.

This time the U.S. troops opened fire again. According to the mayor of the city, two demonstrators were killed and 14 wounded on this second day of demonstrations. The mayor of the town, Taha Bedaiwi al-Alwani, an exile who came with U.S. troops, urged American forces to stay away from mosques and residential area.

American forces say (again) that they fired after being fired upon. However, Associated Press reports that 'local officials in Fallujah said they saw or heard no shooting from among the protestors.' The imam of the Grand Mosque, Jamal Shakir Mahmood, said that the Americans are insisting that U.S. troops are needed to provide security "but the people of Fallujah told them we already have security."

[A report from AFP says that the demonstrators on both days, though peaceful, carried pictures of President Saddam Hussain and the Iraqi flag with the words "Allahu Akbar" on it. AFP confirmed the 15 deaths and 73 injuries on the first day.]
[Notice that Iraqi agents who arrived with U.S. forces immediately removed "Allahu Akbar" from the Iraqi flag.]

On April 25, the Islamic government of Pakistan's Frontier Province rescinded General Musharraf's requirement that Islamic schools (medressas) register with the government. The General, under American and Zionist pressure, had ordered the registration of Islamic schools so that their syllabi could be sanitized to remove teachings about Jihad.

As we reported earlier, Zionist Think Tanks in American consider medressas the most important source of Jihad motivation among young Pakistanis.

The Frontier government, which was swept into power on a wave on anti-American sentiment caused by the bombing of Afghanistan, also decided to provide funds to help orphans who are educated in the medressas.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, leader of Jamaat ad-Da'wa in Pakistan told a large gathering in Muridke (in Punjab province) [April 17] that the Israel-India defense pact is a danger signal for Pakistan. Pakistan's rulers should start behaving in a responsible way and popularize military training. Jihad motivation, he said, is the key to Pakistan's survival.

Hafiz (one who has memorized the whole Qur'an) Saeed said that America is spreading the seeds of war all around the globe, and Britain, Israel and India are its agents. He added that the wars which have burned Afghanistan and Iraq are battles between Islam and kufr. Those, he said, who do not understand this reality are paving the way for America.

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