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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jewish Inquisition Scores Victory
Day of Infamy: Leading Historian of World War II, David Irving Sentenced to three Years in Prison.
Austria Used as Cat's Paw After International Jewry Failed to Silence the Scholar.
by Kaukab Siddique

For more than two decades, organized Jewish groups have been trying to silence David Irving. The following measures were taken against him:

1. The publishers of his books were pressured successfully not to distribute his books any longer and to pulp his books they still had in stock.

2. He was stopped from speaking in public. Any gathering place which would let him organize his meeting was threatened with physical violence. The police often took the plea that they could not adequately protect him. In Berkeley, California his meeting was physically disrupted by gangsters from a Jewish group fronting as Communist.

3. He was denounced in the Zionist-controlled media as a "holocaust denier" and his response was not permitted to appear on any media outlet.

4. He could only hold meetings secretly and with only a last minute notification of exactly where the meeting was to be held.

5. Finally the Jews brought state power to bear against him. He was banned from France, Australia, Germany, Canada and Austria. One of the most subservient governments in Europe, that of Austria, arrested him for a 16 year old statement he had made about the "holocaust."

6. On February 20, 2006 the bootlicker-of-Jewish-Israeli-power, the government of Austria sentenced the aging historian to three YEARS in prison. [Look at the web site of the Austrian embassy in Washington: it's like a propaganda forum for international Jewry and Israel.]


1. He is giant of scholarly resistance to the victors' version of the Second World War.

2. His books like HITLER'S WAR, CHURCHILL's WAR [2 volumes], GOEBBELS:Mastermind of the Third Reich, APOCALYPSE 1945, and NUREMBURG are so meticulous in their documentation and so objective in their scholarly restraint that no other World War historian can come near him.

3. When the Jews tried to silence him [through a worldwide campaign of abuse against him] he would not give up. He found a unique way of breaking the Zionist monopoly of the media. He took a Jewish Prof. Lipstadt [Emory University, Atlanta] to court in England for defamation. She did not have the ability to stand against him. Instead the Zionist machine brought in the most expensive attorneys and "experts" to fight Irving on her behalf. Spielberg, the Jewish film maker who transmitted outright lies in the movie Schindler's List [and recently launched Munich] is said to have donated millions to the Jewish side in the Lipstadt case. The ISRAELI AMBASSADOR was in attendance during the trial. Irving fought alone and made the Jewish side look foolish. The judgement went against him based on "guilt by association."
Seldom has the Jewish version of history been in such great danger of demolition.


1. Is he a Nazi? Definitely not. He is a British historian and detests Nazis.

2. Has he expressed any hatred of the Jews as a totality or as individuals? Certainly not, even after they destroyed his publishing career.

3. They hate him for his scholarly honesty and truthfulness. His research did not uncover any order from Hitler which ordered the physicall extermination of the Jews. He refused to simply copy what others had written without evidence. His intellectual honesty would not allow him to write something for which there is no proof.

4. Similarly, he could not find any evidence for the Jewish claim that 4 million [later revised to 1.4 million] Jews had been gassed by the Nazis at Auschwitz. He also found that there are no holes or inlets in the remains of the alleged gas chambers in Auschwitz through which, as the Jews claim, poison gas was introduced to kill the prisoners.

5. During the Defamation case against Prof. Lipstadt in England, Irving challenged the leading expert the Jews had brought to prove or show in any way that there were holes in the alleged gas chambers through which the gas could have been pumped in. The leading expert failed to do so.

6. Irving does not say anywhere that the Jews did not suffer at Hitler's hands. In fact he is vehement about the ways in which they did suffer. His book on Goebbels shows in detail that he has no sympathy whatsoever for the Nazi system.

7. The danger the Jewish power structure faces from Irving is that he presents the war as it was, brutish and horrific, not as a propaganda story of good versus evil. Stalin, the greatest criminal of the modern era, was on the side of the British and the Americans, who in turn committed horrendous crimes during the war.

AUSTRIA's ROLE is a BLOT on Humanity, Democracy and Freedom of Expression:

Like Germany, the central European potentate of Austria pretends to be a democracy but is slavishly allied to the criminal entity known as Israel which has committed genocide against the Palestinian people.

Guided probably by a Jewish hand, Austria acted like a slave government which has abdicated all sense of decency, humanity, democracy and freedom of expression. IS AUSTRIA TOTALLY IN THE HANDS of BARBARIANS? Apparently it seems so. No civilized nation would arrest a historian and then sentence him to three years in prison "for denying the holocaust." How is this possible for anyone who respects research, publication, discussion, information?

Does Austria's ruling system think that it can totally stifle human thought and like the INQUISITION call on a scholar to recant or suffer in prison? And then Austria claims that it is a democracy?

Surely under this Austrian bootlicking of Israel and International Jewry, this tailwagging and sycophancy of a subject and servile ruling clique, is the fear of the renaissance of the German people. Hitler took Austria without a shot being fired. The Austrian masses welcomed Hitler with acclaim and rejoicing which has no equal in Austrian history. The Israelis sense that if the Austrian sense of honor and self-respect is not totally crushed, the German nation [of which the Austrians are a key part] could rise again.

Surely the Israeli strategists can figure out that if the German identity and self-respect is reclaimed, the German people will stand by the Muslims of the world against Zionism.

This is indeed a day of intellectual horror for me. The thought police of Israel has struck hard. What will happen to Mr. Irving's wife and his sweet little flower of a daughter. They have suddenly been deprived of their last support.

The man who used to drive thousands of miles, criss crossing America, trying personally to sell his books after all avenues had been closed to him, is now in prison! A man who loved freedom, in particular the freedom to think, to write, to research, to study, has been confined to the walls of a Zionist-inspired prison.

O Allah, I pray that You give this great scholar the ability to endure his suffering.

2006-04-11 Tue 19:04:36 cdt