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INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC SYMPOSIUM OF JAMAAT AL-MUSLIMEEN INTERNATIONAL WILL BE HELD, inshallah, June 21, 2003 in Greensboro, North Carolina to discuss the future of the Muslim Ummah in America.
Initiating committee:
Kaukab Siddique, Ameer
Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah, Secretary General
Imam Badi Ali, local host
Day 16: U.S. Tank Column Near Baghdad Airport: Attacked by Lightly Armed Iraqis
Baghdad Prepares for Defense after a Night with Lights out: Ferocious U.S. Air Assault
Peaceful Demonstrators Block U.S. troops Near Mosque of Ali (r.a.) in Najaf

Iraqi forces seem to have withdrawn into Baghdad as the American forces advanced. Observers think that as in the case of Basrah, the Iraqis seem to have decided to avoid battles on open ground where they are heavily outgunned. Instead, they seem to be concentrating on defending Baghdad city.

As the day declined in Iraq on April 3, through the night and then the morning of April 4, the U.S. claimed repeatedly that Saddam International Air Port, only 12 miles from the city, has been captured. Iraq repeatedly denied that the U.S. juggernaut was anywhere near Baghdad. The truth seems to lie in between the two claims.

It appears that an American tank column has reached very near the airport. However, the claim that the airport has been captured does not appear to be accurate at 12.30 AM (EST) April 4. CNN has now admitted that fighting is going on at the airport. The Iraqis seem to be poorly armed but are fearlessly attacking heavily armored American forces. CNN admits that several pick ups and a bus full of irregulars armed only with AK47s charged American tanks and gave their lives.

The lights out in Baghdad was a mystery and followed some of the heaviest bombardment of the war. Some cynics think that after repeated attempts to knock out Iraqi TV, the U.S. might have decided to knock out power to the whole city to stop Iraqis from watching Iraqi TV.

The Iraqi forces are fighting back on the eastern approach to Baghdad at Al-Kut and the crossing of the Tigris river.

Basrah too continues to resist capture by the British "Desert Rats" Division. Iraqi mujahideen have counterattacked and driven the British back.
IN NAJAF, Iraqi civilians, unarmed, blocked the street leading to the Mosque of Ali (r.a) when they saw U.S. troops marching in the direction of the mosque. The demonstration indicated that the U.S. has been mistaken in thinking that Iraqi Shi'as would support the invading forces.

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