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Ismail Royer Denied Bail: Hammad Placed Under House Arrest, Loses Job
[Backdrop of India & Lashkar Taiba]

Br. Mahair reports from Washington: On July 11, the U.S. government appealed the release on bail of the White Muslim brother, Ismail Royer. The Appeal judge was convinced that Royer is a flight risk and canceled his bail. All the support from the Muslim community, including offers of bail guarantees, failed to move the judge.

His wife from Bosnia was in tears in the court. She now has to take care of four children.

[Numbers of Muslims from a local mosque attended the hearing. Looks like the need for support action is beginning to be understood in the community.]

Also, New Trend reports: The Government appealed against the release on bail of African-American brother Hammad Abdur-Raheem. Although the appeal did not entirely succeed, NEW RESTRICTIONS were placed on Br. Hammad and he is now literally under HOUSE ARREST, not permitted to step outside his door.

As a result, he has lost his job and will face serious economic hardships, with a wife and two children.

These Muslims, charged with tenuous links with Pakistan's LASHKAR TAIBA, are innocents, living their lives peacefully and privately. The new U.S. linkup with INDIA is the underlying cause of their misery.

2003-07-12 Sat 14:50ct