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People of Kohat Honor Chechen Mujahideen martyred by Pakistani troops
Pakistani newspapers (with three exceptions) refuse "wanted" ads against Osama etc
Jamaate Islami Leader: No general can stop Jihad. Islamic movements closer to each other

One of the objectives of honest journalism is to mirror reality. Most people in America do not know, owing to slanted media, that the Bush war against "terrorism" is not popular outside America and is seen as a war against Islam in all the countries of the Muslim world, from Morocco to Indonesia and from Nigeria to Chechnya.

In Pakistan, the Pervez Musharref regime, with the help of a segment of the army and the westernized elites, has placed itself at the service of the United States in return for a billion dollars from the U.S. The Pakistani people are thus placed in a situation where they have to fight the troops of the Pakistani army whom they have fed and fattened for years. Pakistanis feel that they should not fight their own army. The result is that Musharref is getting away with murder.

EXAMPLE: The Pakistani army is helping the U.S. to hunt down Al-Qaida mujahideen who have been given refuge by the people of Pakistan. On July 3, there was a clash between Pakistani troops and al-Qaida near the town of Kohat (in frontier province near Afghanstan). Four Chechen mujahideen were martyred and three Pakistani troops were killed in the clash. As the news of the clash spread, thousands of Pakistani people, including women and children, surrounded the military hospital where the bodies of the four martyrs were being kept. The people of Kohat demanded that the bodies be handed over to be buried with honor. Musharref refused the request of the people and rushed in reinforcements led by armored cars. The police arrested four leaders of the demonstrators: Dr. Abdur Rabbi, Maulana Ghulam Mursaleen, Javed Ibrahim and Abid Piracha.

Three thousand demonstrators then blocked the Bannu-Kohat highway and took a number of police officers as hostages. The security forces used tear gas and charged the crowd with steel tipped staves. The people replied with volleys of stones. During the clashes, Musharref's special forces whisked away the bodies of the martyrs and buried them secretly in Peshawar.

[The Chechen mujahideen are the most popular in Pakistan owing to their great sacrifices against the Russians and their willingness to give up everything to come to Afghanistan and help set up an Islamic government. Their martyrdom by the Musharref troops to please the Americans sends shock waves through the Pakistani communities. The Chechens in turn love Pakistan and have never done anything against Pakistan.]
The Musharref government again misfired when it decided to publish a WANTED ad against Osama bin Laden and his companions in the Pakistani newspapers. The advertisement was REJECTED by just about all Pakistani newspapers except three, the daily Dawn which represents the westernized English-reading elites, the daily Jung, a mass circulation Urdu daily which usually supports the government (whoever is in power) and a smaller newspaper called Khabrain (Urdu for news). The interior ministry paid very good sums of money for the ad but the newspapers considered it an insult that verses from the Qur'an were being used in the ad to abuse Osama and other fighters. The government ad had the heading: "These people are dangerous religious terrorists."

One courageous newspaper, the daily UMMAT of Karachi, published a counter advertisement of its own titled: "These people are not dangerous religious terrorists but mujahideen." Then like the government ad, it listed Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Abdur-Rahman Yasin, Ibrahim Salih Muhammad Yaqoob and 12 other names. The ad has this verse from the Qur'an at the top: "Those who believe, and emigrate, and fight for the faith in the cause of Allah, as well as those who give them asylum and aid, these are in very truth the believers: for them is the forgiveness of sins and a provision most generous." (8:74)

[The weekly Ghazwah of Lahore has published both the government ad and the Islamic ad in reduced size next to each other. This is a collector's item reflecting the two opposing forces at work in Pakistan, the Islamic masses and the westernized government. Readers can order these two together by sending $1 for postage to: New Trend, POB 356, Kingsville, MD 21087. Remember the ads are in the Urdu language/script.]
AN IMPORTANT ASPECT of the struggle in Pakistan resulting from the collaboration of General Musharref and President Bush plus movement of Indian armies meant to deflect internal pressure from Musharref is the realization among Pakistani Islamic movements that they must work together. The Islamic power in Pakistan could sweep away anything America could install in Islamabad but Islamic groups are cut off from each other owing to many historic reasons including concerns for methodology. Jamaate Islami, for instance, is a peaceful movement which participates in elections and tries to spread its message through educational projects. Jamaat ad-da'wa (which came from Laskhare Taiba, banned by the Musharref government), works for internal reform in Pakistan but links all its work to Jihad in Kashmir to liberate the Kashmiri people from the Indian occupation army. Ad'Da'wa's leader, Hafiz Saeed has been imprisoned by Musharref in the efforts to stop Jihad in Kashmir.

In that context, the words of Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami, are important. In a recent interview he said clearly: THE JIHAD WILL NOT STOP JUST BECAUSE A GENERAL SO ORDERS. He described Musharref's U-turn on Kashmir as a crime against the nation. He praised the work of Jamaat ad-Dawah and called for cooperation between the two movements. In the jihad movement, he said, the Taliban have left an undying example that they would rather sacrifice themselves than accept the anti-Islam orders of a superpower.
Munawar Hasan criticized Musharref for bowing down before America and for constantly retreating in front of American demands, so much so that today "Americans are raiding our homes" and searching for wanted people in our communities.

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