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Islam and Women: USA, India, Uganda


News has been received from Br. Abdul Majid that on the testimony of four White corrections (prison system) officials, Ms. Amina Akbar has been removed from her position in the Department of Corrections. According to the accusers, Sis. Amina, speaking at a Black Solidarity Day event at Albion Women's prison said that "Usama bin Ladin was a warrior of God (mujahideen)" and that she did not consider herself an American. (She has denied the second part of the accusation.)

Readers are urged to write to the following to urge that Sis. Amina be reinstated. Br. Abdul Majid urges writers to say that "freedom of expression" is the right of every American. Address for letters of support:

Glen Goorde, Commissioner
Department of Correction Services
1220 Washington Ave.,
Albany, NY 12226
The INSTITUTE for STUDIES ON WOMEN is flourishing in the state of Karnataka, India. Sis. Razeena Ayesha who runs the Institute has sent a letter explaining the process which led to the formation of the Institute. She says: "Dear Dr. Kaukab Siddique: Peace! Years back we had the opportunity to read your magazine New Trend. Inspired by your articles and books like Islam -the Wave of the future, Struggle of Muslim women, etc. we, a group of young Muslim women formed into an organization in December '95."

Sis. Ayesha goes on to provide information about the work of the Institute in year 2001, which includes a library, a research office, newsletters, and sponsorship of girl children for schooling. Here is an important extract from the Institute's brochure:
"The plight of women in India is pathetic. Atrocities like sati (self-immolation in the funeral pyre of husband), female foeticide, dowry system and a long list of discrimination continue to undermine the social fabric. Around 45% of the female population of India are comprised by the Dalits (untouchables) and they happen to be the most oppressed lot. They were always given the lowest position among the Indian women and are victims of triple oppression (caste, class and gender). Around 90% of the Muslim women in India are illiterate and their lack of knowledge about Islam adds to their vulnerability. More importantly, Islam is used by most religious institutions to yoke women to the finer details of physical purdha , rather than to construct her personality with a spiritual content."
Readers interested in sending literature or help to the Institute should contact: ash era22@aol.com

UGANDA: Islam bases honor and respect on TAQWA, not on Gender

Br. Rajab Jafar Noor, a member of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Uganda, gave a sermon at Nkumba University, in Entebbe, Uganda. When he mentioned the rights of women according to Islamic teachings, he was showered with questions. He writes: "It was good that I had a book near me, THE STRUGGLE OF MUSLIM WOMEN, which I used as a guideline to answer some of the questions. I gave them many examples such as: the holy mosque of the prophet (pbuh) was not partitioned. Both men and women used to perform all prayers inside the mosque. The mosque was known as a place for SHOORA where both men and women used to meet together with the holy Prophet and make mutual discussions in terms of defending Islam and Muslims against any enemy."
"Umm Haram took part in the battle for Cyprus, going across the sea in accordance with the Prophet's dream, and Umm Hakim fought and embraced martyrdom in the battle of the bridge."

Br. Rajab Noor wants us to remember that we must follow the Prophet's example in treating women with equality, because the Qur'an says:
"Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah an excellent example for one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who remembers Allah much." (33:21)
------------------------------------------------------ To contact the Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Uganda, please write to:
ash era22@aol.com
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