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IT is ISRAEL --------- STUPID! [Israeli Mole in Pentagon Uncovered]

On August 27, in its 7 PM national news report, NBC broke the story that the FBI has uncovered a mole IN THE PENTAGON spying for Israel. The spy [or two spies] sent classified policy information to AIPAC, the biggest Jewish political action committee, which then sent it on to Israel.

Thus the Jews within the Bush cabinet, Wolfowitz, Feith, etc, would pass policy issues being formulated within the government, to the spy (or spies) within the Pentagon, who would pass it on to AIPAC, who would then pass it on to Israel.

Israel was aware of issues within the U.S. government BEFORE the AMERICAN PEOPLE KNEW of them. The NBC report says that Israel was thus able to influence Bush’s policy on both Iraq and Iran. [Iran is an ally of the USA and people used to wonder why hostile statements are being made about Iran.]

Once the Israelis knew what was being discussed, they were able to generate their support for war [perhaps through Lieberman within the Democratic Party or a prominent Jewish leader in the Republican Party].

How long this story will last depends on the thinking ability of the American people. Already Israel has categorically denied the report and AIPAC too has issued a denial. It takes tremendous moral courage to issue a report targeting Jewish power within the American power structure. It most probably won’t last.

When another Israeli spy, Jonathan POLLARD was imprisoned, WOLF BLITZER carried out a media blitz from WITHIN Pollard’s cell to present the spy as a victim rather than a crook.
[Blitzer is another Israeli in American clothing sitting in the most powerful U.S. media organization, CNN.]
[August 28: Fox News reports that the spy in the Pentagon was probably an aide to Feith (one of the Jews who orchestrated Bush's war against the Muslim world).]


August 23, 2004. Akbar Ahmed, a professor at American University in Washington, DC, declared on CNN that the U.S. is acting with "great restraint" in Najaf.

[Comment: How an educated person can claim that the U.S.’ use of artillery, tanks, helicopter gun ships and jet fighters in a sacred city shows "great restraint" boggles the mind. Did he mean that the U.S. was restrained because it did not destroy the mosque? Akbar Ahmed is of Pakistani origin. He definitely knows what Allama Iqbal, the Poet of the East, wrote about Najaf. He owes his Muslim audiences an apology. He should stop cooperating with the Zionists if he is to retain his image of "scholar."]


August 28: More than 250,000 demonstrators are preparing to protest at the Republican Party’s show in New York. The government has mobilized great numbers of riot police to stop the demonstrations. Permit to gather at Central Park has been denied.

Of 5000 who arrived on bikes to oppose Bush and snagged New York traffic, 264 have been arrested. [Large numbers of women calling themselves MOB (Mothers opposing Bush) arrived August 28.]

Comment on Israel's Male Prostitute

Assalamu Aleykum:
Just a note: Do you think that Golan Cipel is an Israeli Mossad plant? The Israelis have agents all the way to the White House and at all phases of US security. Monica Lewinsky, I am convinced, was one of them.
Your Sister in Islam
Um Esma
[New Orleans, Louisiana]


by Buut Shikan [Idol Breaker]

Most Americans do not know that the alleged holocaust of the Jews did not take place in Germany but at a concentration camp in POLAND called Auschwitz. Although the camp was monitored by British/American air surveillance during the war, nothing unusual was noticed.
Early in 1945, the Russian army ‘liberated’ the camp and did not announce anything strange.
However, when the war was just about over, suddenly the Russians announced that Auschwitz had gas chambers and five million Jews had been gassed to death there! [Later this figure was reduced to one million, when the Russians realized that it would not stand mathematical scrutiny.] Tens of thousands of Jewish "survivors" of Auschwitz live around the world. None of them can explain how they survived when "ALL" others were gassed.

What were the Russians trying to hide? It was Chechnia which today is fighting back against the Russian giant.

The source we’ll use is a "moderate" Chechen named Khassan Baiev who is opposed to the mujahideen now fighting in Chechnia [whom he calls "wahhabies"] and who has taken refuge in the USA. [Remember that the Soviet Union was formulated by many Jews, and its terror and surveillance units were led by Jews. The crimes committed at the orders of Stalin were often carried out by Jews. Thus if the focus were on Chechnia, people would know that Stalin and the Russian Communists committed crimes which were much greater in enormity than the behavior of Germany under Hitler.]

In his book THE OATH: A SURGEON UNDER FIRE [published by Simon & Schuster, 2003, 354 pages], Khassan Baiev provides glimpses of Stalin’s genocide against the Chechens.
More than a million Chechens were killed or died of suffering during the deportation of the entire population in 1944 from Chechnia to Kazakhstan’s bleak and bitterly cold wasteland.

Baiev’s father reports from his father:
"From Vedeno, they packed people into lorries’ Dada paused, then spoke loudly to be heard above the roar of the river. ‘They took us to the nearest railway station. Like animals, they herded us into cattle trucks. We were stacked like cigarettes in a pack, men and women standing on the straw together. We held up the babies and children so they wouldn’t get crushed."

"After several days, the stench of excrement and vomit clogged our lungs. We could barely breathe. Then, one by one, people started dying. You’d turn to say something and the person next to you was dead. The men would carry the corpses over to the corner of the truck and lay them like cordwood. The corpses rotted until the train made a stop and they could be thrown out.
The moans of the dying and the cries of women grieving for their children rose above the thumping of the wheels.’ Dada sighed. ‘By the time we reached Kazakhstan, after a month on the road, the wagons were half empty. Half a million died en route.’" [p. 32]

The deportation began on February 23, 1944. In a supreme act of hypocrisy, the Soviet Union’s President Mikhail Kalinin [Jewish?], second only to Stalin, issued an "order" on March 7, 1944 ordering the deportation and accusing the entire Chechen-Ingush nation of treachery and collaboration with Germany. [Baiev’s father and many other Chechens had fought the Germans and were highly decorated for defending Leningrad.] Baiev published the text of this infamous deportation order (p.37). It won’t be surprising if Bush’s Wolfowitz and others who formulated the Patriot Act after 9.11 have read the order.

A relevant question: Why does the U.S. media ignore the Chechen deportation while it keeps thumping the drums for Auschwitz when both tragedies are from the same war? In fact whatever reports exist about the deportation of the Jews from Germany indicate that they were treated much better than the Chechens by the Russians. The Jews had declared war on Germany.
The Chechens fought to defend Russia against the German invasion and yet were deported.

[To be continued.]

MOQTADA Al-SADR WINS: America Plays its Iranian Card: Ali Sistani

by our Iraq observer

August 27. After three weeks of fighting, there is peace in Najaf, the holy city of Shi’ite Islam. The Americans used F-16s, helicopter gun ships and Abram tanks to try and destroy the forces loyal to Moqtada al-Sadr. They are reported to have killed more than 500 people and injured more than 1000 in Najaf, many of them lightly armed militia. The central point of the struggle is that the USA could not defeat Al-Sadr.

Much was made of Al-Sadr’s refuge in the mosque of Imam Ali. The puppet regime in Baghdad (which is also Shi’ite, led by CIA agent Allawi) claimed that Al-Sadr’s stay in the mosque could lead to the mosque being damaged. Observers say that Allawi’s argument is spurious: Moqtada al-Sadr is a prominent Shi’ite and has every right to control the Imam Ali mosque.

When the Americans could not win, they played their Iranian card. Ali Al-Sistani was brought from his hospital bed in London, driven from Kuwait to Najaf, and impelled to confront Al-Sadr.
Try to imagine a similar scene when the Shi’ite Marja’ of that time had sat on TV with President Saddam Hussain and had urged Iraqi Shias to stay neutral in the fight against Iran. Much propaganda was made that Saddam was using an old, sick man to support his political agenda.
Now we are being shown the Americans using Ali Sistani to divide the Islamic resistance in Iraq as if this is a legitimate exercise.

Would the U.S. have demolished the Imam Ali mosque if Al-Sadr had refused to listen to Ali Sistani? Most observers agree that the American forces are the occupiers. They have no legitimacy and their entry into Najaf was an indication that nothing is sacred for them or for the puppet Allawi regime which they have installed in Baghdad.

Readers who are not Shi’ites will understand this situation better if they try to imagine American forces in Makka, threatening to demolish the Ka’aba if Osama took refuge in it, with the Saudi regime claiming that it is okay for the Americans to enter Makka. The analogy is not far fetched. As long as Israel is in charge of U.S. foreign policy, it can happen.

[One important lesson of the struggle of Moqtada al-Sadr: All Shi’ites are not alike. They are as diverse as the Sunnis. Al-Sadr has shown that at least some Shi’ites are willing to put the Iran-Iraq war behind them and face the situation at hand: the occupation of Iraq by the USA.]

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