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The Islamic Jihad movement has scored an important victory against Israeli military forces in Al-Khalil (called Hebron by Israel).

It took the U.S. media two days to admit that the 12 Israelis killed and 30 wounded on November 15 were soldiers and paramilitary settlers, including a military commander said to be of the rank of colonel. The dead included three other officers.

The U.S. government (President Bush himself) condemned the attack, and the media continued to refer to the resistance victory as "murders." Now look at the facts on the ground:

1. Israel has occupied Palestine.
2. Israel defies its own "creator" the United Nations in holding on to the West Bank.
3. The case of Hebron (Al-Khalil) is an example of occupation so ghoulish that even Hitler would have been taken aback. THE JEWS HAVE ESTABLISHED A SETTLEMENT within THE PALESTINIAN CITY OF Al- KHALIL! This settlement is protected by heavily armed Israeli troops (funded and armed by the U.S.).
4. Only FOUR mujahideen of Islamic Jihad took on an entire battalion of Jewish military and paramilitary forces and routed the Jews. [Three of the mujahideen were martyred after a THREE HOUR gun battle.]
5. The media spent one whole day claiming that it was an attack on people going to the tomb of the Patriarch for Sabbath worship. ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL LAW, occupied people have the right to attack occupiers on any day of the week. During World War II, in Ukraine and in occupied Poland, Jews and other partisans never hesitated to attack German occupation forces whenever they could, be it Christmas or any other day. Who has heard of Jewish partisans having qualms about attacking Nazis retiring for worship on Sunday or even on Cristmas.
6. The specific BACKGROUND to the Islamic Jihad operation was the murder of an Islamic Jihad leader by the Zionist occupation forces. The Zionists murdered Iyad Swalaha IN HIS HOME, by demolishing his home over him; then they DRAGGED HIS BODY OUT AND EMPTIED THEIR GUNS INTO HIM IN FRONT OF HIS SCREAMING WIFE AND FAMILY. There was not a word out of President Bush against this outrage.
7. IMPORTANT CONCLUSION. The level of Islamic resistance has gone WAY UP. Years back, a Jew, during Ramadan, in the same city, entered a mosque and murdered dozens of people AS THEY BOWED IN PRAYER. The Muslims at that time were too weak to do what they have done in the case of the martyrdom of Iyad Swalaha. [Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.]
SUGGESTION: If the U.S. could provide some modern gunnery to Islamic Jihad, there would be no need for martyrdom bombings which often create collateral damage. Then the U.S. won't have to complain about "terrorism." Man for man, no Jew can compare with a mujahid.

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