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April is the month of Allama Iqbal's anniversary. Iqbal is known as the Poet of the East, a visionary who taught that Pakistan must be created to safeguard the rights of the Muslims of India. His poetry is critical of the Western way of life. He saw Muhammad, peace be on him, as the leader of humanity. Here are a couple of his verses:
"Sabaq mila hay yeh ma'iraj-e-mustafa say mujhey
keh alem-e-bashriyyat ki zud main hay gardoon!
Yeh kainat ubhi natamam hay shaid
keh aa rahi hay duma dum saday kunfayakoon!
ilaj atash-e-roomi kay sooz main hay taira
tri khirad pay hay ghalib farangiun ka fasoon."
The Ascension of the Chosen One (pbuh) has taught me this:
That heaven is being impacted by the endeavor of humanity!
This universe is perhaps still incomplete so that we hear the drum roll of creation: "be, and it is."
Your cure is in the fire of Roomi's (God-internalized) passion but your reason has been overwhelmed by the illusions of the Europeans.
Tit bits of reality on NY Times bother Israel Supporters
Review of TV programs in New York city
by our representative Sis. 'Aisha

On April 11th at 5pm, on a public broadcasting station, a show called Teen Talk TV aired. It's a show with different teen hosts and a different topic each week. This particular episode dealt with Occupied-Palestine. The guest panel consisted of an "Israeli" boy and two Arabic-speaking girls, one of whom was Palestinian.

During the broadcast they showed footage of protests and in one scene a young Jewish woman was being interviewed. She wore a sign that read: "Jews against Zionism". She also stated that, this past summer, she was also holed up in that Church at the Nativity and it was the Israelis who were shooting up the church.

The the two Arabic-speaking girls were very outspoken and did a great job of expressing the feelings about the U.S. military support for Israel and its cause of Palestinian suffering. I almost felt sorry for the Israeli boy because he could not complete a sentence. I mean, no one interrupted him. He was not able to express himself in the face of TRUTH. How could he defend his peoples' barbarism?

On April 24, 2003, I saw another show on public-access cable called: Israel Views (

The host and hostess, Charlie Bernhaut and Helen Freedman, respectively had syndicated national radio talk show host, Barry Farber as their guest. Barry Farber is a North Carolina Jew who stated how happy he was with American Christians. He also called North Carolina a pro-semitic (pro-Jewish) state and proceeded to name, at one time or another, all of the Jewish elected officials in Greesboro and other cities.

I was disturbed that the hostess worked with an organization called America for a Safe Israel and evangelical Christians in thwarting the building of a mosque in Nazareth. I was thinking: What threat does a mosque pose to her and her "Christian" friends? My sister remarked that that sounded like religious suppression right there!

In the two minutes of the show, Barry Farber claimed that the "Heavenly Father sent us the New York Times to test our patience." To that Helen Freedman remarked, "Oh, we canceled our subscription months ago." She said that she has been urging Jews to cancel their New York Times subscriptions. What they are upset about are those tiny headlined articles that New York Times prints every now and then about what's really going on in Israel. It happens, sometimes.

One thing Barry Farber said was that "it's better to have ugly editorials than beautiful obituaries." It was a comment directed at some Jews who feared that there would be a great anti-Zionist backlash post 9/11.

I believe that there is a growing awareness of Israel and it's barbaric treatment of human beings. I don't know what he's been reading. He is obviously blind and deaf.

I am currently developing a more indepth list of American companies that support Israel and their contact info.
Sis. 'Aisha

2003-04-27 Sun 17:45ct