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Zulqi'dah 19, 1425/December 31, 2004 #128



December 30. Gulf Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) has sent $10,000 from its funds to Islamic Relief in Indonesia to bring relief to children impacted by the Earthquake and Tsunami tidal wave of December 26.

This donation is possible owing to the efforts of Abdul Sattar al-Dahir [may Allah fill his grave with light] who used to go from mosque to mosque pleading with people to donate for children in need.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique, board member of GMRF, used to urge Abdul Sattar not to push himself beyond limits, not to ruin his health by sleeping on drafty mosque floors [instead of hotels] and to get some rest.

Alhamdulillah, today Br. Abdul Sattar gets rewards even when he is not with us, in that the relief group he built is the FIRST among U.S. Muslims to reach out to the helpless victims of Tsunami in Indonesia.
New Trend's choices

Ramsey Clark [American of the year]
David Irving [Briton of the year]
Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz [Educator of the year]
Um Hammad [Woman of the Year]

New Trend's choices at the conclusion of 2004 show that owing to our grounding in Qur'an and Hadith, we are not limited or obstructed by any ideology, race or background. Our choices are based on support for the truth wherever it may be. We look for people who can help humanity to break out of its set course of oppression, brainwashing by the power structure and the hegemony of tyrants.
  1. Ramsey Clark's latest achievement is his decision to defend President Saddam Hussain. Clark, former attorney general of the United States, is the elder statesman of the anti-war movement in America.. He has called for the impeachment of President George Bush. He defended the blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman pro bono. He has called for an anti-inauguration on the day of Bush's inauguration. No American can compare with Ramsey Clark in his opposition to the depredations of the American power structure.

    Clark is vilified by the Zionist media and successfully kept out of mainstream news reporting. He is dismissed as a wild eyed leftist though the choices he makes show that he puts humanity first.

  2. David Irving is our British choice. He can best be described as the greatest historian of the Second World War. Without reading Irving one can be mislead, as most people are, about the "why" and the "what" of the war which colors just about every aspect of human thought in the West. Irving's research is so meticulous and his production so voluminous that one wonders how he manages to do anything other than write. His latest book: Churchill's War Volume II:
    Triumph in Adversity is 1051 pages of original writing which smashes for ever the idol of Churchill as the honest, brave fighter against evil Germany. Publication of Irving's books has been blocked in America owing to a well orchestrated Zionist campaign which vilifies him in a manner meant to block people from reading him.

  3. Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz is the greatest teacher of Mathematics in America. His students are themselves Ph.Ds and outstanding teachers inspired by his pedagogic methodology. Shabazz has spent his life fighting the idea that young people from poor or uneducated backgrounds cannot be given the best education. He fights against "developmental" courses which consign African-American young people to college work meant for those who cannot think. Shabazz thinks that the children of the downtrodden and the oppressed can reach the highest levels of intellectual development if they have highly motivated teachers. Thus the problem is not the weak student but the unmotivated teacher who cannot see the diamond in the clay.

  4. Um Hammad, our WOMAN OF THE YEAR lives in Lahore Pakistan. One day she realized that the hum drum everyday life of Pakistanis, based on materialism, unending greed and unflinching materialism, is the very antithesis of Islam which Pakistanis profess to follow. She realized that the prevalent concepts of Pakistani society are self-destructive and are based on killer capitalism. The only way out, she thought, is Jihad.

    One result of the transformation of her life is her book in the Urdu language titled Hum Main Lashkare Taiba Ki ["We mothers of Lashkare Taiba"]. It is a collection of personal narratives from and about mothers who support the Jihad in Kashmir and sent their beloved sons and husbands there to give the ultimate sacrifice.
    [The book was published in 1998, about 4 years before President Bush decided to please India by forcing General Musharraf to declare Lashkare Taiba a "terrorist" organization.]
In the introduction to the book Um Hammad writes: " I used to think, Muslims fast, they pray, they go for Hajj, then why are they under the burden of humiliation, oppression and degradation? I turned to the Qur'an for guidance and read the chapters titled Anfal and Taubah and studied all the texts on Jihad: thus I saw that brilliant aspect of Islam which helps us to realize the belief system of the MOTHERS who brought up Salahuddin Ayyubi, Tariq ibn Ziyad, Muhammad ibn Qasim and Mahmud Ghaznavi. All praise belongs to Allah."
WAR NEWS: [by our Media Monitor reading Urdu language newspapers.]

Riyadh, "Saudi" Arabia: Mujahideen seem to have struck a serious blow at the Saudi regime.
On December 29 there were huge bomb explosions at the Saudi Ministry of the Interior and at a security forces recruitment center. Gunfire was heard after the explosions.

The explosions were so powerful that windows were smashed and dozens of people wounded in a nearby hotel. The Saudi regime clamped censorship on the bomb attacks and refused to give out casualty figures.

There were two other incidents in the city which the news media have been allowed to mention. In one incident BEFORE the explosions, three gunmen in a car were killed after an exchange of fire with police at a gas pump [which caught fire and exploded].

In another incident AFTER the attack, Saudi troops poured into a building and killed 7 people. It appears that Riyadh is becoming a battle zone.

The attack on the Interior Ministry is significant because the Saudi regime carries out torture and terrorism against Arabian people from this ministry.

KASHMIR: [December 29]

In an act of state terrorism, Indian occupation forces opened fire on a passenger bus at Lal Gam, in the Taral area, 40 miles south of Srinagar. Five civilians in the bus, including 2 women were killed and dozens of others wounded.

In Sopore, a Hizbul Mujahideen fighter killed an Indian soldier.

In Rajauri, an Indian hit squad kidnaped Maulvi Muhammad Sher, the imam of a local mosque, and slaughtered him after torturing him. The people of the area came out to protest the atrocity.


New Taliban spokesman is highly educated. On December 16, the Taliban announced that the new spokesman for Mullah Omar is Prof. Yasir, Ph.D in Principles of Hadith, widely traveled and articulate.

December 22: A big American offensive against the Taliban is facing some pre-emptive action by the Islamic forces. In Ghazni Province, Ghaibi Khail area, Taliban attacked a U.S. force with rockets, machine guns and grenades killing 8 U.S. troops. Three of their vehicles were destroyed.

In the Khost province's Ismail Khel area, a gunman killed a person named Zubair Nusrat working for a Christian missionary radio channel from overseas.

In Zabul province, U.S. troops killed 6 Taliban and captured 2.

December 25:

In Farah province, in a mountain gorge known as Durra Balwa, Taliban ambushed Kabul "government" troops, killing 6 and wounding 9. Three "government" trucks were destroyed and three taken away by the Taliban.

December 29:

19 prisoners escaped from the central military prison in Khost. Of these, 7 were recaptured but the remaining 12 known as Al-Qaida and Taliban succeeded in escaping


In Wana town [Waziristan] gunmen killed Shah Alam Khojal Khel. The killing seems to be political as Khojal Khel was a close friend of Kabul ruler Karzai, an activist of the ethnic extremist group known as Pakhtunkhwa Milli Party and a brother of Pakistan's ambassador to Qatar.

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