Elie Wiesel: Jewish man of Peace or Devil in Disguise?

[Note: On May 1, Israeli soldiers killed a two year old Palestinian child in Rafeh. He got a line in the moving news script below the main screen of MSNBC. Israel has again put off the U.N. Fact finding mission to Jenin. At the same time, the U.S.-Israeli media have declared that there was no massacre in Jenin. So "we won't let you find out" and "we will tell you what happened." (None of the members of the U.N. mission were Muslims or Arabs.)

On April 30, National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed Elie Wiesel about the situation in Palestine. Readers should know that Wiesel is considered a sacred personality by the Jews in America. He lectures to audiences about the horrors of the holocaust and the tremendous suffering of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis. He claims that he himself is a "holocaust survivor." A special aura of sanctity was placed on him when he was given the Nobel Prize for Peace. (O Peace, what crimes are committed in thy name!)

Wiesel has been quite consistent in his support for Israel. Many innocent Muslims still do not realize that there is a direct link between the Jewish story of the "holocaust" and funding for Israel. [Israel has extracted more than $30 billion from Germany alone as reparations for the suffering of the Jews (along with weapons including three submarines which threaten Arab cities).

In the NPR interview, Wiesel took off his disguise and came out naked against the Palestinian people. Note the points he made:

1. Palestinians deliberately kill Israeli children (such as the one killed in the attack on Adora).
2. Israeli soldiers cannot EVEN THINK OF KILLING Palestinian civilians. {Interviewer wanted to know about a Palestinian child just killed when Israeli fired into the car he was sitting in.) Wiesel claimed that was by mistake.
3. The Palestinian "suicide" bombers are murderers and must be condemned as terrorists. [NPR interviewer, who seems to have been reading New Trend asked: What about the Arab contention that if Palestinians had tanks and helicopters, they would not need "suicide" bombers.] Wiesel rejected this point out of hand.
4. The Palestinians should learn to use non-violent methods.
5. Wiesel was unwilling to criticize the implantation of Jewish settlements in Palestinian lands.
6. He was asked: Is there a possibility for peace between Palestinians and Israelis? Wiesel said: yes, why not when there could be peace between Germans and Jews?
The last point is most important. Readers should try to understand what Wiesel is saying here:
All organized German resistance was wiped out. Germany was turned into a tail-wagging lap dog of the Jews and then Germany handed over $30 billion in "reparations" to the usurper-terrorist "state" of Israel.
After the Germans had sufficiently humiliated and disgraced themselves, the Jews offered to be friends with them on condition that they could return to Germany in ever increasing numbers and set up their hegemony.
That's what Elie Wiesel wants: THE PALESTINIANS SHOULD DISARM and then BEG THE JEWS FOR PEACE AND LITTLE BANTUSTAN "state." The Jewish settlements should remain in place, so much so that UNDER THE OSLO ACCORD, a Jewish settlement was planted WITHIN THE PALESTINIAN TOWN OF HEBRON.
That is "peace" according to Wiesel, the Jewish man of "peace." We should now begin to understand what President Bush meant when he stated that SHARON IS A MAN OF PEACE.

All these Jews are men of "peace." If the Muslims put down their weapons and accept slavery, they will have a little secularized, demilitarized state called "palestine". That is the Jewish version of peace.
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