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On August 13, 2003 a joint U.S.-mercenary Afghan military convoy was attacked in Paktika province. Islamic fighters of the Taliban blocked the convoy with a remote controlled mine explosion and then opened fire with rockets and machine guns. According to eyewitnesses of the location after the attack, there was carnage in the convoy as eight out of ten American vehicles were blown up. Numerous U.S. and Afghan mercenary troops were killed. U.S. jet fighters were called in and carried out extensive bombing of the area. However, the Taliban melted away before the planes arrived. [Source: Daily Nawa-e-Waqt.]

According to wire services, the Taliban have denied Karzai government allegations that an explosion in a bus which killed women and children was their work. The Taliban spokesman told a news agency that the explosion was connected to rivalries between war lords and had nothing to do with the Taliban who are concentrating on American and European occupation forces and Afghan mercenaries.
[A Sign of the Taliban resurgence: A new ability to rebut dirty propaganda spread by the Karzai "government.]

[Old news not discussed in the major media.]

India has bought $1.2 billion worth of the latest radar system from Israel [with the blessings of the U.S.]. [Very briefly mentioned on Fox News, May 28, 2003.]


Attacks on U.S. forces are spreading outside the "Sunni triangle." Recent attacks occurred in Kirkuk and Basra [August 12-14]. Ansar al-Islam, a Kurdish resistance group is active. More than 70 Kurdish women and children from this group were killed in U.S. bombing in the first week of the U.S. invasion. The bodies were shown on al-Jazeera but were censored on U.S. TV.

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