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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 26,1429/ September 27, 2008, #51

Home invader was wearing Israeli flag on his lapel. Scroll down to Sis. Bilqis call to human conscience. Amazing photos. Who is helping the war effort? Scroll way down. What happened at the Marriott in Islamabad? Scroll all the way down. Answering the objection that W.D. Muhammad should not be criticized. Two important letters. Scroll down.

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Answering the Jewish-Zionist "Obsession" [With thanks to Sis. Hira in California. Also scroll way down to her letter on W.D. Muhammad.]
check the website out. A great rebuttal to an ignorant movie perpetuating hate!

Sis. Amina Masood on Independent Radio Program "On with Leon": The Tragedy of "Disappeared" Pakistanis
September 20, 2008:

Amina Masood Janjua of Islamabad, Pakistan, had her visa cancelled minutes before she was to take the plane to Washington. She has organized a movement for the identification and location of more than 530 people who were disappeared by the Musharraf government working closely with the Bush administration. Under the Peoples' Party's "democratic" government, things have not changed.

Dr. Wilmer Leon, Director of the "On with Leon" show wanted to know why Ms. Amina's voice had been silenced. Ms. Amina's husband was among those who "disapeared." She almost wept on the program as she remembered her husband and the sorrow of her children.
Speaking from Europe, Ms. Amina urged the American people to recognize human rights abuses in Pakistan perpetrated by regimes allied to the U.S. Rule of Law requires, she noted, that those who simply simply "disappeared" under Musharraf's rule should be located and if there are charges against them, they should be tried, or they should be freed.

Speaking on the same show, live, Dr. Kaukab Siddique said that the condition of the "disappeared" is in some ways worse than that of the Islamic prisoners in the hell hole known as Guantanamo. Nothing is known of the condition of the "disappeared," even whether they are alive or dead. He said the new government in Islamabad run by the Peoples' Party is simply another face of Washington's king making activities in Pakistan. Nothing has changed. Peoples Party is not interested in the rights of Pakistan's Islamic majority and is linked to the brutal assault into Bajaur and Swat by America's Pakistani General Kayani.

The "On with Leon" show can be heard SATURDAYS FROM 11:00 AM ET - 1:00 PM ET ON XM SATELLITE RADIO CHANNEL 169

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's Children: Bush Could Face Criminal Charges for this Act

Br. Rafe wrote from California: The children are supposedly US citizens and their torture, rape and murder has criminal ramifications even to the criminal Bush regime. According to Sis. Linda [Texas], the names of the children are: Ahmad, Marium and Suleman. Marium is now 9 years old.

The U.S. military kept Dr. Aafia and her children in secret detention for half a decade. Then the U.S. announced that she had been "found" wandering around in the Ghazni area of Afghanistan. Very conveniently, according to the fabricated U.S. story, she was carrying a bag full of plans to carry out terrorist acts against the U.S.

Violated humanity is crying out: Dr. Aafia must be freed unconditionally. Even by U.S,-Zionist standards, this atrocity against a highly educated Islamic woman goes against all pretense of Law.

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Our America: by New Trend's Media Monitor Almost Indistinguishable Election Claims+ Hurricane destroys Galveston, Damages Houston+ Economic Bottom Falling Out

The election campaign lighted up for a while when Sarah Palin was nominated as MCcain's V.P. She looked refreshingly different from the entire pack of White Republican male "leaders." She drew from the Democratic party all the possible variation of sexist commentary and snide remarks. Many Americans admired her for being so much of a family person and yet a forceful personality on her own right. Strangely enough she fell right away into the Zionist-Jewish cess pool controlled by Joseph Lieberman, an "Israel firster" who has successfully infiltrated the Republican party.

The media scented blood and went howling after Sarah Palin and soon her popularity tapered out.

Most probably Obama will win. He is surging ahead [September 24]. The Israeli lobby, as we pointed out, chose him before the election show got on the road.

About the war, Obama wants withdrawal from Iraq to START 16 months after he comes into office. Instead he wants to heat up the war in Afghanistan and to attack Pakistan. It is indeed a betrayal of the young generation of Americans who oppose the war. He is getting ready to send them into a situation which will be worse than that of Iraq.

African Americans are the most enthused about Obama. Not recognizing how tokenism is used in politics, they see the election of Obama as proof that America has finally accepted people of African descent. This illusion will probably last for a year or so after he gets elected and will help the power structure to rejuvenate itself.

The economy is being battered physically by hurricanes and financially by white collar exploiters and looters. The entire town of Galveston has been wiped out. Houston too suffered quite a bit. Curfews were imposed. The lights are still out in many of the stricken areas. Millions fled their homes.
Then there is the sad face of America's biggest crook, President Bush, announcing from every TV screen that the economy is "going bust." Socialistic steps are being taken to save capitalism.The American people are being made to bail out the richest people who have looted the country. America is certainly going down.

At the social level, homosexuality has been declared normal and is now firmly embedded in the Zionist-Jewish media programs, all the way from late night funnies to serious day time shows. On "The View," one of the most popular TV entertainment shows, immoral, adulterous and lesbian women flaunt their lack of decency and are courted by both Obama and McCain. [Did anyone notice that CAIN was the original murderer, in the Bible? Qabil in Islamic literature.] Obama refers to "Gay and Straight" in his speeches, a phrase borrowed from the homosexual lobby now powerful enough to require formal recognition by a presidential candidate.

Father of Imam W.D. Muhammad's Young Wife Uncovers the Corruption Among his Followers: The Charade Behind the Funeral and Prayer Gatherings.
Claim that Islamic Marriage not Valid!+Wife Locked out+ Wallet Taken+ Imams at Funeral Lacked Guts to Speak out.

[Text follows:]

Imam W. D. Mohammed: An indelible blot on his memory and legacy?

18 Sep 2008


September 18, 2008
The following document is Part I of a two part press release concerning the events that have transpired since the death of Imam W. D. Mohammed.

Part 1 which has been released today, deals with the history and chronology of events that took place immediately following Imam Mohammed's death.

Part 2, which will be released for publication within 7 days, deals with the Presentation of legal papers, court documents and fact sheets showing the true intent and objective of Shirley Mohammed the divorced ex wife of Imam Mohammed over the years as it relates to Imam W.D. Mohammed. This release will provide legal documentation and transcripts covering many years of legal maneuvering by Shirley Mohammed that supports the fact that Shirley Mohammed's Motivations have been and are all based on gaining access to material goods and money with no respect whatsoever for Islam or the Qur'an.


Holy Qur'an 2:42 And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know (what it is).

Holy Qur'an 2:217

They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: "fighting therein is a grave (offence); but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent access to the path of Allah, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members." Tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter.

Dear Believers, Muslims, associates, friends of our late wonderful, excellent leader, brother, and friend, Imam W. D. Mohammed.

I am writing this brief narrative in an attempt to help those members of the community associated with Imam Mohammed and the Muslim world in general to know and to understand--as best as we can share--the events that transpired leading up to Imam Mohammed's death and the deceptive schemes released as a result of his death.
I am Muhammad Siddeeq, father of Imam Mohammed's present and only wife Khadijah Siddeeq Mohammed and a close associate of Imam Mohammed. I recognize that much that I will say is sensitive, and I am pained that I must say these things; however, I had to weigh the choice between giving you honest factual information immediately--that we know to be the truth--or allowing you to be deceived by some of Imam Mohammed's children who are willing to compromise their Islamic principles so that they can get access and control over the monies, properties and treasures that you have purchased, donated, or invested with him and the potential charities sent to his wife as a result of his death.

I am writing this report because it became crystal clear to me and anyone witnessing the terrible injustice perpetrated on my daughter, that the Imams in Chicago and those partaking in the events surrounding his death did not have the strength to stand up and speak out against the un-Islamic behavior of Laila Mohammed and those supporting her in trying to deceive the world into believing that their mother, Shirley Mohammed the divorced ex wife of Imam Mohammed, is the rightful wife of Imam Mohammed. I knew that if they did not have the courage to stand up to a blatant obvious misrepresentation of the truth they would never have the courage to tell you the true facts behind what has transpired in Imam Mohammed's community since his death. These same so-called Imams stood by and watched these conspirators, led by Laila Mohammed put that lie into motion over, and over and over, that her mother Shirley is the wife of Imam W. D. Mohammed and they stood by and watched while shivering in their sandals, afraid to challenge her or to make her tell the truth.

They also were aware that she had put Imam Mohammed's young, faithful wife Khadijah out of her home and onto the street by literally changing all of the locks in her home while she was attending her brothers funeral in Atlanta Georgia. Still, they stood by and said nothing. Now all of this was done so that she (Laila) and those with her could start their money grab from this commun ity and from any friends of Imam Mohammed who would give to his widow during this difficult time that she is going through and will face in the future.

It would not be fair, but it would be understood if these greedy unprincipled people were in need of a home or money or maintenance. But Imam Mohammed has provided for all of them as well as their mother very generously. So what was their motive? They knew that his wife was basically penniless without any material possessions to call her own and they also realized that the mantle of power, influence wealth and fame was going to fall on her shoulder as a result of being the bride of Imam Mohammed and they were not going to have that, they were not going to sit by and allow Khadijah, his wife to be the recipient of this when they believed that their mother, Shirley the divorced ex wife of Imam Mohammed should be the rightful heir of this potential windfall of attention due to the death of Imam Mohammed. It was not that they needed the money but their selfish and un-Islamic appetites would not let them be just and fair. So they concocted a lie and began to spin their scheme to present their mother Shirley Imam Mohammed's divorced ex wife as the Present wife of Imam Mohammed and this would give them access to the existing treasures and properties and make them the legitimate heirs to any monies or benefits offered to the widow of Imam Mohammed. It was clear to me that you, his true followers, friends and associates who have loved, trusted and supported Imam Mohammed must be informed of the truth of what transpired during that period. And it was also clear that those Imams who also saw this scheme developing were too cowardice to stand up and speak a word directly to the truth so that you can protect your investments, our community our sacred relationships with the international world and G-d fearing people around the world, and so that you can with-hold sending your charity to unworthy people.

We can never go forward with the excellent programs of Imam W. D. Mohammed if the first step we take after the passing of the most honorable human being this present day world has ever known is rooted in lies and deception. This was not the way of Imam Mohammed and is not the way of the true sincere followers of his. I am not saying that we should let this great community fall but what I am saying there should not be one more penny sent into a situation that is full of unprincipled people.

Before going any further it is imperative that I tell you what Sister Laila told us was her reason for putting my daughter out of her home and into the street the day that Imam Mohammed died.She said that Khadijah Siddeeq Mohammed, the wife of Imam Mohammed for the last 4 years was "ONLY" AN ISLAMIC BRIDE AND THAT HER MOTHER SHIRLEY MOHAMMED WHOM IMAM MOHAMMED HAD DIVORCED MANY YEARS AGO, WAS HIS "LEGAL WIFE". SO IS SHE SAYING THAT SHE DOES NOT HONOR OR RESPECT ISLAM OR IMAM MOHAMMED'S ISLAMIC MARRIAGE? And note she never dared to spea k this way when Imam Mohammed was alive nevertheless act on it. But once she knew he was gone all of this rancour pours out of her.

If one accepts this reasoning then we should ask her the question, "if you do not respect an Islamic marriage and that Imam Mohammed and Khadijah were married Islamically then why did you totally deprive Khadijah, his Islamic bride, from all of the activities that transpired since his death which were ALL ISLAMIC ACTIVITIES?" One would think that she would step aside and let the Islamic bride participate in the Islamic programs honoring Imam Mohammed and the so called Legal bride partake in all the legal activities. On Friday under the watchful eyes and supervision of Laila Mohammed the community had Jummah Prayer. Is Jummah Prayer a legal event or an Islamic event? It is clearly an Islamic event yet this was controlled by the one advocating their involvemnt is based on what is legal. Is a Janazza (Islamic Funeral service) a legal event or an Islamic event? Again Shirley Mohammed, Imam Mohammed's divorced ex-wife was given the front row star position for the janazza. Did the "Legal" people from down town Chicago in the social security office or the probate court or the law offices of the state support the programs put forth honoring Imam Mohammed? Did they pay for your Limo's, provide a home for you , provide a car and money to live off of? or were they Muslims of the Islamic faith that supported these programs? So all of these events were Islamic and were paid for with zakat (the giving of Charity) or Sadaqa (alms giving) from the Islamic people and were held at the sites donated by Islamic people. So what I am saying is if Laila Mohammed is being truthful when she states that Khadijah Siddeeq Mohammed's marriage was an Islamic Marriage,( and it was) she should have stepped back out of the way and not interfered in or with Imam Mohammed's Islamic bride, Khadijah, properly partaking in the Islamic salute to her late Islamic husband. But no, she did not do this. She totally took charge of and co-opted the Islamic services honoring her late father, perpetrated a scheme to put her mother in position to be the beneficiary of all and any possible charities that would come about due to Imam Mohammed's passing and accepted all of the Islamic charities given in the name of this Islamic Imam. Once she has detoured every penny donated by the Islamic communities around the world for the bride of Imam Mohammed, she will then morph out of her Islamic regalia to put on her legal attire to be sitting on the steps of the social security office and the probate court when they make the legal check ready. All of this is to make sure that she (Shirley Mohammed the divorced ex-wife) gets and takes total control and charge of ALL AND ANY monies, prestige or social considerations that might come a s a benefit to the widow of Imam Mohammed. So these terrible people did not and do not care what shame they bring on this community as long as they can enrich themselves by any means necessary.


I would like to say for the record that throughout this entire ordeal not one Imam or officer came by the home of Imam Mohammed and his wife Khadijah and brought as much as a raisin, a date or a marshmallow. Not one flower was given her except from the Focolare and her sister. Though we thank those families who called and came by to offer moral support to Khadijah during this very difficult time. However, according to those who spoke to us about what transpired at the home of those who fraudulently falsified their identity to be the "widow of Imam Mohammed" their tables flowed and their pockets were lined with much charity.

[To be continued. If you need the complete text right away, let us know.]

Letter: Worked Closely with Islam's Enemies:
Reponse to Letters Against Criticism of W.D. Muhammad: Looking at W.D. supporters' mosque in New York Re: Israel

As-Salaamu-'Alaikum Bro. Siddique,

I read the rebuttals to your article on Imam W.D. Muhammad. I knew that certain points made in your editorial would be viewed as controversial. Most people have an issue with speaking ill of the dead, even with Imam W.D.'s shortcomings. However, I saw it as a report on his policies leading up to his death. I did not take the article as being written by someone insensitive to African-American issues because the focus was more on Islam the way Allah intended for us to practice it vs. Imam W.D. Muhammad's form of Islam. I know the issues that many African-American Muslims have with Imam W.D. Muhammad's organizations because I am one of them and I have witnessed others share their disappointments with you, as well.

There is serious friction between immigrant Muslims and African-American Muslims and it showed in some of the rebuttals. I have my own issues with immigrant Muslims as I do with any Muslim who is ignorant of the true concept of Islamic brotherhood and holds onto erroneous beliefs of nationalistic/tribal superiority to others. Some of these attitudes are based on white supremacist lies told about us to one another and for some it is just the arrogant assumption that since they come from a Muslim country their Islam is pure. None of these attitudes describes you at all!

I understand being forbidden to work with our enemies on any level but, the problem is that American oppression is so diabolically deceptive and subtle that completely rebuking it or speaking against those who consort with the enemy on any level is open to debate! I remember going into Malcolm Shabazz Masjid in Harlem and seeing a sign welcoming those to a dinner honoring zionists such as, Madeline Albright. Her racist, anti-Islamic policies were responsible for so much death and destruction in the Muslim World. I remember a Sudanese brother's store being taken from him because he questioned the morality of holding a jazz festival in that very mosque. I, too, was reprimanded for handing out "Boycott Israel" pamphlets after Jummah. Many Muslims have shared the same experiences with Imam W.D. Muhammad's mosques!

While I do not believe that people themselves are good or evil, I do believe that their actions can be judged as such and I just don't see how Imam Muhammad's actions can be labeled as honorable when he worked so closely with our enemies. Yes, he did a great deal to inform Muslims about the Sunnah, but he seemed to have strayed from the Sunnah and I remember former followers questioning his Republican-affiliations and pro-government actions when I was younger.

This is the same confused logic people have used when defending drug kingpins who provide forms of entertainment and food, at certain times of the year, for the community. However, this confused logic doesn't take into account that these same criminals are amassing untold wealth at the expense of their own community. What difference does a handout to a few make when their primary business is turning an even greater number of people into drug addicted zombies? I am only referring to the logic. I am not insinuating that Imam W.D. Muhammad was a criminal.

Sometimes, the good that one does can have less of an impact than the negative things one does.

Sis. 'Aisha [New York City]

Letter: Race, Islam and W.D. Muhammad: Response to the Contention that an African-American should not be criticized by a non-African American

Assalamu Alaikum Wa'Rahmatullah Wa'Barakatuhu,

Brother Siddique,

I still maintain that your article on the Late W.D. Muhammad was extremely informative, and a source of awareness for Muslims worldwide. I can see how this article could ruffle some feathers, especially since it arrives right amidst the grieving process of so many of his followers. Yet, Allah (Subhanahu Wa'Taala) instructs us to have faith and always side with the truth, regardless of how painful this may personally be. I remember reading the article, and I also remember it mentioning both his good works, and his less fortunate endeavors. The article stated clearly that although his works of years ago were commendable, however his actions in the past 3 decades may not have been as commendable.

Have we become so emulating of our Muslim leaders that we can no longer accept that they may be have made mistakes, or had lapses in judgement? The ONLY man who we should allow ourselves to emulate without question is the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) -- and no one else. And taking this into consideration, I as a reader of New Trend Mag can accept that although W.D. Muhammed was an influential Muslim leader, he may have been lacking in some of the aspects of his social stature. Also, I find it appalling that so many are quick to judge the intentions behind the article based on "race". I did not find the article racially insensitive. And to mention that you are unable to judge the leader merely because you are not "African-American" is in itself insensitive. The late W.D. Muhammad was a Muslim leader who happened to be African American -- his race a SECONDARY factor to his Deen/Imaan; therefore once he assumes the position of leadership, he falls under scrutiny of ALL Muslims, and this scrutiny is not just limited to African Americans.

We, as Muslims, are one race and one nation! And our actions ought to reflect that. Jazak'Allah Khair for your efforts.

Sis.Hira [Los Angeles]

Growing Evidence that Members of the Shi'ite Sect are generously helping war effort Against Islamic Forces

First Lt. Mohsin Naqvi died on Sept. 17, 2008 while on patrol in Afghanistan
A US Army honor guard carries the casket of 1st Lt. Mohsin Naqvi, a native of Pakistan, into the al-Fatima Islamic Center in Colonie, N.Y., Monday, Sept. 22, 2008-AP

Masaud Khan's Mother Speaks: The Agony of an American Muslimah. A Crime Against Humanity
[Originally delivered by Sis Bilqis at Jamaat al-Muslimeen's International Peace Conference, August 16.]

In 2004 John Ashcroft, then Attorney General, prepared to present himself at the U.S. Courthouse in Alexandria in order to give a televised victory speech of his success in capturing and sentencing the "most dangerous terrorists since 9/11 2001." Their case came to be known as the Virginia Jihad Paintball Case. These "terrorists'' were Hamaad AbdurRaheem, Seifullah Chapman and Masaud Khan, all of whom were natural-born Americans with no prior criminal records, who had refused to cooperate with the government and who stated their innocence of the charges against them. I am the Mother of Masaud Khan.
These men were convicted on conspiracy and intentions; there were no supporting witnesses other than their parents and wives. They were not to be accorded a jury trial; Masaud was advised by his lawyer not to speak on his own behalf. The government called many expert witnesses but the most damaging were those who cooperated with the government the plea bargainers the defendants who testified against their Muslim brothers so as to cast doubt on Masaud, Seifullah and Hamaad.
My son, Masaud, is now a political prisoner with a sentence of Life in Prison + 45 years without parole. He is 37 years.

In May 2003 my home was raided by the FBI and on that same morning six other homes were also raided. This appeared to be a massive effort on the part of the government to search homes of Muslims and find evidence against them. The US had lost the World Trade buildings and 3,000 lives in 2001 and it was determined that it would never happen again. Muslims became the target. Muslims are still the target.
I cannot describe fully the terror of an FBI raid. There was pounding at the door at 6 am and as Masaud went to the door, it was pushed in with agents pointing guns at us. Our entire house was surrounded by agents and the street was blocked off. The neighbors were in shock. My son, daughter-in-law, their 4 month old son and I were placed at the dining table at gunpoint for 7 hours. We were interrogated and the house was searched from top to bottom. Masaud, however, was confident that the FBI would find nothing in our house to implicate him in any sort of crime and he advised me not to worry and be calm. One Agent advised me to convince my son to talk to them and confess. I replied that he had done nothing wrong and asked to which crime he should confess? He replied again that I needed to tell him to confess and that he would then receive a short sentence of a few years in prison, but that if he refused to confess, then I would lose my son and he would spend the rest of his life in jail. He advised me to hire a lawyer. Oddly enough, this agent wore an Israeli flag on his lapel.
We were questioned about Masaud's visit to Pakistan in 2001 and his purpose for going there. Masaud's father had passed away in 1992 and Masaud and I had travelled on separate occasions to process the estate documents with the High Court of Karachi. The Estate documents were very involved and at times notarized and certified papers needed to be presented in court. In July of 2001 my children and I began the process of taking another trip at the request of the High Court. My other children were not available to go and Masaud's new wife and child were living with me. I asked Masaud therefore to go and appear in court with the original Succession Certificate, and Masaud took a leave of absence from his new job in order to do so.
The impact of that FBI raid haunts me to this day as I saw another side of my America that I did not know existed. I did retain a lawyer on May 10, 2003 and my son confidently continued to go to work and college. Six weeks later, however, the same pounding on the door occurred at 6 am and I shuddered and cried out because I knew why they were there. My retained lawyer had not been notified. The very same Agents came into the house and Fox News, CNN and other camera crews were in the street outside our house. They placed my son under arrest, handcuffed him and refused to cover his face and head because, of course, they wanted this arrest of a bearded Muslim man to be on camera and in the news for the public viewers.
Thus began a nightmare of events that continue to this day and changed our lives forever. This case called the Virginia-11 Paintball case began in 2003 and the US Government attempted to link eleven defendants so as to prove a terrorist cell existed; however, it was unable to do so. The charges against them included conspiring against a friendly nation (India) in the Kashmir/India on-going conflict (called violation of the Neutrality Act), by visiting an L.E.T. community and camp. Masaud's refusal to plead guilty and speak against other Muslims led to a 2nd Indictment accusing him of conspiracy against the United States and other unproven charges.
A series of lawyers were contacted to handle the defense; and I found most of them completely beyond my ability to pay. With the help of the Muslim community, fundraising and donations, attorneys were selected and paid to handle the trial of Masaud, Seifullah and Hamaad in 2004. The trial lasted 8 days as a bench trial with no jury trial or witnesses. The men were convicted by other defendants who plea-bargained and testified against them in order to receive lighter sentences for themselves. Muslims testified against Muslims. Masaud was acquitted of some counts, but still ended with a sentence of Life + 65 years a sentence that even the Judge called "abysmal" and "draconian". We filed an appeal as is the custom, which was also denied. We then filed a Petition to the Supreme Court asking it to hear the case, and this was also rejected.
My oldest son and I travel to Indiana nowadays to visit with Masaud every 6-8 weeks. We are allowed a visit of 4 hours. Masaud sits behind a glass and we speak with him by telephone as though he has been convicted of murder. I cannot hug my son. He cannot play with and hold his own son. He is allowed one 15-minute phone call a week to call his family. It is unbelievably frustrating to have the phone just cut off with a few beeps and he is gone.
Masaud has now filed a Petition for Habeas Corpus. Masaud's own words will be written in a document and sent to court. We have hired a new lawyer for this procedure. We pray Masaud will be granted a new hearing by the will of Allah.
Brothers and Sisters, the Muslim community needs to realize they cannot exist in fear and must be strong and united. We need Muslim lawyers and professionals who have the courage to stand up to oppression; we need Muslim lawyers who understand the cultural and religious background of their defendants. The lawyers we chose for Masaud did their best to defend him and I am thankful for their efforts, but at every turn I saw puzzlement and a lack of understanding of Islam and its people and culture.
Masaud is strong in his eeman. He told me "Mom, I am here because Allah chose for me to be here at this time. There is a purpose in this for me. I would never have come to know my Allah as I have now without having been incarcerated and enduring this experience. Everything that happens is for the best, so don't be sad. Be strong and continue to pray for me. Give my salaams to all the brothers and sisters and ask them to pray for all the Muslims who are suffering. I bow before my Allah and accept what He has ordained until He is ready to release me."
Thank you.

WAR NEWS: Pakistan: Marriott Hotel Blown up in Islamabad
Ramadan: Month of bombing. Pakistani military claiming Victory. 700 killed, 400,000 made homeless in Bajaur. People in Swat Rally Against Military Action

September 26, 2008: New Trend's observers in Pakistan say that the Pakistani military broke its promise to cease fire during the holy month of Ramadan. The military, armed, funded and in some cases trained by the U.S. threw all it had against the Islamic populations of Bajaur and to a lesser extent in Swat and Darra Adam Khel. Tanks, heavy artillery and helicopter gunships were used against villages supporting the Islamic resistance. Finally the military threw its fighter jets into action. The result has been large scale suffering in the civilian populations. Displacement of civilians comparable to that during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan has taken place. The figures of people in hastily put up refugee camps is 400,000 for Bajaur [growing on a daily basis]. In Swat nearly 500,000 were displaced but here the government has tried to help and given some compensation. Groups which don't fight the military, such as Jamaate Islami and Jamaat ad-Da'wa have come in to help these "internal" refugees.

General Kayani, the made-in-America commander of Pakistani forces is claiming victory. The military says it has killed 700 "miscreants" in Bajaur alone. Villagers and local reporters say that most of those killed are civilians though scores of Pakistani Taliban have been killed. Kayani changed military tactics. Instead of sending in his troops, which faced defeat at the hands of the Islamic resistance, he made round the clock use of heavy artillery, advancing tank fire, helicopter gunships and finally jet fighters. It seems to be working because this time Kayani's forces suffered very little and the population base of the Pak Taliban was displaced.

The Pakistani Peoples Party [PPP] hailed the military operation through Mr. Malik, its Interior Minister. He boasted that the "operation" will continue till the "militants" are wiped out.
ISLAMIC RESPONSE: News reports indicate that the Pak Taliban evaded the severe bombardment of their strongholds and have withdrawn deeper into the mountains in good order. They have launched several successful martyrdom operations against the Pakistani army. They are also trying to hit targets in the Pakistani hinterland to bring the war to the army's support base. The most spectacular of these attacks was on the American hotel known as the Marriott located in the center of Islamabad.
September 20: The attack on the Marriott was a typical al-Qaida style one-two punch. Two martyrdom operators seem to have led the attack. The hotel was heavily guarded as it is known as the meeting place of Pakistani elites as well as western officials and military-intelligence agents. Four different iftar parties were going on simultaniously when the attack occurred. Iftar parties are the vogue among rich Pakistanis many of whom don't fast.By contrast, most Pakistanis do not get to eat meat and prices of basic foods have gone up steeply across the country.
The first attacker is said to have struck the heavily guarded entrance. As the police gathered around, the second martyrdom operator with a truck load of explosives broke in and caused a massive blast which was heard miles away. Parts of the hotel were obliterated. Scores of late model cars as well as police vehicles went up in flames. Pakistan is admitting 53 killed and 200 wounded. The actual count may be much higher. Among the identified dead are the Czech ambassador and a diplomat from Denmark. U.S. losses have not been fully revealed but two marines and a major in the military were reported killed. A dozen police officers and 8 security guards of the hotel too were killed. The rest are said to be well to do Pakistani elites.
Al-Qaida's leader Ayman al-Zawahiri had issued a statement on 9.11 which was suppressed by U.S. intelligence from appearing on Al-Qaida web sites around the globe for six days but finally did appear.
September 22: In Swat, a martyrdom operator hit a military check point near Maidan rest house and killed 9 troops. Earlier, on September 16, Taliban ambush using a car bomb and rockets killed 3 Frontier Corp troopers and wounded 6 in the Kabal area of Swat In the Allahabad area, a helicopter gunship killed a mother and her children Curfew was imposed as hundreds of people came out to protest the helicopter attack.
September 23: Pakistani security forces opened fire to crush peaceful protestors at Nishat Chowk area of Mingora [Swat]. At least 5 civilians were killed and scores injured in the firing. The protestors in large numbers defied the curfew and demanded that military operations in Swat be ended and curfew be lifted. They say that the military has killed large numbers of civilians and that Shi'ite troops are being used in Swat. The protestors blocked the roads and when police killed 5 of them, they were inflamed and set fire to a bank in the Green Chowk area.
September 23-24: In the Darra Adam Khel area Pakistani security forces used helicopter gunships and heavy artillery to pound "miscreants" and reportedly killed 50 people. Here the poorly armed Islamic resistance is on the retreat and their villages are being demolished.

AFGHANISTAN: Heavy Fighting. U.S. Forces Under Attack
September 6 to September 24: Taliban fighters appear to have pinned down elite American troops in a wide arc stretching across southern Afghanistan. In numerous pin prick attacks, Taliban in small groups attacked and retreated, attacked and retreated, again and again, leaving American forces huddling in heavily entrenched positions. The nights are becoming fearsome as Americans fire on shadowy Islamic fighters who then reappear from another direction.
The Pentagon admitted 22 American troops killed in these small actions over 18 days. [Source FOX TV and CNN.]
On September 23 and 24, Reuters reported that the Taliban carried out a series of attacks on Karzai's last stronghold, KABUL city itself. Three senior Karzai police officers was killed in one of these attacks. Then another three police officers investigating the first attack were killed in a second attack. Among the wounded is Ali Shah Paktiawal, a senior police officer known for torture of Taliban prisoners [said to be Shi'ite].

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